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Inherited family skills help keep fire in the oven burning

31 Dec 2010 Author ugeent

Back in the village, when other kids of his age played the ball made of old socks in the dusty small flat farm land, he played in the puddle of edgeworthia's solution. When other mates of his village enjoyed all the freedom of hanging around, he followed the stern rigor set by his father. Little more than a decade after, it's his pay-back time for the sacrifice. The family skills of Desho (Bhutanese Hande-made paper) passed down by his father now supplements him earnestly for his meager farm earning. Such earning help keep the fire in the oven burning in his home.        


For Tenzin Yeshey, 29 becoming a paper-maker was not in the wish-list in his wildest dream. Like any other child, he wanted to go to School and become a civil servant. A secure job with a good salary was a focus of life with great set of family. But fate had a different plan for him in the form of his father. Within the folds of his forehead is written that he is to become the maker of the traditional paper.  

 As a child he resisted when he was deprived of going to school to learn. When he was involved 24×7 in his father's small paper making enterprise, he cursed him with all his hatred. His father however, trained him till his son could master the art of paper making. In the perception of his father, it is beyond his earning capacity to send his son to school. But securing one's child future is every parent's concern, so was it for Tenzin Yeshey's father. In the quest to ensure his son don't go hungry when he fly bearing his own wing from the nest, he passed down his skill of paper-making, his next best option.

In the backdrop of the dwindling tradition and custom of our Country to the influence of the modern world, here is combined effort of a father-son in maintaining the art from dissolving into the myriad technological advancement. Preservation of Country's custom and tradition intact is also one of the four pillars of achieving our 4th King's noble philosophy of Gross National Happiness, which is gaining a great momentum in international arena.

The skills didn't come free for his father either. His father acquired the paper making expertise from one man named Meme Brelha back in the village in Trashi yangtse. He was too old to teach him that his father had to virtually carry his teacher on his back to and fro his home to receive the proficiency. Nonetheless, his father shed all sweats and did everything to get the talent so that it helps his family earn that extra buck.

Almost little more than a decade down the lane, such skill is helping Tenzin Yeshey make income which is used to repay the loan he has taken to build his home. Not only that, the cash generated expended for his children's education, which the final left over are used for buying the basic household provisions such as salt, cooking oil,  clothes etc. In a year, he sells the 1×1/2m Desho papers worth Nu. 10,000/- to 15,000/- minus the basic expenditures.

Incepted in 2003, he is gradually reaching the break-even point of his business. Today, he perceives his small scale paper-making enterprise as sole source of income for his family. He attributes his children's education; his one storey house and fire in his oven burning are all with thanks to his enterprise. But his enterprise is no exception to challenges and shortcomings. Operated with all traditional machineries and technologies, it urgently seeks to be developed. The tools, equipments, machineries and technologies used in his enterprise are all primitive and inefficient. He thinks that the aids and financial help from concerned agencies will come handy in his quest.         

Could it be real?

31 Dec 2010 Author fragileheart

I had heard about reincarnations and i do believe in it. But i had thought that it was possible only with religious people. Not to ordinary person like me.

It so happened that i had gone for outing with my friends but when we reached that place, somehow i felt that i had been to that place before. The place seemed very familiar to me though i had never been to that place. It was a beautiful valley with green paddy fields and few houses spread across the paddy fields. When we came across a ruined house, i could somehow imagine how it used to be before and asked the villagers nearby about the house.

The man told us that many many years ago, there used to be a girl who used to live in that two-storeyed house which was now in ruins. She had a boy friend and they used to love each other very much. One day when she went to meet her boy friend who was also coming walking towards her, a bus came from the other side and though she tried to escape but since there was no place to give side, the bus ran over her crushing her legs.

While the man was narrating this i could feel that the bus had hit me and my legs were paining. I realized then that it was me who had gone through that horrible experience in my past life. I was crying out in pain even in this birth but when i opened my eyes i realized that it was all a dream and i was in my bed.

But to this day, i remember that dream clearly and sometimes wonder what had really happened in my past life. Is it connected in some way?

Make it your hobby…

31 Dec 2010 Author fragileheart

I have always been an avid reader and books have always been my companion. Even when I was in school, in the beginning of the year when there were less classes, I used to visit the library and read all the books.

When I was a teenager I used to read all the Mills & Boons, Nancy Drew, famous five, sherlock holmes novels and used to dream that one day my prince charming would also come for me. He would be TDH i.e Tall, Dark and Handsome but as I grew older I realized that it was possible only in novels and movies and not in reality.

As I moved into my twenties, my taste for books also changed. I started reading non-fiction books and autobiographies. There are some books which I read again and again. Reading books has always been my hobby and it has made me the person I am today. And i'm proud to say that it has enriched my life and made me aware of so many things.

Reading is such a good experience that I suggest that everyone should cultivate the habit of reading. 


31 Dec 2010 Author youNme

On this New Year
I wish you all
The life
The love
The care
The hopes
The dreams
The happiness

The smiles

The laughters

The beauties

The bounties

The prayers

The lucks

The fortunes

The peace

The pacifics

The trust

The faith

The ecstasy

The excitements

The achievements

The promises


I wish you all

The dawns

The mornings

The afternoons

The evenings

The nights


I wish you all

The breakfasts

The elevenses

The brunches

The lunches

The lunners

The dinners

The suppers


I wish you all

The moon

The sun

The stars

The sky

The space

The air

The world

The galaxies

The milky ways

The solar system

The universe


I wish you all

The gods

The angels

The heavens

The rains

The rainbows

The waves

The breezes

The snows


I wish you all

The Earth

The Mars

The Venues

The Jupiter

The Saturn

The Neptune

The Uranus

The Mercury


I wish you all

The Tuesday

The Friday

The Monday

The Wednesday

The Sunday

The Thursday

The Saturday


I wish you all

The January

The November

The August

The April

The March

The May

The July

The September

The February

The June

The October

The December


I wish you all

The blue

The yellow

The white

The red

The black

The orange

The green

The indigo

The violet

The pink

The purple


I wish you all

The nine

The eight

The seven

The six

The five

The four

The three

The two

The one

The zero


I wish you all

The baby

The kid

The toddler

The child

The boy

The girl

The man

The woman


I wish you all

The sons

The daughters

The fathers

The mothers

The aunties

The uncles

The sisters

The brothers


I wish you all

The Jazz
The Blues
The Opera
The Rap
The Classical

The Folk

The country
The metal

The pop

I wish you all

The water

The spring

The streams

The lakes

The seas

The oceans


I wish you

The seconds

The minutes

The hours

The days

The weeks

The months

The years

The decades

And the eternity



Nothing is Immortal

30 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

I am growing old
My mind ever so young
Leaving behind tragedy
Abandoned hope
Everything has no scope
In your eyes I wither

Life is an uncertain journey

Yesterday was his birth day

Celebrated with laughter and joy

Tonight I weep for his departed soul

Once born, death is so sure

Today we can prepare for tomorrow

Tomorrow is only the sad sigh of getting old

Happiness is rare

Truth of life is only sorrow

Our mind runs through unrest desire

Wealth is the only thing we curve for

We wish for more and more

Once death approaches

Wealth is all about a shadow

Morrow never ends, today can't hold

More wealth is the causes of all suffering

Every man desire to love long

But no man wishes to become old

Live like a man

Let's die like a man

Nobody can fill the void of death

Nothing can stop when death approaches

Beware! Hell is heavy

Heaven is lighter.


Poem by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)



Ode to death

29 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

In your eyes, I wither old,

Bade farewell to old, germinate to new

Yesterday never comes, today can't hold

Every man desire to live long

But no man wishes to be old

Once ye are old, thou age cannot be sold

Softness of wrinkle feels the age

There left a little flapping page

Where we shall sow some poem

Once they would read my epigrams

Through eyes do blur and ear go deaf?

Body weak, heart so young

Nodded besides the fireside heaven

Shelter nooks and corner

Those trembling hands hobble to beg

And as it reaches each delicious ending

Every one shall shed tear thy grave

Let me pen a line of glorious tone

Written a plaintive song

Tis not content so soon to be alone

Journey of death cannot be wrong

A poem by, KEZANG DAWA (Driver)    

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;
Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan.

Uncertain Life

29 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

Once there lived a poor boy named Norden who was survived from landslide. In fact his whole family was killed in one of a tragic land slide in the remote village called Semshelling. He is only the one who survived among all. He was lonely for several weeks without food and shelter left waifs and stays. He wished no hope to stay back to his village after all he lost family and rest of all the belongings that he have.

The next day he decided to move to the shanty town where he hoped to earned something for his survival.

One fine morning the boy went to town and heard the big story about the robbery in that shanty town. It was hot and still early, so the boy decided to stop in at the half moon for a glass of cool water near by a shanty bar. As soon as he entered the shanty bar, He saw one old man was standing in front of the portal said to him with wistful face!

Where do you come from?

Did you hear the talk about the robberies in the town?

No when? Replied the boy with astonished?

Not so long ago it's was last night below my shop was all robbed?  Said the man, whispering in to his ear!

Thus, the boy worried about seeking the job in the town.

Do I safe to go to the town? Said the boy to the old man!

Oh no… not so safe to go there! Replied the shanty man with anticipation?

Why it's not so safe go there? The boy asked!

It's really dangerous to go without friend, since you are alone. The situation of the town was really worsened by the robbery these days.

Why don't you stay with me? Since you're alone! I have some job if you wish to do.  Why do you take so much travel to go there for finding a decent job? The old man said!

The boy was very happy to hear about the job he has. Since he walked all the way from village hopping for the job and he was without food almost three days.

Ok then, you seems so kind to me. I wish I am safe to live here with you? Reply, the boy with smile on his face.

What else are the jobs you are going to offer me? The boy asked to the old man!

But the man never told how tough work he has to do it.

The man said with humble voice, come on my boy, here are some job description, But tell me what type of job you usually do in your home. Said the man?

I have never done any job so far; any way I will try my level best to do, said the boy with haggard face!

Any how you have to work for your own stomach. You know our stomach never let us to stay free.  Who is there to give single penny without any doing something? The old man laugh to the boy bit cunning voice. If you wish to earn some penny here is the jobs description as below;

Said the man in humble voice!

Here are some job description, said the old man,

1, to plough the field.

2, collects firewood from the grove.

3, to feed the cow with grass.

 The boy nodded and watched for a few minutes and decided to do the job to feed the cow with grass.

Are you alright with my job description, said the old man?

Yes I am alright replied the boy, with clumsy voice!

Are you willing to do this job? Asked the old man?

Ah! “I wish beggar will have no choice”

That's better understood! Said the old man.

Actually the boy was not so happy with this job, but he never back off to quite this job and thought to earn money and save for his future life.

The next day, the man brought two more new cows from the other village. The boy felt bit uneasy to herd more cows. Though, he faced many trouble herding the cows. He murmured to himself and thought to himself I wish if I have my family with me I would not have to faced such trouble herding others cows. I wish I would have died with them in the landslide he cried on the rock lying incline. He cries a lot for missing his family. After a many struggled, he learned how to milk the cow and churn butter and cheese.

The owner was very happy to see the good job he does on time without fail.

What a splendid performance! Cried owner with great smile! I am proud of you; do keep it up.

Thank you, It's my pleasure and inspiration, replied the boy with half smiled!

I will increase your salary from tomorrow if you continue to perform better than this? Said to him with smile face.

It's a great honor to hear it, replied the boy!

The boy was very happy to hear his salary is going to rise after a long waited.

The next day he was told to sell the milk in the shanty town where he will have a good market to sell it faster.

Oh! I am afraid to go to that town, since you said that there are lots of robberies.

Ah! Said the owner! There's no bobber at all, I have just made a fun in front of others. I just lied and make you to stay with me to work since I am old enough and I cannot work farther more.

The boy trusted the man and he went to the shanty town with jerry cane of milk. So, that day he was happy to sell all the milk within an hour.  While he was coming back from the market after the milk was all sold. Suddenly on the way he got one idea to tell the lie to the owner.

He thought in his mind that he will save all the money from selling the milk.

He pretended to cry louder as much as he can cry.

Hello, help me please! I am robbing here.

The owner saw the boy with crying very loudly near by the grove.

The owner came to him as soon as hear the boy was crying.

Are you alright asked the owner?

Not really, replied the boy with scratches all over his face.

What happen to you? It seems you have faced some problem on the way?

I encountered tiger on the way, when I was on the way to the home.

Actually, the boy's leg slipped on the gravel and split the milk on the way before reaching the market.

Thank god! I wish you are luck boy today.  Alright, alright…. no problem let's be careful hereafter. (Actually boy has finished selling all the milk in the town and pretends to tell the lie as if he has met tiger on the way. His planned was to save money as much as he can save farter.

The owner was shocked to know about the tiger nearby his house.

The next day owner stopped him to sell the milk. But he never listened to the owner what ever the owner said to him.

The next day the boy decided follow another route.

Be careful my boy when you go to the village? Heed the owner!

Yes I will do that! Don't worry about me from today I am brave enough to fight with that tiger.

You never think in that Way ok, my boy! Tiger is stronger than you. Don't ever think to fight with the tiger. Yes, said the boy with jerry cane of milk on his left hand.

Then boy headed to the town. Then he was very happy to sell all the milk within an hour. While he was heading back from the town and he commit another new idea to tell lie to his owner. Now he pretends to run with shouting very loudly! He yelled like almost he was caught by the tiger.  He came running very faster as if he was really ceased away by the tiger.

Owner, Owner, cried the boy through top of his voice, help, help!

As soon as the boy came to the owner's house owner was really shocked to see the boy was bleeding from all over his legs. What has happen to you again asked the owner?

What makes you to run faster? Said the owner!

I was chased by the robbery with masked on their face and I was nearly killed on the way!

Said the boy with blushed face to woo the trust.

Don't you see I have lost many liters of milk by you till this date? I could not earn a single penny from this milk. You are such disgusting boy. I think you cannot work with me farther more. You can leave this job from tomorrow. I am going to replace the new one right after you leave the job. You have spoiled my property. Said the owner!

I wish I am wasting your wealth. So if you wish me to go away I will go right now. The boy said with angry voice I am afraid and it's not safe to stay here with you; I wish I will have to go back to my village where I belong. Thanks for the hospitality that you have offer me. I will not forget your kindness that you have wished. Thanks for everything.

Please, let me go… let me go? He begs with folded hands!

The owner said, with tear on his face! How can you leave me in such a tearing hurry? I will be alone here with no one to look after me.

Please don't go away….I made a jock with you; I will never let you to go away from my house. I will be alone here……pleased!  Owner shed the tears

The owner felt pity to let him go away from his house after working with him for long yore. (And he never thought how many liters of milk have lost by that boy.)  (The boy have saved lot of money from cheating the old man)Actually the man was very kind and compassionate to him in all rounds, but the boy was very cunning and selfish and cheats the owner to collect enough money for his own)


The next day owner decided to let him go back to his village with along one milking cow as a gift from the owner side. (Actually, he has collected enough money to buy a cow by himself)


Owner said with unhappy face! I have no choice to hold you back here and stay with me it's your own way. “Life must go on with your own peregrination! But with truth to all sentient being”

But never forget me? Said the owner with weeping?

Not a single day will forget you! Replied the boy with wept too.

Nothing is wrong with you when you go away from me. One day everybody will have to go away from each other? Said the owner! But I will not allow you to go with empty handed. I wish I have something to give you. The owner caught his left hand and dragged beside the house. There he saw milking cow beside the house. The owner said with all his weeping eyes!  That cow is for your hard work it's for you all I have.  I have nothing to give you rather than a cow.  You can treat this cow as like your own mother it will never keep you hungry where ever you go, she will give you  milk if you thirst. Please accept this cow as my gift to prolong your happy life ever after. Nothing will harm on the way I will pray for both. The owner felt a bit sad, while the cow cried a lot heaving to leave her owner and friends behind. They bade farewell to their friends and relative, took one last look back and took off the journey. They departed with singing farewell song.


The next day they reached the top of the mountain where there was heavy snowfall all over the mountain. They rested inside the cave where there is nothing to eat. Suddenly the mother caw pointed her finger toward the mountain side and said can we reach that mountain? The boy replied with angry, I don't think so, why! Said the mother cow with afraid? I am hungry and cannot walk furthermore, I think I will have to slaughter you and have a sumptuous meal! said the boy with holding his sharp knife in front of his eyes. This worried the cow and told the cow of their wish to be reached back to the owner. “Hunger breeds anger, and the angry one will do what he can do” said the boy with bulge red eyes. How can you kill me since I trust you like my own son. I can feed you with my milk if you are hungry said the cow.  The boy laughs with furious voice. Afraid the mother cow that his sward might devour them. And mother cow saw huge cliff in front of her. And she jumped over the cliff and died at once without to wait for the sward.

Thus, the boy died without food and water in the top of the mountain and vulture did have a sumptuous meal from his body.



A   Story by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrup jongkhar; Bhutan.    









Forbidden Love

28 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

It seems I am the looser in this world
by falling in love with you;
Since you left me in broken heart
without a words of goodbye,
Nothing can stop my tear
fall violently beside thy;
Every day seem lonely without you
by my side, all abandoned;
Our love took years seem a day
leaving behind tragedy
How long shall I wait for thee;
to come back in my heart
to fill those broken apart,
The day seem long night become longer

after all when you left me in tragic sad;

Nothing is wrong when ye, left me

in broken apart;

when faith alone can measure,

From thou pain I have shown.

To me I felt falling in love is easy;

to depart is not an easy task

rather loving some one

without true heart will

never survive more than agony.

What I fall in love was all pine

under the depth of despair

leaving behind tragedy.

those process of love live in suffer now;

nothing is wrong to fall in love

only the fact of being lonely

is the truth love of sorrow

into the heart of my eyes.


Poem by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan

The shock that shook his life

28 Dec 2010 Author pichoo

Only if he had known that something that would stop his breath for sometime  was waiting for him back in Bhutan,he would have come prepared to face it.

To his dismay,he came home only to hear and see he would not have even dared to joke about.The love and trust that bonded them once upon a time has now turned into a desert cactus which everyone even hated to  see.
He never doubted on her until he found a message on her phone that very night he got home after his semester break which said “I love you” from a unknown number.He asked what's going on with her and then he finally gets to hear what was really going on in her life during his absence.He went numb not knowing how to react.She had already decided that she's going to live the rest of the her life with the guy who she claims to be her now and forever lover.The least he could do was let her go,the promises they made together now seemed to be void.

He is now trying to move on in his life while he watches her enjoy yet another life she has just started.

Minus One elegant and graceful Black-Necked Crane

28 Dec 2010 Author ugeent

Like any other Black-Necked crane, he was born in the summer roosting area in Tibet. His birth was a greatest boon to the families as well the custodians of their species since their numbers cling on to last 11000 in the world and 500 to be exact in Bhutan. From his birth itself, he was showered with greatest love and care by his parents ensuring his proper upbringing. Within few weeks, he was dancing, running and flying around with his tender wings.  

That winter he joined his parents on their annual migration: mission Bhutan in the south. He has never known such long-distance journey they need to undertake. Had it not been the encouragement from his parents and the winds which he used to float, he would have given up few hours into flying. His pair of inexperienced wings almost failed to serve it purpose having never in his life flew so long. However, after many days of flying, he reached their southern roosting ground in Minjay under Lhuentse Dzongkhag.

They had option of their roosting ground in Phobjikha or Bomdeling but his parents chose the area in Minjay owing to less competition since the place is not known to many of them. They landed safely and were enjoying their abundance picks. Nonetheless, it is never the nature of the cranes to let loose their guards. His parents took turn to keep eye for dangers when they feed. They initiated the immediate flight at the slightest sign of danger.

 One day, they bumped over presence of small pile of grains probably left behind during paddy threshing. They were engrossed in feeding and took the safety for granted. That's when; from the corner of their eyes saw the stone flying directly towards them hurdled by a cowboy. They had split of second to act. The father of the crane announced the coming of stone by trumpeting at his loudest call and all reacted by getting airborne.

The parents realized their mistake of letting their guards down only when they saw from the sky that their son remained on the ground. The shooter happened to be an aced one and landed to the most vulnerable spot – the head. Left with no option, the crane couple was left to rue their action.

Message of the story: Such careless actions from the local people can be attributed to lack of knowledge on the importance of birds. Later, the killer found carcass of the bird unpalatable and left it to rot.  From then on, the visits in winter to roosting ground in Minjay became irregular. The coming of 5 nos in this winter can be tagged as 'return of cranes' after the incidence. The death was a biggest loss to the crane parents but more important to the conservationist in the backdrop of their endangered status.    


28 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

“Help them to serve you better” is my theme that I wanted to write a small article on Gross National Happiness.  Though, I am not perfect in finding other's happiness. Actually I do think GNH is not something ready made it comes from our own actions. It is not necessary that you have to gain his happiness by treating and giving sweet things to make them happy. From my own aspect happiness is all about what you have in your heart, Politeness and warm hearted are the only true source of happiness. If I am not mistaken happiness is all about what you have in your heart and learn how to act doing them by helping hands. For instance  If you see an angry man in the street and beggar man near your house will you chase them away or will you give him a chance to beg them again? This is the language of GNH mean to us! As a general we should know what is happening in front of our eyes and look behind your footsteps. I think on my own understanding if we are often feeling selfish and greedy by seeing other's wealth there is no any sense of maintaining the Gross National Happiness within ourself which will  really going to hamper our philosophy of happiness.  If I died yesterday I would have missed the today's happiness. Politeness and helping hands are the only seed of our happiness between the communities. Nothing is wrong when your teacher bit you when you are on wrong track. If you know the meaning of GNH we should always be kind enough to do whatever it is. I have taught myself how to help them through warm hearted by seeing his problem by helping hands to get his happiness. There are two ways of making happy. Outer happy and inner happiness. Outer happiness mean is to keep our environment clean to keep them self healthy and inner happiness to preserve our Culture and traditional heritage. Thus, I can say is that “His happiness began to smile only if we help to each other” when in need.  “Our Happiness begins only if they help us but helping hand is the only true bond of happiness in our social life. Always hope to gain his happiness! His happiness does comes after we do.



Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan.

Time for another year book

28 Dec 2010 Author zenithoo

At the beginning of each year, we are given a big book with blank pages. We are to prepare our own pencils, pen and paint and write our story down and paint it bright.  It's not about who can write or draw or paint the best, it's about the journey taken and the time spent filling up the blank pages.

It is time to start another book, to take another journey through the magical land of paints. I did my best to make my previous book interesting. I have learnt the art of mixing colors and shades, in order to get my type of shades and colors. I painted my book with every possible color I could get and drew every possible pictures and designs I can think of. Bright happy colors can't complete any stories by themselves; the dark shades are always there to tell another half of the story. My story contains bright flowery color to dark coal-like color at the same time. A donation of ideas and colors from a family, a friend, a neighbor or even a stranger is always there to complete yet another part of my story. I help them color their book and they help with mine. I had a great time drawing and painting, and I am proud of the worn out yet paint-filled book of mine.

Hope you guys are prepared for another year of drawing and painting!!!


“People with higher post dream big”

27 Dec 2010 Author rabten

It was a century ago when there when our country was less developed. During that time, Indian Govt. promised to issue a vehicle to a man who held a high post. So the Indian Govt. asked what sort of duty vehicle he wanted and he answered that he wanted a truck because he said that being a man with 'big' posy, he wanted a bigh vehicle.

The Faded Tego

27 Dec 2010 Author luzee

Quite funny that sometimes unusual memories drop by and you find yourself smiling selfishly! One evening, in the midst of laundry, I found myself smiling to a very old forgotten memory. The memory of a faded tego.

Being second in line of sisters, I had my share of hands-me-down clothes, which I accepted amiably and without complains. Perhaps, this explains why I never asked my parents to buy me new sets of school dresses or spares. An unknown intuition kept me aware of my parents' hardship – a small grocery shop to suffice the family of seven (after my father resigned from Army); four school-going children; no extra helping hands; no side-income apart from the shop. But my parents worked hard to make sure we were adequate in our necessities.

So, when I went to High School, I jumped at my sister's old sets of school uniform. They were wearable though. Save the tego which was little faded. But I continued to wear that for that year and the next.

Today, a must-see in my album is that picture we took on the Captain's day (1998). I sit there in the front row with a broad smile – and I am so prominent, thanks to the faded tego!

May be few years back, I would have felt a little ashamed to see that picture. But today, I smile every time I think of it. With it are not attached memories of what I didn't have (perhaps a new tego?), but it tells me a whole lot new story of one innocent life I had (then).

Of course, I now have the luxury of choosing over a dozen colors and types. Yet, nothing compensates the good old memories. As I make sure that my girls don't wear worn-out dresses, I pity if one tomorrow they will have memories to look back. Growing in a pompous life-style gives much, but takes more – one certainly such memories worth miles of thoughts.

Like this story of my faded tego. [And I smile again!]

Unseen Friend

27 Dec 2010 Author sommey

Although you are a friend of mine and latter's we exchange,i wouldn't know u on the street,and doesn't that seem strange?You hold a place within my life.unusual and unique.We share ideals and especial dreams and still,we do not speak.
A picture what I think you are,perhaps you picture me.An intriguing game for both of us for some one we can't see.So far this friendship we process,we owe this mail a debt,perhaps the charm lies in the fact that we have never meet.

Rhythm of trees

27 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

Beside I laid under a tree

Trees shaded dewing the winter

Leaves sway gathering of biting cold

Whispering leaf frost bird's sad twitter

Leaving her elfin shrunk old.

Sun ray to the morning rigor

A rainbow takes its place

Planting trees in more than gold

Paint dripping sparkling dew

Oh! Trees ye like queen to us

 Beautiful green fir in depth eyes;

Come, cover a shaggy crown

Entwining splendid blinding shadow fall

Thy Coolness air fills the lung of all

Guard us from sweeping dust

What creatures pray for the nature?

Through seed germinate

Down to the mighty trees;

Let's breathe a clean air;

Sparrow's nest the twinkling glowworm

Habited of every living soul

Quench a thirst of every mouth;

Animal laid friendship for long yore

Birds sing through tip of a voice

Song for animals live, lively lives

Beneath that shivering of whispering;

Bring, Ce-ri-ri, rhythm of winnow

Oh! Trees thou gave life of many creatures

Without trees is no water in the pond

No padded in a stream while minnow

No herder will bring herd

No animal will come to drink

I chop trees is water source dry

Animals weep for no water to drink

Egress under the whispering pine;

Cutting trees is birds seldom cry

At all risk of water source may dry;

That shall vanish in furtive glance;

Become to tale of long sorrow;

Ce-ri-ri, the leaves swing the rhythm

To the people who will sing the anthem

In the shivering random dance

Cutting pieces curving into more furniture;

Worry us no trees left for tomorrow

Heading future towards empty hands;

Trees must not cut off; children must live.

I shall oath to die under a tree,

Without cutting trees

I left this poem to read by all of us,

Let's oath swear not cut off the trees

Let's keep home for the future citizen

Ce-ri-ri, the wind must blow always.  

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;
Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan 


24 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

Rigden was a class-X dropout student of Gyelpozhing Higher Secondary School. His ambition in life was to become a doctor. But after the death of his father in a tragic car accident, he had to leave school and help his mother and two little sisters. One of his chores was to take the cattle to the forest. Without his father, Rigden could not do anything in life and he felt as if there was no meaning to his existence. He, however, loved to listen to music, play mobile games and send messages to unknown numbers.

The next morning was clear and sunny, the birds sang happily, and the sharpness of the cricket's whistling echo was so pleasant. But Rigden felt bored as nothing exciting was happening around him. Suddenly, he remembered one of his friends at school and felt like talking to him. But when he dialed his friend's number, the mobile was I a switch off mode. Rigden thought his friend might be busy at school. Therefore, he decided to send a message instead.

Hi, my dear friend! What's up and how are you doing in school? Here my life in the village is lonely without you. I really miss your company. Let's meet soon. With love.

Before sunset he happily headed home with a new born calf on his back. He suddenly felt his mobile vibrate inside his pocket. There was a new message from unknown number.

Hi, I am Menday Zam, Non formal Education Instructor from Mongar Saling. I am fortunate to get SMS from this lucky number. I am a woman of two kids, but my marriage broke up ages ago. My husband went with another lady. Can you help me lead a happy life? What if I marry you? hee….hee..ha.

Rigden was shocked. His message was to be delivered to his friend Samten at school, but it had accidently gone somewhere else, to a lady who sounded so desperate. As their conversation continued, Rigden and the lay began to fall in love. He could not believe what was happening. Rigden was so engross with the lady that he even forgot his parents and friends. Their love become so strong and deep that no one in this world could demolish it.

Rigden decides to be serious with the matter, and one day he sent a message to the lady.

Dear Menday Zam, the moment I met you in the sms, my heart could not rest in peace. Your splendid words woke my heart into sleepless nights. I love your sweet voice. I may die if I don't hear from you a single day. I think you are the sweetest part of my life. if you wish to, I can marry you.

The next day they decided to meet in the Mongar Tshechu. Rigden was terribly nervous and wondered how he would express his feelings for her since he was in love for the first time. He was worried thinking that she might be upset if he was notable to express his true feelings for her. The next day, they went to the Tshechu wearing a beautiful kira and gho. But it was difficult to recognize each other in such a crowed place. It was like playing hide- and- seek.

Rigden sent a message to her, in a desperate tone.

Hi, where are you? I am tired to searching for you. If you wish to see me please come to the back yard of the dzong. I am eagerly waiting. I am in a black gho and with short hair.

After a minute, she approached him hesitantly, Rigden was very happy to see her beautiful face with lone, silky hair and a lather bag on her shoulder. Rigden could not believe the beauty of her glory face, like that of the Dakinis (Khandom) coming from a distance to meet him. He considers himself the luckiest man to meet the beautiful lady. But as she came closer, Rigden could hardly imagine her eyes. Her eyes shone like that of an owl, and her mouth was half torn apart. She was pregnant in her final month of delivery. She came close to him and said in a haggard voice, “Are you the one I met in the sms conversation”? And smiling murmured to herself, “I made a good decision to meet this guy.”

Rigden could not bear to look at her hideous face. He shouted on top of his voice “AA…Zai…Ya Lama Keno, mogi dong doorsisi Du.” He was terrified by her hideous face and ran back to his village. While he was running, he slipped and rolled down the rocky cliff shouting for help. But in reality, he was merely dreaming. He fell down from the bed and woke up from his sleep. There was no one else in the room except for a loud clock which was stuck 8.30am already.

Rigden was late for school. That morning he had to rush to the class without any breakfast.


BY, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;


Whether to take it or leave it, My Indecisiveness

24 Dec 2010 Author ugeent

I am into my eighth year of service and nature of my job is to serve the people in the remotest corners of the Country. In the history of my job, I have been to the place where for the native there, I have been the first civil servant, for that matter government representative in their locality. Imagine how far such place could have been. However, I have served with determination and commitments forgoing all my own comforts and realities of life.

With not much to do in such secluded place, reading of all sorts became my companion. If there is anything, reading was the only sensible source of entertainment. There was no choice of book, anything printed with alphabets served the purpose. Television, Radio, Telephone, Cars and cable would be few times experience in a year when visit has to be made to report to the Dzongkhag headquarters virtually to report that I am still alive. For most of the year round, the path through the impenetrable jungles, swelling rivers and high mountains would remain blocked.

Even during such rare visits, my luggage back home would be predominantly of newspapers, magazines, Novels, books and anything I can lay my hand upon. I read them over and again literally like a monk would read his prayer books just for the sake. The rations were an option when I can manage from any villagers with myself being the one and only family member. The regular visits at the household level stocked me enough when the native out of their sheer humility would present me with whatever they grew. In return I left them soelra, in the gratitude. We literally co-survived in such environment.

Unknown to me, my voracious reading helped me hone my writing skill. Day in day out, the habit rewarded me with increasing vocabularies. Although I had just the basic of the language during my educational period, I developed a good command over the language solely due to my reading through the lines. Atleast among the peers of my standard, I outshone each of them.

I still continue reading since I have learnt the lesson that it has rewards and moreso I am still in one remote gewog. But for these time around, I atleast have the access to GPRS, a B-mobile internet facility. I also utilized such proficiency of mine to the best benefit when combined with my regular job, I offered service out of box. I kept on continuously contributing all field news to the web and print media of the ministry I work. My proficiency came to limelight and I am now being offered the permanent job there. I would be then based in Information and Communication wing of the Ministry which my job primarily be of writing journals which fits my passion like a round peg in round hole. 

Now it is like a morsel of quality food dropped in front of stray dog. How can he ensure it is not poisoned? Is it worth relishing the morsel? Can stray dog be able to digest such quality food since he has never eaten it? Similarly, it is an opportunity for me to work in Capital, the dream workplace for every one. But will I be able to survive there, only because I have been in the remote for so long? Will I be able to cope up with Thimphu life which is in fast forward mode? Is it an opportunity too good to let it to slip by or deny? Am I not throwing myself into the hot water? Is the pasture there as green as I see it from there.

Darn, I have more questions than the answers. But as an old Bhutanese adage goes, “discuss with other, decide yourself”.         

In Quest of Love

23 Dec 2010 Author udeen

 I slide along the edge of the stream,
Crossing the narrow road leading to it,
Search in the depth of the fussed ocean,
To find the portion reserved for me!

I wander throughout the world

    tracking the silvery, sparkled stars.
  Evidently, I've was so exhausted,
    My naive heart chose not to surrender!

I interrogate the reflective cloud,
It points me to the house of darkness,
I hasten to go to the peaceful spot,
There was not even the shadow of it!


I had even walked out of boundaries,
   To know whether which direction it took,
I crapped out and fell on the wrong road.
However, I was hopeful and undismayed!


Lastly, a quiet mind appealing me,
Thus, my heart plunges under the ocean,
To strike the precision of the true love.
Meanwhile, I hope that it will discern it!

“unfortunate things happening in Bhutan, the Land of thunder dragon”.

23 Dec 2010 Author rabten

I am very much worried as day by day we are experiencing more calamities and accidents which causes more deaths which we never had before. Although, every one of us have to go through the path of death but now many unusual deaths and unusual calamities are occurring in our Land of thunder dragon.May be i am wrong but i felt such things started only few years back. i would like to quote some of views or feelings of the reasons why such things are happening  as follows:

1. May be due to establishment of Democracy(after 100 years of monarchy)
2. May be due to collecting all ancient monuments from various lhakhangs and goenpas and  showing to the public( in some goenpas and lhakhangs, women are not allowed to get inside but this year many ancient monuments have been displayed to public)
3. May be now a days people do unusual things which  are not supposed to do( women playing khuru etc).
4. May be due to development( more pollution causes natural disaster or people purchased more vehicle leads to more accidents)
5. May be showing sign to end the world very soon( 2012 or 2013).

These all are my personal views and concern as many people lost life untimely and for that actually Govt should organize mast rimdo to overcome such calamities.
I know some of my nopkin friendss may against my views and some may agree but I don't mean to hurt or alleged any one here. I welcome your views.