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????? of being in and out of relationship

27 Oct 2011 Author brighterlady

Well ,falling in love is not so kool. October 2010, that was the month when i first met him, never knew it will leave such a story in my life.  Well ,some one truely said , everything changes and yes when every other thing on this earth is subjected to change, who said human beings will remain the same???.  And they donot, hence proved .

The start of all this was so easy and natural. He really convinced me how much he cared and gradually it started to matter.

Well, i thought of writing the story but then now i have reached a stage where i donot want to recollect any of those lies. And also have come to terms with my situation.

And no matter how much you were in love, if all that was bitterness filled with betrayel, rejection and the feel of incompetence ,then everything do change. Feelings are not permanent and unconditional love is nowhere in the concept.  Now i can see and feel the changes.

When you are in a relationship, you reach a level where a simple thought of living without the other person scares you, and where you are ready to do anything to make that relationship work, where you are ready to go on no matter who badly you had been treated, and where you take everything with a pinch of salt. And yes i did it too while not realising the fact that if things are not going to work they never do.


What if all you get is just lies, broken promises, insults and the feel of incompetence from that relationship. At times,when i look back and realise, there is no regret at all but just feel sad for one thing , of all the person on this earth, why did i fall for a person who is just like someone wearing a mask, a full facade, a cheater, and above all a person who can be so mean, so rude ,so heartless. And yes i did fall for this person.

Despite all your effort, you had been treated like a dirt. The more you care, the more you had been rejected. Hahaha, yes i did experience that as well and it wasnt the coolest feeling. You die ,your heart actually breaks into pieces and you starts questioning “Am i worth this?..just this” ,”is this what relationship is all about??” and “Where is the mutual respect? if not as a girlfriend,then atleast as  an another human being??” “Am i worth just this??” and for all this endless questions you have no answer.


But then yes, like its been said everything has a limit, it too did. There came a day when it crossed all the limits and boundaries , and when you couldnot take it anymore. That was the point ,when you say “Thats it, i had enough of you”. And that is the day when you decide to let go of everything ,never to look back, never to regret, never to shed a tear ,never to let this come back again, never to see his face and his lies again, never to expect from him, and yes forever to end this story here now and then.


And then she decides, she promise to live by her decision no matter what. And, ironically he changes his mind and makes many attempt to impress her/to contact her and she knows there are many more drama's yet to come. But as she promised to herself, that is never to get lied once again because somewhere he broke all her trust, faith and believe in love. I donot know why but writing all this, my eyes are already wet but this is nothing compared to the tears he made her shed. Now ,i donot mind shedding, because my turn to shed tear stops here at this very moment.

Life goes on no matter what, and things change as well as you change. Now when i think of him, it just irritates me thinking and looking back at the things he did to me.  But no wonder, i promise to myself not to waste a single moment for such an unworthy person.  And feeling can change as well with time, everything is conditional , there is no things as such unconditional love. Mine is conditional as well and now i do not want recollect single moment with him.

 Now i pray to god, never to let him come back in my life. Well if i want, i can be rude but that is not what i want to do, i know how painful it is to be hurt by the very person who made you believe in love.  I donot want to give him this hurt, so all i pray to god is donot let him come in my way because now nothing can ever be the same, nothing can mend the things, all i wish is for him to move forward in life as well make mine easier by not coming on my way.


i set u free

27 Oct 2011 Author brighterlady

Maybe i have gone crazy and insane, i can feel my heart and mind going out of control. I always believed i was strong and will be strong enough to move on no matter what, but this time i guess i am fooled and cheated by my own feeling. Every time i try to move on, there isnt a single moment spend without thinking how it would be if you are here with me. I read many love stories ,watched countless romantic movies ,shed oceans of tears but at the end of each story there was still a doubt thinking how people can be so stupid falling madly without having any conscience of ones own identity.  Well now i got the answer.  Falling in love is really a falling in love….hmmmm……..

I imagined myself falling for the perfect person not knowing love knows no perfection ,no age ,no race and in all nothing.  Now i came to sense that everything is immaterial, nothing else matters and its only you darling only you.

Well i didnot have a slightest clue about time spend with you, maybe its because when you were there with me i took everything for granted and never thought those moments will flash thousand times before my eyes everyday.  Only now i realised, those were the real moments. Everytime i watch lovers holding each other, i think of you and the your strong arms around me. Everytime i close my eyes, i wonder what went wrong in all. Everytime my cell phone beeps,i wish it was you calling. 

Somewhere my heart tells me you too love me with all your heart and its only because of all immaterial stuffs which is keeping us apart. Now when i look back, i realised i was equally wrong for not understanding you,for not supporting you ,for being judgemental and for being selfish. Yes i admit it now.  I should have been little bit more understanding, of more giving.

Somewhere when i walk infront of others, i walk as if i donot give a shit but deep within i am dying. I feel some part of me is missing. While initially i wasnt feeling hurt that badly but now with the passage of time things are becoming worse which is just opposite to what i expected and i am hating every bit of it.

I am sure ,he is getting over me slowly but am getting deeper into it.  Why is it this way.  Somebody please tell me.  With time i am missing him like anything, craving for his slight sight.  Well i am going crazy and i wonder when did i become so cheap like this.

when i think about all this, i cant stop the tears rolling down my cheek uncontrollably, when did i deserve all this things.. Its funny actually, after all this year,i have actually fallen in love but not knowing it was just a dream.  Sometimes i want to rewind every moment of my life, and erase the part when i met you the very first moment. Sometimes i want to shout and ask you why all this shits…..yeah this shits over and again.  Well this is not  glass which can be broken, it my heart broken over and again. I feel sad for myself, i feel sad for falling in love, i feel sad for wanting to spend my life with you, i feel sad wanting to love you unconditionally, i feel sad for feeling things i never felt before when i am with you, i feel sad hoping if you come by asking for one more chance, i feel sad for wanting to get hurt over and again,i feel sad for shedding tears even if i didnt want to and  i feel sad for wanting to love you for the rest of my life.

You tell me i find someone much better than you , wow what a note?…..thumps up. It shows you never believed when i said i love you, it showed you donot care hurting me. if you have cared me even for a second, you should have given a second thought before telling me this.  Love cannot be forced, it just happens just the way it happened for me.

I donot know whether i should be happy for falling in love once or i should be sad failing in love. Well i completely have no clue, but i can guarantee this much that it was real for me this time and even if you want to go i let you free but for me i will still be with you.  I know it is painful but then its alright , love is all about giving right?…someday you move on with another beautiful ladies of your imagination and that day i will rest in peace. 

I expect nothing from life and nothing from you, just want you to be happy and move on in life.  I set you free  and with this note i want to thank you for bringing out this side of me…..Thank you and Thank you life.

But the irony was he came back, everything started all over again but again to be short lived.


Why can't it be as simple as…….

16 Feb 2011 Author brighterlady

So many times I heard people falling in love through online chat, through phone calls and ultimately landing up together forever bonded by the most sacred bond so called marriage. I am simply amazed and indeed really happy for those who are blessed with such. And at times I hear people get married without even knowing if they had ever been in a relationship first. Huh lots of interesting story .

And here is the time when I look at mine, and feel confused again. Yeah you can see me I have lots of it I mean the confusions. At times I feel sad wondering why is it so tough and difficult one for me, but then one thing keeps me moving is the hope of meeting the right person. Whenever I cross this phrase “Princess will have to kiss many ugly toads before meeting her prince charming” ,it gives me a reason to give one big broad smile….:-)  and pity for the guys who get listed in the ugly toad page (wink  wink).

Some times I question myself, why should mine be so difficult and complicated when things can be as simple as this “the girl loved a guy, the guy loved the girl and they lived happily ever after” ,how cool and simple this sounds. And at times I wonder, why cant our confusions be like a mathematical problem, where you do one plus one and get two as an answer, simple as that.

But reality has a different story, and I am sure all this are just to make us stronger and wiser with each experience. During my earlier days whenever I visit a temple, I use to pray god to grand my wishes and make them come true. But now with time all I learned is whether your wishes are to be fulfilled or not, fate and destiny decides, so it may or may not come true .That's why now all I pray to god is to bless me with enough strength to face any circumstances/situations and move on whether my dreams get fulfilled or not. 

Thats life I suppose, moving on and on and on !!!

Amazing Transformation!!!

16 Feb 2011 Author brighterlady

Well, whenever i think of writing something, I just wonder why am I always stuck with the same topic “Love”??. How i wish to be like somebody who can write on many different aspects and go on and on. I had been writing about love, love and again love even though myself still at zero. I guess it is becoming like a tagline for me, just like the hindi actor Imraan Hasmein well known for his movies. I am sure you guys know what I am talking about here.

But then I realize there is nothing I can write and only one thing comes to my mind that is relationship, maybe it is because I am totally confused when its my own turn. And today one of my cousin and her husband visited me and there was that total transformation I am going to talk about.

I have a cousin who got married to a nice gentleman she fell in love with few years back, and now they have a lovely son. Just one year back, she was so possessive and whenever her husband had to attend official gatherings and parties, she could not take her mind from there. And after every 5 to 10 minutes, she calls her friends to keep an eye on him and the routine continued all the time. And all I could conclude is, when I looked from her side I felt pity on her being so miserable and insecure, and kept telling her she should not do all this things because if he really wants to cheat on her, he will do no matter what. After repeatedly telling also, nothing changed. And she continued being frustrated, insecure and miserable.

Not long after, her husband got promoted and she got transferred to Thimphu. With bit of disappointed .she left this place but now after meeting with her today.  At least I am sure, she really transformed herself for the better and yeah I saw a complete different person. She was no more the same possessive housewife, no more insecure and most importantly no more unhappy. She changed completely and that is what I call a complete transformation.  She no longer bothers her husband and kept herself busy with some kind of business and I came to know that the reverse happened. That is now her husband started noticing the change, and started showing greater care and more love ,and came to know that he started being little bit possessive and she felt great about it.

Now she is no more pessimists and all this started with the small effort of self realization and a deep desire to be “HAPPY”.

If we want, anybody can be happy and can be transformed!!!.

“Crazy craving”

15 Feb 2011 Author brighterlady

Every time there is rainfall ,i would smile with all my heart and the moment i smell the wet earth after the first few droplets of rain ,i become immensely happy. Maybe that is what pleasure and happiness is all about and how i wish if that moment could last and go on forever.

Well since the moment i noticed that occurence, i had been so madly and deeply in love with the smell . During my college days too, i use to go head over hells whenever there is that smell and i know some of my friends also started noticing that beautiful after effect.

Now today i smell the same thing after a long time, and i sat back while my thoughts went back to my college days. I wondered why am i so crazy about that smell and i could come up with only one reason that is because of its purity, originality and the earthly feeling.  Yes, those are the reason.

And also one factor which made me like it so much is maybe because of its short lived effect , we could smell only for a while and after few hours everything fades away.

The effect that rain droplets have on the earth is awesome ,and if i may relate its like the two person falling in love ,love is amazing with itself being so pure ,sacred and original. But then the euphoric feeling last only for a short period of time and no matter how short lived love may be, but we still wants to fall in love.

So that is why I still crave for that earthy smell, crazy enough!!!

This is something which came up just like that.

“Letting go and moving on”

14 Feb 2011 Author brighterlady

I made my mind to post atleast one article daily in nopkin no matter how lousy my writings may get and sound. While browsing through the article, i saw the topic on “love and letting go” writen by After going through her story ,it reminded me that i too have a similiar story to narrate.

Yeah love is all about letting go, i believed in this concept since the time i felt love and i still do.
 Being in love and staying in relationship with the other person brings happiness but what?…if the happiness is just felt by you and not mutual. That isnt fair right?…I never understood if anything matters for a person falling in love. Till date everything i perceived made me believe that love just happens irrespective of anything, not being conditional. But in reality it doesnt happen like that.  For a person age does
matter, like we have been raised and brought up in a culture where man is suppose to be the dominant character which means a guy should be older than the gal.  And what, if a younger guy falls for a older lady???……is he suppose to just ignore the feeling deep within him???. 

Hah and what if she is senior by profession and if she is smarter than him , well settled than the guy and if she has older and matured friends???…..should this matter to the guy ,should he feel the pinch of not being competent enough …..not being good enough …….???……should he feel small just because the girl whom he like has all this qualities???…..and one thing to be clear that the girl like him too. And one thing, she is just 3 year older to him.

 The girl never thought twice before falling in love with the guy who showed lots of interest in her. After giving herself fully and committing herself, all she got is to hear those above mentioned problems from the guy and he was never clear with his decision.  Confused as ever, he behaved differently every day and that brought tears into the girls eye and before long he talked to her about all the issues .The issue is nothing, but seems like the guy has big ego problem or something else? The girl never thought she was better than him at any point of time and the above things were mentioned by the guy himself.
Initially the girl took everything with pinch of salt thinking it is aright as long as the guy likes her deeply but before long her trust faded into thin air when he stopped calling her and things stood still.

Then one day, the girl could not take that anymore and cried her heart loud, ears would have heard her heart break if it was made of glasses .And there, she made the decision to let go . The very next day, she called the guy and told him since he has got problem with everything and the fact he feels small is not at all what she wanted. So she ends the relation and asks him if they can be good friends here after. In a relationship if the other person is not happy, I guess this is not worth it, so she let go hoping that's best for both of them. 

“The V-day, yes Valentine's day is here again”

13 Feb 2011 Author brighterlady

14th february, the valentine's day for the year 2011 is here again.  Yes ,today is valentines day, the day every lover has waited so impatiently to express their feelings, to present their special someone with a special gift and a wish to make that someone know how much he/she means to us. 

This day is marked as lovers day all over the world,wow so lucky are those people who are privileged to be in love and most importantly to stay in love and are gifted with the chances to let that some one special know how much they really mean to us.And this is the special day presented to you by cupid so please do not miss it.

The day everyone has eagerly waited for to express their feelings to the loved one through love messages , flowers, chocolates, via e-cards and celebrated in the name of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers.

Well i believe being in love is the most beautiful thing on this earth ,the feeling is inexpressible and it can only be felt. So i would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a “Very Happy Valentine's Day” and would like to tell all the people in love to express your love to your special some one and let them know how much they mean to you.

Wish everybody lots of love and a fruitful valentines day!!!

“Nopkin… elated me!!!”

12 Feb 2011 Author brighterlady

Well we experience many complex emotional state in our life. Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes we feel sad and most of the times confused. We easily share our happiness with all the people around us with full of joy and excitement without having a tinge of hesitation. But when we feel sad, there is certainly hell lot of things we go through and quite lot of confusion without a solution. and that is the time when we want to stay quite and confine to our own shell.

It is psychologically believed and scientifically proven that sharing and talking our confusions and problems openly with people around us help reduce stress and thus keeps us healthy. But often it occurs that no matter how close we are, there are still some topics which we cannot bring out to discuss but disturbs us mentally and emotionally.

So that is the time ,when i remember and without slightest hesitation i starts pouring down freely. All is wanted to say is nopkin is my closest friend and it elates me completely.

I feel lucky being part of this site.

Is it the end or a start of another story???

11 Feb 2011 Author brighterlady

We grew up listening to this saying “Whatever happens it happens for good” as often whenever we fail in passing an exam, getting through an interview, getting selected for a job and of course failing a relationship.

And this days ,i hear my brain consoling my heart over and again with the same saying, huh i know i failed again in a relationship.

Everytime the person is different,the situation is different,the feeling is different and yeah the confusion is different. And no matter how many times you date, no matter how many times you get into a relationship but everytime its again a completely different story.  People say you learn through experiences, but then in this i really doubt now. There is no such thing as learning or knowing more in this or is it there, am i missing out something????…i completely have no clue.

But then in all this ,i did come to believe that it is  very important to trust our own instinct/intuition ,listen to them and then take steps accordingly.

So like the way i started “what ever happens it happens for good” ,so am being very positive on this and thank god for blessing me with all the strength to take in things positively no matter what.

This is the end of one story or should i say the start of another one.

Love hurts and i hate the feeling!!!

08 Feb 2011 Author brighterlady

“Hi, i am sonam and am waiting for my interview result” , this is how i saw him for the first time and  was completely mesmerised by his looks. The very sight of him had something running deep within me and somewhere at the back of my mind, i was praying god to have him selected in our company. That was one brief introduction.So you may call it love at the first sight ,well i never believed in this concept but to my amazement it did happen.On that particular night, i was taken aback to realise i was still having his image so clear in my mind.

After few days, i was back at my work station and that image faded into the thin air after realising such things does not actually happen. Then one fine day, the unit head asked me to meet some new recruits who joined the company that day. Since the year has been a busy one with many new faces ,thought this must be the same but the moment the guys entered inside. I was speechless and spell bound, yes he was the same guy.

That was the day when i started believing this saying “when you wish for something with true heart ,all the energies in the world come together to make that happen” and yeah it did happen with me. After that day ,seems like the feeling was mutual. He started showing lots of interest like calling me every now and then. So slowly the things between us speeded up and after four months we finally got into a relationship.

I had the perception that relation is all about loving each other and understanding each other but in reality the other side is also true, it hurts a lot ,yeah it does and i really feel sorry for myself. Now the guy rarely calls and i feel he has changed a lot. To be really honest, i myself do not call much either but till now he had been doing it all and now suddenly we are in a relationship and he does not call.

At the back of my mind, there was so much doubts and questions but did not have the courage to talk openly. So one fine day, i called him and decided thats it . I told him what not while all i just wanted to say is “i just want to be part of you and want you to love consistently” which never came out of my mouth and i know it will never come out also.How much i hate myself for this. Now i know he is hurt and me also hurt.

I just do not know if this is what relationship is all about?????M completely messed up!!!

“Is this Mr.Right?”

30 Jan 2010 Author brighterlady

Well I have always fantasized of falling in love with my so called Mr. Right and the very sight of him giving thud in my heart and sending  lump in my throat. The simple thought of falling in love with somebody is really exciting, with whom we can share all our happiness and sorrows.

All is well as long as we are just going around ,like I was told by one of my cousin that guys shows almost 100 % similarities in choice of food ,movie, music and spending the leisure time before marriage but after marriage they become a completely different person. And of course different and contradictory taste starts to surface.

And with one of my friend the most unfortunate happened that is she got married with a person known to be very tolerant ,very understanding and could not live  without messaging even for a hour but later after marriage ,he came out to be a completely different person .Not at all the type she once met. He was very moody ,comes late at home and at times he does not even show up which really broke her heart .And after repeatedly going through the same situation ,She finally decided to part away from him .

And before even passing one month after their split, she heard people saying that he was going around with another women .Now even though she doesn't have any relation with him and don't care anymore about anything happening in his life but deep inside she could feel her heart breaking into pieces and could have heard it break if it would have been made of glass. But she knew that life is all about moving on so she started to live on.

That's the positive point about her but the most irritating part is that guy calls her even now and  I think that he does whenever he feels lonely and still seeks some chance to flirt with her even though he is already going out with another women in front of the whole society.

This act really irritates me and I feel that if he comes in front of me ,I am going to shoot him with a gun .So when this is what I am going through ,just imagine how hard it would have been to her .

I wonder how can a person can be so indifferent and shameless, not bearing even a slightest tinge of guilt in their act. Its like weaing a façade and a mask –a real human mask.

Even though I feel so bad after knowing all this but I am equally helpless and cannot do anything rather than just console her .I just her to meet a person who respect her and who deserves her love.

So all I want to ask is “is this Mr.Right”?

“Teenage Crush”

29 Jan 2010 Author brighterlady

It was Saturday night and there was party at khamsaa –the newly opened discotheque at Paro .She and her cousin sister planned the weekend in Destiny-another well known discotheque at Paro where they frequent on occasions. But that day was different, the moment she saw that glowing name tag of Khamsaa, something crept through her mind so unknowingly she suggested her cousin sister to join in Khamsaa for a change which her sister agreed on without arguing. So there they went hand in hand.


The moment they came across the entrance, one familiar face smiled at them and asked the door keeper to let them in ,which he did without asking for party fee.She thought it was because her sister knew that person, while the fact was since the place was newly opened so ladies are for free…

So they went inside the hall.It seemed like the start of another world, the world full of excitement, full of surprises, full of strangers and full of drama's. In every corner people are lost in their own world. People enjoying music ,drinks ,smokes and the most interesting part is simply dancing in their own free style manner –that made her breath an air of  excitement and satisfaction.


After gaining full composure, when they looked around it surprised them to see all young teenagers ,most probably they must be studying in class 9th to 12th standard and they felt like aliens ; like odd ones out. But she didn't want that party to get spoiled so she kept telling her sister that as long as they are together they are going to have fun and enjoyment so they started dancing in the corner of the hall.


After a while, one group of guys joined them and in that she noticed one cool guy, indeed a very cool one; the way he danced seemed like a professional dancer and there was some kind of decency in his moves. And when she looked at him, he smiled very sweetly which almost melted her heart and she nearly fainted. If the lights were on, she was sure that her red blushed face would have clearly indicated the feeling he induced in her. She thanked  god for being dark there. She got lost in that every moment and forgot about everything else until her cousin reminded her to accompany her to the bathroom. With bit of regret she left the floor and followed her cousin. When she narrated about the whole thing her sister teased her and reminded her that he is just 17, a teenager which broke all her fantasy and dreams.


So the moment she went inside, they exchange a smile and it clearly indicated that even he enjoyed her company as much as she did. But throughout the whole period she couldn't be free about the thought that he is just 17 .And after the party she just couldn't help herself from thinking…what if he was older?….Maybe that was kind of guy she had in her mind for long?…..May be a brief description of her Mr.Right but certainly in older version?….and her cousin kept her teasing that next time they should step in a discotheque with more matured people otherwise who knows what happens.



Well that was her “Teenage Crush”.


27 Jan 2010 Author brighterlady

As usual yesterday when i just glanced through the TV channels , i was caught by the glimpse of the episode where people are talking about happiness.Initially i thought it must be some kind of boring session where all impossible and irrelevant topics are discussed but after few minutes i found it very interesting and thought it will be worth sharing with you guys here.

The guest speaker was one of the well known personnel .I dont know how well i will be able to rephrase it but will try ,so the discussion goes like this.

In this modern world people run after power, money, fame which are fully materialistic gain and had led to more unhappiness rather than happiness. Well, it is like we crave for happiness and get something else in return.

Many of us think that we will be very happy someday when we get a new car, a new house and for some it may be a marriage to his/her beloved one but when it actually happens after waiting for long it is momentary and short lived .We again come back to the same state and the worst part is if this things does not happen ,then our happiness is jeopardized. So now our happiness has become conditional, it is like i will be happy if………….and the list goes on thus making the whole state of being happy completely dependent on others. For eg. in normal days what happens to us is if my friend talks to me nicely ,i am happy and if she do not talk to me then i am unhappy .

And also we all think that we will be happy once we buy a new sofa set, a new car and a new house .Well she says it is not wrong to go for these things but this will just give us physical comfort and a sense of satisfaction but we cannot guarantee happiness here. It may happen that after getting all this also we feel unhappy.

For some, going for a family trip may sound like a process to bring happiness while these activities will simply give excitement while happiness cannot be assured.

So when asked “if there is no happiness in any of these than where is happiness?”.She say that our life has two parts, one  includes satisfaction ,fame ,money ,excitement and physical comfort while the other is the most vital part of our life “HAPPINESS: which is eternal/permanent”. If we invest all our energy in the first i.e building our carreer, making money and etc then we should expect the first only while the happiness part  will remain empty because they was no effort put. So that leaves us in the state where we are satisfied ,famous but still un happy. So people again go on searching for more and more without even knowing what they really want. So the very important part is investing our energy equally in both which will leave us happy and satisfied.

So then asked how happiness can be achieved? She says we all must remember that “HAPPINESS IS A JOURNEY AND NOT THE DESTINATION”. So we should be happy in the whole process of achieving something and not just the feeling after getting something. She continues that happiness exist inside every one of us so we need not got on searching for it and all we have to do is maintain it, nurture it with self awareness and should not let it leak and we should keep reminding ourselves that “I am a peaceful soul and happiness is my being” which on repetition gets reinforced and we will start to believe it becoming more tolerant, compassionate, understanding and calm.

So the main point here is our happiness is all in our hand so we shall not let it be dependent on others.

I don't know how easy it is going to be in practical but certainly a very interesting fact.

Daily mood enhancing tips

18 Jan 2010 Author brighterlady




SMILE AND SMILE AND KEEP ON SMILING -even though you may look stupid but its worth it…


15 Jan 2010 Author brighterlady

Well it was back in the year 2006 and I was studying in one of the tech colleges in India. Like the other semesters ,the time came when our exam finally winded up, leaving me so relieved, and that use to be the moment I constantly imagined myself without any tension, no more syllabus to cover, no more assumptions and worries about the vivas and practical.


That day I went back to my hostel ,took a hot bath and had nice food .Then my cell started vibrating and that time I released I haven't changed my cell settings….that was the time to finally get everything rocking .So it starts from changing my  ring tone from vibration mode to some jazz music.

That was a call from one of my childhood friend who was studying in Delhi that time and she called me to say that herself and one of the other friend were going to Simla that day and wanted me to accompany them .So I agreed instantly because I was so sick with all that serious and silent examination atmosphere in the college.


So at 5 pm, the two of them arrived at my college, so together we proceeded to Simla via bus.

The journey started with the jerk of the brakes and with lots of disturbing noises which is actually a very irritating one indeed. But what to do…there isn't  any option and  some time, I even wish if I had some kind of parachute which takes me to the place wherever my heart desire without  going through all this tortures.

After 2 hours of traveling, suddenly the bus stopped, waking all the sleeping passengers and I realized that we have crossed the city boundaries and entered in a very remote place. All we could see is few torch lights, few huts and you cannot imagine what I saw coming out of those hut. Men with angry faces carrying metal rods, looked like they are going to hit the next person whoever and the small kids holding stones bigger than themselves and it seems like they are going to hit everybody in their sight.


I was shocked and froze at the very sight and all the passengers inside the bus panicked. After few minutes , we heard  firing of a bullet followed by a blazing of army vehicle and when asked about , the elder people in the bus told us that there is some political clashes going in that area and because of that there was no power supply for more than a month and that left those locals wild and furious. When the police man came at the site and in the process of controlling the situation they have shot one of the locals which further agitated them and burned their car. And just imagine!! We were second vehicle from the burned army vehicle.


In midst of all these happenings, we were inside the bus and it seemed like a night mare. For the first time, I realized that such thing can actually happen and we were praying for our lives and one of my friend told me to  start  “om mani padme hu ” and that moment I recollected what my mother told me “to pray Jetsun Dema ” when ever we are in trouble then I told them to do the same .So there we stood humming  Jetsun Dema prayer. We spent the night in the bus itself and the next morning the GOI and politicians promised the locals to fulfill their needs thus finally clearing the road.


So that morning, when the bus started, the jerk of the brake and the noise was marked to be the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my entire life and thanked “Jetsun Dema” for guarding us and protecting our life. After that incident, I have known the value and the gift of simply being “ALIVE”.


So then we proceeded to Simla and enjoyed the break.


hey nopkin frens..Lets welcome 2010 together

30 Dec 2009 Author brighterlady

I have not accessed for a month and really missed out many ariticles.Well today while going through the site, as usual the site is filled up with many exciting storys,ariticles and jokes.Then i saw the latest topic posted there that is on the Year 2009.

So i have decided to take this opportunity to wish all my nopkin friends a very happy new year.Although its bit early to wish today itself but  i dont want to miss the chance of being the first person to wish  you all.

So guys ,”Wish you all a very happy new year and may god bless you to fulfill all your dreams,aspirations and hope,let your world be filled with happiness and peace” and lets welcome the  year 2010 together ,have fun and have a blast.

Love is not sweet like in dreamz

19 Nov 2009 Author brighterlady

It  was during one of those class hours, she slided her hand under the table to get her chemistry book, then she realized there is something weird inside the table and that was not the feel  of holding a  book. And there she found out a big chart  written “I LOVE YOU”. That was the moment her heart started beating faster then ever and everything around her seemed still; with  butterfly in her stomach  she could not help having that creepy feeling “What if the teacher comes to know about this?” She felt as if the whole class room had their eyes on her and then the feel of guilt welled upon her. Although she was known to be very sincere and hardworking girl in the class, that day she couldn't figure out anything and every thing seemed to go above her head.

She was a very simple girl and the very thought of the whole incident made her feel like running away and escaping in the mountains because she knew the fact that love at that time and place will make her difficult to achieve her dreams .Then the guy though known to be one of the smarty in the school started to make so many efforts to woo her, until one day she quietly fell in love with him. But she didn't know that it was love while her eyes carved to see his slightest  sight and in midst of thousands of student, she notices him no matter in which corner he dwells. After 6 months of his consistent effort, he finally won her heart and they fell in love like lovers in the fantasy world.

While everything seemed so beautiful and happening around them until it was time to depart for the winter break. They left with a very heavy heart but also with the promise to call each other often and departed with the hope to meet again. While they never knew that their happiness will come to end so abruptly.

 Their hope to meet each other and a wish to talk like before never happened since the guy got admission in some other school. During that time they poured their feelings through the exchange of letters and until one day the girl was told by many of her friends that the guy had proposed some other girl from the same school, which shattered all her dreams.

The girl was so brokenhearted and then called the guy for one last time to say good bye while the guy tried to explain many times but she was not ready to accept any of his excuses .So now they are in two different world and maybe that is what fate is all about but they still cherish those beautiful moments spend together.

It is only the memory which persists forever.


18 Nov 2009 Author brighterlady

We always talk ,discuss  and  hear about having positive attitude and being optimistic in every situation .With that this question always   welled up inside me “Does being positive make people ignorant or better??”  and I land up with the answer “Maybe or May not be” so it is still an unanswered question.

With a  topic like this ,I guess the answer will differ, vary and change depending upon the individual. But it is said and written by many philosophers and psychologist that being positive can change the way you perceive others, the way you deal a situation  and ultimately enhancing your relationship in every aspects of life. Well I do agree with them in this note but sometimes being positive and looking at the situation from everybody's perspective leaves you confused, indecisive and indifferent .And at times always looking at the positive side of any situation mars your ability to be logical and impartment to believe the harsh /bitter yet simple fact of life.

Being optimistic gives you the ability to forgive a person no matter what they do to you .Sometimes people hurt you, betray you, deceive you, backs trap you thus hurting your emotions but there also , you land up forgiving that person hoping they will improve latter while the simple fact is “Some they learn and change while some they had been like that and will be like that only”.And in midst of all this ,you realize that you have been taken advantage  of.

Well it is true that you remain so pure and at peace with this exercise but at the same time you look indifferent and insensitive .So does being positive make people ignorant of human emotions or  is it that the person has a big heart to forget ,forgive and give people second chance without holding grudge against them  thus becoming a better person.??

Or what if they are taken advantage of and people keep hurting them again ??.

This is just my own perspective and you can see that am still confuse at the end  and I look forward to know some of your views too.


15 Nov 2009 Author brighterlady

The sun beams through the window pane and at that instant I realise that I am getting late for my duty. I wash my face in hurry, pick up all the necessary stuff required for the day and rush to the office but only to find that I have forgotten to bring my pen again. I manage to get one from a colleague and carry on my work. Every day 8 hours is spent in the office in writing the minutes of the meetings, sending the daily reports, going through the official letters and at last not to forget surfing the net. Then before even realizing, it is again time to wind up and to go back home.

I go back home with this otiose feeling because there again, I will have to prepare everything on my own which is indeed very boring and the worst part is that you will have to eat all alone. After the meal, I watch TV and then without doing much the day ends. So the next day begins just to repeat the same thing all over again.

And sometimes when I just sit and recollect about my life in college, this life is no different. The only big difference here and once upon a time in the college was that during college I used to be always surrounded by those euphoric faces of my friends which would lighten me up whenever I felt low and down .Those were the days we spent fantasizing about our future and those were the time we had all the time in the world to love each other and support each other.

Now the time and place have changed, even though we keep each other updated with the happenings in our life. But still nothing is same again and I know it will never be the same again. I really miss those beautiful days and those days filled with laughter.


15 Nov 2009 Author brighterlady

It has been talked about, discussed, shared and experienced by many people. I am talking about this simple yet so complex four letter word “LOVE”. Some say it is indeed very lucky  for somebody to fall in love and feel that feeling, while some say its painful to be in love when the feeling is just one sided.

And after getting completely shattered with one sided love accompanied by the feel of rejection, incompetence and unworthy, some move ahead in life saying and believing that “girls have to kiss many ugly toads before meeting their prince charming” while some stop at that point when she is brokenhearted. Now in midst of all these, what has love done actually and the impact of love is noted to be different for different person. Is it fair enough to say that the person moving ahead with her life was not actually in love or is it that the person is strong enough to accept the fact and move ahead? And the one whose life stopped at that instant maybe worthy of calling to be truly in love or is that person so weak to understand and accept the fact?

In my personnel opinion, I go with the first one .That is when you love somebody, give your best and try to make the relationship work by giving your best and giving all the chances, doing all the possible things and ultimately bearing lots of patience. But after that also if it doesn't click, then there is no point holding back because you cant force somebody into something if he or she doesn't have the same feeling and in many cases it will not change. So holding back and getting hurt will just make the matter worse and make our own existence very difficult. So it is smart attempt to just accept the fact and move ahead. It is not a cup of tea to do this, but that is best for both the person in the long run.

It is indeed not fair enough to conclude anything on this matter since it all depends on the individual who falls in love and the situation the person is in.The whole topic here is complicated in itself.