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Time Moves Along

07 Jun 2012 Author sommey

Tick tock says the clock,the days are moving so quickly,soon the day will end and then comes the black with stars and moon moving so swiftly.Romance may be in the air,now is the time to be free and wild and never again will time let you pair,so be your self but treat your mate so mild.Two together is the gem of the sea,that glows and shines being remembered and cherished with glee,when time passes and the church bell chimes.

Calling you home to father,when it is your time to move along making room for the youthful with vigor as the grandfather clock will bong.Is it eleven or twelve,shall i hurry and speed to walk,to romance and dreams into which i delve for tick tock again says the clock.~!~ 


07 Jun 2012 Author sommey

Sometime i can see my self running, but what am i running from..?I am running from life, it's impossible to get away. Sometime i wish i could just close my eyes,and then things would be different. I just want to be somebody, i don't know if i can, but i will try.I have messed up in my life more the once! But still i am alive,but do i want to be? Yes i do! People mess up all the time,it's no reason to just run away. If you do,your problem will wait for you.You just gotta move on!You have to except what you have done. Just can't sit and feel sorry for your self. Life is not that bad! It's what you make it out to be,there will be good and bad times,sometime more bad then good,either way it's life! I would never want to change my life, even though i have messed up in the past, i think it made me a stronger person!So instead of running, i will stay and tale life as it is!

Life's choices

07 Nov 2011 Author sommey

Life is full of choices. Make sure you pick the right one. Don't listen to the voices. Hear only yours and you will have won. Many people will tell you you need to change your looks. Don't take their views to heart. Fabulous bodiess are found are only in books.
There is only one voice that you should listen to. It will help you make the right choice.Your looks are your own. Someone will always love you.You will never be alone. Look in the mirror and you will see who… ~ :)

Unseen Friend

27 Dec 2010 Author sommey

Although you are a friend of mine and latter's we exchange,i wouldn't know u on the street,and doesn't that seem strange?You hold a place within my life.unusual and unique.We share ideals and especial dreams and still,we do not speak.
A picture what I think you are,perhaps you picture me.An intriguing game for both of us for some one we can't see.So far this friendship we process,we owe this mail a debt,perhaps the charm lies in the fact that we have never meet.

Creamy Monster

19 Oct 2009 Author sommey

Once I had a horrible dream about a monster made of cream! He may sound lame but he can't be tamed. I saw him stretch his fingers from the corner where he lingers; he was trying to exercise but was being bothered by flies.

He looked very scary, full of holes and so hairy, i asked him what he ate on his table-sized dinner plate. Then he told his wife to go and fetch a butter knife and, as he was about to eat me, I was woken up by a duzzing bee!  :))

Faithful And Few

19 Oct 2009 Author sommey

The term 'faithful' speaks of all that is pure and holy. Being full of faith in one's swing of life means neither sinning oneself nor harming others.The faithful souls will be blessed with heavenly fortune and earthly well being.

We can't imagine how life happens and where in the universe souls traverse, but we must make the most of the time in between our stages of rebirth. Humans are fortunate beings and their faith transports them to a heavently level. Though we don't see the actual benefit of faith here and now, it is widely believed that only ahead to a pure future.

The present world needs no time to show the result of one's or collection action, good and bad. Take global warming: we caused it; we are paying for it already!Faith is never exclusive.We do not live in dubbles.The sooner we appreciate we're in this togather,the more faithful to ourselves we will be.Hell is a personalised existence.Step out on that long journey back to living together in harmony and we'll return to Sonam.”The sooner we appreciate we're in this together,the more faithful to ourselves we'll be”

Too Depressing For Words

14 Sep 2009 Author sommey

She wishes one day he'll cry for her like she cried for him, that he'll miss her like she missed him and need her like she needs him. Sonam now knows love can make her happy but oftentimes hurts.

She never imagined love would one day bring a thousand tears till Tshering left her for someone else. She then wept for the second time since she cried during the last breath of her mother when she was in class x.

Her younder sister, Yangzom raised her spirits when she was down in the dumps. She took her for a walk in the dusk to the shore of Mau Khola to watch the charismatic moonlight and narrated a shaggy dog story to help her forget him but all in vain. she just couldn't stop thinking of him :((

Not long after, she got admitted to Rigsum institute of information technology for a Commercial Accounting Course and after a while she saw Namgay for the first time. Namgay had noticed her since a month ago and constantly rang her close to midnight. Seeing her charming face, he had to propose to her.

They became fast firends, but even with his company, she was not happy; (The moment the sun rays pierce her room, she starts thinking about Tshering and how he held her hand and recited some beautiful Urdu lyrics. Then tears roll down her cheeks again. She still remembers the beautiful moonlit night, walking through the woods and sharing their heart's desires. While the whole world is asleep, she stares at the starts, wondering if he's thinking of her.

Despite Sonam's discouraging reaction Namgay still struggled to console her. He tried to make her cheerful .After a while, Sonam change her mind. She knew that Namgay loved her dearly. She forgot all the good times with Tshering and fell in love with Namgay. She led a happy life again. But her cheerfulness lasted only like a candle in the wind.

A week after their marriage, Namgay left for Canada to do his master. He had no option than to leave Sonam all alone. Sonam felt like an orphan again :((

She waited in suspense to see Namgay again but her hope remained a dream. A single day without Namgay seemed like years, with her eyes hurting, arms empty and heart breaking.

Namgay at Canada too missed her badly. Early at sundown, when while birds sang, he'd feel sad and lonely, wondering if she was missing him too. Sonam and Namgay were seperated for years missing each other so much. Yet they are looking forward to meeting together soon..:(( (^0^_^0^)