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Romancing the evening…

03 Oct 2009 Author nawang7

A lonely and cold evening
It was not a complete me
I set off with no defined destination
Through the town to pick her up

There, we sat moments later
Just me and in my hands, her
Perched like lovebirds on a hill top
We watched the exquisite lighted valley

She was as icy as the weather
Round her body wrapped my hands
As I opened her lips, she screeched
And kissing her, I sucked her blood

She was so refreshingly cold
That lightened my heavy heart
So much in love I was with her
That I wouldn't throw her away

She was a can of tiger beer!

I ran through memories,
Of bitter and sweet
Wept and smiled, but smiled again
As I remembered an old friend say;

“I drink, not to please myself,
Nor to renege my religion,
But simply to spend….
A moment of life with Myself”

PS; great to see the spirit still on…..had been hibernating for a while… and more so, I had to type my password several times to get it right. hello everyone!

We want actions, not words!!!

15 Jan 2009 Author nawang7

Post commemoration of glorious national events and celebrations in the best festive mood ever, the forestry fraternity in particular was shocked by loss of four dedicated brothers. When the nation was eagerly waiting for New Year merriment, the four men lost their lives in a tractor-blast in Sarpang. At the cremation ground, when one of my junior colleagues drew my attention to a body wrapped in a traditional clothes he knew my immediate query. Speechless, our eyes spoke and he clarified that the small sized was no complete in itself. It was blown into pieces in the blast. I forced my brain to stop imagining. I could not even join my Ministry colleagues to commiserate the bereaved family members, who were wailing in shock. But! Their death was a sheer sacrifice and did not go in vain. The actual target of the bloody terrorists (yes! bloody them) were a group of about 30 foresters who would be shifting their camps on the first day of every month. The four men saved 30 others!

 Senior government officials showed concerns. Parliamentarians did too.

 What Now? Are we waiting for another reminder, or is something being done? They did remind us when another group of armed men looted yet another village in Sarpang a week ago.  How long will we keep getting attacked and keep forgetting? As long as we do nothing, they will continue their dastardly coward act of attacking. These terrorists do not value life, nor can they see others valuing it. And who will be the unfortunate victims? You guessed right, the innocent people. Imagine, someone from our own family being one of their victims tomorrow. We just cannot let them feel the pinch of our weaknesses. Our silence is our weakness. We cannot satiate their demands, whatever may be. No nation today can tolerate terrorism, nor can Bhutan. They are fools, acting brave when in group and when armed. Inside they are cowards! The only answer we can give them is, ‘hit them back’. Nothing else.  

 Sadly, Bhutanese people are worried about speculations on salary hike. Rural populace is anxious about the promises made to them. Politicians are demanding their individual benefits and security. When the nation is not safe, why speak of development? Safety first! The month long agenda in the National Assembly needs to address our safety issue first. Terrorism seems to disturbing the dragon kingdom. We cannot let them grow beyond. We the people of Bhutan need to know what is being done to ensure safety of our country. We need to know what has been done after series of recent attacks.  We don’t just need resolutions at the National Assembly embellished with flowery Bhutanese sayings.

It is enough of words. We need Actions!


31 Dec 2008 Author nawang7

Another year had come and passes by
But ahead of us yet another year lie 
Gone are good old and memorable days
And for the new it has made ways

It was a fine and treasured 2000 eight
For it carved even brighter days ahead
The year indeed etch in our minds
And we wish for many such kinds

Alas, we had our centenary celebrations
We had the new government declarations 
The capital was filled with festive mood
People from everywhere made us feel good

The long ‘Lona’ had then disappeared 
Good times seemed to have appeared
The Dragon had protected our Kingdom
The new era had given us new wisdom 

The new government offered us promises
They still orate in the capital in new dresses
Hitherto words speaks louder than actions
They are upto trying out the public patience

We await their services with utmost delight
And expect them to prove our choice a pride
We look unto them as our chosen leaders
And not just as mere promise builders

Globally Obama created a pleasant history
While Wall Street remained a mystery
Mumbai attacks came as a shock to us
All we could but commiserate as brothers 

Oil prices went up and then down
At times had made us frown 
And so did the dollar rate confused 
But to adapt we never refused

China held Asian heads high at Beijing
The arenas and fireworks were as amazing
Many world records were outdone 
And many new heroes shone 

Formula one title race went till the last 
In rhythm with the cars our hearts beat fast
The racing drama still went till the last lap
And the winner was eventually the young chap

England failed to make it to the European finals 
But English red devils conquered all club finals
Spain ended their long soccer trophy drought
And Liverpool continues to make red fans proud

The Champions league fixtures are mouth watering
But without ‘tensports’ here soccer fans are suffering
Yes, we have now the approved dish TV rights
That we do not have to rely on youtube highlights

We anticipate another wonderful year
A year filled with thrill and cheer 
The year is good in the Bhutanese calendar
And for decisions we do not need much to ponder

I wish you and your family a very happy new year,
Remind you of the good resolutions to bear;
I wish you health and ‘gross national happiness’
I thank you for friendship and all the dearness. 

My Love Story, The Beatles Way

11 Sep 2008 Author nawang7

I once had a girl or should I say she once had me

We broke off, as things were just not meant to be


She would sing, Come together right now over me

And I imagined together we will always be

I thought, All you need is love, all you need is love

And then I forgot I had life’s other riddles to solve

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad…make it better

I sang, But she left me and made me even sadder

Don’t let me down, nobody ever loved me the way you do

I further sang in vain, but she didn’t listen to this too

Help, I need somebody; not just anybody

I yelled as her absence made me lonely

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away,

Yet I cannot dissipate her thoughts till today

There are places I will remember all my life

For being there I dreamt of her as my wife

I have got a feeling deep inside, a feeling I can’t hide

As much as I try to forget, it comes back like a tide

My friends had sung, she loves you yeah yeah yeah

But now I tell them, she loved me nah nah nah

Mama Mary then spoke words of wisdom let it be

And from sorrow and heartbreak she made me free

I had to imagine there is no heaven; it’s easy if I try

And I Imagined I was a superman and I could fly

I was in love with her, and I feel fine

Albeit I could not make her forever mine

Can’t buy me love, everyone tells me so

But without money chances are even low

Now, Nothings gonna change my world

For all the things I learnt have made me bold

Ah, Here comes the sun, here comes the sun

And with another girl I will have more fun

She’s got a ticket to ride, but she don’t care

And to convince her to ride with me, I dare.


Return of Lost Love

14 Jul 2008 Author nawang7

I stumble to greet her
Yet it brings her no hint,
I appear every possible minute
Yet it brings her no apprehension.

An innocent obsession
An undefined intention,
Love can be a naïve feeling
The beauty is, but unfathomable.

A beautiful-dream-like it was
And forgotten as it was….

Life is indeed a Shakespeare’s stage
And we the actors,
Be it a coincidence, a miracle
She did reappear on my stage.

This time I stumbled to greet her
There was an evoked stare,
The stare was a pump to my heart
And it beat to triple times.

Rejoice folks, rejoice everyone!
Tonight we celebrate,
Not to commemorate a new house
But to welcome…
The Return of My Lost Love.

(an old poem from my collection, 28th April 2004 – Kdaza's house warming party…when I was sipping a cup of tea in front of my childhood crush…Surprise, surprise!)

Scintillating Super Sports Sunday

07 Jul 2008 Author nawang7

Sorry Nopkin people for not posting football journals during the Euro 2008.

The lame pretext: Not many enjoy football and sports articles here. I remember disappointing Luzee when I talked of football.

The truth: Matches would go on late and I had to watch them with wonderful Austrian wine and refreshing Beer among “beautiful ladies, here and there”. I was never in condition to write when I got back home.  

Hello Nopkin people, I am back !!!

Sunday, 06 July 2008

9 full hours: I could have added half a dozen pages to my working thesis, or read few chapters from good textbooks with a couple of journals. But being a Sunday I could have even gone out to catch up some friends amid the busy schedule we are through these days. 

Not any of these…I was glued to television for the whole 9 hours with occasional tea/meal breaks only. My eyes are red and strained and it is midnight, yet I am absolutely satisfied with my day.  

It was a super thrilling Sunday with best entertainment sportsworld could possibly offer to the fans. I had an early lunch to catch the British Grand Prix LIVE and savoured every moment of the race. Very tricky weather conditions and rain in Silverstone (UK) made the cars spin more than Steve Slater’s washing machine. In the end it had to be local boy Hamilton’s day when he steered to chequered flag a lap ahead of almost every car. I wish I could go on describing the drama filled race from five lights to the chequered flag, but I have to cut this short…for the day belonged to Rafal Nadal.  

Nadal ended Federer’s five-year reign on the grass court, and “what a match, what a final”. Two early nervous sets for Federer perfectly dominated by Nadal, it was rain again in England. But unlike the formula one race, it was an added luck to Federer and waiting for the fans. It seemed a deluge that showed no signs of stopping. The sun took an hour to get back and Federer bounced back to form. Both the following sets went to tie-break and advantage Federer for his superb service with regular aces. But Nadal could have wrapped things for himself with 5-2 up and 2 precious championship points on the fourth set tie-break. He lost it…and it seemed things were turning Federer’s way.
A superb start to 5th and deciding set and at 2-2 there were showers coming to enjoy the match as well, not realizing that they will only stop the match and not get to see it. Half an hour and the rain disappeared and the players appeared again. I cannot continue describing the play, but urge all tennis fans to grab a copy of the match on your shelf. DO NOT MISS THE RETELECAST! You may have to live another generation to watch such an extraordinary game of Tennis. The presenter described it as “arguably the best finals”…but everyone who watched the game might wonder…why she used “arguably” for it was indeed the best finals.

Another satisfying moment for me in the mankind of sports to relish for and yet another page to my sports-dairy adds up. I am proud that I watched the match LIVE. This match may not however top my list. It reminds me of 2001 US Open quarter finals between Agassi and Sampras and at that time I thought I would never be able to watch a high class game like that.  I also watched thrilling AC Milan-Liverpool Champions league finals LIVE staying awake the whole night. I was part of the world witnessing Argentina score a super teamwork goal in the recent world cup and I remember the commentator remarked “if you are watching this game LIVE you can boast future generations of it”. Oh, despite all the satisfaction other sports offer I cannot forget football, isn’t it? And yes! I was watching the most wonderful one-day game of cricket between South Africa and Australia (2006?) LIVE and so the England-Australia Rugby World cup final. 

The year belongs to Spain …Hola! I wish I could speak Spanish.  

Euro2008, all set…kick off

06 Jun 2008 Author nawang7

Well, the countdown has come to an end. European stars are here to display their talents and realize their dreams. I cannot describe in words, the excitement in the city here and feel fortunate to be one of the fans being in the crowd. I shall share some exciting stories to Nopkin folks for few weeks. This poem is an appetizer. Enjoy


Euro2008 is eventually here to play

Teams have arrived and await their day

Each day fans pour in different host cities

Hustling and buzzing in the street like bees 


Local rival Germany are as always the favorites

Not to write off the Croatian red & white stripes

Russia is a surprise and will surprise many

So will be the regularly surprising Turkey


Greece is the defending tournament champion,

But Italians are fresher world cup triumphant

Spanish squad plays beautiful football

And so do the young army of Portugal


France, Netherlands & Italy play group of Death,

While underdogs Romania wouldn’t lose their faith

Other underdogs are the host Austria & Poland

The rest are Sweden and co-host Switzerland

But, Oh! Fans are terribly missing England.


Pundits are talking of tournament heroes

But some will eventually turn out zeroes

To top the list is Christiano Ronaldo

They say he will shine again in Euro


How can one forget the unstoppable Torres?

Who can score in any given chance always

But there is the French playmaker Ribery

Whose wonder skills anyone will agree


Will the Italians shine with Luca Toni?

Or will another start pop up as Nani?

But there are Ballack, Robben, and Fabregas,

And Sneijder, Ibhramovic, Kranjker and Gekas


Although all teams will play with sheer spirit

Ultimately only one valiant team will win it

To guess the winner right now is tricky 

With all teams balanced almost equally


I shall certainly miss my favorite England

But for them, the EPL players will stand

Champions league satiated the fans this year

And Euro2008 is definitely to entertain here.


Beautiful ladies, here and there

30 May 2008 Author nawang7

The regular morning walk
I make my way to work
And through the green park
To the main street I embark 

I see a lovely lady in red,
Some 20 meters ahead
In her the beauty did embed,
Wish my mind she read 

Oops, I almost stumble
Nearly hurt my ankle
In the crowd I jostle
She disappear in a rustle 

My restiveness is momentary
As I see another fairy
Clad in whites beautifully
Makes my heart beat doubly  

Is she better than the red one?
But seeing her, my face liven
As fast as I can, I run
But she is also gone 

Will I get to see a third? 
As I walked and wondered
At the University gate I figured
Many gorgeous ones gathered 

One looked better
And the other still fairer 
Many others were nicer
Pangtse kira! I murmur 
To B’ful ladies here & there.

To the Druk Path Trekkers!

30 Apr 2008 Author nawang7

How I wish to partake in this trek at this time of the year? My ecological talks would interest you more than that of Khabaray’s Osho talks and uncle Shyam’s Joktang stories, and demote Luzee even more in terms of talkativeness. Besides I would have had the opportunity to know Nopkin people and experience the majestic srping. But optimistically, I am happy that I am away from Thimphu for I could watch a football match of highest standards last night. Yes, dear soccer fans…please do not miss the re-telecast of Champions-League second leg semi-finals between Manchester United and Barcelona. You will have to live years to watch such a game of football.

Well, my Chelela diary was more as poetic to make you fall in love with the place as you planned a trip there. As you conquer the Druk Path, here are some tips from the forester in me, based on my personal experiences working in Bhutan’s forests. While tourists pay 200 $ to walk in our forests, I get paid to walk there… Ain’t I one lucky Bhutanese forester?


– Travel as light as possible but make sure you carry all the essentials.

– While walking, walk at normal speed. Leave aside the Bhutanese ego of reaching the top first or catching someone else. Never hesitate to ask your partners to rest for a while whenever you are tired.  Always walk in groups and follow the trails.

– It is advisable to take a knife and a match. But make sure you light the match only when required. Please make sure the fire is properly put off once you have used it. Almost all forest fires in Bhutan are man-made.

– “take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints”…make the trail look even better than it was…clean it on the way.

– Luzee, you will not be honoured for talkativeness…try remain quiet at times, you might be lucky to sight wonderful wildlife and birds.

– Clothes and shoes are very important. Jeans is not advisable at all. Wear light gear and  light walking shoes/sneakers.

– Food – take what you want to cook…but usually we foresters take lots of potatoes and Njakam as supplements (when we are confused)…eggs are good source of energy too. Ezay and pickle are best friends in the forests.

– Drink water regularly to avoid dehydration which might cause muscle cramps as you ascend.

– A hat is preferred to fancy sun glasses. Not only will a hat protect you from direct sunlight, it also prevents heat losses from your head.

– Carry lots a snacks…my best friends are bananas, munch (you get in big sizes from FCB) and water. I recommend you all to buy as many “muches” as possible. Gals will grow beautiful like Priety zinta and guys will get someone like her. They are very good source of energy and best light snacks you can get in the market.

– Does you group have a forester friend? As him/her to get a map. If not, ask a forester friend to provide you with one and brief you on the trail. Never intend to take a short-cut if you are not familiar.

– Please do not pluck flowers and plants…many are precious and endangered and some may be really poisonous…help maintain our biodiversity.  Plants like poison ivy and some oaks can cause you with allergies and rashes.

– Take as many pictures as possible…please send me if some of them are good.

I wish you all a wonderful trek and a pleasant weather…Enjoy the gifted beauty of Bhutan's forests and help to conserve them.

Sunday's Sports Delight

21 Mar 2008 Author nawang7

My passion for Sports journalism continues as the sports-world satiates and surprises my enthusiasm week in week out. Come Sunday, and the excitement frenzies. I change my attires several times to express my dedication for the teams.

There is a double “clash of the titans” in the English Premier league. With the title race tightest in years, it is unwise to write off any team now. Liverpool will be nervous to face the mighty Manchester United at Old Trafford, while Chelsea prepares at the Bridge to disappoint Arsenal yet again. Any slip offs, and the teams pay for it. There is no room for error for the players. The managers will be tested by the fans. Referees will sweat as much as the players. The English league being on top of its service in terms of entertainment this year, it is dull to watch any other league. Even the majestic Real Madrid fails to entertain and so the galaxy of stars in Barcelona. It is all about English, even in Europe.


Man Utd v Liverpool, 7.30 PM B.S.T

Chelsea v Aresenal, 10.00 PM B.S.T

But there is an appetizer to the Big day. The 2008 Malaysian Grand Prix! Steve Slater calls it Super Sepang. Either heavy storms will hit Sepang or the enormous heat will almost bake the drivers in the cockpit. This race is going to be the greatest test for the drivers this season.  The scarlet Ferraris looked strong a week ago, but failed to the rivals – Mc Laren. They will come back strong this weekend. Pundits predict that this race will be a drama of the year. Watch out!

Five lights go out at Sepang at 1300 hours B.S.T.

The Sunday games will erase your anxieties over Monday’s election results. 

Good luck to the game results on Sunday and the election results on Monday. Its all in the game…may the deserving win!

(please check the timings)

Champions league mid-week matches : a feast for soccer fans

06 Mar 2008 Author nawang7

06 March, 2008. The football aficionado in me doesn’t make me miss home when European football treats me with wonder matches and magical moments on my screen week in-week out. This mid-week was no exception and I had to sacrifice an important exam following the next day. No regrets! Two fabulous nights of football and I am just as satisfied. Seven matches over two nights amalgamated with shock, surprise, thrill, passion, skill…that entire one could ask for. I am still awake at 3 AM writing this review as I once dreamt of taking up Sports journalism for which I got chided as being stupid.  

Reigning champions AC Milan’s exit gave the biggest shock of the week as indeed they were outplayed by the young Arsenal side. Lyon had to follow them with a satisfactory performance on the night but not to match with unstoppable Manchester united force. The winners of first night were Fenerbahce whose clumsy goalkeeper fumbled in a couple of goals during the match but turned out a hero in the penalty shoot out. Goodbye Sevilla!

Tonight Real Madrid made a shock exit after being ousted by the stunningly determined Roma side. Chelsea had an easy match akin to the training sessions sending out Olympiakos. The winners of tonight had to be another surprise in the form of Schalke who shattered the home fans’ dreams in yet again a penalty shoot out. Goodnight Porto, bitter dreams!

Come next week, and I am clad in my favorite red t-shirt which reads “you will never walk alone”. Yes, I am an avid Liverpool fan. Sorry Inter! I used to be your fan years ago when young Ronaldo scored in every match he played. Not anymore…

Possibly four English teams in the last eight, football pundits and analysts are guessing “it could be all-English finals”. Barcelona tied up with one of the English clubs in quarters; and it could well be all-English semi finals before. Post group stages matches I had already warned through my msn personal message which read “Champions league trophy coming to England this summer”.

Ticket-less Flight to Chelela – A forester's diary

19 Feb 2008 Author nawang7

(This is for the Nopkins, who are making a trip to Chelela during the holidays. It is from one of my old writings, but couldn't help posting it as I saw the Chelela plan. Have a nice trip to Chelela.. its really beautiful and I leave my article to speak of it)

I am at Chelela and flying without wings. I am still on my feet yet I feel on top of the world. Almost 12000 feet above sea level, I am in dilemma whether to catch a bird's eye view of the beautiful Haa valley on one side or to take a glimpse of the awe-inspiring Tiger's nest on the other. But, both of these are just a ninety-degree-head-tilt away. One prayer utters from my dried and cracking lips, God! If this is what your heaven looks like, take me to you right away!

The old Fir trees greet the forester in me and tell me why they are dying and plead me to save the younger ones. I promise them and greet the young saplings whose greenery instills a conservationist in me. The dead Fir trees still stands on one side of the hill, and the togetherness in them even after death conveys me the meaning of Love-the most beautiful thing God created. The fresh air kisses me fondly as I hug the nature. One of my trip colleagues-the oldest of all, elucidates forestry sciences, but so engrossed and so much in love with myself at this moment that I can faintly hear him. I can sense the same degree of emotions in others, but the expressions of each are different. Within moments I find a cluster of busy people smiling at a tiny digital device. There are rushes when it comes to just one of them given an opportunity to be shot by that cyber instrument.

The spot makes me a proud Bhutanese and the beauty a proud forester. I wish I was a superman to take flight down to Paro valley but I am also happy for I shall be taking the drive down the snaking road with wonderful people. I hear the engine sound and rushes to my seat. Unlike other times, this time I am silent without a joke to entertain my travel mates. Still down the snaking road, I am so engrossed at wonders of nature, gazing with rapture and admiration in her. The fir trees are seen in lesser numbers now, but are perfectly substituted by hemlock and spruce stands. The young blue pine saplings look happy among the conifer family and rhododendrons are no exceptions as well. I am lost in thoughts and senseless. The anxiety and fear in my travel mates wakes me up, and I am told that the front car had just made a narrow escape.

Ecologically, I try to assess the decline of fir and the complexity of the wonderful ecosystem. The successional stages of forests here, perfectly displayed as in textbooks makes me wonder. In the car, we debate over the ecological complexity as we endeavour to find answers to our curious minds.

But deep inside I am thinking “Nature alone knows what she aims at”.

Losar Tashi Delek

06 Feb 2008 Author nawang7



Today is Losar

We are going to the Dzong

It is Bhutanese New Year

That we waited for long.


We make no resolutions

And got nothing to worry

It is just eating temptations

And drinking to glory.


We all get older by a year

Adding one to the Bhutanese age

Though our birthdays are far or near

Another year adds to life’s page.


The celebrations will finish sooner

But we still relish them dearly

As Valentine’s Day comes later

We get to re-write our love story.


I wish you all happy Losar

Good times with your family

With relatives from near & far

Enjoy the days happily.


Rejoice with shakam & seekam

Supplement with suja & red-rice

You may cook nakey with njakam

Adding to the days some more spice.


(Moderators also wishes all the readers a very HAPPY and Successful LOSAR and best of times ahead)