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Yet another Earthquake!

31 Dec 2009 Author MyFEeLiNgs

We the Bhutanese are already in the dead of  September 21 2009, which shocked whole country leaving many people without home. And many tremors after that kept many people in the rural away from home just sleeping outside the house. Still constructions of home for those left homeless is underway, yet Bhutan experienced another shock at this time of hour and it really made bhutanese people to consider year 2009 as earthquake year. Many people in the urban will be calling their relatives at home/village perhaps shedding some shedding the plans of New Year eve. I am writing this amid busy call to my hometown in Monggar. okey lets see later.

the first snow fall

31 Dec 2009 Author blueGUNS

The first snow fall

Thimphu received the first snow fall in the wee hours in the morning of the last day in the 2oo9. My work was almost over for the week and I slept a good night. In the morning I woke very early and I knew something different is happened. I opened my window, I saw one beautiful enchanting white landscape and I wished the world was always pure like this morning. My heart buzzed different and I expect high even when I knew it is just the same every day except for the snow.

I could see peace and joy all around. Innocent kid's joy knew no bounds and they don't feel the cold. Even the adults engage in the snowman thing and the snow ball canon fights. As I walked down GNH measuring scale might have hit high since everyone were smiling; even the parking fee collector, road workers, sweepers and  I wished I was Robinhood, the prince of thieves. I know this morning is a wonderful day in people's lives and my own.

From the midst of white clouds sun rays, sun tries to penetrate and melt the beautiful thing and I know it will soon. But clouds and our prayers try to shield from it. I reached my office and the atmosphere is bit high but soon after it returned to normal. Hey sun won the battle and the snow is retreating. Thanks to heaven above for beautiful morning and I wish for more of this morning in my life and our lives even if it is for while…today had a beautiful morning…one of the best times in this dull life.And i wish for a beautiful year ahead for myself, family, friends and all the people…it signs it will be a better year…i is just a hope…a wish….a dream…i think it is a desire…haha…happy new year to all

As the year ends

31 Dec 2009 Author ohmlotey

So what if few bad things happened? Best part is I don't seem to remember any of those. Rejoicing to those wonderful moments which are worth looking back. All I got to say is thank you all, all those people who came with reasons big and small to make me smile.
Year 2009, I wish to say was a very successful year but the fact that more than many reasons I got, to call it one memorable year doesn't at all allow me to rate it below any of the past years either. So, year 2009 might not have been a perfect one but it sure was a memorable one. I claim, it would be the most memorable year for all times to come (if anyone wants to think as to why..!).

Come 2010, I am looking forward to all those surprises that I am sure you got in stored for me. I pray, let every surprise be of fortune, of merit, success, achievements and of wonders. Let all my wishes be fulfilled without having to deprive any others of their wishes. Me as an individual won't let my parents down, I pray to keep them smiling. Together with my family I wish not to do any harm to the community. As a community I pray, we would have things to contribute only for the betterment of our society. Society as a whole, let us all come hand in hand in serving our country selflessly.

Our greed has no limit but let us all make sure someone somewhere in the corner of this very land isn't deprived of their basic needs just because someone among our own people used the funds which actually came in the name to help the poor. If I made any sense, may our greed be kept aside and work towards the achievement of GNH instead of preaching it at gatherings.

Last in the line, we as a country, hope to be proud in participating towards the fulfillment of world millennium goals in our own small ways. May our mother Earth remain green as ever! 

No resolution but looking forward to everything that's in stored for me. As the year ends, so is a beginning of yet another new year. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!


30 Dec 2009 Author songsaegnim

As usual every December 30th and 31St I sit down with a new diary and frame my New Year resolutions, I never get tired of writing that, for writing is simple but following it is what doesn't run in my system.

Today when I turned my diary to the first page where I have my last year's New Year resolutions written in bold letters, I found that some resolutions were sensible and some weren't. If I quote some examples, my first New Year resolution was to stop eating doma. I consider this completely sensible for I had been chewing doma since class four. I don't remember how I started it but all I remember is how everyone was against it. So on December 31st I decided that I will stop eating it and today I am proud that I was able to stop it. The happiest person was my dad, for he was dead against it.

Well my next resolution was to be more vocal (with regard to my feelings and ideas).well I don't know why I wrote this, maybe I was drunk when I wrote this resolution, he, he. Being honest with my feelings is what I am poor in. I don't have the guts to disagree with someone even when they are wrong or to express my feelings. I just build up all my courage to say something but land up saying something completely different. Well I guess I need to work a lot on it.

My next resolution was to be more practical about life and be prepared to face the worst. I was as prepared as a warrior in the beginning but as the year dragged I was slowly running out of patience and was getting easily irritated and unhappy. I was expecting more from life and was dreaming a lot. I was losing direction and was being impractical.

My last resolution was to be happy no matter what (I should have pulled a gun at my temple when I wrote this).I know happiness is an occasional episode in a man's life; no one can be happy forever and I wasn't happy every day. I had my share of happiness and sorrow.

Today my journey continues from a new station and I take forward only the good memories to be cherished forever and decide to delete the unpleasant ones. I decide not to make the same mistakes which I made last year.

As I frame my new year resolution this year the first thing is I will stop eating pan masala, I will be more vocal (when it comes to expressing my feelings and ideas), to gossip less (a woman and gossip can be synonymous, can't exist without the other but I will try) and the last one is to get married ha, ha, well it's my mother who wants to see me married. I was able to please my father last year so I think it's my mother's turn this year.  

I hope I will be successful in upholding my resolutions and even if I can't, I have the next year to write another batch of resolutions, he, he.


hey nopkin frens..Lets welcome 2010 together

30 Dec 2009 Author brighterlady

I have not accessed for a month and really missed out many ariticles.Well today while going through the site, as usual the site is filled up with many exciting storys,ariticles and jokes.Then i saw the latest topic posted there that is on the Year 2009.

So i have decided to take this opportunity to wish all my nopkin friends a very happy new year.Although its bit early to wish today itself but  i dont want to miss the chance of being the first person to wish  you all.

So guys ,”Wish you all a very happy new year and may god bless you to fulfill all your dreams,aspirations and hope,let your world be filled with happiness and peace” and lets welcome the  year 2010 together ,have fun and have a blast.

Year 2009

30 Dec 2009 Author tpG

With the year 2009 coming to an end I am finally reminded of my age yet again. I know I am getting older everyday but there's no denying fact that I like the New Year's Eve and get-together with old friends.

The year 2009 has been in many ways a success to me. I have done well both professionally and personally. Academic wise I have secured distinction in degree and then I passed RCSC exams and also joined the work force in Bhutan.

I have learned many things, been to places and made many new friends. I had kept myself busy and things went up to my satisfaction. One year has made me a different person; I am in many ways improved, responsible and most importantly I have become better person now. I now observe that I have grown up as a person, for the right reasons.

I take this opportunity to thank god, parents, teachers, friends and everyone who's affected my life even in the slightest way possible. It's now time to make resolution for the upcoming year 2010.

But wait! Isn't resolution supposed to be a secret? Well last year my resolution was to lose weight but I wasn't much successful, it was something like 'mission impossible' but I am going to make many resolutions this New Year too.

Greed: the mother of invention

30 Dec 2009 Author tpG

Had Charles Babbage not invented the first computing device would we be communicating online today? What has driven him to it? It's basically 'greed' for new things and knowledge.

If Christopher Columbus had not discovered America, the world would still be under British. The British novelty was some high class do-nothing people who owned lots of land and let the common people do all the work while they entertained themselves in London, a term referred to as 'ton' those days.

The only thing British high class ladies had to do was to secure good earning husbands and entertain other blue-bloods with tea parties and balls.

Had Napoleon not wiped out the European novelty the world would still be divided into rich and poor.  Similarly had the 3rd king of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuk not opened Bhutan's door to the outside world, Bhutan would still be isolated.

So it's fine to be greedy and dream as long as you work towards it. If you just dream but do nothing to achieve it then that's a different case.

You stop living the moment you are satisfied and exhausted in life. If you need your life to be exciting, you need to be greedy and ambitious with achieving things you have aspired for, even if it means fighting the obstacles on the way.

Maybe I have spoken of 'greed' and 'need' in the same context but there's no denying fact that those two terms go in line with each other

Writing Fever

30 Dec 2009 Author ArrogantBuddha

Writing in my notebook and writing in online medium is a different experience. I scribble any that comes to mind and hide in my bound book. I never care the grammar or the punctuation marks. My bound book is not a diary but a memory of my imagination and its pages are flipped only by me.

The introduction of online writing made me nervous and my mind went fuzzy. Every time I try something I feel nakedly stripped walking the ramp of literature. I remember spoiling the drama in high school stage while imitating Mel Gibson's Brave Heart. I was to shout  “Freedom” but I shouted “Brave Heart” and that was very loud. A roar of laughter followed, I ran backstage and pretended sick for following days. And when I finally made my way to school, I was already having a name.

Therefore, there is nothing different from having a stage fright posting my imaginations here. I sometimes get scared to think if I make sense at all. But there comes an unpredictable excitement to be among many learned guests and members in sharing the same platform. An enthusiasm and enjoyment to see me digitalized have started to addict me more than a nicotine to smoker.  

I don't have the opportunity as much as I want it but I have become a happy man that I go on World Wide Web. I have seen a slight change in my composition. I like to care for right vocabulary, right grammar, right tenses and right marks. And I know I have lacked all these incidentally from within and what I do know little comes from anthologies of children's books. Although I have not agreed the concept of shelving reading habits on sidelines to I am busy, still the path looks dim to a blue collar doer.

I have read my notebook to reproduce some of them here. It took me to primary schools where I have written poems on cats, girls, dolls, toys; chronicles on how Mathematics teacher pulled my ear, how I lost the game in marble, how I lied to my parents reaching home late, etc. After much mulling over and not finding a readable one, I decided to give the latest whatever my brainpower has.

My hands still shake, my heart beats faster but I like to type and post even if this world choose to change its shape.

I only have a silent prayer (and it is equivalent to New Year resolution) that I do not get a name.







The Seduction

30 Dec 2009 Author kuenza

Especially after I watched the documentary by Algore, “The Inconvenient Truth,” I thought I should use all ways possible to protect the environment. To get practical, I used to travel by city bus. But that habit dropped as I became lazier. However, today, after a long time, I traveled by the city bus to my office.

I walk fast. That is one thing people used to comment a lot during my high school days. I walk fast and I say prayers as I walk. Yes, I reached the city bus station in time. Still five minutes more for the departure, I leaned on the seat and watched the outside environment, taking in different scenes. I watched the municipal garbage pickup truck parked a metre away; two guys emptying the BNB sponsored metal dustbins. My eyes struck there, as if it was a work of great interest. There was nothing fanciful there though. Then my attention was caught by a young boy coming towards the bus. He wore a red jacket. A blue pant. It was his eyes that caught my attention. Oh, in less than a minute, he walked into the bus and sat on the seat next to me, brushing his body against me. Uneasy feelings ran through both of us. I wondered if it was attraction. From his dress, I took him to be a police. But later, before we reached our destination, he took off his red jacket, as if he was sweating in nervousness. I stared at him from the corners of my eyes, and from the tie he wore, knew that he was working for G4S. Then he took out a plastic packet of 'khaini' and dumped it inside his mouth. I usually find it filthy but when he did that, I didn't pass any judgment.

At the turning before reaching the junction near the Dzong, as the bus turned, his body leaned on me, almost crushing me against the window. And even when the bus stopped, he just leaned there, as if he was snuggled against a lover's chest. But it seemed like he suddenly realized it. Startled, he sat straight.

He paid Nu 5 to the conductor. So it means our destination was same. I became curious and for no specific reason wanted to see where he got down. He got down at Langjophakha, two meters before my stop. I stared at his silhouette disappearing away as the bus sped past. I thought, how true that the 'game of seduction' is the game that we all love.

When you miss me

30 Dec 2009 Author KarmaCW

When you miss me

Look at morning's singing sun

Its rays, soft and warm will touch your face

It is me with a warm greeting, welcoming you to a new day


When you miss me

Look at day's swimming clouds

The white foam will float over you

It is me assuring myself that you are well


When you miss me

Look at afternoon's dancing rain

Its showery drops will tease you wet

It's me cleansing your sorrows, you must be happy


When you miss me

Look at evening's swaying breeze

It'll fondle your hair, mix with your breath with a kiss

It is me breathing each hopeful moment away for you


When you miss me

Look at twilight's relaxing stars

They will ensure love upon you thru endless twinkles

It is me with manifestations, being on your guard


When you miss me

Look at night's playful moon

It will light your heart with sensual look

It is me seeing you off for the day, to a peaceful sleep


I missed you throughout the day;

I miss you today,

I miss you every day

I miss you Now!


And if you miss me too

Please come to me

You will find me in sleep

Dreaming about you

(This article was posted in Kuzuzangpo dot com on 3 May 2007)

End of everything

30 Dec 2009 Author Jerry

She drapes a shawl over herself as she gazed out the window with a distant look in her eyes. The morning was misty and cool with barely any wind and on the other side of the room she heard kuzoo playing out one of its liveliest song but it didn't help her gloomy and unwelcoming mood….

 She closed her eyes as she recalls that particular day……

 She stood at the view point over looking the scenery and of all she had her gaze fixed to the road, some way down…the road that will take her to him. “Just a few more minutes and I shall be there” she thought happily. She had come a long way to surprise him and the very thought warmed her…the excitement showed all over her. Throughout the journey she had resisted the temptation to call. She had to convince herself that its just a matter of few more minutes…besides she have waited long and she couldn't effort to screw up everything at the last minute.

 At that exact moment…her friend called. They chatted for sometime about everything and nothing till his name popped up somehow…and then everything took a different turn. She grew pale as she listened dumbstruck to the voice on the other side. After what seemed like eternity, she managed to make an excuse to end the conversation. It was too much for her to bear… “How could he?” she whispered to herself as the word rang loud and clear in her head.

 She stood for a moment struggling to comprehend the horrible, twisted complexity of the situation/fate. It was a terrible shock to come all the way and then hear about his marriage at the last minute. Everything made her sick and she reached out to the nearby railing to support herself. She didn't know what to make of all these things…and as she stood there, she felt the tears stinging her eyes and she blinked harder and faster to avoid it while her eyes burned with unshed tears but she wasn't going to let herself fall apart…she simply refuse to cry…she had enough of everything and she's not going to shed a single tear for him…not anymore.

 She had always thought he was someone hard to understand…now she realizes that wasn't the case. It was there all along but she was too blind to see it and looking back she was amazed at how things fitted together like a jig-saw puzzle… it made perfect sense though it never occurred to her before.

 All these years, she had counted each day with a hope that he'll show up one day and three winters had passed by with no sign of him. He never seems to have time for her……..

In fact he didn't even attempt to pretend. With these entire things/happenings…she knew that her journey with him ends here, and the last thing she could do was to leave everything where it first started…so with one last but a long look at the place she turned to return to the place she belonged… after all she had done all there is to be done.

Her waiting ended on that day and a single tear rolled down her cheek at the memory. She then pushed aside all thought of the past; she couldn't think the way she thought then and live a life that offered her nothing. And now after what she had been through, she doesn't want to think about someone who left her feelings unrequited and end up like a living corpse.

My silent wish

29 Dec 2009 Author Allie14

I grew up comforting myself that when I grow up everything will turn out good and my life will be like any other successful being I see around in my neighborhood but one mistake and my total life changed. It was my second year in college and I was way too grown up for my age I guess, but back in those days I used to call it love-true love. I gave myself totally to him knowing that he too was doing the same but one day, holding the test kit showing two red stripes, I ran to wake him with the good news. I knew he would be crazy with happiness. I saw him sleeping, his lips slightly parted as if asking me about the result; we had shared this same room for five months and dreamt a life of bountiful success with kids dangling all over us. But my enthusiasm was splashed to death by his cold glare in response to my news before breakfast. He picked up his jeans and left me wondering did I commit any mistake. As I saw him entering the bathroom and when the room closed after him, the shadow it cast on me was ominous of my days that were to follow. He started shunning me from his life and forced me to pack my belongings and return home to the sanctuary of my parents' home where I met more anger n stern looks.

Today, I sleep with my three year old daughter in my lap, with my old class photo in my hand reminding me of the days that I could have changed my fate but fate changed my life before I could do anything. Now I'm a mother of a daughter who calls me ANA; for my little angel my parents are her dad and mom and I am her elder sister. She kisses me and hugs me but I know it is not the same feelings that she gives to her ama, my mom actually.

I sleep with her, hoping that she would feel my heartbeat and know that it is the same that she listened to for nine whole months and I long for that moment to tell the world that I am her mom and not her sister.

Everything comes cheap here

29 Dec 2009 Author Penstar

Phuentsholing has a moderate weather now. And that's why people from all parts of the country are flooding this already compact and congested city. Schools and colleges are closed for winter vacations. Businessmen are already exporting oranges to Bangladesh. Pious pilgrims are bound to Bodh Gaya and the number of counters selling tickets to the land of thousand buddhas are increasing by the day.

On the other side of the gate, Jaigaon is flooded with Bhutanese shoppers and businessmen. There is no space even to stretch your arms. You have to be extra careful where you  step your feet. Shopkeepers' smiles are wider. The place is dusty. Garbage has piled onto heaps sending out noxious odor. The number of beggars has increased proportionate to the increased number of Bhutanese shoppers.

Everything comes cheap here. Garments are cheap. Utensils are cheap. Culinary items are cheap. Trust is cheap. Faith is cheap. Dignity is cheap. Human life is cheap. Quality of goods is cheap.

Welcome to Phuentsholing, the gateway to the shopping haven. I remember buying a flashlight that does not glow, a DVD player that malfunctions after a week, a shirt that is torn, a colorful CD that's empty and an adaptor that conks out as soon as it is plugged in. The list is endless but I cut it short here.

On Road

29 Dec 2009 Author ArrogantBuddha

I take pride tagging the officers as my colleagues. I really don't know if this term should suit to address them but I remain at ease comparing to one sycophant calling infamous Dasho title to anyone favoring him. I always enjoy listening to my colleagues talk on any kind of tours. They talk on politics, they talk on nepotism, grumble on wrong nomination, rejoice on deserving posts, transfer cases, infidelity incidents, bank balance, ruling Government's autocracy, and many more. They never ask me and I never interrupt them. They only want to know if I have girlfriends or if I like any of the novice lady officers. I don't dare answer them except smile through the overhead looking glass.

I make sure they listen to the latest songs and I have noticed their moods differ on the choice of music I play. Call me DJ in Hilux; at least I feel empowered to let them hear of my choice. When I play Sergi Dhunghi, they get excited and jumpy and immediately hear those romantic talks. I don't play anything and they will doze off or get carried away to their own worlds.

Actually I have made a silent agenda to roll the songs of whoever sits in front. Kuzu 104 for almost tending to superannuation officers, Kuzu 105 to middle aged, and Radio Valley to fresh officers. While I drive my boss, I never touch the stereo unless he wants me to. He either prefers boedra or BBS news. I am one irresistible person to scan all channels if I am alone.

I get to know them through what I hear. I have known the fundamental of being human remains same to any status, any caste, any age and any sex. Everyone gets headache and the pain seems same. He tastes sugar sweet same as I taste it sweet. He feels brunt with expenditure as much as my small income does. I have compared my life with them and they have refined me to a fine human being.

Last Sunday on return journey from Paro they talked on cars while we waited for registration in confluence of Chunzom. Someone said that the new compact cars have no space for luggage and big cars are expensive and inaccessible to them. They have derived a relationship between incomes and kinds of cars. Low income group are the highest caste of people that expensive cars become untouchables to them. I was about to tell there is a vehicle called Maruti van that carries all my belongings. I cleared my throat and told them my how my scooter carries LPG cylinder and a bag of rice. Taking the chance I continued how my pair of knees, pair of ears and pair of hands test the frosty air while coming to office from home. When they went silent for sometime I felt unsure if I had not encroached in their conversation.

Feeling a pang of guilt, I changed the cassette, played Sergi Dhunghi to a volume bar little higher to audible range.

Few meters away, all my colleagues were humming to the tune of song. Relieved I drove them safely to their respective homes.


The seagull and the mouse

29 Dec 2009 Author spygun

Writes Paulo Coelho in The Winner Stands Alone:

A seagull was flying over a beach, when it saw a mouse. It flew down and asked the mouse:

'Where are your wings?'

Each animal speaks its own language, and so the mouse didn't understand the question, but stared at the two strange, large things attached to the other creature's body.

'It must have some illness,' thought the mouse.

The seagull noticed the mouse staring at its wings and thought:

'Poor thing. It must have been attacked by monster that left it deaf and took away its wings.'

Feeling sorry for the mouse, the seagull picked it up in its beak and took it for a ride in the skies. 'It's probably homesick,' the seagull thought while they were flying. Then, very carefully, it deposited the mouse once more on the ground.

For some months afterwards, the mouse was sunk in gloom; it had known the heights and seen a vast and beautiful world. However, in time, it grew accustomed to being just a mouse again and came to believe that the miracle that had occurred in its life was nothing but a dream.

There are times when some incidences that happen to us, seem like a dream.

I was in love once, and she was someone I knew back in college. We spent the best of our times together… dating… loving… doing things that I am embarrassed to mention to my fellow nopkins. And we were in love. But it didn't work out.

Come to think about it, we were like the seagull and the mouse. We didn't understand each other. But she took me to heights unimaginable. She gave me life. We needed each other for the moment and as it passed we moved on our own way. But I was left like the mouse… with just the dream of the miracle, the magic that had happened in my life.

That magic moment is not there anymore. I have learned to live my life without any expectation of that kind of magic anymore. The magician is no longer there in my life, nor is the magic. It was a dream well dreamt.

Long time no see.

29 Dec 2009 Author Karten

So sorry ladies and gents, I was so busy and still busy. therefore, I couldn't post any article. hope you all didn't miss me but i did miss you all. I will try to stay alive now with stories from rotten pumpkins to animal shit to cow dung to zala kota to bokpey and so on and on. Life is as such, if we dont care we are no where, if we are there people dont dare. What is this and this and this????? anyways hope all are doing great. Till then take care. Just peeped in to say all these rubble in the bronx words and make you all feel that i am still alive. Hahahahahahahaha.


29 Dec 2009 Author MyFEeLiNgs

Life's regret of life within,

Bound to so many ups & downs

Never to end somewhere on the edge

As expected to cease than thought.


To linger around the wall of death,

Showing identity for a while on the land

To endure the virtue of being live

And to enjoy pansy is a wish.


No creature seem safe from it

Nor can save one by prestige or power

From routing them out of the way

As its hand long enough to engulf.


A lord whose power one submits to his foot,

One whom all count on head of his presence

Often taking refuge in them although

Never be saved than to drag feet.


One's after-life be save on paradise

That we surrender our soul before

And never against but taking refuge

To whom always we accord at first.


28 Dec 2009 Author dumbo

On a fine Sunday morning, one of the former Ministers ordered his driver “HaaZam chi Kheshos”
The driver went to the town and asked every lady that passed by whether they were from Haa. Everyone said no. An hour passed, he got so tensed and worried. Then he remembered that there is a HapZam he knew. In the beginning, she was very reluctant to go. It was very difficult to convince her but he managed to. Upon reaching back, the driver reported that “HaaZam Chhig Wong Yi la” To that, the Minister said, 'Nangna Tsuk Dha”. When the lady entered, the Minister got wild and scolded the driver that he asked for a barber not really realising that it was his fault. (in official Hindi, barber is called HaaZam)


28 Dec 2009 Author songsaegnim

The first Nicholas Sparks's book that I read was The Message in the Bottle and since then I have been hooked to it like the moth to the flame. The recent book that I read was The Note Book and its sequel The Wedding.

As I was contemplating on the two books I realized that the way the author was portraying LOVE was something which is way out of the world. The protagonist of the first story, Noah, can't possibly be taken as an earthling or a mere human for he is so full of an extraordinary love and inspires the next generation to fall in love and fight for its survival.

How many of us actually have the guts to accept that we love someone? How many of us have actually fallen in love? How many of us have proposed to our love? Forget about fresh love, how many of us have actually married our love? How many of us have stopped expressing our love for them thinking that we have ultimately married them? (Treating them like the trophy we won for a race and displaying it on a mantle and leaving it there to collect dust)

The problems that we face in our relationship are innumerable but the solution is what we run out of. Some of us though we have married the love of our life we feel that we have married a stranger after two or three years of our marriage. The love that we had shared has simply flown out of the window.

We take things for granted and spend less time impressing our lover, husband or our wife. The amount of time spent showering our love and attention also falls like the graph in the crashing stock market as the year progresses forward.

Well now it's high time we did something to revive the flame of love in ourselves. It's time we did something extravagant and romantic to show that we love them.

We can't be another Noah but we surely can be inspired by him and pick up some of his traits. Falling in love is simple but keeping the love alive is very difficult. So let's fall in love, all over again with Nicholas Sparks!!!



A Frog

28 Dec 2009 Author MyFEeLiNgs

One day in a village,
Son: Mother! mother! i have seen something in the bushes…
Mother: What is it my son
Son: No, it's my secret..
Mother: I will give you an egg (thinking her son must have found money, she fries an egg and give him)
 after he finish eating…
Mother: Now tell me what have you found
Son: Mother..i saw one frog upon another frog…