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It’s because of love…….?

09 May 2014 Author 89kg

Adam and Eve defied god’s instructions, tasted the forbidden fruits and they remained on this earth.

Romeo and Juliet left behind their awe-inspiring eternal love legacy.

Shajahan built magnificent Taj Mahal for his beloved Mamtazmahal.

Egyptian king ordered his artists to carve the most beautiful statue of the queen Nefertiti.

Lord Tennyson penned down the famous poem titled “The Lady of Shallot”.

Shakespeare wrote the most renowned play called “The Tamming of the Shrewd”.

Rohan Rathor composed and left behind sentimental song for his beloved girl.

Cameron ventured to direct most super hit and legendary Hollywood movie the “Titanic”.

Lord Shiva fought countless battles and embraced many challenges just to win Sati’s love and admiration.

Guru Padmashamvawa tied bond with two Khandoms, though against his strict Buddhist precepts.

Osama Bin laden married five women, in spite of his stature as the most wanted world terrorist.

Gasa Lama Singye jumped into the conflagration to show his genuine love for his departed wife the changyuel Galem.


03 Feb 2014 Author 89kg

Lucky leaves 

When I was in school, I was always enthralled by the superstition of collecting lucky leaves. I was told that if I can catch as many lucky leaves as possible, I would easily get through my examination papers. I never had a shred of doubt about its authenticity, in fact, I believed blindly and unquestionably in what my elders practiced or followed.

What I usually do is, when my examination approaches near, I just wander amidst lots of trees looking vigilantly for falling leaves. As gentle breeze caresses the leaves, I become most active and determined to catch as many leaves before they settle down on the ground. In the pursuit of lucky leaves, I am not only crazy soul, amazingly, many school goers, both male and female can be seen conspicuously chasing lucky leaves.

If I happened to catch lucky leaves, number wouldn’t matter; I meticulously and tidily keep those leaves within the pages of the books. The more lucky leaves I possess, the more admiration and compliment I received from my friends. As the custodian of lots of lucky leaves, I have the prerogative to brag about myself, and I can certainly assure the colorful aspect of my examination without actually sitting for them.


Another amusing superstition that I believed was seeing blazing ambulance with siren to be a good omen. It is said to herald good luck, when the actual fact is that the patient inside the ambulance battles between his/her life and death. Whoever sees the ambulance first is believed to gain good luck for a day. When I get the first glimpse of the ambulance, I usually wish for something good to happen to me within that particular day. So, I used to eagerly and frequently survey motor roads for the sign of ambulance plying to and fro. I never knew the grave situation and tension that rest inside the ambulance; I only cared for its appearance, so that my day is filled with good fortunes though against the unknown fate of the others.


As a child, I was never encouraged to crack a walnut after the sunset, be it outside or inside the house. I clandestinely tried to crack walnuts several times, at odd hours, but this eerie belief of my parents always hunted me and thwarted my endeavor. They said cracking walnuts after the sunset is tantamount to cracking one’s parents’ heads. Whether I believed in their belief or not, I haven’t cracked a single walnut after sunset so far, and I won’t hereafter whatever the reason is behind.

Empty bamboo basket and empty containers

Early in the morning, if you happened to see empty bamboo basket or empty containers, it is said to bring bad luck to the beholder. When I was student, my mind was always obsessed with this superstition; hence, I always prayed that empty baskets or containers don’t mess my mood very early in the morning. But unavoidably, I had encountered people carrying empty baskets and containers early in the morning, which knowingly or unknowingly upset my mood many a time. Contrarily, I don’t remember the consequences that I suffered from seeing empty baskets or containers, but my mind had been indoctrinated to such superstition.

Mumps and pigsty

Once I contracted this contagious disease called mumps during my childhood days. I experienced it for the very first time in my life. Therefore, I didn’t know how to live with it or how to cure this queer disease. I have seen people suffering from this disease and heard about it. As a child, I didn’t have thorough knowledge about the disease, nor did my parents.

But my parents believed in a superstition correlated to mumps. You would find it unorthodox or hilarious, but I did believe in it because they believed in it too. I was asked to go near a pigsty and do three consecutive prostrations. They said it would definitely cure my mumps.

When I heard their suggestion for the first time, I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I felt it strange and so peculiar. On the one hand, I was suffering from swelling check, on the other hand, I was asked to do three prostrations near a pigsty. Somehow, I walked near clustered of pigsties, looked for the presence of any human beings up and down, here and there. I found none, and I quickly did three prostrations with embarrassment and apprehension overflowing in my heart. After those prostrations, neither did my mumps disappear, nor did it show any sign of healing.

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My fortunate colleagues

03 Jan 2014 Author 89kg

They must be feasting their eyes with kaleidoscope of splendid landscapes,
Here, I am totally fed up of beholding mountains that surround this dale.
They must be going to Cinema halls, Drayangs and Discotheques to while away their boredom.
Here, I am simply confined only within the four walls of staffroom and my crooked makeshift.
They must be driving Ferrari, Tucson, and Swift uplifting their status.
Here, I am deprived of even descrying a bicycle.
They must be intoxicating themselves with foreign imported liquors like; vodka, Santa Barbara, Fosters etc
Here, I am only left with narrow option to either go for Araa or Bangchng.
They must be going to vegetable market to avail array of fresh vegetables as and when need arises.
Here, I am with my taste bud subdued by the taste of pumpkins and potatoes.
They must be strengthening their body and mind with nutritious meat, butter and cheese.
Here, I am reinforcing my bodily nutrition with whatever villagers bring to sell.
They must be comfortably and easily using machines to cook for them.
Here, I am compelled to cook hazardously using kerosene stove and firewood more often.
They must be befriending people from all professions.
Here, I am left with my co-workers, children and villagers as my friends.
They must be blessed with the wonder of electricity.
Here, I am utterly dependent on the sun’s mercy.

Wintry Picturesque of Pa-Chu

14 Nov 2012 Author 89kg

Magnificent two storeys capitol of the first year Block,
Present panoramic view of the flowing Pa-Chu.
It stands adjacent to the perennial Pa-Chu,
With vigilant eyes guarding its freedom.
I sat near window, mouth completely sealed off.
Me eyes and mind mingled with the dried up Pa-Chu.
It no more flaunted off her elegance and existence,
Not even boasted about its vociferousness like ere.
Pa-Chu’s affluences have been looted utterly,
Now, it is in the pathetic condition for sure.
All the stones and debris remained exposed clearly.
Perchance, it has grown characterless momentarily.
I feel dejected over its worst metamorphosis abruptly.
Though, I sensed its mysterious scariness often,
And heard its distraught voices growing desperate,
I, simple human being, simply gazed helplessly.
Pa-Chu flows weirdly and tiredly nowadays.
Its prestige, all overshadow by unprecedented derision.
Solitarily, I mourned over Pa-Chu’s misery,
And wish for its resuscitation anon.

What can I do as a lover?

07 Oct 2012 Author 89kg

I can give you my love,
But I can’t give you a million dollars.
I can give you my heart,
But I can’t give you gold and diamonds.

I can give you my life,
But I can’t give you elixir to immortalize your life.
I can give you my services,
But I can’t give you a butler and maid.

I can shed tears for you,
But I can’t give you pearls and turquoise.
I can share my laughter with you,
But I can’t give you a comedian and clown.

I can share my warmth with you,
But I can’t give you a heater in every room.
I can share my happiness with you,
But I can’t give you a palace and a throne.

I can give you my trust,
But I can’t give you liberty to go beyond,
I can give you my comfort,
But I can’t give you a washing machine and a Prado.

I can share my wisdom with you,
But I can’t give you enlightenment.
I can share my luck with you,
But I can’t give you a magic wand and miracles.

I can share my strength with you,
But I can’t give you superhuman power.
I can share my ideas with you,
But I can’t give you ingenuity.

I can give you my respect,
But I can’t give you name and fame.
I can give you my commitment,
But I can’t give you sandals and handbags.

2003 – a memorable year forever

28 Sep 2012 Author 89kg

Bhutan the land of thunder dragon,
Widely known as Last Shangri-La on the globe!
In which peace had prevailed, for immemorial,
Where great many monarchs had reign and set there foots.

Peace and harmony among Bhutanese people,
That had existed for many centuries undisturbed,
Was threatened and defiled enormously.
By the militants, who intruded into our motherland?

Militants encroached into our motherland illegally and uninvited,
Settled and took refuge of southern impermeable jungles.
Then security of our nation became most vulnerable,
As intruders, threaten to dominate our motherland.

Our fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck,
Firm believer of pacifism and non-violence,
Attempted to resolve and negotiate peacefully.
But militants resisted boldly not budging an inch.

In 2003, Bhutan resorted to war against militants,
To dispel the intruders from threshold of our soil.
Our brave king led the troops to the battlefield,
“You give me blood, I will give you freedom”.

Bhutanese troops proved themselves indomitable.
They fought bravely and tactfully in the battlefield,
As militants were defeated and flush out completely,
Bhutanese troops came back triumphant.

2003 will be memorial year for every Bhutanese.
We the people of Bhutan unite together to commemorate,
And pay tribute for those unsung heroes who scarified their lives.
We all are living in peace because of our heroes.

Wonders of autumn season

20 Sep 2012 Author 89kg

I long to plug beautiful red roses
Blossoming exquisitely
Inflaming brightly
Dancing gracefully
Fading slowly
In the chilly autumn breeze

I long to fly like birds
Soaring freely
Singing mellifluously
Flapping consistently
Disappearing slowly
In the chilly autumn sky

I long to flow like rivers
Moving untiringly
Meandering silently
Speeding rhythmically
Journeying endlessly
In the chilly autumn courses

I long to touch the lovely crescent moon
Glowing luminously
Sauntering indifferently
Lighting serenely
Waning gradually
In the chilly autumn night


13 Sep 2012 Author 89kg

The firmament clad in the thickest clouds,
Foretell bleak ambience tonight.
Anon, dusk ushers in unannounced,
And bid cheerio to the fading twilight.
The darkness gallops on its stallion,
It exorcizes last remnant of the sunlight.
Then, the gentle breeze mournfully weeps,
For the unwelcome intrusion of the darkness.
Unwillingly, people retire behind their closed doors,
Fleeing defeated by darkness invasion.
Plethora of tiny creatures endeavour their escapade,
Against dark icy hands and dead sentence.
Outside, dogs bark nonsensically,
Grumbling against darkness despondency.
Inside, nocturnal mice begin their foray,
Wisely shielded by darkness as blessing in disguise.
Suddenly, torrential rain escapes from the firmament bondage,
Drenching everything as it touches, unsparingly.
Wicked and gusty wind accompanies the firmament fugitives,
Exacerbating nightly punitive manifold.

When my Love slipped away ….

07 Sep 2012 Author 89kg

With tears rolling down my cheeks,
Pain overflowing in my heart,
My love just slipped off my hand.

With sorrow and sadness brimming in my heart,
Sweet pain visibly stinging my eyes,
My girl left for someone else.

With memories lingering in my mind,
Emptiness filling my soul,
My lady walked out of my life.

With numbness spreading through my entire body,
Loneliness reigning my entire existence,
My empress abandoned me insufferably.

With appetite suppressed on my mouth,
Sleep stolen form my eyes,
My darling betrayed me unforgettably.

Shanty hut’s voice projection

01 Sep 2012 Author 89kg

I lay propped against the wall of my shanty hut, trying to overcome tediousness and boredom. Meanwhile, I endured the sweltering heat of the summer inside the house. Partly lighted by the last remnant of the sunlight, before its final respite behind gigantic and majestic mountains, I tried to pen down my inner feelings and emotions spontaneously. My shanty hut may look small, but it’s compacted with lots of things, exceeding its normal capacity. Things lay strewn and haphazard everywhere, creating perfect hide and seek place for mice and insects.

Timely, I had to steady and adjust myself properly to write with the help of faint and dim light pouring through opened door. My hands are burning excruciatingly, which ensued due to handling of chilies earlier, yet I am not deterred to quell my writing spree. I have just begun to embody my inner feelings and emotions, so, I am determined to carry this task till the end, what may befall.

Now, light seems to be fading gradually, as I struggled to strain my eyes in presence of weak light. I could see mice getting rough and tough, chasing one another speedily; flies have been annoying, distracting and frolicking unreasonably all the time, and an army of ants busily collecting and hoarding foods. Seeing all these things unfold in my presence injects allergic and eerie feeling in me.

Nonetheless, I am hoping for gentle breeze to swift into my shanty hut. But nothing came, leaving me sodden with my own sweats. I felt like I am being burned inside blazing furnace. At the same time, I am getting uncomfortable and uneasy continuing my task of penmanship. But, I am not going to abandoned it anyway.

My bums are getting sore, and calves are hurting due to immobility for longer duration. Hence, I changed my sitting posture, ah! I feel lot better and at ease. I gazed at the roof, and unbelievably, only thin tarpaulin sheet and cartoons were sheltering me and things inside the house. All sorts of questions were brewing inside my mind such as: are they going to keep away rain? Are they going to survive the storm? Are they going to protect and guard durably? I was bit dubious and skeptical because I could see holes and gapes everywhere creating the pattern. Those gapes and holes cannot be gagged, plastered and mended, oh! God, heavy shower is going to transform my shanty hut into swimming pool; I am worried and afraid too.

As light gives way to twilight, innumerable insects come to seek unwelcome refuge within my house. I am aghast at the deluge of insects’ creeping into my hut, as if they are fleeing from darkness. I couldn’t do anything rather than unwillingly accept them as my companions or guests of the evening, though with mixed feeling. At the same time, houseflies are provoking my adrenaline, but I wouldn’t let if burst, because, these poor creatures are fulfilling their instinctive obligation, so, I promised, I won’t pour my wrath on them. On the other hands, mice are getting rowdy and indiscipline, taking advantage of darkness as their hiding shields. They transform the house into clamor insignia of their dominance. I remain helpless amid nocturnal insects and mice, rejoicing their part of the day.

Burning sensation inside my hands have not yet desist, indeed, its intensity has escalated manifold. Chilies seem to be insidiously eating my flesh, making me suffer like a fire of hell. Therefore, with perpetuating burning sensation, I put an end to my writing, indiscreetly buying time to soothe my burning hands.

“Seday Choe, Seday Choe”, in English

25 Aug 2012 Author 89kg

I have translated one of the most popular Bhutanese songs called “Seday Choe, Seday Choe”, into English version.

Sadey, my dear and only one
Why’re you crying?
Without repressing your grief, please, confide it to me
Then, I’ll also join with you in your grief
Seday, my dear and only one Why’re you crying?
Without repressing your grief, please, confide it to me
Those heavenly stars, I can bring them on the earth for you
Those precious jewels underneath an ocean,
I can bring them on the ground for you
So, don’t you cry, my dear Seday Why’re you crying?
Without repressing your grief, please, confide it to me
The chosen girl of my heart, my dear Sadey
When your tears drops on the ground,
and Your grief overflows in your heart
I can truly sense and feel them as well
Those precious jewels underneath an ocean,
I can bring them on the ground for you
So, don’t you cry, my dear Seday Why’re you crying?
Without repressing your grief, please, confide it to me
The sun upon the sky seem to be blissful
Though, it has the tendency to set once at the north,
but The sun will rise again from the east
My dear Sadey doesn’t change your feelings for me
My feelings for you’re withheld in my heart
I can take it out and give it to you without any hesitation
So, don’t you cry, my dear Seday Why’re you crying?
Without repressing your grief, please, confide it to me
Then, I’ll also join with you in your grief.

Absurdity of human life

14 Aug 2012 Author 89kg

Life is uncertain but death is, yet we human beings wittingly fritter away our transient life carelessly and thoughtlessly. Are humans aware that our lives are numbered right from the birth? As each day passes and each season changes to another, we are heading one step closer to abyss of death. Death is waiting silently and it is attached with every human being like a shadow, counting down the number of their host.

We are afraid of death, yet we don’t realize until our last moment until when faces are wrinkled, hairs turned white, all the youthful energy drained out, and enthusiasm or zeal for the life is completely exhausted. As we walks steadily towards the abyss of death, we are gripped by the fear till we breathe our last. It’s too late at the last moment to retrospect over our lives and feel remorseful over our deeds and actions. Death keeps on pressing us with its ineluctable force; we are left helpless and powerless.

Hence, we should be aware of death and always welcome it without fear and anxiety. We should embolden and armor our souls with bravery and fortitude. But how do we do that? Is the poser that everyone should ask and quest for? It’s not simple and easy way to face and accept death fearlessly and willingly. It takes hearts and souls that have transcended beyond the realm of death, which has fortified and hardened them with layer and layer of spiritual deeds and actions. Contrarily, who cares about being devoted spiritually and religiously, when our souls are young and energetic? Hardly finite number of people, but infinite portion of the humanity still prefers to remain in darker sides blinded by veils of ignorance, anger, greed, jealousy and attachment. We are deeply engrossed in unrealistic materialistic quest, nobody seem to be aware that materialism is meaningless and govern by nature of impermanence. We are born alone in this world and we shall egress this world alone, leaving our endearing bodies. When death comes, we are not entitled to even take our own bodies. Those wealth, fame and glory, garnered and horded with much toil, sweat, blood and handwork are to be renounced, because we have no power and authority to take those things with us, when death separate our souls and bodies.

Our ephemeral lives are running like a flowing river, waning like a crescent moon, disappearing like illusive clouds and receding like melting snow, yet humanity greedily and longingly keeps on amassing the wealth, fame and glory. So, let us denounce our quest for materialistic wealth and embrace spirituality as our true companions for the present and future.