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Nopkin: not Nopkin anymore!!!!

27 Nov 2012 Author TheDogService

It was the time when, like everybody else, I use to scribble kinds and read what ever blogged at the Nopkin. One get to enjoy the every moment of emotions penned down by different individuals. Some would have scribbled of emotional rages, some humming down the sweet songs of their beloved loves, some articulately sharing the anecdotes worth taken into one’s life and others, throwing in some light-hearted jokes. It has been always a moment to take a short breath at this site. Among all these, it was far more interesting to read people showering in what-not comments at every articles and with that, ideas and information proffered. One would always find a great moment at this site. Truly, day never use to end without reading an article from the bloggers.

After years, when I go through it today, I find sea changes in the look of the nopkin (thanks to Nopkin), it has come a long way and can see the growth of bloggers here. And, even more, its great to still find some of the ardent and oldest bloggers string-attached and, reading their articles reminds me times of the college days when, sometimes would miss the class as one would be busily engrossed browsing through their articles and scribbling comments. Notwithstanding, that would also encourage one to forcefully scribble a word or two making some kind of diarification (anecdotal journal of the day) to be read by someone who would pass by. Todays’s nopkin facilitates even more with varied options to zipped in more media sources which is a convenient one to make one’s blog more eye-catchy. And, also its good to see numbers of bloggers growing which indicate Bhutanese do have talented writers who are unfortunately or fortunately veiled due to different circumstances. Nopkin provides an arena for such to unveil and groom more bloggers.

May Nopkin grow bigger!

The reeling Moments

12 Feb 2011 Author TheDogService


May be one can call-it-what-one-may, but the fate has brought the sailing adventurer to a safe halt, at a much safer port: the Samtse College of Education. Was the life there a candy one? Or was that a hell out of time? Thus, I never knew and I would never know. But am much sure that you, my dear readers, have the immense sensibility in making the judgement whatsoever!

Okay. The date 28th February, Wednesday, 2007 and the time 9 AM, is what I vividly figure back the day I took a shelter: Centre of Academic Excellence, College of Education, Samtse- the nation's most trusted builder. One should be scrutinized through various programs before becoming a member of the college. The submission of formalities followed by a warm welcome lecture, structuring the historical note-down which, the Director, made a perfect chemistry with the podium with great oratory. “…..with hopes, thus you have joined the family……but, have you ever thought the importance of this institute in our country?” Blah…blah…went on the small figure but a heart of David. A chuckle of whispers waved through the embedded armchairs- even the fool of the fools know that teacher that we were taught also have been made here.   Few hundred alien eyes have already scanned the entire sumptuousness of the auditorium by the time lecture bid us out as the next program would ensue.

Instantly, a guy reminds us that after the lunch, 'Campus Campaign', in simple term, a college campus familiarization, would be there and ensured it's an important one. As we budge through the hallway, surprisingly, the plates and cups were washed and readied for the midday meal, and the most interesting part is self-serving system where, in old days one have to carry our own plate and should be satisfied whatever amount the cooks would provide. Do you remember that it's not unusual thing to have new names for the cooks in schools? Nomenclatured according what he gives… One who gives less food would be adorned with the name, ECO(shorter version for economic),Vibra(those shaky hands), etc!) But, here, the Himalaya is all ours!  Without much ado, one would take the advantage of conquering. Not even giving a damn to the slightest dash of the to and fro movement of other conquerors.

A visit to the library (with a briefing by the Librarian enlightens one with the idea in research procedures ), laboratories, press, IT rooms, Radio cells, etc elated us so much with its facilities; everyone agreed that they have made a right choice and would be taking a momentous sunbath under this joyful realm.  

                                                                                       (… be contd)

A Cocktail — Worth Drinking…….!!!

06 Feb 2011 Author TheDogService


Life is of cocktail, if drank with the pleasure and fun, there's no doubt the end will always be the right target that it will choose. We tend to drag by the worry that is substantial but making the pleasure out of pain is what the happiness which gives the maximum vigour……Nothing is blank until one sees it with positive forth…. the will of direction should always be  towards the right and rightfullness….right living, right choice with right aptitude, I believe that is what the every religion that teaches the gospel and hence, the truthful and rightful towards the shiner side of life. Live by fate not by choice, is what the greatest of the greatest Holy Philosopher, The Buddha asked His followers…….

Let the peace  and happyness be your moments living…….otherwise, make it happen……Take some pain, take some pleasure=======That's what I believe , a cocktail, worth drinking(Living)!


The Reeling Moments…….

05 Feb 2011 Author TheDogService

The Unreeling Moments………….

It was a time when the world of my life just laid with the beautiful patterned carpet, where I could sophisticatedly delve into the pleasure and even to the extent of claiming self as unnamed Big Brother, in our own way. All the world of opportunities was not at all a dearth. The men, women, old and young, rich or poor- I would say, I had enough pride with their unwavering friendship and the fraternity that we nurtured. Their lavish and ambiance of positive energy and comradeship never let the things down. It was a time, when one didn't mind taking a share of food from the very plate and drank varieties in the same cup; the image of that distorted aluminum cup blurrily appears as I pen this. It has been wisely said, innocent days are life's best drama that are cherished time and again, and bringing nostalgic happy-pain (ness). I feel, the road was worth and best taken and taken to the fullest, and there's a dearth of a pinch of regret, whatever being we arrived. Pleasure and pain is an exact meaning to life and the voyages on a sail that we made is no loss rather bridged extensively to the nearer arena of experiences. The mischievous lashes and steel-natured confidence from the unparalleled teachers, we heartedly pledge – they were at their best of all. May be a moment's serpentine treat ruined the day but we are less of word in describing the immense affect it had in the chiseling of life; ours one time life, sophisticated-oxymoroned life.


                                                                               To be contd………..

The Homecoming… both the ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 Jan 2011 Author TheDogService
The seasons have taken its turn and I can feel the very warmth of Nopkin family still adhered with the philosophy of love- getting the farthest to the nearest, knowledged to the knowledgeable…et al. Its been years I have been departed from this very family with unwonted reasons but then, the love for this family still remain embedded within this small heart. With due apology from Ata Nopkin, and the family, I have MISSED you all very much. This is the moment of all happiness that I can enjoy being once again united in this closet arena. With the new year on its march, am seeing so many new family joining hands-on cherishing the undying fraternity that we have trust. 'This is the the Land of Minds of Mixed Intellectuals'……………the very land of Wordsworth's nature attachment, Keats' romantic heart, Coleridge's poetic sonnets, Donne's emergent lamentations, Shelly's break-down, etc…….we have it all here, untapped! I have come through all these people and have enjoyed the moments. And again,  I am very proud to be here…..Hope the days will shine more with extra energy to share the piece of many loves……..see you all guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
with luv!

Pal 2 pal Con-fusion!

17 Sep 2009 Author TheDogService

My fren asked, “Jim…tell me a thing that you can't live without it….anything!”. To that I responded, “you know, usually I spend an hour watching NDTV news channel before I curl back into my bed..blah blah”.  Then I shot back, ” what about you?”.  He replied,”SEX is one thing that I really can't live without doing it for a day!” this I was shocked coz Gelongs are found rare with opposite sex. . He added,  “Usually I do Sleep, Eat, Xercise..this is the most thing that I can't live without doing it once……” hmmmmmm!

Sweet love comes in Hard age…………

16 Sep 2009 Author TheDogService

Many a times we find elders saying that, love grows strong as the age ripens… and and the most precious moment of the solemn of their marriage is felt around this hard times….. where they wanted the soul who understand them more by their intimate than the sole heir. Although, it's out-of-question for me about that fortunate rages, but what dubious me more is, can the 'love-life' remains vigorous and would do anything albeit the Nature-Bounded life?

Recently, media was flooded with the jargon that, 107 years old Malaysian women named, Wook Kundor, is contemplating getting married for the 23rd time.The media report quoted her saying 'to remove forlornness' as she is suffering single-handedly due to her ailing husband who is under treatment………

Shocking but interesting…..don't you agree guys?

N.B:You can visit :  for further info…..

Mother-Daughter Con-fusion!!!!!!!!!

16 Sep 2009 Author TheDogService

Once a girl was sent by the gov't under scholarship to US. After her studies she married there itself to a one legged man (Coz Chilips means, no hell or heaven for the people). To inform her mom, she wrote her  a letter: “Dear Mom! I am a married women now, but he has only  ONE FOOT…although he is from a wealthy family.”

Her Mother was surprised to find a foreigner husband for her daughter & replied:
“You are lucky, your papa has ONLY 5 INCHES”

N.B: With due apology from the ladies…….

Lost Person: Search on Net!

12 Sep 2009 Author TheDogService

Last night I just signed on in Facebook, my ever best site which I trust and yeah loved it….As usual I scribble something notorious and some heartfilled comments on the mixed jargoned status of my frens, at times pulling their legs, and on others, just passed by doing some training on the free games. But, the best part of it, I like doing the quizzy games, where types try to get their nose-in about the person s/he is! As the time flee by wantonly, we forgot that the things which need to be done has always remain untouched…….dipped within the cozy mind that it showers. But, out of all these, sometimes out of nothing we get something that we cherish more than what we are supposed to do! Believe me, I once again got connected to many of my childhood frens.

But, the last night incident really took me to discuss with you all……..suddenly, I got an invitation from one of my fren (Unseen fren) for a chat. After accepting the call, started sharing our lives' story and what not things. She said, she had been in Bhutan and had nice time with the Bhutanese. As usual, one never gets tired of the 'blowing trumpet' and I was also having the same fill: WoW, your country is such a luvly……de ppl r really nice…….I lik Bhutanese dress……I have many frens there……..the talk goes on!

Then she asked me, if I know some of her frens out here in Bhutan……I unrealistically replied'Yes' despite the fact that, it was ridiculous to have all idea about who is who? Mean time, she asked me to look for one of her fren named “NONO”. She says her fren works in RBP and has a Lecturer husband, in Thimphu and unfortunately  lost her contact address. Although it's weird and would be hard task, I accepted it and told her I would do my best to get the contact of her fren as soon as possible.

Afterall, I assumed, her fren might be somewhere here or there if that was the truth! So, if any one in Nopkin member happen to be her friend, Pls do let me know….and I would appreciate for that.

Ms. Kathleen Pritchard, says, is her name.(P.# 447765978443)

N.B: This I am doing on behalf of the said Lady.

“I too wanted to be that tiny sparkling star”

21 Aug 2009 Author TheDogService

In one's life, even a single being wouldn't be there without a mind to become someone. Even a tiny particle of living Ant wants to gather a castle of foodstuff in order to make no-fear of dearth of survival for the remaining days. Each single moment, we are in tight schedule to achieve the pinnacle of happyness, which mostly describes, a success in life. No stones are left unturned in the battle to grasp that most coveted, lets say, the most wanted one or the most driving factor in the momentum of life's journey. No matter what is good and bad, the arrow targeted from the loosen bow-string have no choice in the middle of the ragging friction of the stumbling air. The flowing fluid rarely hampered by the boulders on its tread. That's the formula or mantra one needs to adhered in the mileage one takes.

Alike, Ugyel, born to a middle class and affluent family, could sustain the everyday needs. Ugyel's expectant parents started drawing unending desires in their heart. He, none the less, could not stand and stare foolishly towards parents wish lists but, kindling encouragement geared him to challenge more challenging situation on his treading. true to the wishes of his loving parents, Ugyel did his best in the academic performances and gathered laurels; the shining medals and highly-hued certificates nicely-framed, hanging on the faces of the walls at home. The halo of that joyful moment ignited the ever-desirous heart of his parents. The final waord was: nothing can stop Ugyel from achieving all those fruits of success, which his parents had nurtured. Every dawn was a higher step of ladder to his goal to reach on the Everest, and make the sketchy webbed dream into a colourful pattern.

But, do we take a second thought that anything can happen anytime in the flicker of time?

Nobody sense it until that drives within, and Ugyel and his parents too hadn't made it a point there. human mind is such a stuff which tries to devour the entire magnificent wishes despite the presence of someone, who sieves or engineers our life. Being human a stuff, one cannot outdo the Mother Nature that is Providenced. we are the actors of the stage(world), wrote Shakespeare in one of his plays.

Coming back to the track, Ugyel too was about to pass that Judgement of life. He outdid the XIIth standard exam, ranking third, overall. One of the scholarship slots for the medical profession was already awarded to him. The next moment, Ugyel was in the wonderland(at least for him), being on the another part of the continent. At least, his parents were satisfied as portion of their wishes are being fulfilled. Ugyel, on his part made himself so much on the professional development within two and half years. Being there was like modelling himself to a more mature of cocoon.

How life would be beautiful amidst the ominous calls?

Ugyel living in a society, where the life was made so easy with the advancement in modern outcome of science, easily fallen prey to the social evils like doing drugs. His mates could easily a one-time well-mannered and timid country boy into an unfortunate one under the spell of substances…….with the evil substances, his parents dreamy substance could not hold on his shoulder anymore. By the time he came down to his final semester, the college authority made a final cease to his education there. He was lifeless and could see no clouds under his wings anymore. He was rushed back to home country and landed in his ancestral home, with shapeless hopes and dreams. Every greener valleys of his opportunities turned into darkened hell…….a din less hell of den. By the time, his consciousness charged again, the times were too fast, distance to long. The dream to catch that moment was as useless as trying to catch-hold of falling glass of milk.

Ugyel sometimes wondered the unwonted journey and trying to bring the reel of life back but that was of no use. While he sees his childhood mates driving in a hifi cars, he could not think a slice of moment. The only thing he could dream or utter was, ” I too wanted to be that tiny sparkling star”……………..A dream that he will take all the way to his graveyard.

N.B: This is a fictitious narration.

Atlast Archie is going to choose Veronica for hand in marriage….

02 Jun 2009 Author TheDogService

Hey Guys, its high time we turn back and find out what's happening in the world of comic mags! Recently, the creator of the said comics has finally decided to take the another form of story of the three high school hotties character of the comic 'Archie'. The characteristic features of these triumvirates in the story for 68 years was circumcised based on the high school goodies.

The love-hate-love relation between Veronica-Archie-Betty will come to an end with the new plotting of the story where, the publication in the following will be based on Archie  graduating and joining the world of work, and proposing a marriage to the surprising girl….Veronica! Making Betty and thousand Janes to mow over the certain overtion of the storyline. The long relationship of Archie with Betty is an surprise attack on the fans

The website noted the jilted feelings over the decision: “I hope it's Betty! I've read these comics for over 30 years and waited for the day he woke up and chose Betty,” wrote fan Rachel.

 Anyways Guys, Lets wait and watch the full circle of the publication which is on the way to the country.

Note: it is for the Archie comic fans.

And, the Winner is…….

28 May 2009 Author TheDogService

Despite the heat raiding over the ManU fans in winning the cup, yesterday's match sealed the fate of ManU for UEFA ,2009. The miracle shot from Et'o and another goal from Messi in the half  led Barca to lift the Champ Cup.

Rooney was at child's play and Park too. Even Ronaldo, the ManU hero failed to get through despite his 5 attempting shot. Sadly, the ManU lament that theirs was no coordination of the game……….The Barca held the ball beautifully for the 85 mins, giving a rare touch for the ManU team.  The youngest coach of the League, Barca's coach gasp his mouth wide open, when the miracle fell upon.

On the other hand, it was a greatest blow to the ManU fans, including self, was really griefstriken by the way the ManU handle the game……. Ronaldo sadly remarked," we are hurting the fans….." (

Guys, let's pray fo rthe next time……

Jigsher:… Ever Higher..Ever Onward…..

15 May 2009 Author TheDogService

Main school building, Khaling

Under the ever brightening blue sky,
Enclosed within by mountains at all faces;
Amidst, emerged a heaven of learning, as always,
The best of the best in the Land of Peaceful Druk.

“Thank You, Father Mackey”,
We’re indebted for your unfathomable kindness,
Our sincerest prayers for you, unwavered,
Will remain your spiritual soul in the heaven of tranquility.

Nevertheless, we aren’t forgetful, of all,
To our founding “Father of Modern Education”,
The late Druk Gyalpo, with undying dynamism,
The temple took its shape, to become a sacred shrine.

Thousands of scholars and learners, fortunately,
Tasted the true root of education,
From this very land of golden shrine of Lord,
With greater enlightenment and joy as years went by!

Hitherto, name of the school stood high, flaming;
Fame flourished like the sun of the eternal glory,
Budding scholars and heartfelt teachers never let it down,
Instead, Jigsher will rise like a lode star.

We, the family of Jigsher, shall not forget the motto:
“Ever Higher…..Ever Onward…” the march will continue,
And, shall keep the high spirit of Jigsher,
With an infinite flame of love and reverence!
{As Jigsher School (Khaling) turns 31st on 16th May, I offer my words  of gratitude and to bring the kindling memories of her.}

Tongue in cheek (II)

06 May 2009 Author TheDogService

Once a Loan Officer was on a tour, familiarising the types of loan schemes for the rural farmers. Since, he was somewhere from the west, it was difficult to speak sharchop. It was a hard task for him. So, he took the help of Gup in the meeting. The Loan Officer explained about the different types of loan schemes which needed to be made aware to the farmers to the Gup.

The next day, a large crowd gathered for a brief intervention by this officer. But, Gup was the main speaker. He started by explaining in Sharchop, "Nai bak thi nong tha audo yekhan sho, aiga long (loan) gopen thi nong thaga joney cha(the reason why you have asked to gather here today is because our Loan Officer is here to discuss about the loan schemes)……

The lecture went on giving the benifits of loan, if taken. Again, after while, the Gup explained, "Dasho gi sung la, long (loan) ga lhampa sam cha. long katang, long barma dang long zemu ani lhampa sam cha ani sung la…….(the Dasho says that there are three types of loan – large, medium and small loan)" At this, the audiences burst into great laughter. The officer was shocked at the roaring crowd. Officer felt, the scheme really did matter to the farmers.

[This incident was once narrated by my fren. I don't know whether it is true or false but it really blown my head….]

If asked with our heart, God never fails in answering

01 May 2009 Author TheDogService

You know, if we really put our heart,when wishing for something that we wanted in life to happen, God never fails to answer one’s wishes. We believe the saying, “God sees the truth but waits”, but in some case,if you really give a pure and true aspirations, one seems to get an immediate solutions.


It happened with me. It was in 1993. I was in class 4 in Yadi school (Monggar). As mentioned by aurora, during that period, there was anti problem, which brought angst to every nook of the country. We were too young to understand the situation. Among us, there were so many non-Bhutanese and Lhotsampas(as we were restricted to call them Nepalee,by one of the Lopen). The school was catering boarding student during that time. So, the Lhotsampas and Indians too wereadmitted there with usas boarder. The fooding condition during that time was worse of all. Starting from Thukpa in the breakfast with insects floating visibly in the plate, followed by Kharang and Pumpkin in the Lunch and dinner. Aahh! That was the hardest days we endure. Of course, coming from the rural, it was compatible wit us Bhutanese. But, most of all, non-Bhutanese were cursing a lot at the situation. Since they were bit brought up in better surrounding.


At one time,some of them wished to be get away from the school. I too felt tortured in that. So, they suggested “why not pray to the almighty, to be freed from the hell?”. Finally, two of my friend, Sujay Kumar and Raju Chettri, somehow brought half-a klogram of vegetable oil. With that, we manually prepared a butterlamp and went to a nearby chorten(if you happened visit Yadi school, you will find the chorten, right below the playground), where we offer with our own wishes. I didn’t know know what were their wishes, but as of me I remember, I didn’t have wish as such. Unknowingly, I didn’t ask them. Afterall, what they want was, to get away from the school.


Surprisingly, after two days, there arrived the circulation from the government saying, they(Lhotsampas and non-Bhutanese) should discontinue from studying in the school. I thought, their wishes were rightly answered. About me, as I have wished nothing(Coz’ I was afeared), the normal tortured continued, which shaped me to become what I am today. From that, the innocent mind of mine thought, the God really is watching every wishes we borne in our heart. Unbelievable!


I didn’t know the real situation,until now. Regarding two of my friend, Sujay Kumar is working as driver in Dantak(BRO), I met him couple of years ago. And, Raju, is said to be in Kuwait, working in some organization. 

Ngalong-Sharchop controversies…… But why??

27 Apr 2009 Author TheDogService

The things are getting even worse than before! Watch out if you are going to tie a knot with any of these two unusual and psychotic groups in the society….. Recently, I had got a fren who was in love with the Sharchop girl… but sadly, there were so many controversies and blamishing remarks showering on each other despite the fact that both the parents are the citizens of Bhutan. The boy's parents was always bickering. They donot want to get their offsprings married toSharchop zam. He shared those problems to me. I really was stunned to hear that, that too from the educated lot. The reasons, they says, Sharchop usually are from the punery based. So, they think it would be an extra burden for the hubby to reach a hand to all those hangers. He added, Ngalops usually blame sharchops as backward and always have an uneasy heart towards them. I asked, what about the love that they have nurtured since their high school? Are you going to go with the parents?

On the other hand, my colleague, who is in love with the Ngalop girl has the same litany to share. He says, he's deciding to marry the girl but at the back, he was afeared about his parents' unsatisfaction over the decision. What Sharchops usually tainted in their mind is that, Ngalops are considered to be arrogant, dominating and at the most, termagant. So they fear the hardened character of Ngalops. The follow-up goes unending.

Thats the rubbish hearing that I have come across. Were those blunders been embedded since the day we started to stand as nation? But, what can we do, as the society has already blackened its own image? Or do we still have the miles of journey to clear those manmade dark thoughts about one another?

This article do not intend to hurt anybody in personal. I am SORRY, if you are!]

“What's In A Name?”

16 Apr 2009 Author TheDogService

"What's in a name?"…. asks Shakespeare, and it is not unknown to anybody. The great mindblower like him made no significance over the name a person is pronounced with. Trinculo, Caliban, Bianca, etc were the names we usually had heard, till our eardrums burst during those Shakespearean lessons.

But, the funniest thing that we did, was trying to get those pseudo, attach as nick, whenever we find a sweet characteristics of name.

Bhutanese, mostly the schoolgoers usually had the habit of personifying themselves or else those heroic personalities. But, we cannot hide from the witty sarcasms of the tird person. One incident still thud my memories of those nomenclaturing days in high school. Whever we had Shakespeare class, we used to be fully engrossed on the explanation notes of our English teacher, stressing beautifully on the charismatic and characteristic personalities of a famous protagonist Bianca. So, when we pick an eye on any of  mesmerising outlook in a girl, we call her Bianca. Everybody get their heads-up when she is called in that nick. She would be elated at the most.

But, the U-turn is, there was a real truth behind calling this name. Actually, Bianca means deaf (in sharchop term 'Biaenka'), because girls usually be deaf ear to the proposal from the boys. So, sadly and out of frustration, the ignorant girls usually land up with this name.

On the other hand, verbhorreaic incessant and vulpine-like characterised girls usually get their name as Katherine, an alcoholic person (Stephano); funniest guy (Trinculo); a malicious guy (Caliban); loverboy (Ferdinand) and so on. Although it has less significance in our contextual living but then those nomenclatures help to self in reminiscing our school days: funny and worth cherishing moments. Are they ??????????????????

Jigsher: Host of our Love.

12 Apr 2009 Author TheDogService

Gone were those happy moments,where,
We remained tuned to the songs that
Played in the name of luv,indeed,
A calf-love but cherished fullthrotedly.
Still, sweetest words waive my sense,
As I turn over those lyrics that you
Have penned with great lexicality,when
At times, I was made buoyant object.
Your sweet name, ours? made jointly,
Blended from JIgme and Sherub, with
The wishes, never to apart,
As the name itself is!
Alas, true to the nature's nature,
Everything must change; so was our love,
With the nature's divine, we 've fallen,
A curse that would be naught, to spell!
Seasons took its turn,but remain we,embedded,
Strong, in our  cutiest love, prayed,
To the Almighty love, let the season wheel,
But, not to wine the fate to topsy- turvy.
As destined, we met, for a time too less,
And,departed without a farewell,too,
The blooming dreams that we had,gradually,
Ceases to blossom as we drifted far way.
Little, had we known, that it was early,
Pouring the every inch of heartout,
Was an unexpected nemesis;now,
When, all these pangs of thoughts glare,naked!
Glamorous scene becomes less interested,
Even, the hairstyling habit are fretted,
Life seems to dragging towards, a
Hollow Island, where the poets usually resides.

Biggest Worm : Jumbo Worm…….

03 Apr 2009 Author TheDogService

NEWQUAY, UK – A monstrous sea worm was captured by aquarium staff after terrorizing other marine life in its tank.

Workers at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium had no idea the 4-foot long creature was even living in the tank, where it had apparently grown up in secret. Fish were being harmed and the interior of the tank was damaged, but their was no obvious culprit.
Staff placed bait traps out, which the worm would devour overnight, hook and all. Matt Slater, curator of the aquarium, explained, “That worm must have obliterated the traps. The bait was full of hooks which he must have just digested.”
Eventually, they spotted the worm and and removed it from the tank, during which the worm’s jaws bit through a 20-pound fishing line! The retrieval was further complicated due to it being covered in bristles that sting and can cause permanent numbness after contact.
It is believed the worm arrived as a baby hidden in a shipment from another aquarium. “Barry”, as it is now called, has been given its own tank to live in.

Jigsher Nite: Breaking the rules…

03 Apr 2009 Author TheDogService

Do anything sort of party/gathering go without a list of drinks in a menu? Exceptionals, mosh? But most believes, a parties without a few sip of wine do not heat them up and feels hard to get along with the moment. Generally, the mixed of these elements surely do makes a gathering spirited-up, hitting some steps of M.Jackson; few trying hard to throttle-out lines of lyrics, which ultimately make the remaining silences to burst their lungs out!

But, we are wrong as so-called conservationists  puts -in, a parties/gathering can be enjoyable without the said vapourisers, too….Heeding to this, we seniors, organized a small gathering for the freshers in the institute, under the occasion "Jigsher Reunion". The party kicked-off with tea and snacks and some waffling introductions  across the oldies and newcomers (ex-jigsherpas). Drinks were restricted for the nite. This is for the first time, the Jigsherpas had to undergo a party without a drinks, which was their hard life…………….Hard times?……… Yes, since none of the student coming from the Khaling school remain aloof without a taste of it!  …………….Ask any fellow who studied there, only one or two may be pure. The culture of drinking has been embedded from the time they are confined in the serenity of Khaling. But, the true nature of Khaling(Jigsher-Ever Higher,ever Onward) has still been strongly withheld in the heart of each seed that She had nurtured…….

In the occasion to celebrate those moments, the "Jigsher Nite" have been purely enjoyed and surprise……..none complained with the abscence of that! The first ever rule to have been broken…………! Everybody felt satisfied…satisfied in the sense, because for the first time, they realized the truth behind a party worth enjoying without a drinks……………….Thank You Bros and Sis for your coming and making this moment lively!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest of honour

Ladies at their full…

The fresh combacks…