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Shame Shame!

06 Jun 2013 Author 5457

Uncle Shame kept gazing at the other end of the bar where she sat chatting gleefully with her friends. He was simply mesmerized by her beauty. He was tall, dark and handsome by his own rights, but he did not believe himself worth for that damsel’s love. Still, luck had been on his side all the time and the tale of his life had been mollified with bountiful colours lately. He was falling in love all over again, just so quickly even as he sat in a corner of a crowded room, amidst drunken breaths of people around him.

Toying with his drink he kept his gaze fixed on her, just letting it roam elsewhere as and when she occasionally glanced towards him. At one point of time he even thought she threw a wink at him. He stiffened on his sofa and tightened his grip on his glass of scotch. He felt his blood rushing to his head as she jostled her friends into looking towards him and all of them burst into laughter. He even thought she had meticulously repositioned herself on the chair to give him a good glance on the flashy long legs, looking truly marvelous in the red skirt and heel she had worn, to blend in perfection with her rosy lips and the raven hair cascading down her shoulder in waves. He never remembered his own wife being that beautiful.

The hunky Unc called the waiter over and whispered something into his ears. The young lad smiled and nodded at him before moving on to the bar to pour a drink. He looked on as the lad squeezed his way in the crowd and laid the drink on her table and pointed towards him. She and her friends looked at him and laughed again, but he noticed she had already pulled the drink towards her and beckoned something back into the waiter’s ear. The lad smiled a naughty smile this time and squeezed his way back towards the lone man sitting at the corner.

The message was clear so he ruffled up some cash into waiter’s hand and slowly rose up from his seat and moved towards the door. He sensed from the corner of his eyes that the lady in red was also getting ready to leave her seat. He moved out quickly and almost dashed towards his car parked nearby. Just as he put the keys in and his car started coming to life she had silently slipped into the seat beside him. They didn’t look at each other and drove silently into the dark.

Reaching home, he grappled for his keys and rushed to open the door. No sooner had he opened it than he felt her behind him. He turned around and hungrily kissed her and dragged her into the house. Slamming the door they dropped on the floor and ravaged each other with sensual pangs of love. After a while, the exhausted duo snuggled each other in their arms. As she rested her head on his bare chest, he ran his fingers slowly down her hair and uttered, “I love you.”

“I love you too…my dear husband,” she whispered back.

A typical Bhutanese wife…

20 Jul 2011 Author 5457

Husband: Dinner hang chospey chamcha ya wai?

Wife:  Nan gi hang yekpa thur…

Husband: Phakpa sha choscho nila.

Wife: Binang ga ebi zan choley ya? Nyam takpey!

Husband: Joktang mom choscho ne.

Wife: Chuma la.

Husband: Brumsha mom?

Wife: Ji lekpay mancha brumsha tai.

Husband: Bokpi dang nga solo lekcha ko mai?

Wife: Waktsa baki zaley naley mala.

Husband: Momo chospey mo ne?

Wife: Omden gai rang yekpay khelay mai. Time shama gorbay.

Husband: Maggi choscho ne. 2 Minutes sha gorbay.

Wife: Maggi baki pholang khalo rang mala jang.

Husband: Hotel gai order aley mo ne?

Wife: Khartsa zakpa filey chamcha na omchang, tiru mala chola kam!

Husband: Bread dang gotham choscho ne.

Wife: Oma sho breakfast time mo?

Husband: Jada, ne hang chospey ne?

Wife: Nan gi hang yekpa thur…

(Courtesy: Concept from internet)

Ms. Grow Ling!

01 Feb 2010 Author 5457

Ever wonder what happens when a Latin American courts an Asian? They result in the prettiest Asian face, and a voluptuous and tall Latino figure. Yep, and if you think I am lying my current drop-dead-gorgeous lecturer is a living example.  Think I am lying again? Ask the guys in my class, half of whom are simply dazed by her aura, and the other half day dreaming about romanticising her.

You would think you just died and an angel stepped in your after-life to sweep you away to heaven. Only there's a nasty tiger somewhere to rudely awaken you from a lovely slumber and bring you back to the mundane worldly life. Tiger, now where did it come from?

Anyway, sitting in the front of the class has many advantages. You can see and hear better. Well, I count my blessings as doubled when the angel walks in, breaks several hearts at one go, and then sits beside, of all men, me! Yes, me!

“Digest that, crackpots,” I yell at my class mates. “Who's your daddy now?” How I wish I could really jump in the class and shout it loud and not just do it without moving a muscle, and the slightest hint of facial expression giving away.

So the angel sits beside me. We are listening to my classmates giving a presentation, but my locus of concentration is 90 degrees to my right. I can barely see or hear my friends babbling about their power-point. Who cares, I am sitting, but definitely walking on cloud nine. Until the sign of the Tiger shows again and drives me back to my wits end!

A growl here and a rumble there and I could finally tell it's my angel showing signs that her stomach was empty. But if I equate that to a Tiger you must trust me that I am barely exaggerating. Although I will agree, not all in the class, than me, and my neighbour perhaps, could have heard the mighty beast.

Well, so much as I wanted to steal a glance on her lovely face, I couldn't. Her body language told me she was feeling uneasy about it. Mine said nothing. It takes a lot to pretend you heard nothing though. Immediately drove me back to my first day in class when I had the tiger roaming the thickets of my stomach. Ever since I was determined not to let it happen again and so spent a good deal of my time in the internet to read about it. Almost all websites I visited seemed to concur on one point, “Eat good breakfast!”Oh, how I wanted to tell her that too.

Well, would she sit beside me ever again is a query that has haunted me the past few hours. If you ask me if I love her still, oh yes I do! She's just human as you and I. She's something more too. She's that angel who swallowed a tiger on a fateful Friday.

No coincidence that it is the Year of the Tiger approaching too. Eat well all!

A day in the museum…pic story

19 Dec 2009 Author 5457

Hi folks! Long time. It's really nice to see new writers keeping up the room very much alive. Whew, it's a shame we can get old and redundant really fast. I am kidding. Lets just say  we can get busy at times, given the precedence of one's obligation against another.

Let me take you through a little sneak-peeking I have been doing lately. As a token of gratitude for all of you who is helping be a wonderful place to linger in.

The following are some pics I took in one of the museums in Copenhagen. Some intricate marble sculptures by renowned scultors that left me awed…

This is how they welcome you in this museum :)

Everybody wants to make love...
Everybody wants to make love…

Getting there…

Done already?

Adam and eve before the fall…

After the fall (i.e after eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge. That's when God cursed them and promised them suffering. Notice the fruit and the serpent by their feet)

Uncle Death loves naked women too…

Fruit(s) of unprotected sex…

Bounded mother… didn't get the theme.

Hey, our very own Cupid :)

That's Paris, prince of Troy, with the apple of discord in his hand (nice story you might want to google upon… He made Helen elope with him, hence starting the Trojan War and giving us the famed Trojan horse story)

And that's me… saying, “Goodbye, Namaste, Salaam!”

Nopkin's picnic…some delay

13 Aug 2009 Author 5457

Dear friends,

        Kindly accept our due apologies for not being able to come upfront on the picnic update. The picnic, although tentatively scheduled on August 15 or August 22nd this year, couldn't take shape still because of the busy schedule (outside the nopkin premises) of the members intended for organizing the picnic.

Those weeks have also been particularly unfavorable for me because of some personal issues which called for pressing appointments and in turn stole away my precious time assorted for the more important nopkin issues; the picnic being the priority.

Given the very short time left now, to follow up on the picnic on 8/15, it seems we will have to postpone it to a future date ( but not so far away ) wherein we can have a well planned, organised and an eventful picnic. Kindly accept my sincere apologies yet again.

Meanwhile, I would like to thank all those who were actively involved in attempting to help the picnic see light. I am sure that with such encouragement and enthusiasm we will be having a grand picnic in a very short while. I, on behalf of all nopkins, would like to solicit your further help and encouragement. We also welcome your ideas, and hopefully every one of us will have an active role to play.

Well, Zomlingthang had been a place well voted for by the members, earlier. But I also got the opinion that an overnight halt there would be asking for too much especially from members who follow a strict family routine. I also have the impression that anyone who can go to Zomlingthang for picnic (except for those who are at Punakha or Wangdue, but the majority seems to be in Thimphu only) could be available if we did it somewhere in Thimphu itself. What would your opinion be?

Kindly send in your ideas so that we can help ourselves have a memorable gathering. Sincere apologies once again for the delay.


11 Aug 2009 Author 5457

 It’s an hour since lunch and I must have eaten a week’s share in advance. That calls for an equal share of nap and my eyelids fail me despite the errands given by my boss. To think we got just 30 minutes for lunch break. Unfair! When do we get to catch our forty winks? The stuffy office isn’t helping either, and there are four of us sharing a fan. It’s no big wonder when my friends and I slump on our chairs and spread our legs wide open to let the pathetic gush of air from the otherwise noisy fan. Our fairer colleagues, the ladies, pass by and dare not look at us (some take the other route) but I couldn’t care more; after all it’s too hot for any morale consideration.

Of course there’s always room for adjustment. Especially if it’s this general manager, a beautiful lady by the way, who walks past us. There’s not a second lost in my clamping the legs together and then shooting straight out from the chair and greeting her. The reciprocate smile is disarming, but it doesn’t help me much. I am still sweaty all over. Then I see this man who reminds me of something that brings on a huge smile on my face and I walk towards him.


His office is a lot better than mine. Why shouldn’t it be, he has what we call his own chamber. There are quite a number of windows to let in enough air to chill his spines while we are driven to our limits in the adjacent hall, totally enclosed by some more chambers, with no proper ventilation. Still, his office is not worth dying for all these reasons. It’s because he has the best sight from his table.


It can be very noisy to have an office in the middle of the town.  It has its blessings also. Like for instance that sweet young lady who just walks out of the car and hovers here and there for some time. Probably waiting for someone. She’s a feast! Bless my humble soul that it should be very hot, for she has the right dress to cool herself and at the same time decently skimpy to make her look beautiful! She has her shades on and we are not sure if she realizes we are watching her, but our office is a safe distance from any beasts, forget a damsel.


I and my friend look at each other, then look back at the beautiful thing and let out a sigh. We just fell in love again. I throw a pencil at him and he stretches his hands to put a mark on the wall. A ritual we have been practicing since the beginning of this year. We stare at the lines and count a huge number; the number of girls that we had fallen in love so far. I bet you have guessed the number already.


And there goes the beautiful lady now. She sure has taken a part of our hearts each, perhaps never to be returned. But it was worth enduring every heat. There, off she zooms. Sigh! And it’s time for me to go back to my seat and count the sweat beads gradually appearing on my unlucky forehead. See you all.

Off goes my hair

05 Aug 2009 Author 5457

I lamented some time ago in early April this year about the pay hike the corporate employees were not receiving. Deciding not to cut off my hair until we got a satisfactory pay raise was a blatant mistake. They can drag us to our limits and toy with our mind and soul and keep our eyes preening for good news for quite a long time. Imagine if you were in a middle of a desert and you are by the desert’s only known oasis. However, you are chained by a tree just and the water is out of your reach by a few inches. Corporate employees were undergoing this experience while their civil servant cousins enjoyed the dip in that very oasis.


Now, we are seeing some light. Now I can feel the chain being loosened on us. My office gives me good news that we are at least getting the same pay hike as our brethren in the civil service did. Of course there is a lot of conditions that apply to be actually able to declare deserving of the 35 percent (DHI and government saying 25% direct pay hike while 10% hike will depend on the performance and which, assumingly, can be drawn only at the end of the year), yet it is satisfactory. See, they can really play with us. I am even surprised they expect us to deliver the same work output after withdrawing our right for perks. Wonder why they have to act hard to crack if they have to relent at the end? The only thing I care is I can now cut my hair off.


The past 7 months have been rigorous. A wait that almost put me and my hair style off limits. A careless word that there’s no cutting of hair until a satisfactory pay hike has cost me a cool summer. The sweltering heat drove me crazy and the thick hair above my even-more-thicker head wasn’t helping me. I have endured jokes at the expense of my erratic hair style. I have been ridiculed in my office, at home at private and official gatherings. I have even had some friends and family members volunteering to donate Nu 30 so that I can get rid of the pulp on my head. But since a word is a word is a word, I was helpless.


Yet now, I have enough reasons to cut it off, I am happy. I am sad too. There was such attachment, no matter how bad it made me look. Some friends even challenge that it should stay, now that I can afford shampoo with the pay hike. But I am sorry, it has to go. Otherwise it will just drive me crazy.


So it will be today that I walk to a barber and ask him to give his best shot. And of course, I ‘ll try to manage Nu 30 from my own pocket. Hehe. Good day all!

Please vote for Nopkin picnic

12 Jul 2009 Author 5457

Dear Nopkin folks,

We would like to request you to kindly click on the following link so that the nopkin team could know how many of you are interested in the Nopkin picnic and how many of you can actually make it to help the picnic become a success. However, I would be typing some more details below this link in case you want to know more. So you can read before clicking the link.

In order to give the member and esteemed readers alike some idea about the picnic, it has been long discussed and we haven't been able to come to the right date since many of us seem to be busy. We have thought of 4 picnic spots and we would like to see which spots would be prefereable for the members. While you can vote for all spots we request you to click on the most preferred ( If you still feel you make make it to all places then you can click all). I took the opportunity to vote ZOmlingthang (Punakha), because our Neydha has agreed to work on a  few logistics and it could be a lot easier for us. Moreover, Zomlingthang is a nice place for picnicking.

The picnic date is another important thing. I have particularly kept two choices keeping in mind that you all deserve atleast a month's advance notice. India's independence day sounded like a fine choice for me so I voted August 15-16, 2009. What better way than to celebrate our friendly neighbour's remarkable day? :-). The picnic is supposed to be a two-day event. Please let us know if you have other plans.

All of you are welcome to chip in your votes and comments. You are requested to kindly use your nopkin nicks while voting so that we get a clear idea of the exact numbers and intent. You are still welcome to vote on the picnic spots even if you cannot make it. You can also comment after you vote but we request you to kindly give your comments in

The picnic is not solely meant for nopkin members only. Any readers or the friends or family of the nopkin members can come. Here below is the link once more. Please let us know when and where. Suggestions are also welcome;

Thank you all, for your kind and continued support. Special thanks to Mr. Chimmi (Deube_Alu) for helping us with this. All of you, try to make it for the picnic.

Being us

16 Jun 2009 Author 5457

“Hey, Ching Chong!” the men would shout at us from the other side of the road. We would walk on like a bunch of deaf folks. Look up our insides and it would be hotter than the magma within the earth’s crust. But who would dare erupt? More than a thousand miles away from home, its best we concentrated on our studies than mess over a little fun some people are willing to have at our expense. But I never got over it. No one had the right to make fun of your parent’s proud product…even if I was round like a ball, had a big flat nose, and eyes that could barely open to admit enough light.


I remember the day when I experienced my first kiss. My God, that was some kiss. I was 10 years old then and attending a small bar my uncle used to run in Thimphu. A white couple came in at the late hours of the night and started getting cozy behind the table. The chattered in low voices, held hands and much to my blissful horror went deep kissing. Good Lord! I was there, barely 10 years old, and they were lashing on each other with their tongues. Anyways, that was just my first time experience seeing someone kiss. It would take another 10 years to experience my own personal kiss…far less than what I had seen then but, trust me, equally cherishing. Getting carried away, am I? Was just intending to say how I got whipped flat by the whites after that and how I ran after them to see if they would kiss like those couples did. It never happened. What sure must have happened is they must have thought me a complete fool. They must have thought me a racist to give undue attention to them which wasn’t appealing at all. But then, how was I to know about racism in such tender age.


Looking at the news channels and it’s pretty sad that people should see people differently. That they should feel emboldened enough to smash the visitors’ heads or cars. That they should treat some folks like outcasts. Everybody is handsome by their own rights. We all are lovable. Yet we have no problem jeering at others. What’s in our eyes that we should see a monkey in them? Or vice versa.  Take a sample for all being from every countries of the world. Other than the stature and the difference in colour, all has a head, four limbs, move up right, and even got ears and eyes and nose the same. All of us even go by the same scientific name, Homo sapiens.


None of us are aliens daring a ‘Mars-Attack’. So why all the racial fuss?

Moment of truth…

03 Jun 2009 Author 5457

The sandy banks of the Tsangchhu are infested by a gaggle of Shelducks. Shyam looks at the couple and waves at them from the rock he is sitting on. Fishes jump into the air from  the depths of the river oblivious of the cormorants waiting patiently nearby. He tosses a stone at the birds in mock threat but his thoughts are somewhere. The girl is looking at him and gives him a warm smile. She is married to his best friend, pregnant and due anytime. They make a fine pair, he muses.


Looking at the couple his mind also drifted towards the only girl he had ever loved in his entire life. He missed the moments of togetherness with her. Perching on a rock like a lost baby otter, and without the woman he loved dearly in his arms, he felt the loneliest in the whole of Wangdue. Shyam had just made love to the woman of his dreams when she had declared that she was going away for good, that she was marrying someone the very next day, and that he must never attempt to contact her. He could do nothing but just yield to her wishes, for he loved her too much to disagree with her.


He looked at his best friend and his dear wife and wondered if he would ever get to lead a happy life like theirs. Shyam was healthy, he was strong. He won’t mind the filth and reek of life. He could and would carry on. A despaired love couldn’t tarnish his will to survive and prod further. He was at loggerheads as to whether he could forget the woman he loved. Alas, his thoughts had to be shelved for another time, because his best friend gestures him to climb out of that rock and make haste. The wife is experiencing labour pains.


Carrying her from the river bank they speed her off to the BHU at Bajo. Shyam pats his friend’s back. Take it easy, he gestures, she is in safe hands and you will be a proud father anytime. His friend nods at him acknowledging his help and support. He’s choking with mixed emotions. A dragging hour later the husband is ushered into the tiny room where lay his wife holding the baby. He smiles at his wife and takes a step forward to take a glimpse at their baby, his baby. He stops abruptly. The smile no longer shows on his face. One more glance at the baby and he saunters off the room.


Ask any of his friends and they will agree that the newborn has undeniably the unmistakable crooked nose of our honorable Shyam. Alas, how was he to know she was leaving him for his best friend?

A tryst with the maestro…

12 May 2009 Author 5457

I was strolling the Subash Chandra Bose International Airport looking for the map of the city because I wanted to find the certain places I had visited earlier. Just then a small group gathered and I spotted a very familiar face being garlanded by some recipients in the airport itself. He had his hands folded into a ‘namaste’ and was smiling at the little crowd that had formed ensuing his appearance. I asked the man beside me who was fervently taking pictures of the man with his cell phone.


“He’s a famous singer,” shot back my unfriendly neighbour, never losing his focus on his cell phone.


I couldn’t believe my eyes. I squeezed in past the growing crowd and showed the police (his bodyguard) my notebook and a pen and he just let me into the minimal radius of the great man himself. He shook my hands and held on to it. Then he asked , “Kahan se hain aap?” (“Where are you from?” In hindi).


A bit nervous but I promptly replied, “Bhutan se” (From Bhutan)


“Oh, so you are from Bhutan,” he started speaking to me in Nepali.

“Yes,” I replied. Then I quickly added, “Where are you going sir?”

“I have a performance here in Science city. Why don’t you invite me to Bhutan? I would love to perform there.”

“I ‘ll definitely call you sir, one day,” I replied, “We would love to have you there.”

I then shoved him my notebook and pen into his hands. He asked my name and then jotted down his autograph in my note book…the page which I tore off and laminated and then stacked on top of my prized-possession. We shook hands one more time, he wishing me well and I thanking him profusely. Coming out of the crowd, I took one last glance, not believing my luck…


Sigh, October 9, 2004 was the most memorable day of my life…when Udit Narayan walked into my life and not onlyscribbled his autograph in my notebook, but took some time to discuss a few more things about me. I only hope I can keep the promise I made to him.

The Priest and Nun…Part II.

20 Apr 2009 Author 5457

Was reading this Priest, Nun and the Donkey joke when I thought perhaps we could have a sequel to it. But it could be lame this time…

After scraping the Nun's Ass the Priest asked her to raise a cat instead, which she so dutifully did. Next day, the headlines read "Nun has a great pussy."

Ignoring the papers, the priest bought for himself a nice fowl. The headlines came, "Priest now has a huge cock!"

So annoyed with the news, the Priest killed the bird and fed it to the Nun's cat. Then came the headlines, "The Priest puts his Cock in Nun's Pussy!"

The priest really died this time (unless you guys can think of another sequel).

Beg your pardon…posted just for kicks ;-P

First sight…

16 Apr 2009 Author 5457

The girl tapped her foot impatiently. She altered her gaze from the watch on her hand to the road where she hoped he would emerge anytime. She had waited almost an hour. 

“Gosh, you are beautiful,” the man muttered to himself. He was watching her from the steps above. She stood there with folded arms, all lines of impatience wrought on her face and completely oblivious of his presence although they both were in the clear vicinity of each other. He watched her as she did everything in her capacity to prove that she was becoming restless. But none moved to acknowledge each other's presence. 

They had agreed to meet at the clock tower after a year of rigorous chatting. What had started as a casual chat had gotten them so close and connected that the only thing left now was to reveal their faces to each other. The girl had her doubts at first but the man convinced her he was totally harmless. 

“We should meet,” he had said, “otherwise I will never be at peace.”

“What happens after we meet?” she typed back.

“We will leave it to fate. Let destiny take her toll on us.”

So it happened that they agreed to meet at the Thimphu clock tower at a given time today. She had come right on time. He had followed her move since. Having stood for two hours under the scorching sun she finally decided to call it quits. A long dejected look drew on her face, but she walked away slowly flinging occasional look backwards to see if anyone was coming. He stared on as she walked away into oblivion. 

“I am sorry….I just wanted to see you badly,” he muttered again. He then punched a number on his cell phone. Wiping the tears off his face he donned a warm smile as a car approached him. He then pushed the wheel of his chair towards the car and gave his hand to his brother as he came to pick him up and tuck him into the car.

Speaking English

10 Apr 2009 Author 5457

Sixteen years of age and all but four years put into education, my friend and I mused that it was pretty alarming to have spent too much time on a foreign language and yet not be able to speak it well as we should. No wonder although the answers to most questions in class 10 were easy hardly any students would get up to explain to the class for the want of a smooth tongue. Mine, for particular, always tended to lock itself within the firm palates of my otherwise blabby mouth.


We cannot claim we were responsible but I guess we were driven more by the need to stay a step ahead from our peers by comfortably speaking which we were facing an immense difficulty in. So it was with much ado that a little circle of my friends decided that a crucial time had come to prove our mettle. Think and make conversations in English. It was a simple decision, but very difficult at the same time. We had spoken very less in English, and not done a single thinking. However, it was worth an effort. A matter of pride for a man like me who hailed from a far flung village locked in deep terrains and considerably a day away from the nearest motor-able road, and whose village folks could hardly talk or understand the national language itself.


Tashi and I were quite serious on it. Walking out of class one day towards the hostel we decided that we would be speaking our local language for the last time and once we meet again everything would be in English. The two of us were to wash our clothes in the evening, a usual trend we practiced at least once a week. The small of the bathroom would be hounded by our bursts of our laughter over silly jokes which even penetrated the shrilly sound of the water running through the tap. However, today was going to be different.


I walked to the bathroom with my laundry and starting soaping them. My eyes locked with Tashi’s as he came by carrying a huge sack of his own laundry and squatted near by. I smiled, and he smiled too. But we said nothing. That was the longest one hour of my life. Probably Tashi’s too. I suddenly missed the good old days when we enjoyed all the fun and frolic like the world was in that bathroom. Washing clothes were excruciating, but the chit chat moments were noteworthy. Today it wasn’t. We couldn’t think of a word to come up with. Suddenly it seemed there was no need for a conversation.


Finally done, I let a huge sigh of relief. I looked at him again and gave him a smile. He had no words for me either than a sheepish grin. I walked back to my dorm after a great experience of conversing for one good hour with my best friend, in silence…in English!!!

Report on the collection of donations

08 Apr 2009 Author 5457

Based on the call for help by Ms. Sonam Yangzom, a.k.a. redprincess, on March 25, 2009 (Courtesy: Everyone cannot be Mother Teresa but I guess everyone has old clothes and books) to help the poor students of Gelephu who cannot manage to pay their school feels, a small initiative has been taken by Nopkin Volunteers for Social Services (NVSS). A total sum of Nu. 26,000.00 (Nu. Twenty Six Thousand only) was collected as of April 7, 2009 and have been sent to the coordinator (redprincess and team). Also some clothes and old books have been sent to her. NVSS would like to thank one and all for their active participation.

For more information click on "NVSS" column.

To cut or not to cut…

02 Apr 2009 Author 5457

Fourth month from the fore and the corporate employees like me are still waiting for their fair share of the much coveted pay raise. Friends and foes both alike elsewhere are all smiles as their pay raise are confirmed and laugh all the way to their banks. I have seen and read in many forums regarding the same subject and I feel it just worthy that I bring up a similar topic up front in this blog.


Indeed two issues remain the bone(s) of contention when concerning the corporations currently. The first is the pay raise in corollary to that of their brethren serving in the government offices. And the second?  Of course the need, or not, for a certain percentage higher for the corporate employees than those of the government servants. I have no comments on both issues but whatever some bodies are saying on these do trigger a sense of fascination (not necessarily something which makes my jaw drop in awe).


“There’s no hurry,” claims DHI who has recently taken over the mantle of corporate agencies to their lap for the so-called bettering of their functioning, hinting on the move for the pay raise on the corporate employees. Well if it’s my money they are talking about, I would say sooner the better! Corporate employees were paid higher initially in order to attract them to fill the spaces of the corporate offices, claims a higher body. Now they don’t see the need to retain that level. I have observed what others have to say in some forums. Change the office timings. Give better perks. Give quota for vehicles. Decrease the promotion years… blah blah blah. The list is never ending.


Like I said I have not much say, but I have the best of hopes that something good will happen to good people. There are good people in the corporations as well. Not forgetting to mention the ones in the private sectors too. All I can say is I am waiting patiently for good news. To prove so I have promised myself not to cut off my hair, that’s growing at a galloping speed (by God, I look pathetically awful in long hair…not that I look any better when trimmed short!). Not with the demand for an immediate pay hike, but with the sincere hope that somebody is really going to do something about it which will ultimately help push myself off to a barber’s.


Will it be worth the wait? Or would I be the fairy-tale’s next Rapunzel? Only time will tell…

The man who makes me want to laugh… (Part- I)

17 Mar 2009 Author 5457

A year shy of 70 and you wouldn’t believe he is that old. The husband of my mom’s elder sister, and a father to two daughters and an only son.  One day I just gazed at him and tried to study him like a top subject. My grandpa was 74 when he expired 17 years ago. But he had lain in bed for the past two years, had looked so frail and old, and we all expected that he was anytime going than staying, God rest his soul in peace. But this man is almost my grandpa’s age then and he is very much alive and kicking. But then, my grandpa was a heavy smoker and must have smoked till his last breath, while I rate this man as a total teetotaler when it comes to narcotics. But man, you should see him drink!

The stocky man has not spent a single day in school yet the folks in his village call him the “Doctor”. No, he isn’t the local physician either. It only happens that the short man has a way with his tongue that puts him in all the world’s hassles that had prompted the fellow villagers to mockingly abuse him as the honorable Dagtar.  He does have that mouth which I so often times would like to sew up for the utter misuse of it. I would take my mom and her sisters to meet him and whew … nearly 70 and this man will eke out the naughty youth in him and go about teasing his mathangs which would just make me want to bury myself into the ground.

I would say this man is quite handsome for his age. Pretty good looking during his youth perhaps. Now all that is left of him is a few strands of hair growing from his chin, with none left on the head save for a few more strands circulating the topography of lesser importance. The sun rays surely must limp as they fall on his head ‘cos they are bound to slip and break themselves. The air may have tested his physical endurance and ripped off his prized possession (his hair), but he has retained what I know of him as this funny man.

People his age consider him trivial and mock at him at the drop of a hat. He loves annoying his mathangs for the sheer fact that he claims “when all things get useless as you age, dirty words remain your most valuable weapon.” The saddest part though counts on my limitation to enjoy the same joke as him for his mathangs are my aunts. Yet he is a great teacher for I pick up his ruse and save it in the back of my head for good use one day, when everything gets old and cranky but my fetid  mind.

He’s  a silent man, but that only holds true for a good two hours after he’s out of bed. I have watched with intent as his daughters pour him ara which slowly helps him transform into a form with energy of a noisy young man. Alas his daughters and the son can do nothing but just look on. When the ara seems to get the better of him he will cling mercifully on to his beads of rosary and chant “Om mam..” and let the voice die down without completing his chantings. “Oye gathpu,” I have to remind him more often than naught, “Mani chuma ani drangcho…ley sakpey na” (Old man, complete your chanting or you will be sinning…). He has no interest for he sincerely believes Anyone-Responsible will simply forgive the ignorance of a drunken soul.

(to be continued…)

The man who makes me want to laugh…(Part -II)

17 Mar 2009 Author 5457

The day I laughed the loudest at the young old man was when he stepped into my house last year with a gait that said his knee was hammered upon pretty badly. “Gathpu phorab cha yeknay ta omla walking style bu lekpo rikala, ” I joked (The handsome man has developed a new walking style too). He limps on, showing that my joke was not really received warmly. “Dah, DPT , PDP ani songo bak dukha uni ja bee phothpay rikpa…” (Damn these DPT and PDP guys…they came to our village and helped me break my leg). Apparently one of the parties was giving dinner to the villagers in the early stages of the election. The honorable doctor had rushed for the meal when  he tripped and banged his knee quite bad that he was nursing a ‘rotten knee’ for a good 6 months. The braggart was humbled for that long too because I never did hear him mention about how he had jumped from the helicopter during his training days at Nagaland while in the Army.

As much as he makes me want to laugh, he is to be blamed for embarrassing me in quite some occasions. At one moment he barked at me in front of his wife and daughters, “Gom Kora tshechu dika dang kota, zamin tai nyongpa mo?” (I hear you went to Gom Kora…Did you get any girls there?). Red faced I just walked out. The next time we met he was even more cruel. “Hey I hear your wife left you. Utterly useless! Look at me. I am thrice your age and still going on strong with two women. At your age I was irresistible!” I just shrugged him off. No point fighting him off in front of his women.

And yeah, just over the weekend I was driving this man from Punakha to Thimphu. He had been at his daughter’s place.  The honorable doctor wishes to take the back seat ‘cos “all big men take the rear seat”. I checked him in the rear view mirror and nearly choked myself as I tried to stifle a smirk. The drunken gentleman has donned a pair of mind boggling dark spectacles that surely removes a few years from him. His wife looks at him and has no words for him. This man has taken all her guts and energy scolding him all the time since ages and has simply given up on him. She has found more peace and solace in letting the classic flirt be himself.

Reaching Toebirongchu we happened to pass a group of young lasses washing up by the brook. The women were changing and it was a cool sight. I wanted to lengthen my gaze on them but couldn’t dare risk the ladies in the car catch me. So I just peek at the rear-view mirror again to catch the honorable Doctor checking on the girls through the classy goggles wearing an even broader grin on his naughty face. Some people will just never change, I muse.

Stopping by at Dochula, he took off his goggles on my behest and handed it over for inspection. I wore it and took it off immediately. That’s what a third class crap would make me do. “Don’t wear it for long,” I warn him.  “It could make you blind.” He doesn’t “care a dime!” That’s because he would rather risk his sight in order to impress some ladies, despite the fact that he has two women in the car. Yes, my mom and her elder sister. I look at the man, and let out a silent laugh one more time. The man sure has a way with his life. I have no idea if I am ever doomed or blessed with a destiny to be a man like the honorable Dagtar. I only know now that this man makes me laugh, even if I have to take him seriously since he is my father!

Dhogthap at Nopkinmo's (pic-story)

16 Mar 2009 Author 5457

Just as the Nopkins in Thimphu seemed to be waning, thanks to chunks moving out of Bhutan to pursue their masters, yet another gathering took place that dragged us in reminiscence and nostalgia of the erstwhile gatherings. Nopkin’s Nopkinmo had the good grace of inviting us to her house last Saturday for rimdro or puja probably carried out for her and her loving husband’s and their families’ long (ringmo) life. Or what was basically to be a Dhogthap…appeasing of the gods for warding off bad luck.

That’s how you kick off a Buddhist party…Nopkin can now relax, all the bad luck has been diverted by the tormas.

It’s always nice to gather although not many could be invited at such short notice. But the ones who had come were full of fun and frolic that whew…it was moment to cherish.

The guests arrive and are already making ‘emselves comfortable…

I gathered this moment as the fastest wherein the friends got drunk in no minute. Look at the mixed reactions from the fellow mates who chose to be present…

Drunk Drunk Babes… Cannot stop laughing, can’t keep up on two legs, can’t take good advices, can’t look straight and laugh, can’t stop crying…

We got some sober poses as well…

Microseconds before all got drunk…

Why and how do we get drunk though???

For a simple reason…

Finally dinner was served…

                                                   Ofcos, Jinda Aum gets the lion’s share…

Na phai ga zaka na wai Nopkin…

You girls sure can eat…                      But can you dance??? (Mastong, mastong, mastong)

Well, Saga-daw can be nasty, but then there’s no stopping the Nopkinmo from arranging a great meal. Like they say, that night we drank to Nopkin’s health and almost destroyed ours. Still, what better sacrifice than that for a friend can we devise? The night is young (so are the girls) so we old boys decide to stick on and dance in joy and happiness. The Nopkins’ sure can eat, but hell..they need someone who can really sing and make us dance to his/her tunes. But still, dance we did…

We all danced and enjoyed…

But not pretty much like charms did…

Nopkin’s brother steps in his elder’s shoes…

Well, time to disperse…but not before declaring the winners of the moment…

The woman of the moment…

Aum Nopkinmo, for inviting us over…

The man of the match…

Better man with his better half…5th share…

Last but not the least…

Meal of the moment…                                           Snack of the day…

No prize for guessing this grub…                          Nu sholay ga dengay deadly zawa na…

I am hopeful all returned to their den safe and sound. Thank you.

The End…

Booze and Pain!

24 Feb 2009 Author 5457

“HONEY!” Kay screamed. “Come quick, I just saw a Lion.” Kay kept frantically jumping and screaming as a bewildered Tse came running to her.


A while ago, Kay had been lost in deep thoughts. She sat on her rocking chair at the backyard of their cozy house overlooking a pond at the outskirts of Thimphu. It was more than a year since their love for each other and the need to run away from the disapproving members of each other’s family and on the behest of whom they knew as a bunch of best buddies forced them into this haven, which they now called their home. In her right hand was a glass which showed little traces of special courier that she had been drinking. Her third glass till now, and there still were about two hours till noon.


Then came Tse from behind, kissed Kay on the back of her head, and stroked her hair as a lover usually did. Their gaze locked for a few moments and their smile said it all about the perfect couple they were. Kay watched as Tse filled her glass with some more drink from the special courier bottle and then poured herself some in the glass she held.


Tse declared she would make an early lunch and left to the kitchen while Kay sat looking over the backyard barb-wired fence towards the green lines of the lofty mountains wherein grew the lush green vegetation that always captivated her. This morning she had had a little to much drink but her sight was clear. She looked through her glass while taking a sip and stopped short in her pants. She gaped as a dazzling site captured her eyes. Just a few paces in front of her eyes the huge beast walked majestically. The golden yellow mane fluttered in the cool wind. Never had she seen so huge a beast as this in her life. The animal caught her eyes, gave a light growl and disappeared into the thick of the trees behind their house.


That’s when Kay had screamed and beckoned upon Tse.


Tse came running and enquired. “What? What happened?”


Still shouting on the top of her lungs, Kay said, “A Lion! I saw a lion…it just looked at me and disappeared into the woods.”


“No kidding,” said a nonchalant Tse. “No Lions in Bhutan. Remember that. Get your National Geography records updated.”


“What, you don’t believe me?” shouted Kay. “I swear to God I saw a Lion and it just disappeared into the woods.”


An excited Kay jumped and pranced across the room that it terrified Tse. When this went on for a long 30 minutes, Tse declared enough was enough and picked up the phone and dialed a number.


“Please come quickly,” she pleaded. “We have a mental case!”


A terrified Tse sat on the chair waiting as Kay went in and settled on her bed wondering about what had just happened. She regained her cool and started thinking. There indeed were no lions in Bhutan. “Silly me,” Kay thought. “I might have just hallucinated.” She waited a long 10 minutes to regain her composure before deciding to walk up to Tse and say how sorry she was.


At the yard, Tse looked through her glass while taking a sip and stopped short in her pants. She gaped as a dazzling site captured her eyes. Just a few paces in front of her eyes the huge beast walked majestically. The golden yellow mane fluttered in the cool wind. Never had she seen so huge a beast as this in her life. The animal caught her eyes, gave a light growl and disappeared into the thick of the trees behind their house.


“HONEY!” Tse screamed. “Come quick, I just saw a Lion.” Tse kept frantically jumping and screaming as a bewildered Kay came running to her.


“What? What happened?”


Still shouting on the top of her lungs, Tse said, “A Lion! I saw a lion…it just looked at me and disappeared into the woods.”


“No kidding,” said a nonchalant Kay. “No Lions in Bhutan. Remember that. Get your National Geography records updated.”


“What, you don’t believe me?” shouted Tse. “I swear to God I saw a Lion and it just disappeared into the woods.”


An excited Tse jumped and pranced across the room that it terrified Kay.


Not knowing what else to do she only thanked her stars as the white van came in and four men in white coats came out with a stretcher.


“I don’t know how you got here but, Thank God, you guys came,” Kay pointed towards Tse who was still shouting and jumping in the air.


The men grabbed and strapped her to the stretcher and drew off quickly as they had come. Kay looked on as her beloved Tse was being taken to the nation’s first ever mental asylum…


Moral: Drinking is injurious to health and may cause you to churn repulsive imaginations in your head which may drag you to a mental asylum…or somewhere worse.


(Authour’s note: The plot of the story belongs to O’Henry. The moral of the story is original and well intended for all readers. The characters were pre-informed and the author would like to believe that they will bear no offence like they promised)