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My Absence

14 Oct 2013 Author bella

I haven’t been much into the of late due to several reasons. I know people can make up lots of excuse but I am not making up excuses for my being passive in this website. Of many reasons that kept me away from nopkin, one is obviously my shrinking memory (lol). I had forgotten my password and I tried to get the new password using my mail ID which took me sometime for I had to try all the mail IDs that I have.

It took me several times and I was thinking of contacting our webmaster but nevertheless I thought I would give a last try punching all the passwords that I could probably imagine and BINGO! I was in.

Now I am planning to write all the passwords in a note book and keep it safe…. Hope I don’t forget the whereabouts of the notebook…hehe

The matter

22 Sep 2012 Author bella

A teacher had finished teaching his science lesson on the topic “matter” the previous day and asked some questions to the students to check their understanding on the topic. The students didn’t respond.
The teacher was quite annoyed with the students and shouted “Don’t be a matter in the class… occupying the space and doing nothing” to which the students burst out laughing….

cant scribble anymore

08 May 2012 Author bella

I have been a passive reader at for more than a year now. There used to be a time when I was a regular here but as time goes on one has to outline the priorities and move on and I guess I went a little too far away but now I try to pop in whenever I get some time to go through the writings of our aspiring young writers and I try to revive my old habit but I seem to have lost it.

I plug on my laptop and try to punch some keys to type something but I find that after spending about half an hour, the words doesn't make any sense. So I punch the delete button and erase it all. My precious thirty minutes wasted… Similar incident had been prevailing ever since I have shifted to this new place over two months ago. I haven't been able to pen a single page. At first I consoled myself saying that I haven't had any time and I would continue my scribbling when I had time as I get accustomed to the new environment. I believed that I would really continue my scribbling but now I am beginning to think otherwise.

I have all the time that I need yet I cannot pen down a single meaningful sentence. The meaning gets distorted as I type from sentence to sentence and I force myself to delete all which brings me back to where I was in the beginning. After sitting for about an hour in front of the laptop I find myself without any outcome and it is very frustrating. I vow myself not to think about it further but the next evening I find myself repeating the whole thing and getting even more frustrated. Thus I have stopped scribbling and started reading again.

The earthquake again

18 Sep 2011 Author bella
Just about two years ago, Bhutan suffered a major disaster due to earthquake. The date 21st September 2009 hasn't been faded from our memory and now the nightmare seems to be repeating. The only thing different this time is that the epicenter has shifted to Sikkim.
When I first felt the tremor this evening, I thought my son was playing a prank on me as he usually does but when he responded from the next room I knew otherwise. My fear was confirmed when my daughter and niece came running into the bedroom screaming.  It took me lots of nerve to put a brave face in front of my children and console them and put them to sleep.
I tried contacting my family but the mobile network was down and I had no option but to get updates from facebook. And I got lucky that most of my family on facebook had updated their status which was quite a relief.
As I write this I am still trying to contact my family and friends but the mobile net work seem to be out of order and I guess I will have to wait and pray that everything turns out fine.

Creative non-Fiction Writing Workshop

20 Jun 2011 Author bella

Hello nopkins and nopkinmos,

Here is an opportunity for all the aspiring writers to sharpen your non-fiction writing skills. If you are interested then grab the opportunity and just go for it for Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy is conducting a four-day Creative Non – fiction writing workshop from 19th to 222nd July.

For more details please check the website given:


(Note: this is  published here for the benefit of all the members and viewers of )

The wrong number

13 May 2011 Author bella

The cell phone ringing near my bed woke me from the deep slumber. I put on the light to see the time. The clock on the wall read11.15pm. Picking up the phone, I responded and came to know that the caller was a woman. She didn't wait to know who was receiving her call and went on with her babble for a few minutes. Hearing her babble in Sharchop, I could make out that she was from some rural area in the east. I couldn't cut off the phone and could speak since she didn't give me a chance to do so. She called me “nimin” (sister) and went on with her sad tale. After sometime, I asked her where she was calling from and she responded saying that she was calling from home. I had to interrupt her by saying that she was talking to the wrong person but she said that the number belonged to her sister. I politely asked her to check the number again and switched off the cell . I didn't want to get anymore midnight calls from some unknown number.

A few years ago, someone from Thimphu used to call my number from a landline number saying that he wanted to talk to his boss by the name Dophu. Many a times I said I didn't know any one by such name but every few months I got the repeated calls from the same number and one day, I got so irritated that I shouted “Dophu shi seyi”. The call stopped altogether.

Now I am planning to keep my cell switched off when I go to bed because I don't want to entertain any wrong numbers henceforth. Thanks to the advancement of the technology that we can't even have a peaceful night's sleep.:(

(Note: This was written for my blog but since I cannot log into the blog due to some problem, it landed here)

Greeting the first Rainfall

02 Apr 2011 Author bella

The gusty wind had been speeding up for the past several days bringing relief to the mounting temperature but the roads looked dusty and the pavement were very dry yearning for a little freshness that comes only with the rain. I silently prayed for the rain since the little flowers blooming in my garden gave dull withered look. 

After a much wait, I could see the dark clouds gathering near the hills promising rain. I did not have to wait much longer for the clouds to fulfill its promise since I could hear the platters on the roof last evening. The sound of rain on the roof was an assurance that my flowers were going to survive. I rushed out with my children to get soaked in the rain. Feeling the raindrops on my face with my children giggling in excitement was really fun but then I couldn't risk keeping them out for too long. Seeing my children giggle getting drenched in the rain was the moment that I will always cherish. Like all the good things that must come to an end, I took my children back to the house and changed their drenched clothes into dry ones. 

I got a bad cold after that but I would not mind another cold for such a heavenly shower next season when the rain returns with new promises.

The rain has finally settled the dusts on the road and now when I go out on my usual evening stroll, I can take a breath of fresh air.

My other family

18 Mar 2011 Author bella

On the evening of 11th March 2011, I sat stunned as I watched the news on TV about the earthquake of 9.0 RC hitting the eastern shores of Japan. The news showed the horrifying footage of the things happening at the other end of the world – the world that held my other family; the family I had known for a brief period while I was visiting the place.

I quickly opened my mail box and wrote a message to the family, keeping my fingers crossed at the same time. I knew the time difference but I couldn't sleep knowing that things were not right at their place. I kept looking sitting in front of the TV glued to it and it was past midnight when I got the mail. I heaved a sigh of relief when I learned that they were well. I sent silent prayers to the lord above for keeping my other family safe.

The New look

14 Feb 2011 Author bella

The road I had driven for the past one year looked suddenly different when I drove to work this morning. At first I thought I was seeing things as I was preoccupied with some things related to work because tomorrow my students will be back to school and I had so many things to do to make everything ready when they arrived. But No! I was not dreaming. Something really was different. The road which usually gave me jerk as I drove was very smooth this morning. I slowed my car and drove slowly taking in everything. Over the weekend, I could see that the road had been repaired and the huge boulders which usually hindered while driving had been displaced at the side of the road. Wow! The visit of the VIPs definitely had some positive impact.

When I reached my work place, I commented on the new look of the road and one of my colleagues said that we must thank PM and his review meeting which is scheduled to be held at the end of this month. I couldn't help but agree with her.

When I was returning home for lunch, I saw the engineer who happens to be my friend with the Indian workers working on the riverbank. As I passed her, I remarked “The PM should visit us often”. She smiled and didn't say anything but I could guess what she might have been thinking.

As of now, I am glad that I don't have to worry about bumping my car on the boulders which was usually laid in the middle of the road.

A day well spent

31 Jan 2011 Author bella

The chill wind hit me as soon as I got off the bus. I tried to pull my scarf closer to avoid the wind and at the same time looking for my niece. She was to pick me up from the bus stand. I scanned the crowd and finally spotted her looking frantically, searching for me. Yes! She was there. I waved and she saw me and came towards me and towed me into a waiting taxi.

The taxi speeded into the street and I looked out. I could see people walking the street in diverse attire, trying to keep away cold. A thought crossed my mind  “what are these people doing in the cold?” but then I also realized that I was one of them. I had no reason to be there yet I had come there and that made me one of them. Smiling inwardly I kept quiet but my niece noticed that something was going on in my mind and asked. I simply smiled and said nothing. The streets was as crowded as I had last seen and though the roads had become wider, I could see that the vehicles parked along the roads had increased in number. The ride in the taxi took less than ten minutes and I was on the doorsteps of the house in no time.

My cell rang soon after I had a steaming coffee to get rid of the cold. A friend invited me for dinner and we went out at Ama's restaurant. The dinner was impressive and I decided to take my son out to the restaurant when he arrived.

The next day I decided to visit my friend's mother in the hospital. Well! I was visiting JDWNRH for the first time. I called my friend in advance to come and see me at the gate. I did not want to make a fool of myself by getting lost in the hospital. She was there to see me at the gate during the visiting hours. I spent an hour with her mother and then I was out as soon as the visiting hours were over because I had another appointment. I was to visit a friend and her newborn son. I was very excited because he was her first born. A friend came to pick me up and we headed to her house. I spent the whole afternoon with her and the baby. It was an afternoon well spent and I did not want to leave the cozy atmosphere but then I had another place to visit in the evening. I was visiting another newborn in Changzamtok.

The visit to Changzamtok was something that I will always cherish. I hadn't met Kuenza before but I had read her articles in and we had chatted on few occasions. When Arrogant Buddha called and suggested that we pay her a visit, I agreed instantly. I didn't know what to expect but when we rang the door bell, I knew I had made a right decision. There was no awkwardness. The feeling was mutual. It felt like I was meeting my long lost friends.

My first day at Thimphu was well spent with many fond memories :)

On a forced diet

08 Jan 2011 Author bella

We come back from our session in the evening and get busy with the preparation for the  next day's presentation. I rigorously look for some references in the library and browse the net. The time flies by and we don't even realize that it's past the dinner time. Damn! We (I and my roommate) missed the dinner again. This is the 6th night that we had been here and we never saw the dining hall in the mornings and evenings and the reason we gave was we were too busy.  It's not that we are so engrossed with the preparation for preparation and other assignments but engaged mostly in the silly tit bits of our life.

In between preparation and chat, we manage to make some coffee and share. the time is after midnight and we are still awake. Shit! shouldn't we be in bed? Both of us think aloud together and burst out laughing. Shhh… the people in the next room are sleeping. We shouldn't be making such a loud noise in the middle of the night. And we reluctantly switch off the light and call off the day.

Tomorrow is another day with another work, another episode and another headache. Might even be another day without dinner 😉

Charged Nu.2 extra

04 Jan 2011 Author bella

I bought ticket for the public transport enroute to samtse. I was travelling with my two friends to attend the course. We paid Nu. 38 each for the tickets and got onto the bus. The bus was not very crowded when we boarded from the bus stand. I was squeezed between my two friends.  As soon as the bus crossed the Indo-Bhutan boarder, there was a crowd of passenger waiting to board the bus. The conductor started shoving in all the extra passengers. The people started pouring in and the bus got more crowded and there was not a single space to place a foot yet the people kept on boarding. After about five minutes the bus started moving. By then the people sitting on their respective seats were also complaining about the comfortableness of the ride.

My friend who was seated near the door had the most uncomfortable ride of all. A man who was standing behind her seat always jerked forward when the bus moved and a boy standing in front of her had a small bag at his back which kept nudging on her face. Every time the bus stopped to pick up or drop a passenger, she felt more uncomfortable. 


As for me I tried to remain as still as possible because a small movement from me would have caused her more discomfort. After  crossing some tea estate of Hasimara, the conductor started checking the bus ticket. I was wondering how much the conductor would charge for those passengers standing when I got my answer. I saw the people being charged Nu.40 and nudged my friend to see what was happening. She saw  how much the conductor was charging and was looking at the scene with a shocking eye to which I commented ” They are charged Nu. 2 extra for standing” and my other friend burst out laughing.

Bhutan's first ever blogger and Twitter meet-up!

21 Nov 2010 Author bella

This morning I opened my message box on facebook and saw a message from the WAB administrator which read “Bhutan's First Ever Blogger and Twitter Meet-up!” which is happening in Thimphu on 27th Nov 2010.

I thought the nopkins would be interested to join.

If you are interested in the event(after reading their objectives) please inform the organizer on their event page:


11 Aug 2010 Author bella
Never had I felt so helpless. I was a firm believer of the cliché, “if there is a will, there is a way” but not anymore. My will power is failing me.
It is very disheartening to see the people you care about fade away in front of your eyes. The countless trips to many different hospitals and the numerous religious rituals haven't been of much help.  Though I am aware of the impermanence, I want to hold on. I am just not ready to let go.
I have heard people suffering from depression but I never knew that my share was already in store just waiting for its time to strike. Now I understand the trauma one goes through to learn that there is no hope, the distress of seeing someone die a slow but sure death.

Every night I look at the passing stars and wish for a brighter tomorrow and hope against hope for some good news but deep in my heart I know that a day will come when I have to accept the reality. The reality that I dread. :(

combating heat

11 Aug 2010 Author bella

I headed towards kitchen to get a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator and saw it partially open. Upon closer look I saw my three year niece sitting with her butts on the vegetable rack inside the refrigerator.

I screamed and asked what she was doing, to which she replied ” sofla jang”

Get well soon!

08 Jul 2010 Author bella

I remember the first time I saw you
the most active among the group of eight
Selected among the hundreds

You were so full of life
With so much energy
And jest for life

I never knew death lurked around
Hiding beneath
Waiting to strike

The news shattered me
To learn what you are going through
The cancer eating you away

You have so much to live for
The dreams to be fulfilled
the stars to be reached

Just hang on
I know you can over come that
With the blessings from all

(Note: I recently came to know about this student who is being treated for bone marrow cancer…)



23 Jun 2010 Author bella

My daughter wanted to take a nap one Sunday afternoon so she wrote a DO NOT DISTURB ME sign on her door and closed it.  My son who is younger to her saw that and wanted irritate her so wrote replaced the sign which read DO DISTURB ME and got inside.

The lonely soul

03 Jun 2010 Author bella

As soon as he gets into the room, he starts greeting everyone present there. Sometimes his greetings are followed with  naughty remarks and at other times with a smack of laughter from the others. This is the virtual world of the druknet.  Every one in the room knows him as a regular chatter and exchanges some valuable information with him on some occasion but no one has really seen the real soul that resides beneath the stereotype nick he uses …the soul that is lonely and craves for a company. He is usually surrounded by many beautiful ladies in the virtual world but the reality is just the opposite.

His wife left him because they could not understand each other and they decided to go separate ways because it would have destroyed them if they had lived under the same roof. His passion for his work was more than his wife could bear and her nagging was something that he dreaded. So it was better that way.

Now he doesn't have someone to nag him and he is happy about it but every evening as he climbs the stairs of the building which he calls his home, he sense a feeling of loneliness creeping in his heart. The eerie silence that greets him on his arrival home is sometimes unnerving. Thus he find solace in the virtual world and chat away his time until sleep comes his way.

Changing times

17 May 2010 Author bella

I remember a time when I visited a village more than a decade ago. The people in that village lived in harmony. They had just got their houses electrified and they were learning to use the electronic rice cookers and water boilers. Everyone helped everyone in times of need. I was amazed to see a train of people walking and on inquiry I learned that those people were carrying a sick lady in turn to reach her to the nearest BHU since the village did not have access to road.

I visited that village recently. I could see that it had changed drastically. The wooden shingles were replaced by the CGI sheet and there were a few concrete house as well which I hadn't seen during my first visit. The village has a road and people have prospered materialistically. I could also see some vehicles parked in front of some houses and the village has a community school too. Yes! People have prospered but it was saddening to notice that they are more involved in their individual well being. Their once selfless commitment for the well being of the whole community has diminished with the changing times. People hardly render help to the needy ones and we cannot find any more train of people helping a sickly neighbour to the hospital. Neighbours hardly know what is happening in the next house.

Changing times have brought many developments in the lives of that village but it has also disintegrated the harmony and coziness that the people once shared.

Rush hours!

12 May 2010 Author bella


The alarm goes off at 10 minutes to 5 in the morning. It is set to remind me at 5 minutes intervals. Each time the shrill bell seems louder and more insistent than the last. On the fourth ring I have to get off the bed and prepare for the day or else I would end up being late for my work.

A brisk walk and a shower and I head to the kitchen for a cup of tea and begin my household chores. By 6.30, the breakfast is ready and the lunch is packed. I call my children to wake them up but they always pretend not to hear and I have go to my children's room to literally pull them out of their bed. By the time they take shower and eat their breakfast, it is almost 7.15 and I have just 30 minutes to pack their books, get them dressed and prepare myself for my work.


As I take my car keys and drive through the gate towards my daughter's school, I glance at the watch which informs me that I have 15 minutes to get to my work. Dropping my daughter to her school take me longer than necessary because of the traffic and most of the time I end up crossing the school gate when the bell rings. I always end up reaching at work just on time and on a few occasions even late by few minutes.