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Articles by: Tse

By the River Wangchu, I sit and DREAM

16 Dec 2011 Author Tse

I sit on a rock that lies majestically right in between river Wangchu
More rocks, less superior to the one I sit on emerge as landscape of faces
Right before me the river meanders
Creating waves, some fast and some frozen in time
As it hits the faces of the many people I know from life in the form of rocks
The river splashes droplets of water on my face
Each droplet touching my inner being
Bringing out every small memories of life
While intrusion from the city is nill
The flow of the river emerges like moving people on the street
The much awaited breeze finally comes through
Creating the fast flowing river to shudder for a second
Ripples emerge in the water gathered in the corners of the rocks
The beauty of the river water going in circles, defining a no end to everything
I freeze time against everything in life and do what I am “perhaps” best at
I sit by the river Wangchu and DREAM!

An April Day

16 Dec 2011 Author Tse

The sun was warm but the wind was chill
So as would Robert Frost say-
“You know how it is with an April day.”
The April rain falls on this particular day
Fitful showers hits the wood and the meadow
Bringing in violets to light the early spring
Julia Dorr has rightly said- “April's rare capricious loveliness.”
Just as how unpredictable life can get
On an April day, one can never know what you will get
Like how every spring is the only spring
A perfectual astonishment
So is this April day, unique in itself
This April day sings songs of things beautiful
Of brooks, of blossoms, birds and the silver lake
Retaining the beauty of earth's snow-white robes that's lost
On the April day, a choir of chirping minstrels bring
The wind that wakes the month of May
Yet to be unfurled, yet to be felt, yet to be lived
But I need to live through this April day
As I lay planted with every footstep
Growing, budding and blooming into a spirit of Spring
This indeed is a beautiful day
I am saddened as this April day ends
But I am glad there is another APRIL DAY waiting for me tomorrow.

The calmness in emptiness

16 Dec 2011 Author Tse

I let go of the thoughts that captivates my inner being
My mind remains undetermined in a void

I broke a heart to create something, only to destroy it
Now I stand alone, wondering what went wrong

It aint about my persistence to understand things
Things which cannot be understood

I surrender my very being
To find the right beginning to something I am unaware of

I have created a prison from my own actions
My mind is null and void

I subdue tears within myself
For crying too loudly will tempt the fate to silence me

I am a story of emptiness
Only to end to start again, to be retold

Yet I am a story of emptiness that goes in circles
I curve around for new beginnings, carving life again

My life is neither fullness nor emptiness
And that is when I find calmness in it.

The Connection Between Zor ka Jatka and Sheila Ki Jawani

16 Dec 2011 Author Tse

I stand facing the depot, oranges all over the country waits to be exported. I watch the sun slowly setting in for the night, turning dusky grey to orange.

The Toorsa River spreads before me as its flow disappears into the misty fog created by pollution; the orange store houses cluster the banks of the river.

The smoke from my cigarette swirls upwards as it thickens the air above me.

I can hear a Bollywood song being played in one of the so called “dance party” shed built to attract the creatures of the night in Phuentsholing.

“Sheila ki jawani” a typical Bollywood hit item song is being blared from a “Sany” music system made in China.

There are some fat potbellied local business men who can barely stand on their own feet, intoxicated by alcohol, hanging onto smiling young women who look desperate to replicate Katrina Kaif's dance from the Sheila number.

It's like one of these high school house parties back in the 1990s. The only difference is there are a lot of commercial factors that heat up the party.

Older men and young girls remain coupled together as the single young men look at awe at the power of money.

My friends and I try to make an attempt to be a part of the crowd, since we stand there, just sliding to the right once and then to the left, given the limited space we are given to show our very own Sheila moves, we remain unnoticed.

There is nothing but bamboos woven together to form our roof and the four walls and the sand deposits from the Toorsa River as our dance floor.

The night would have seemed far too long for sure, if Bhutan Highland Grain Whisky, blended with selected Scotch Malts had not come to our rescue.

After taking the last drop from the two 750 ml bottles of Highland, we were showered with all the energy that could have possibly been required to summon at any night club in Thimphu.

Out went Sheila Ki Jawani and in came my very own favorite Zor Ka Jatka.

I take a seat in front of a table which had lost a leg. Somewhere, someone had tried to experiment a pole dance on the table. As I sip on my Highland with coke and blow out rings of smoke, the lyrics of the song takes me to another phase in my life.

And there is one guy who made it all the more clear by singing it out so loud, stressing on the word SHADI.

“Shadi bhan ga yi omar ket ki sa zha,” he sang it with so much passion, his marriage seriously might have become a life sentence to him over the years.

But then it was a good sight, because the young girl who walked in with him selflessly did a poor but well choreographed belly dance for him.

The guy in the middle of the song started singing Sheila Ki Jawani, pointing at the girl.

It's always the Zor Ka Jatkas that makes a man miss Sheila Ki Jawani in his life for sure.

I can feel the pain

16 Dec 2011 Author Tse

In my dreams I feel pain for when dreams are shattered a heart is broken
In my hopes I feel pain for when hope is lost the person in you die
In my aspirations I feel pain for when that is gone life aint life
In my destiny I feel pain for the unknown journey taken towards it is unsure
In my happiness I feel pain for there is always sadness that chooses to stay longer
In my trust I feel pain for when betrayal strikes you, it always win
In my colors I feel pain for the sky is grey with hatred
In my life I feel pain for life takes away the very person it gives you with so much of love.
I can feel the pain in everyone and everything!!!

Throwing away the broken pieces

16 Dec 2011 Author Tse

Once again, it all comes to broken pieces on the floor of life
Pain and happiness, both change with every heartbeat

The pages of life have gone all mixed up
The glass which once cocooned my life is broken
The days turned to rain and the moon has disappeared
I stare up at the sky; try to put the broken pieces together

It has now become a shallow path
And promises have been broken, shattered to pieces

Between walls the cinders of us have lost its shine
The shine in which is broken

As I pick the broken pieces, one by one
The world closes up on me

Yet, I feel determined enough
That I will find that one broken piece to make me complete

But for now, here is something I must do
I must throw away all the broken pieces.

A lost mind!

16 Dec 2011 Author Tse

I force a wistful grin to hide my sadness away so that you can not tell that I am hurting. Go on now, if you must leave. I will set you free. But as you leave, the silent tears flow. There is no spark, there is no delight and there is no joy to life anymore. I often walk around in daze since you have been gone. I have fallen into a trance which is full of smokey gloom, choking me out of my life. I have started to wake up in the middle of the night, and I gasp at the realization that you have gone, forever. That is when I begin to weep.

My mind although open, has become as wide as the starless night sky and deep as the stormy sea, battleing with the heavy waves that has come along with the heartache. A fountain of endless tears, a pool of shattered dreams, a world of sad emtions and a longing for the world to look straight is what has become of me, of what has become of this lost mind of mine.

Friends tell me to move on in life and that time will heal everything. A helpless soul that I am, I just nod and smile and agree with them, while I slowly go insane.

Now all that I do is think and talk about you. Even the finest men around do not suffice to the man I lost in you. You left me not heartbroken but you left me with a lost mind!

The ranting of the green!

16 Dec 2011 Author Tse

In a valley far away, virgin to the procelain form of modernization, peace dwell side by side with the humankind. Sitting under a barren tree, an old white beard hermit tells the green valley old stories of life, long gone by.

When the rain pours, the lush mountains stare stonily at the sky. A sigh of monsoon escapes from the dry soil, hungry for the ample water which was much awaited.

While the meaning to life grew no more, good old traditions remain shattered, words lost its meaning and so has life turned around. Along with it, so did the universe. Never to remain the same again, there is no looking back now. Life often looks at the universe, and the universe caresses the soul that lives the life. Protecting it from all evil, may no harm ever befall it.
The sunny valleys soughts for the open sea, for mountains creates a closing for it to spread free. The thirsty tide runs inland, washes away all forms of misery that every man has known or is yet to know.

Deep in snow the laboring hands of a mother can not support the burden of being a woman. Under the stars, under the same sky, the laughter of a maiden so fair can be heard not very far away from the mother who has succumbed to being a sadist. Low whispering at an appointed hour, both sing songs from the heart. The mother sings a lullaby to her hungry child while the girl sing songs for her lover lost in war.

Far away from the two misery queens, the eagle descends to speak to the mountains. The pine trees sway to the rhythm of the cool breeze. In a distance, there stands a peach tree, its blossoms glitter like the midnight stars. The velvet sky spreads out for the moon to make its way. And the people beneath it look up in awe, so in love with the moonlight

The morning bird

06 Dec 2011 Author Tse

The little bird chirrups on my window sill
It sings song of sorrows
Followed by songs of wisdom
I open an eye
The sun shines brightly
And through the curtains
I let the rays fall on my face
The bird goes on singing
I get out of bed
Drag myself to the window
Keeping my eye focused on the little bird
I bend down to take a closer look
And finally
I slam the window
Tearing the bird into two
“Shut the fuck up, you are messing up my sleep”
I yell at the dead bird
And then fall into a deep sleep

The sound of rain

06 Dec 2011 Author Tse

The many-voiced song of the rain echoes softly
It sings songs of sorrow, ever yearning and sad
Moving towards the sound of the rain
First it was the silence of the clouds
Eventually pouring out, tapping on rooftops as rain
Dark days of an early shower
Beautiful as any summer would be
The sound of rain loves the pink peach blossoms
Innumerable as the stars of night
Thousands of raindrops fall
To create music
To create a song for each one of us
The rain beats upon the human heads
With silver liquid drops
I let the rain sing me a lullaby
To let me fall into a deep slumber
Smiling, happiness empowering me
That is the power of the sound of the rain.

Sanity gone insane

06 Dec 2011 Author Tse

There is a insanity within my sanity
One who has gone insane, deviates
And then hinders
To find the key
To sanity in a totally insane world
As words spill out
My brains seem to have gone insane
How can one not be branded insane?
When the healer himself has gone kaput
Every bit of sanity
Evolves stopping all pains
Here is to the world that has gone insane
To sanity gone insane


17 Feb 2010 Author Tse

Could it be just a dream? I shudder at my own question.

While reasoning out with myself and the justifications I always seem to have for everything, the heavy pounding on my door makes me jump out of bed.

The time reads 3 in the morning.

8 hours ago…

It was a dinner date with Karma, something we haven't done in the last 18 months we have been together. No candles lit, no red roses and no champagne. Just a normal dinner.

“We need to end this.” I didn't know what he meant. “The relationships,” he said looking away from me.

His words pierced right through my heart.

I didn't know what to say.

My whole life became a blank page, and for that moment I was lost for words.

With that, he said nothing more. He gave me a faint smile and stood up and walked away without looking back, not even once.

The food arrived shortly after he left.

He left me and didn't even bother paying for dinner. “So typically him,” I thought.

7 hours ago…

For that moment I never realized that it took just one hour for someone to end an 18 month relationship.

Question! Was it really over?

Yes, it was.

Before I knew, I was already in a bar, drinking shots of whisky, one after another, like as if I have been hungry for it for years.

I probably didn't know how to take a not-so-bad breakup. But I knew something went wrong and that was why I was drinking.

The last thing I remember, I was looking for my keys.

I took a moment to love my new handbag. Something I had spent half a month's salary. I loved it, some bits of metal and leather stitched together to hold my life. I gave it a long loving look and a gentle pat. “I still have you baby,” I whispered.

4 hours ago…

I had jumped straight into bed. Buried my face in my decade old pillow and cried. That was the first time I cried since Karma left me. I couldn't believe I lasted that long.

I cried myself to sleep.

3 am…

The pounding on the door did not stop.

I let out a whisper, “who is this?” There was no answer.

I peeped through the key hole, there was no one.

I opened the door to find a gift wrapped box with a card on it. It read, “Happy Valentine's Day, love Penjor.”

I smiled, break ups aren't really bad.


20 Jan 2010 Author Tse

The Bhutanese Youth for Climate Action (BYCA) will be organizing a week long winter camp in Thimphu.

The camp is being held to create awareness among the youth in Bhutan on the issue of climate change.

Climate change is one of the most critical global challenges of our times. Recent events have emphatically demonstrated our growing vulnerability to climate change.

As the youth of Bhutan, we will have to live for an extended period of time in the ever deteriorating world passed on to us by our elders.

In this context, it becomes necessary that the youth of Bhutan know about climate change and the ways to curb the impact of climate change.

Like youth all over the world, Bhutanese youth play a crucial role in combating climate change. However, the most essential thing that can be done for now is to create awareness among the youth.

During the camp, various resource people from respective agencies of the government and Non-governmental Organizations will be meeting about 50 youth participants.

The resource people will be talking on various emerging issues and policies regarding climate change.

In order to give a better understanding of awareness on what can be done to combat the issue of climate change, the participants will take part in activities like a cleaning campaign, sports, walk following the minister of agriculture, Lyonpo Pema Gyamtsho's initiative (HEHE Walk), charity show and sign a “Agents of Change” pledge.

During the camp, a three member international delegation from similar youth networks in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka will be present to share and learn from each other.

At the end of the camp, a Bhutanese youth declaration to be submitted at the SAARC summit in April, 2010 will be written. The declaration will be a collective result of the one week winter camp on climate change awareness for the youth.

The Bhutanese Youth for Climate Action (BYCA) is a coalition of young people who are concerned about climate change.

We are a network of young individuals who have come together to interact with each other to define the role of Bhutanese youth in tackling climate change issues.

As a coalition of member and supporter groups we will eventually form a national network of young people who are passionate about environment and development.

Interested youth can register with us by filling out the registration form. The registration fee is Nu 50.









Membership form for Bhutanese Youth for Climate Action (BYCA)

05 Nov 2009 Author Tse

Hi everyone,

Please take some time to fill up the membership form for BYCA. Your participation will only make this world a better place to live in. Every small effort by every individual adds up to make one big change in this ever deteriorating environment of ours. 



Date of Birth:





Mobile Number:


What are you doing at the moment? (not more than 100 words):

(Officials: your job responsibility / Student: course detail/ others: your interest and future plan)







What role can the youth play on climate action in Bhutan? (not more than 150 words):








Your expectations from BYCA: (not more than 100 words):








*Please email your form to

BYCA Launch this Saturday!

22 Oct 2009 Author Tse

Hey Guys,

We are officially launching the Bhutanese Youth for Climate Action network this Saturday at 9 in the morning at the clock tower. 

I would like to invite everyone to join us on this historic day on behalf of BYCA.

There will be a mini fair to celebrate the Global Climate Action Day too.

Please be there and spread the word!!!

BYCA- Clean for Climate Action

08 Oct 2009 Author Tse

On Sunday, October 11 Bhutanese Youth for Climate Action has proposed to have a cleaning campaign. We have chosen two most dirtiest drain in Thimphu town. First being the Honkong Market area and the second Changlam drain. If you guys are interested please email your confirmation to so we that we can work on the distribution of people in these two places.

Thank you!

Bhutanese Youth for Climate Action

07 Oct 2009 Author Tse

Bhutanese Youth for Climate Action (BYCA) is a coalition of young people who are concerned about climate change.

We, as the youth and the future generation of the country have a lot at stake from the ever deteriorating environment of our world.

As the future of our country, we as a network can create awareness and also establish a consensus as to what role Bhutan can play in the global climate debates.

BYCA thrives to work as:

·   A network of young individuals who will come together and interact with each other to define the role of Bhutanese youth in tackling climate change issues.

·   A coalition of member and supporter groups who can eventually form a national network of young people passionate about the environment and development.

·   A centralized organization which will run its own programs and projects, accepts sponsorship and donations and forms partnerships and run media campaigns.


The network will be governed by:

·   A Core Team of fifteen members who have already been chosen based on their professional background and interest on the issue of climate change.

·   A National Steering Committee with elected representatives from active and supporting member organizations and individual youth leaders.

·   A coordinator with elected representatives from active and supporting member organization and individual youth leader, one from each dzongkhag.

·   The network will have one country coordinator to represent the South Asian Youth Network United for Climate Action Now (SAY-U-CAN).


There will be one national and many regional steering committees. The distribution of the regional steering committee will be decided on the number of members registered with the BYCA.

The Steering Committee will be responsible for the following:

·    Keep the Network on track with our goals and priorities and help it grow.

·   Review new or proposed changes to existing budgets and provide recommendations to the Core Team.

·    Prepare proposals to go before the Core Team.

·   Provide feedback to central staff work-plans (at least every six months).

·    And facilitate central staff evaluations.


1) Have national and regional council meeting every 6 months: 

This will include all members of the steering committee from both regional and national, including the core team members.

Those who can't make it and want to contribute can have their views represented by a member present.

 2) Have at least one National Environmental Youth Conference a year:

 Where all members of the network, and those interested in sustainability can meet.

 3) Have a Core Team meeting every once in a month. This will be subject to any events that may come along during the month.

4) The network will organize atleast one event in a month like cleaning campaigns, climate change awareness programs and other relevant programs.

5) The network will organize one major event every year with a theme that is related to climate change. For example, this year on October 24, the network will organize an event with the theme “Together for 350.” October 24 being the Global Climate Action Day!


18 Sep 2009 Author Tse

There he was, sitting on the table next to where I was seated. He had his earphone plugged into his ears. I was listening to my very own favourite love song by Willie Nelson, “Always on my mind.”

I was having a rough day and I just wanted someone to take notice of it and brighten my day.

Unfortunately, the only person who could make me smile was the one who made me cry that day.

My passion for food, music and being alone was perhaps the most perfect set up for an unexpected romance.

As Willies's song played on and the emotions from the singer went from somber to powerful, I gazed across my table, on to his table and into his beautiful eyes staring at me with the gentlest look.

I felt the rush of chemistry run through me like a lightning bolt and I stopped the music suddenly, unplugging my earphones and just randomly looked around to release myself from the embarassment.

He smiled from the table but said nothing.

That made me feel even more concious, I could feel the heat on my face. I was blushing for sure.

And then, I could have kissed my luck a thousand times.

He got up and walked right across and sat on the chair next to me. “What were you listening to?” he asked me, his voice softer than his gaze.

“Willie Nelson's Always on my mind,” I am still not sure even today if I squeaked while I said that.

“Wow this is like a movie moment,” he said. “I was listening to the same song,”  and he handed me his left earphone and we listened to the song together.

Every day after that, we met for lunch. Five years have passed and we still meet for lunch every day. We are each other's  best friend and untill now we never forget the reasons we fell in love.

And sometimes, we meet eachother with our family and listen to Willie's song. His wife loves the song and so does my husband.

(This is a piece of fiction dedicated to all those who doesnt have the person they are in love with)

My death!

17 Aug 2009 Author Tse

Death came slow as I lay there waiting. I was hoping it would just knock on my door as a wake up call and turn away. But it didn't!

It was past three in the morning, I was working late.

I hurried to my car, it was raining. The street was empty, only a few cars roared on the other street, breaking the silence of the night.

I turned my key in the ignition, my second hand truck came to life and I roared away, trying to make myself comfortable for an hour long drive home.

I took the left turning to get to the main road, my phone started to ring. I dug through my bag but I couldn't find my phone. My eyes were now on my bag although my hands were still on the wheel.

Just then strong yellow lights blinded me; I held my grip tight on the wheel and pulled hard towards the left. The big Tata truck almost threw me off road.

I pulled over on the side and put my head on the wheel. I took in the deepest and the longest breath.

Before I could let my breath out, something big hit my car and sent me flying off the cliff.

Time stopped for a moment, everything became quiet, my head felt light and there was nothing beneath my feet.

I felt as light as a feather, I could feel nothing, not even the beat of my heart.

There was peace, silence and DARKNESS.

Something crashed, heavily on a rock. Before I realized it was my car I was thrown out of the window and I landed on a small stream nearby.

I didn't know for how long I had passed out but when I came back to my senses, my world through my eyes seemed to be a blur, nothing but hazy and distant.

I tried to move, but I couldn't.

I let my eyes travel over my body; I could only see half of me. The other half was crushed under my car.

I tried to move my head and I felt something chill running in and out of my head. The water from the stream was running inside my head while my blood was flowing into the stream.

I lay there waiting for death.

I tried to scream but I couldn't hear myself at all.

In a flash of a moment, I saw my life. It was something like those flashbacks in a movie. Just that it was in black and white.

Everything that mattered to me flashed back.

I felt no pain for I knew my seconds were numbered.

Then the pain began. It was unbearable, something like getting toothache all over your body and you insides too.

I started to get prickly feelings all over; I knew I was losing blood.

The unbearable pain made me wish death came soon.

But death came slowly.

Death came to me only after three hours.

At a distant, I saw some flashlights. I tried to smile, finally there were some people coming to rescue me.

I was beginning to fall into a deep slumber, my eyes felt heavy, apart from that I didn't feel anything else.

Death had finally come to me, I tried to shoo away death. Tears started to roll down my cheeks and merge with the blood.

Yet again, I felt no pain. Death was indeed peaceful.

A face, unfamiliar came close to mine. He was one of my saviors who came too late.

He bent down and said, “Wake up, you are going to drop Wangyal late to school.”

SEVEN BOYS (In Memoriam: A Charity Concert)

07 Aug 2009 Author Tse

To remember the seven young lives lost in Chukha, a charity concert will be organized on August 8, 2009 (Saturday) at 7 pm at the YDF hall.

Band and performers like Who's your daddy?, Bonz and Tshering Dorji, Jigme Drukpa, Kheng Sonam Dorji, Dechen Zangmo, One String Short, Cross Infection and Yangchen Dukpa will be performing.

Please be there to contribute in your own ways.