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2003 – a memorable year forever

28 Sep 2012 Author 89kg

Bhutan the land of thunder dragon,
Widely known as Last Shangri-La on the globe!
In which peace had prevailed, for immemorial,
Where great many monarchs had reign and set there foots.

Peace and harmony among Bhutanese people,
That had existed for many centuries undisturbed,
Was threatened and defiled enormously.
By the militants, who intruded into our motherland?

Militants encroached into our motherland illegally and uninvited,
Settled and took refuge of southern impermeable jungles.
Then security of our nation became most vulnerable,
As intruders, threaten to dominate our motherland.

Our fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck,
Firm believer of pacifism and non-violence,
Attempted to resolve and negotiate peacefully.
But militants resisted boldly not budging an inch.

In 2003, Bhutan resorted to war against militants,
To dispel the intruders from threshold of our soil.
Our brave king led the troops to the battlefield,
“You give me blood, I will give you freedom”.

Bhutanese troops proved themselves indomitable.
They fought bravely and tactfully in the battlefield,
As militants were defeated and flush out completely,
Bhutanese troops came back triumphant.

2003 will be memorial year for every Bhutanese.
We the people of Bhutan unite together to commemorate,
And pay tribute for those unsung heroes who scarified their lives.
We all are living in peace because of our heroes.

One response to “2003 – a memorable year forever”

  1. Kezang Dawa says:

    very epic poem…..i still remember those hero who brought our kingdom in peace…we shall always remain grateful to them…like your poem