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When you are in Rome, act like Roman!

25 Jan 2010 Author MyFEeLiNgs

There is so much criticism/debate going on in kuenselonline forum regarding Bhutanese Ambassador recently appearing in non-national dress while engaging in official meeting with Japan. While I do agree with what most writers are echoing their concerns, I also understand that sometime circumstances force us to be flexible. I saw our ambassador wearing national dress at most of the meetings except until recently. This act does not mean that he ignores our traditional dress. If he does, he would not have wore in previous meetings. 

We can see most foreigners (western or eastern) wearing Bhutanese gho and kira in meetings in Bhutan and while attending Tshechus. It's not because they do not have their own country's tradition or dress but appreciating our culture. so, at other time we also should appreciate their culture by wearing it occasionally.

Even me as a bhutanese I see not much of worrying about Bhutanese Ambassador  not wearing Gho while in meeting with Japanese Govt. officials. Japan being a long time friend of Bhutan already knows that Bhutan has unique culture and tradition. Anyway, in the near future, our leaders should realize that their conducts certainly hurts sentiments of Bhutanese people and hope such discussion in forum will not be there.

Good Bye Nopkins!

06 Jan 2010 Author MyFEeLiNgs

Bye! Bye! Dear Nopkins, bye i am going away as i can't stay here. Nature has its own way and me being the part of it is subjected to its call. Yes, it has really a grasp on me. It is furious and tight.I think i can never get over it nor shall i get it left behind. I had different plans subjugated by my desire before the call landed on me. I wished to be a Lord, i wished to be a Boss, i also even wished to write more than this within a minute but all in vain. Good Bye dear Nopkins! Though i can't express deep thoughts before leaving behind you all at this time but no man can ever resist it. I have no great regret to write this article and make you all laugh. It's just that i am going to answer the Call of Nature. See you soon! 

Unfulfilled Duty!

01 Jan 2010 Author MyFEeLiNgs

I'm suppose to be decayed yesterday,
And that memory of my last rendezvous!
Should have never gone that way
As though, I have no reasons to live.

For earthly people of the land has
The early mortal, the subject I never take
Governed by so called nature,
But let me not by the way it defined.

Oh! My mighty father
Down! Look upon me, your son
Lying on the ground, praying
Save me please today!

I've something to do the morrow
To call fellow for one need them,
And lift her to soar above to shine
To make her a pristine land!

I owe you dearly as you've given me
All that I stood proudly in crowd
And forgive me for I couldn't do the last,
But when I come back soon!

Yet another Earthquake!

31 Dec 2009 Author MyFEeLiNgs

We the Bhutanese are already in the dead of  September 21 2009, which shocked whole country leaving many people without home. And many tremors after that kept many people in the rural away from home just sleeping outside the house. Still constructions of home for those left homeless is underway, yet Bhutan experienced another shock at this time of hour and it really made bhutanese people to consider year 2009 as earthquake year. Many people in the urban will be calling their relatives at home/village perhaps shedding some shedding the plans of New Year eve. I am writing this amid busy call to my hometown in Monggar. okey lets see later.


29 Dec 2009 Author MyFEeLiNgs

Life's regret of life within,

Bound to so many ups & downs

Never to end somewhere on the edge

As expected to cease than thought.


To linger around the wall of death,

Showing identity for a while on the land

To endure the virtue of being live

And to enjoy pansy is a wish.


No creature seem safe from it

Nor can save one by prestige or power

From routing them out of the way

As its hand long enough to engulf.


A lord whose power one submits to his foot,

One whom all count on head of his presence

Often taking refuge in them although

Never be saved than to drag feet.


One's after-life be save on paradise

That we surrender our soul before

And never against but taking refuge

To whom always we accord at first.

A Frog

28 Dec 2009 Author MyFEeLiNgs

One day in a village,
Son: Mother! mother! i have seen something in the bushes…
Mother: What is it my son
Son: No, it's my secret..
Mother: I will give you an egg (thinking her son must have found money, she fries an egg and give him)
¬†after he finish eating…
Mother: Now tell me what have you found
Son: Mother..i saw one frog upon another frog…

The Year 2012!

18 Nov 2009 Author MyFEeLiNgs

Ever since i heard of year 2012, i had no time than to browse every website searching for what it really meant. Yes, i came across dozens of sites mentioning about 2012. Some people have exaggerated things beyond belief and some said in plain words. To believe it or not is what i was bounded against. Then, i sought Mr.Free Professor, the Google for his kind sympathy to explain me what is there in 2012. Kind enough, he showed me yet another lengthy links from where i can find lots of meaning. As surely intended, i tactfully browsed only to find that they were talking about Doomsday which i heard long before. Leave alone how it will happen, i can't even believe whether it will happen. I have heard non of our Buddhist prophecy overseeing the year 2012.
 Anyway, did anyone heard of anything from point of Buddhism?