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Of dancing in the rain

08 Aug 2012 Author charms

The first drop of the rain which hits  my growing forehead…chilling me down the toe… i smile… i already like the dropping temperature in this place…

As much excited is my little sister… who loves dancing in the rain….

and like my writing is…  my dance.. something i should never speak of…

She pulls out her mobile … plays her favorite Korean track… all going above my head…

“lets start”..
She has been trying to teach me for sometime now…
As we do the dance… i am out there… sorting my thoughts….

This rain and my life… have been in some serious relationship ever since i first knew how good the rain is…and i love rain.

…. still remember,  red pillars which hold the great clock with dead hands in it, drenched…. i saw her… my first love…her songs.. her cheers.. her dance in the rain…her desire to taste it…..

… it rained when she was leaving all of us… and we cried…. and I begged her to come back…. she never did…

“One complete circle ata…”

….It rained when i knew my support was weak… for my biggest pillar was down… it rained when i learn i had to lead my own life….

…it rained when my love turned its side.. leaving …tearing .. breaking….

“aww ata!… you are stepping on my foot!”

….I was going to leave my angle for the first time… and it rained… it rained so hard many lose their live somewhere….

……It did rain when i learned that all i have till now was being under fire…i losing all i have in my life…

I love this rain…no, not because no one can see when i cry… but it have lot to remind myself about life… and a lot about myself…

“We are drenched, ata”

but my heart is not… it will never be….no, at least by this rain…..

“one more track?”, she asks…. i smile…. we smile….

Shoe Matter

10 Mar 2010 Author charms

“Ok now….. sit down… yeah there!!..good… pick that up (pointing)… now, open it up.. open!!.. open!!….yeah!! right!!…put  your left leg in the socks..  left!… good…. Ummm…. Now, pull it!!… ah! Not out!!… IN!!!

Too late…

I just failed to make a man wear his shoes just by explaining in simple English….

I just sat down like a heavy metal falling,  while others in my English lab class roared into laughter…

“I looked simple…” I told my friend as we was walking for his turn,,, but the simple failed me…(or I failed the simple for the same)..

Thoughts!! It crept in me like my evening mosquitoes….

Why?? Why do I fail in life,,,, I just cant seem to convince anyone… about anything… anytime!!…

I know I am bad at talking… but what?? are my words falling short?? Not enough?? My words- though it comes from within?? I am here today because I failed in this yesterday….

I suddenly took it in a better way as I didn't want to think about it anymore…. It was just 8:10 in the morning and I had a hours to go before I rest in my room….

“must be my face”…. I smiled!!….” or expression!!!”…

But my inner one told me that it was meant to fail… after all I was trying to convince a person acting to be from Mars…. Here I cant do it to my own ones,,,,


P.S: Hey Nopkin guys…. Long time… please forgive me for not writing …. But I have been reading,, and you guys do great!!… please keep it up!!

Umm… I don't know.. I think I am just trying my luck here…. My words here don't seem to be convincing either!!,,,,,,

after heavy head..

17 Mar 2009 Author charms
Suddenly I am thirsty again, but I drank a glass of water few seconds ago..didn't I? I did.. whatever, another glass wont hurt my stomach..
Suddenly what is this.. I am still in the basketball court!! And I am supposed to make a shot.. but darn, can't move my left arm…why is it so heavy?? .. and we don’t dance and sing in a basketball court.. do we normally??? My friend just missed a step here…
Hey, what are simpsons doing here?? Wasn’t I watching FRIENDS? Or was I watching simpsons and this hindi music just popped in….
Darn, the tap is still open.. tens of them.. I think I am thristy again… what is going on with me..
Hey, someone was suppose to call me… I think my mobile would ring.. now..Tring…
… and …. I open my eyes.. stopped my alarm…pulled out my heavy arm, which was almost dead under my body, to shutdown my laptop.. and shouted “Ree Changpu das phan gai lay..”…
Man I think I was really drunk during nopkin’s dinner!!!!!

Yesterday.. Just yesterday

12 Mar 2009 Author charms
It seems like just yesterday….

I beat my friend, in a race, to reach you waiting in a garden where nothing grew….. Breathing the cold morning breeze that made you breathless…

Like just yesterday…I watched your innocent eyes, while you tried to place your little hand on your back indicating  how long your hair would be when you come back from term break..

Like just yesterday …. I refused to walk with you..while you waited for me with a lyrics of lovely hindi song..
Like just yesterday I watched the dead hands of clocktower that stood at a dark corner.. hoping to see you wave me as you enter the room for study..
Like just yesterday.. I watched you raising your hands in the air, trying to catch the raindrops that teased your face. Tongue out, trying to taste them.
Like just yesterday…I hide my tears in the rain when everyone thought you would but I knew you would not come back…
Oh dear.. suddenly I am feeling so alone.. as I remember I saw you..passing me.. JUST YESTERDAY!


27 Aug 2008 Author charms

I have this bad habit of suddenly changing the language which i speak… for example I suddenly speak Dzongkha while i speak Sharchop…

One day, my friend called me … and he wanted to send me a copy of file we were working on…

i asked him to attach and send it to my email..

he said "Dek pay nesho, email ID hang ga ya??"… [maybe he thought i had lots of email ID].. :-)

I said "Yahoo ga cha na…"… he then said "ID sho?" …

"thinley" i said

he asked again "thinley .. hang???" and here i changed my language ….and said "thinley chamche"

we ended the phone conversation…

Hours later he called back and "Mala ko oye, nan ga mail re-bounce awa cha ko…"..

i thought probably he would have miss spelled it and i asked him to spell my yahoo ID..

there he went after a brief pause..


i had my biggest laugh of the day!!!!


25 Aug 2008 Author charms

I heard this in Comedy Circus…

Once a man got stung by army of bees… even to spots where he could not tell to doctor..

To relief the pain, he took off his cloths and  jumped into a dirty pond.. But he had to come back soon as the tadpoles there started shouting "Our Father is Back… Our father is back"….

Coming out, he found that his cloths were stolen… and while searching for his cloths, he found a man reading newspaper… he went there and asked "have you seen my dress sir?"

The man replied "I would love to, why dont you go and wear it?"…

SATA Uncle

22 Aug 2008 Author charms

This just happened few minuites ago… and could help posting here…

I was reading the "City Bytes" and there was this corner titled "Birthday Greetings"..

i read the content aloud "Many many Happy returns of the day… we are happy we have you in our life"

and i continued "APA, AMA, UNCLE and AUNTS"…

there my friend spoke up saying "Paw… Uncle sata thur cha gewa la na… Uncle thur sha dang… Aunty ga shak pa AUNTS reka la mai".

Account [Email]

21 Aug 2008 Author charms

Since there is lots going on with Internet… here is another one..

In the same institure where INTERNET was asked to be "SAVED" [RIM], I was just two days old, when we were send to computer lab for "just like that"….

There, i was trying to see what my friend were upto, thinking i could get a chance to check my mail….

A minuite or two later, our teacher entered, walked towards my friend and asked "Do u want to create an account in Yahoo??"

After a brief thought.. my friend said "Thanks Sir, but i already have one!!"…

Looking happy, the teacher walked away….

Later outside i told him.."Great have anaccount in yahoo,. we never got a chance before"

He smiled and replied "No oye, i dont have an account there…. i lied…. i think i dont have enough money and support to create account in Yahoo and make Bangkee…..!!!"

Never happened to me!!!

17 Aug 2008 Author charms

I was returning back from Philippines via Bangkok… and i was there in Druk Air….

I was having tough time.. as i wanted to sleep, but couldnt because the indian infront of me stink like hell…

I was there lying like a zombe.. and the air hostess came and ask me if i had any problem.. and i said nothing…

later she came with this "Feedback Form" of Druk Air and asked me to fill it up to pass my time…

I took it and started filling it up…..

there was one part which all talked about getting your bagage off-loaded.. i smiled and just wrote in the "Remark" column "Never happened to me before"… and gave it back….

later when we landed at paro… and when we were claming our baggage… i found outr that ONLY my bag was left off-loaded … and took me 2 more days to get it back…

it was as if that they read it and was saying "OK then… take this!!!"…


10 Jun 2008 Author charms

In a Geog Tour, on evening a group of officers were playing PARALA.

Among them was on officer who didnot know about the Game.

One officer playing said: "AUDO OYE… NAN BU CHANSHO"……


The officer Playing said…." TAK MAK PHA OYE… JE GE Left GADANG GE CHANG MAY!!!"…

The officer then Agreed "DEK PAY DEK PAY… Left Gadang GE NANG SHO NA"….

And they Started the Game…


20 Nov 2007 Author charms

One Indian was attending an English class….

The Teacher asked "What is the other term for the 'Next Day'?"

indian "Tomorrow sir"…

teacher "good..then one more day after that…"

indian "Tomorrow ko eek aur maro!!!"

Second in the class

20 Nov 2007 Author charms

after reaching home, the father asked his boy in sharchp

"Kota… fass showa mo phir showa ya??"

the kota replied "Apa..jang tay class ga second gela na"

At that time, the apa gave a nice one on the kotas head…bang!!

and the apa said

"Roktay puraa fass shola kam nan hang ga second!!!"

Jangchu sempa lu ge raow

10 Oct 2007 Author charms

In a hostel.. a boy was always found praying….and many thought he was "Jangchu sempa"..

one day .. when he was busy praying .. another guy came around and said

"Oye.. solu drowan alay dekhay".. (lets go and steal chillies)

and there he said

"Nongsho na … thuen deen cha" (wait.. I am about to complete my prayers)..

The date that should not have been told

10 Oct 2007 Author charms

I dont know how many of you (members) remember this…do you??

It was almost time when His Majesty called for gathering to discuss about the draft constitution of bhutan at Lungtenphu..

For that … in our institute .. a notification was recieved written in Dzongkha..

Now the Director was to read the page infront of all trainees..

I assume that in one paragraph it was written (of course in Dzongkha ) something like below

"Venue  is at Lungtenphu on Date 10/10/2005…."

and our Director wanted to read as like how it would be  read if it was in English (he was still reading in Dzongkha)

he went

"Saa-nay Lungtenphu lu Inn-tshae Chu-Chu"…… and he stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There we had the biggest laughter we ever had….

Note: Remember… the meaning becomes more worse as he was from bhmthang!!!!!

NIck Name Revange

03 Oct 2007 Author charms

This happened when i was in 8th standered..

One day.. after a long lecture.. our teacher decided to have some fun…

The deal was … when our teacher point to a student.. other were suppose to tell his/her nick name..

The teacher started.. and we were having fun..telling out others nick name…

suddenly when my friend's name was pointed .. a dark boy from the back seat gave him the hatest nick in the class and it was reaally a bad one….. and every one had the biggest laughter ever… and of course.. my friend was as red as apple….

The deal went on.. and at last when the dark boy was pointed… we couldnt have any BAD nick for him… (As he alys had good nick .. like Dancer…… but my friend could not miss the chance… and after making his own Nick for him he shouted on top of his


next to each other

15 Aug 2007 Author charms

One day a man searching for BNB in  Thimphu met with a most "Baja Frying" man….

he asked "Can you tell me where is BNB?"… the other replied "Oh! that is next to Post Office"…

"and where is that Post office" he asked… the other replied " Oh! that is next to BNB"….

 " And that is what i am sking for.. where is BNB?"….. "man… that is next to Post Office"…

Now that the man was very angry… he asked for the final time

"Now tell me.. where is that damn both BNB and Post Office….???"…

The answer was…

"sir,…. the BNB and Post Office is NEXT TO EACH OTHER"..

Rooster Story

09 Aug 2007 Author charms

One day… in a mid of happy life of a old cock (Rooster man.. Rooster) the owner happened to bring a company of a new young healthy cock..

Now the worried OLD cock went to the young one and said

"Now that you have come and that you are young and healthy, i am sure all the hen will be yours.. i know that i will be overpowered by you …. BUT PLease give me one chance of my life "

The young one said "how can i?" The Old one replied "Lets have a race… till that point (Pointing)..  who ever win shall have power over every hen in this farm"

The young one in full energy and ego… said "Cool!! lets do that… but since you are OLD i let you move first and a minuite leter i will start from here"…

Both happy… they started..The Old one started and after a minuite the young one gave a dash of his life…

The young cock was so fast… he was now right at the back of the old cock..and was runing faster..

At that very point, the owner came out the house, pulled out his short gun and "Click… Click.. BANG!!!!!!"…. the bullet went right in the head of the young cock… and the owner shouted

"DAMN!!! This is the third time i am having a GAY COCK!!!!"


08 Aug 2007 Author charms

just another dry dry joke guys…

One day, a flying bird had a crash with a moving car… The driver of the car found out that the bird was still alive …. The driver then took the bird home and placed it in a cage, placed a cup of water and some bread pieces it it..

After sometime, the bird woke up and saw itself in the cage.. and said

"Oh my GOD!! JAIL????…… Did i really killed the driver in the car???"

The Folder Name

06 Aug 2007 Author charms

This happened when i was doing my computer course…and this spoke to me very clear why we should do “COMPLETE” work…

It was time we had an assignment to submit … and our Japanease teacher came to collect it with his 120 GB external HD…. everything was fine until he reached to collect for a girl name karma..

as he was copying her file.. man found out that he couldnt help himself laughing hard looking at her computer… everyone were wonder.. so some went to see what was that… and they started  laughing was making me very curious too..

so went to see what was wrong… and there it was…

The folder name for karma's assignment was written “Karma's Ass”..

very short name isnt it???… but just imagine… a folder icon to be an ass!!!


18 Jul 2007 Author charms

hi nopkins,
Just another dry joke….

One day.. two friends while going around the road… found that a truck was pulling another truck with help of a rope…


At that very instant one friend laughed as if like he has seen a clown with his underwear on his head…


His confused friend then asked “Why on earth are you laughing like that??”


There his friend explained “Just look at that man!!!  It takes two trucks just to lift up that rope!!!!”