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31 Dec 2011 Author Little_star

I sit here miles away from home ..
When i am suppose to be at home celebrating my new year ….

Walking in a place where i know no one ..
Sick people every where .. people having sickness worst than me …
When i happen to see them , i feel AH!! the sickness i am going through is nothing compare to them .. and it gives me hope  to be well soon and to be back home where i always belong  .. to that Home where all my love ones are waiting for me .. A home where all my memories are …. A home where all my secrets are kept .. A home where i am one of the most happiest person ..

It not the first time i am being away from home … but this time i feel strang being away from home … Hot air blowing every where … Dusty road and all i could see around me is people with different illness .. :(  I could do nothing to them but pray for their quickest recovery …

P.s Happy new year to all the folks here . Have a wonderful and successful life ahead   ^ ^



31 Dec 2011 Author Speem

Why does it have to hurt inside?
Why do i have to cry each night?
I think i have to walk on by…
But I am starting to lose my sight…

What is it that changed your mind?
Why is it that keeps you blind?
Why did you change so fast?
Did you really have to leave me behind?

I start to think about all we had
And how it turned this way…
I guess I'll have to leave your side,
And turn my face away…

Although my soul will die…
Although my heart will cry..
I've got nothing else to do,
I'm hurt deep inside

But although I'll leave your side,
you'll be always on my mind…
My heart and soul will ache for you,
Every day and every night…

You're my never-ending love,
The love that keeps my alive…
You're the one I'll love forever,
Although it hurts inside…..


30 Dec 2011 Author penobs

Before 2011 ends let me thank all the people,

Who made the year 2011 beautiful for me,  





30 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

As we all know that NGENPA GUZUM and NEGLOG  losar is the only losar fall in the week after another  in Bhutanese Calender. Everybody thinks to celebrate with delicious meals but nobody realizes how many animals have been killed just for the one day. Since it's the social gathering for all us to enjoy with our beloved family, everybody works hard with enthusiasm and energy before losar to buy meat. Even the beggars money to buy a kilogram of meat to remember the day. Everybody has different plan to do on that day. Some get married but some get divorced after the non-stop drinks and many get caught on with the argument.

Everybody says there is pleasure without the meat in losar but what about those who don't eat meat? Why can't we celebrate losar without meat? Nothing can stop us to buy meat on that day. Some people raise pig for next losar but who does know whether we will be able to attend the next losar or not. We are really excited and worried whether we will get our share of meat on that day or not and everybody eagerly rushes to the meat shop. People try to get at least a kilogram of meat from every corner of vendor shops in the town to celebrate with sumptuous meal. Some wait near the slaughter house for the kill and butcher are ready to cut for the people's demand. Where is dharma if we have to celebrate after slaughtering other's life? Will it really mean that our country is a dharma country? Why can't we think of others a bit? When someone is yelling under the knife what do we feel? Do we feel happy to see an end of life or let them kill for a pleasure of a meal? Who will come and see whether you are celebrating the losar with meat or not? Who will come and check your pot?

I think that those who have the compassionate minds will never celebrate losar at all with the kill. We never care of the animals for a second but always think for our pleasure even at the cost of animals' lives. What is compassion? This word is not simply a sense of sympathy or caring for the person suffering. It goes beyond our own relatives and blood. Lets stop this brutal killings to please our taste buds. If we stop eating meat we are adding the life of sentient and there won't be nothing grand than the losar without a meat.


30 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

It's nothing new to me as well to you
when she left me alone
I try to hide my tears
before she break my heart in pain
under he eyes of broken apart
when everything was left far behind
I can't resist this pain farther more pain
when she kicked my heart
There was only pain in my heart so warm
I have counted your foot steps before the door was open
you brought nothing new at my heart
numbness at the core of my wistful eyes
I shall see, you are there in the golden castle
In the lap of his wealthy ornament
Piles your love in every moment
I cannot but beg you
Not to give me pain life any more
I made song through my broken heart
In the title of my own broken words rhythm
Be happy in the heart of a rich man,
i should say and weep for you now an then
who will love you more than me and my child
He will love you more than anything in the world
live a life of happy women ever i should say
Eat the feast of nothing sempetous
Be the fairest women in the heart of that man
Be the heroine of his choice
until your heart burden with out tears
I shall count your days from the day you left
Don't be yourself the victim of broken family
But i have never seen kindest women
Like you who is after the wealthy man
I shall never forgive you, till my tears bleed in blood
Wish i shall never give peace to myself
After my heart was broken into pieces
Love is live only when broken apart
Burden when broken into pieces….


30 Dec 2011 Author TKDEE

Friends are not beautiful as they look, as they walk and as they talk.  Friends are beautiful as they are sincere, as they care and as they remember.  Happy New Year, my dear friends.  Be Good and Do Good always.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012………….


Friendship is when people know all about you but like you anyway.


The privilege of friendship is that we can talk nonsense all the time and the best thing is that nonsense is understood, discussed and respected.


So my dear friends, I wish all of you Happy New Year.  May this year be the best year ever in all of your life.



I can feel the pain

29 Dec 2011 Author TKDEE

In my dreams I feel pain for when dreams are shattered a heart is broken
In my hopes I feel pain for when hope is lost the person in you die
In my aspirations I feel pain for when that is gone life aint life
In my destiny I feel pain for the unknown journey taken towards it is unsure
In my happiness I feel pain for there is always sadness that chooses to stay longer

In my trust I feel pain for when betrayal strikes you, it always win

In my colors I feel pain for the sky is grey with hatred

In my life I feel pain for life takes away the very person it gives you with so much of love.

I can feel the pain in everyone and everything!!!


29 Dec 2011 Author leelee

In the solitary night, my room with pale, deem bulb, I couldn't hear rather a distracting noise of train. But the very noise soothed me because hearing the sound of train I could remember of people who are exhaustedly travelling towards their destiny.

The time was almost half past 12pm. And my health condition wasn't well.  As I was lying on the bed, something hasn't let me go into sleep, so I was awake. I have no friend to talk or to do some work at this time. So I find out a way to get out of head ache. Then i put music and listened sentimental songs.  The song I listened was (NGALEM TSAM GI METSE NANG) which is one of my favorites. It's melodies were much sweeter than I used to listen before. It's really wonderful and I thank a person who has scripted and to the singer.

As I go on listening music, I remember of by-gone days which over come with some pain and joyful. The pain I suffered has made me shed into tear but as the time passes I have to be moved on cherishing whether it is for good or bad memory.

For life everything is impermanent. When I was born my parents were with me rendering their love and affection despite of themselves being agony. Then I left my parents when I was aged enough to go to school from where I learned to recognize alphabet. Form the day I associate with social life, I have gain lots of their knowledge and wisdom. I am made a real human being by the people whom I have met from birth till today. But why I am unable to meet with those people? Some I heard they are deceased, some suffers, some sick and rarely I heard they are well. This vary of life stages has led me in dismay.

Aei! The news I heard one-night before, deceased of ” Dungsey Rinpoche” has fissured my heart into pieces. His demise is a great lost to the world.

He is my soul, inspirit and inspiring Dharma leader, I am his follower. I bent and knelt down in front of him as I am devoted to his preaching lineage.

we lay people knows the fact that we are born to die but we forget death is uncertain when we are cherishing for the happiness.

Look, such a humble, wise, and eminent person has enlightened by leaving us in this very earth. How do you feel? What will be the consequences who are suffering? But I do not mourn in his death because he is omnipresent even after death. He is in my heart where I already engraved as I must worship always on him on behalf of sufferer. Indeed, he will come again to liberate sentient beings.

I am more death than alive, seeing and hearing death of a great person.

We human's are bound with attachment of love and affection, ignorance, frustration, envy and all sort of negative perspective. We land up in delusion where never tent to get out of it. We get older day by day when the time passes. But to end our life will have to go alone, leaving all wealth and attachment we owned. Nothing is permanent. The day of your demise will always remain as immortal. 


“Omnipotent and omnipresent”

In the sky, seated on the lotus

A crimson rays shone gloriously

Omnipresent into the vast

Do not vanish leaving us behind

We bent, knelt- please bless us.


We will follow abode of yours 

Seed us by your preaching

Embrace us form evil realm

Awake us from illusionary realm

We are solemnly relying on you.


Many days passed, ageing to death

Death uncertain- I am not prepare,

Grant me live till I'm done

Till I could help other beings


A word of demise has crashed me

I do not mourn coz you're omnipresent

We are fortunate as able to seen you

Grate as we are blessed by you…

Forever, we shall pray for you!                                                                                                                                                                                        No one from our relatives or by our love could stop us from dying or could help. The only thing we can land help is by devoting on three jewels if we are to be death in peace.  

Ah! i am contented as I completed writing and the melodies of music become faint. And here I appeal all the reader who reads this article shall pray together, making our two hands into one hand”all the sentient beings may free form the samsaric realm”. 


27 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

Dear Nopkin members

I would like to wish you all our writers a very happy new year for 2012. May this year will bring good luck and happiness to all our writers.I really wish our nopkin owner for giving us golden opportunity to write and know the peoples from all walks of life. May this year will bring good yield and happiness to all the sentient being in this world.

With love and regards to all our nopkin writers, “Keep rocking roiling ready”.


27 Dec 2011 Author masoht

Once in the medical transcription class, all were busy transcribing there files, but one boy called kencho heard somthing that is not in the medical terminology.  Actually dictator was dictating the drug called Clindamycin but he heard it as clean my sin and wrote the word clean my sin.  In the middle of his work, again he heard word called semicolon but he wrote it as see my colon.

Parents are our greatiest being on earth

26 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

As we all know but can we realized how many times we might have told and pressurized our parents to send money when we are in school. But who will realize that how much our parent might have struggled and razed their body in the sun just to earn hundred ngultrum in a day.

Rigden was very lucky to get job in one of the private sector after he completed class X. Actually Rigden's parents did not know that his son is doing in Thimphu after he left the study. After several months later both the parents they came to know from other mouth that Rigden got job as Clark. Parents were very happy and thank the god in the altar they always prayed for his son. After several months of service he did not like his job and ask his parents that he is going to continue his study in private. Parents was very worry about the school fees in private suddenly his parents sold patches of land to make him to continue his further studies. Rigden was hard working student in the school and he even the most punctual students ever trusted by the school teachers. He even won the price of the best student in the academic year. His parents hope is to become good servant after finishing the school and thinking they would serve when they become old. Suddenly, Rigden meet a beautiful lady named Yangchen, Her starry eyed just like a north star just wink at him whenever he stay alone and his beautiful face just become sleepless night after he saw her.  Rigden slowly his hard work and punctuality was dying gradually after he meets that girl. He thinks to himself that there is no wonderful woman like her. She was beautiful and he cannot live without her even a day. She became the life line in his daily life. He cannot live with her for a single day and become the strongest love in the world. After a several time misbehaves in school they both were chock out from the school and land in nowhere. I think Rigden did remember that his parent has sold the land to continue his study wished he will get good job and he will help his parents after getting old. I think Rigden is just doing opposite to the poor parents.

Rigden's parents were very shock to see his son was coming with bedding on his back and asked his father. Oh! Son, why is your bedding on your back…Any problem created in the school? No! Father he replied, I have finished my study and I was told to go home and ask to search the job myself… That's great wished his father and mother standing in front of the door. Do you plan to find job in the market? Not yet think of the job now a day I will find my job slowly why so hurry… I need some time myself to think about my job.

The time went in tearing hurry there he could not find any job. He search the job in every corner but he was helpless himself to get the job. There was job available in the market due to his bad certificate never let him to get job. After several times of searching job he felt there is no hope to get job. After that he meets his old friend named Tenzin in the market. He became good friend with and spending the day and night with him. His friend was drug addict and he always has to go to the market to have drugs. One day Rigden was asked to get and buy some ejection and some tablets from the market. Rigden agreed to go and buy the things. One that way he tested one of the tablets and he felt dazzled and took it one more and on the way he was fall down and never came back on time. Tenzin went to see what was happen to Rigden there he was flat on the road and they try to control the drugs. Gradually, Rigden happen to consume the drug alone and now he becomes chronic addict. After becoming the friend with Tenzin he did not remember his parents at home and he was lonely without friend. The very next day he was taken by the police and handed over to the re-habitation centre and he was cure after several years in treatment. Now he was alright and now he is doing well to himself and as well as to the parents. Now he got parents support and he become the responsible citizen in government service and he got a very good job and securing the job with his new wife.

Dear Parents, I am extremely fortunate to have parents like you. Since you brought my life in meaningful way .if you are not there in my right path I would have been died. Any way I really thank the re-habitation center for helping. Any way I am sending you my first salary and hope to send more in future. With love, Rigden!

Rigden live away from bad friends and free of drugs! No he has become a responsible citizen.

am i really a good driver?

26 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

I am a driver.  I' am not. Oh yes, I am driver who ride on the road? I am not a best driver like other but I seem I am just good driver only. Actually I do not like to impress myself being a good driver. “Self press is donkey press” it says. I think I am good driver among those who drink. It was in 1998 when I was driving a first road towards Bhumthang my leg was on the brake pedal to slow down my speed suddenly my right leg slipped and went in to the accelerator nearly killing several peoples on the road side. Luckily I could save a life of those who are in my car. They wondered and blushed with half smile Oh! You are a good driver they said but did they ever realize how the best driver has lost control his steering wheel in front of us. There is no best and good driver when in ill luck favor. Later they said I am best driver among good bad road. Actually my ambition was not there to become as driver but I meet one young driver in shiny leather coat and blue jeans with puff of smoke from his nose trill inspired me to become driver at last. He inclined on his seat and played a loud amount of music to draw intension to become a driver. He said to me “Driver's life is golden life one two turning three four wives” You will meet a beautiful lady if you…. aloud music from driver's cabin made deaf to hear what he supposed to tell me about. He nearly took me as his handy boy when I was in class VI. In that day on wards I have promised myself to become driver in future. Till now my promised has fulfilled after long deep sigh. Actually I hate myself being a driver but what else to do since I am already a driver to feed my family. I regret now since I have never come across with among four wives it was only a saying just to capture our mind. Now I am landed up with only one wife. She never blame me when I am driver instead she appreciate for being a responsible driver. Some withdraw to become driver's wife other they liked to be the wife of driver since she can reach the entire new place travelling with the driver.  Many people blame the driver just in a minute by seeing him under the wheel. In fact driver is a slave but who risks the life of people from all walks of life. If accident happens on the way passenger will balm only a driver but who will thank me with gratitude if I have reached you all in safe destination? I have come across many different peoples in my life. Some spit to us if we never wait for them to give lift some they understand if they see my car is with full passenger other barbarian they force us to give lift even than my car in full loaded. Do you consider yourself a best driver if you flash off some dirty water on pedestrian body? Or will I be happy to see them wet by dirty water while you speed on the road. Good driver depend on how we driver and when we help. Give him a way to pass if you know how to drive. It's almost 14 years now since I did not happen any single creak of accident just by the grace of god. I wish to be good driver throughout my road. I wish myself a good driver since I was not involved and addicted with alcohol and drugs. Good driver need not have to pay fine to RSTA. I STILL NEED TO LEARNHOW TO DRIVE ON THE WAY. I AM NOT PERFECT DRIVER.

Don't let me cry tonight

26 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

I know
you are
breaking my heart
But who
will responsible
for the broken shell
Left  all abandoned
without care.
I have loved you
through all my heart
Right after you grovel

my innocent heart.

You have promised me

That you will never

leave me alone;

For the truth of our love

Thy promised me that

You will pluck the star

from above and  lit the light

in my heart to insure

the true meaning of love.

Even thee placed a ring on

My right finger indicate

The wrong love I have kept.

I am now burden to be all alone

 everything has just collapsed

and nothing has left all gone

into the depth of despair

Nothing can stop me to

Cry all alone with terrible pain;

Everything is become dishearten

Without you in my heart so sad.

Now I am living in broken heart.

The size of the love does not matter

but weight of the broken pain

Does matter in my heart.

Broken heart is only

Only the biggest part in

The world which i have never lifted.

But what else is love;

How can I know the true meaning?

Of love until we break to each other.


We should respect the news papers

26 Dec 2011 Author Kezwaa

A person who read all the news paper is considered the responsible citizen. But who is there to read all the news paper at a time. I have seen many people just buy news paper to rape doma and chili chop and other eatable items especially in the town whenever the function is happening. I have seen many Bhutanese news paper are abundantly thrown in the pit or in the road side. This is not fare to throw our Bhutanese news paper anywhere without bit of thinking. If you don't know how to read news at least doesn't buy it.

One day I came across with one woman carrying a bundle of Dzongkha news paper. I told her where you are taking this Dzongka news paper. But she proudly says she is going to rape doma and chili chop since royal weeding approaching soon. I asked her to give me and I will replace with English news paper but she did not listen to me and went to the bar to exchange with the bottle of beer. It was very strange to see our people just don't know the worth of the dzongkha letters. I don't mean to say English is not important like dzongkha it equally very important. Many of our Bhutanese peoples just buy the news paper to see the beautiful picture printed or if there not that good picture they simply throw it out. I feel our Bhutanese people do not buy news paper to read they simply buy to litter the town. I have seen many people buying mostly English and very few buying Dzongkha. I have never asked to myself this question why they are keen of buying mostly English news paper rather than Dzongka. To be really frank I never buy Dzongkha news except I go for English. Many times I have tried to write poem in dzongkha but spelling are very difficult rather than writing poem in English. It shows that I am not respecting our dzongkha. But I never try to neglect at least I love to write in Dzongkha some time. “A person who does not have sense the responsibility will never have key of success” Actually I don't want to blame only to other I have to think what I am doing whenever I buy the news paper weather is  Dzongkha or English. Weather is it is old or young it's our duty to keep our environment clean and green. Let's buy news paper to see the news what is going around the world and within our country let's not buy to litter our environment. “Those who can think of our environment are a generous man” littering is easy but maintaining cleanliness is difficult. Let's learn how to master our mind to keep it clean and let our environment smile to us.

Dark Angel

25 Dec 2011 Author Kutz

The sky was overcast with grey clouds as dorji made his way through the densely populated thicket. He was scantily clad and carried a tattered rucksack over his back. Every now and then he would cast a fleeting glance over his back as though expecting someone.


24 Dec 2011 Author Laengs

The school closed for Winter vacation and students left for their respective villages to spend their two months or so of holidays from the busy academic schedule. They wished, “Safe journey and happy vacation! I will miss you. Do take care,” to one another.

Norbu reached his home after a whole day's walk. He was given a warm and hearty welcome by his loving parents who had longed to see him for the past twelve months.

Norbu rested for a while. Then he made a round of the house's vicinity as he was eager to see the changes that have taken place. Unlike the school campus, the village was very silent except for a few noises of birds chirping in the nearby bush that bordered their maize field. Besides, a faint rhythm of flute being played by cattle herd could be heard from a far away valley.

As he entered the house, he said, “Mother, it's very quiet here compared to my school.”

“Yeah, boy. It will be because we are in a remote place and you have many friends back in school.”
He nodded in agreement. “Where is father?”
Mother replied, “He is taking some rest in the other room.”
“Okay. I am so tired. I want to go to bed now.”
“No, you won't, Norbu. You must have some dinner first,” she said as she adjusted the burning firewood in the oven on which the curry was boiling.
“No, mother, I don't feel like eating.”

But she kept insisting he have some dinner. he took some handfuls just to please her for it had been a long time since they ate together.

A day began as early as at three or four in the morning in his village. He couldn't get up so early the first morning thanks to the tiresome journey he had the previous day. His parents were already up and attending to various household chores. At the break of the dawn, they settled for breakfast but Norbu was still in the bed. Although he was awake, he felt too lazy to come out of bed in so cold and early an hour in a Winter morning. So, he remained turning and tossing on his sides in the bed.

He felt like he was beginning with a new life, a totally new life. His father used to be a heavy drinker. Despite his repeated attempts to make him stop drinking, the father never paid any heed to his son's words. Let alone stop drinking, he was not ready to reduce the amount if locally brewed wine. The father would say, “I have to drink as I have to do heavy work. What's the use if I don't drink now? It will be no use keeping wine in front of the dead body of mine after I pass away.”

“I understand and know very well that you have to work hard. But too much of drinking will rather shorten your life. It will be good if you can reduce the quantity of liquor you consume,” Norbu would keep on saying but brought about no change in his father's habit.

However, he came to hear from some persons that his father had stopped drinking few months ago while he was in school. He was delighted at the news. Why wouldn't he be? He would have been glad if his father merely reduced the consumption of liquor let alone he totally abstaining from it.
As his parents were having breakfast, he heard a sound of some liquid being poured into a cup. He turned towards the bamboo wall partitioning the rooms and peeped through the chink in the wall. He was dismayed by what he saw. Father hadn't stopped drinking!

And later during the day, Norbu asked his mother about what he saw in the morning. She replied, “Norbu, I don't know what to say.  Even I also keep on telling him to stop drinking or at least reduce it. He isn't listening at all.”

“Yeah, mother. His health is deteriorating. We must do something.”

Days passed on and Norbu's holidays drew to an end. He tried to help his parents with all he could do. He had to take cattle for grazing in the forests. He also had to pluck oranges and carry them to the market which was days away from the village. Though it was a tedious life, he took pride in helping his aging parents who have strove so far and sent him to school for a bright future.

One evening it was raining very heavily. Those rare but heavy rainfalls of winter would be very chilly and icy. Norbu took the cattle to the shed and hurried up to home to be by the warmth of the hearth. He didn't see his father around. Suspecting him to be in the other room, he checked there. Father was lying down there with a forlorn look apparent on his face. He was breathing long and hard breaths. He approached him, knelt by his side and asked, “Father, what happened? Are you all right?”

“Norbu, I am all right. Don't worry. I just got a mild stomach ache.” The night descended. He wished his parents good night and went to bed with an unconvincing feeling hanging in his heart. His father certainly didn't look fine the next morning.

Eventually the day came for him to go back to school. What a dilemma he had! On the one hand, he felt an overarching sense of staying back to be by the side of ailing father and to help his parents. On the other hand, he had the whole lot of school education he had to acquire for a secure future. He had to consider the latter more important, so decided to go back to school.
As he made the return journey after two moths of holidays, every step he treaded was filled with varying thoughts about his ill father. “How will he be? Will he ever get better? My mother doesn't have anyone to help her.”

He didn't remember since when he has been telling his father to stop drinking. But for the happiness and contentment of his father, Norbu couldn't do more than just telling him to stop drinking. If only he realized what his son had been telling him, there would have been a more beautiful story about a healthier father and his happy son.

A soulless 'teddy bear'

24 Dec 2011 Author leelee

Seated neither smile nor annoy,
Either have desire or ignorance,
Have no praise on great deed,
Or no prejudice on evil deed,
How tranquility you are,

You seated unmoved
Posture like the 'buddha'
Soul like the 'Guru'
You are stereotype of him,
I long to remain balance like him,

A man had made you incredibly
Whitish color with long fur
Blackish eye ball adds more pretty
A curved lips like the 'guru's' smile

A seller adorns their shops for profit
A customer pay off to adorns home  
In the middle I was blind to value you
I had a wish to get you
But I couldn't manage it soon
How idle I was?

Now you are gifted to me
I am fond of you
I wish if you could talk
Still I loved to see you unmoved
Your silence dragged me to penned
And I wish sentient beings may all free.


22 Dec 2011 Author sangkudem

The situation of the world goes on changing year by year but my own world would never change for me, it would always remain the same for me when I opened my eyes to this world with a green pasture everywhere.

The situation of the parents and their children change with the time they grow up and settle in their own world and love decrease little bit but my love for my parents won't change for me, as it was my parents who taught me to smile and love just like others kids do.

The weather changes every year but the weather will remain same for me and would not change for me, as I have felt the softness of wind, coldness of snow and heart melting ray of sun.

The time would not wait for any one and it goes on tickling but my time would never change for me because as time passes by I learnt that how to handle with the worst situation of my life and how I struggled to achieve life with time and where I won the victory of life.

The relation of the siblings would change with the passing time but my heart would never change for my sister whom I deeply thank for giving me the second life, when I have no use of staying in this world.

I may not be good sometimes, might hurt sometimes, give up sometimes but there is one last thing that would never change for me or for him to me. That is my faith in GOD and his love for me, for he is with me wherever I am.


21 Dec 2011 Author leelee

A lively spring garden bloomed a strange flower,
Gave a sweet fragrance to by-passers,
A merchandize orchard bore a profitable fruit,
And seemed it has an excellent flavor.

O my life; a sweet fragrance and an excellent flavor,
I picked you: not viewing at the physical world,
I picked you: by viewing at the inner world, you seem transparent,
I loved; felt comfortable and engraved your name in my soften heart.

You gave me a secured shelter;
Water to quench the thirst of an infinite love,
You paved a way to trust and belief.
You persuaded me to promise “To be with you throughout life”.
I agreed what you had on me and was solely under your conquer.

Your affection has enriched my love and trust,
I remember! An abode of the God!
Visited the Buddhist temples for blessings,
Knelt down in front of them; chanted for blessings for us.

Perhaps I was innocent to understand you,
Your swift flow of words had walled an extrovert sense of mine,
The golden words of yours have failed me to find the factual attitude of you,
Ambiguous loves of yours on me have misled my life into darkness.

A faded love: I never knew that this day would come in my life,
The fragrance of that spring flower has vanished; flavor turned bitter,
Our promises into worthlessness, valuelessness;
Where has those lively days gone?
What did I do to you that make you pack your things?
And leave me alone?

Once I was weighty as the gold to you; now not even a worthless  paisa,
Your heart turned into stone; my lovely words could not crush it into pieces.
Neither my tears could wet your soul,
Then you become deaf and blind to every word of mine,
Still alive; believing that you would turn back, one day,
I waited with Karmic faith, every second, every minute
Yet not a day did I hear your possible return.
If such be the loving life, do we really need?

Your harshness and violence has melted my heart
You hurt me by words; left the scars on my body,
My pain was intolerable; I cried crimson blood,
You become wild and I as a prey, rendered my life to you.

Countless tears rolling upon my soften cheek; still I remember!
You compared my tears to a Bollywood's pretended cry,
Celebrating over my pains and distress; I suffered.
You roam around the city, making time go,
Have you ever felt the pain that I suffered? 

Miserable life made me unconscious of day and night,
Only to surrender my life towards “The God” and seek the blessings
I saw many strange smiling faces filled with joy passing by,
I heard “peep-peep”—a sound of the vehicle crossing the road,
But what was I crossing? I do not know; Life enters and exists!

You shunned my love for another girl; began a new life.
What differing qualities you see in a same species?
Don't I feel what all feels?
You decided to go with new love saying “I am leaving”
Your thoughtless words caused me a nagging pain;
That no women must have ever felt and will never.

I thought of seeking judgment and give tit for tat,
But I couldn't do on someone I married with love.
So I exempted you like a mother to her mischievous son,
Sacrificing all the wealth for your happiness; I left empty—heart broken,
When you drove my car away with your new Damsel
Seated on the left where I always sat,
I held my breath; “Lead a happy life and be a successful man”
I uttered my final, residual words through the fissures of my broken heart.

Loaded with stress, yearning for solace, I pound to medicines 
“The medicine for mind is mind itself”; I opt for Buddhist preaching
To overcome sorrows and countless crisis of mental conflicts,
Hitherto I am happy; I've penned on this paper hopping
It would medicate your mind too through my true words. 

Now you call me, saying “I deeply remember and miss you”
What shall I say now? I find no words left to express my feelings,
My attachment has gone far away from you now; I have no regrets,
Your betrayal has rather strengthened my faith in religion,
I cordially thank you, my dear lovely betrayer.

Every action has its result;
Give a thought and wait for the time to speak the truth.
I remained contended behind, when you walked away seeking the best
And should such a man be unhappy ever after?

wolly fly

20 Dec 2011 Author sumchok

Last Saturday my little one, who's three was stung by a bee. She came to me crying and said, “mummy, a big fly in a wolly coat has just bitten me!”