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the act that goes unrealized

19 Jun 2011 Author ohmlotey

While a plate of well cooked, deliciously appealing beef may sound an amazing meal, that piece of meat suffered and went through a lot of pain to reach this destination. No one heard his cries when he prayed not to be killed. Every tear drop that fell from his eye would have contained pains unmeasurable, prayers asking for mercy. No one felt the pain when his blood got drained and flesh removed even before his heart stopped beating.  There is nothing unlawful, nothing that makes us look ugly in enjoying the beautifully prepared dish. But the truth is; we are all just a merciless, selfish, greedy and heartless flesh eater and blood sucker.Thoughtfully speaking, we humans are the most frightening creature to ever have walked this planet.

Just the other day, my mates were discussing on how horrible it is to kill animals in the name of worshiping a figure. It so happened that a neighbour of ours has this tradition of having to actually kill a goat with their own hand and worship some sort of a god. So back at my place, my friends got into discussion on how wrong the act is. Basically they were just trying to say, the person is a heartless killer and condemning the sort of religion. Well this is so wrong; i agree but let us not blame religion. Blame those sick people who had it misinterpreted. Religions (any/all) lost its essence since the time when their followers started killing and discriminating each other in the name of religion. (Back to my talk)  The irony here is, these people are hard core non-veg themselves.  What is so a big difference in being the butcher and the consumer? As a matter of fact, I am a non-veg as well.

Now you see when a child is born. He is an innocent soul, an angle dropped straight from heaven. Under care and protection of his parents he starts seeing the world. The world he experiences at that stage is a perfect one. In that perfect world he gets to enjoy the best of everything. When a child is served with a well prepared meat, the only thing that turns him on is the taste. He is too innocent and young to wonder about what it takes for the piece of meat to come to him. The ugly act of killing goes unrealized for this child as he grows old because he has been eating meat from the very beginning and now eating meat has become just so normal to him.

Would there have been any difference if the child was exposed to the act of killing prior to serving? Haven't we lost the right to say 'I love animals', the day we started enjoying their flesh. If being compassionate means being able to feel somebody else's pain, then i wonder..?? Irony, the world is its best example. 
(inspired by KFC exposed

Into the 'living'

20 Feb 2011 Author ohmlotey

If I can turn back in time and to live my past one more time, will I want to keep all those mistakes made from happening? Or do I still think those mistakes were worth making to get me the person I am now. Did I even learn anything? But whether mistakes amendable or not, there always was a way forward, every moment had its reason. Living is a weird event, experiences bring realization. We were preached many lessons from the times we hardly remember now, but most of the time, facts and realities are learned the hard way. Yet in this hateful and disgusting world, hard to deny there still are many things worth living for.


A reason that keeps on changing, taking me down and rising me up and every time I know I'm just an artist playing a character. At the end of a day I know I'm taught a lot of things, not sure if I learned any. Moving on with the days somehow, keeping away all my worries. Just want to take it easy for I need a place just to stand and keep my way sound because every next day is a known mystery.


There isn't an end to all these noises; of depression, of ignorance, of greed, selfishness, ego, jealousy and most of all, voices wanting to be loved and cared for. We all were but a born saint, living has us wronged. Falling and despair, worries and stresses, many more little things that keep me grounded but at the end of each day I see myself back with the same old smile cuz I'm always reminded no matter what and how bad you are, the ones who love will always love you for the person you are. God always answer the prayers asked with a true heart, thank you god

Little things, big the end?

29 Sep 2010 Author ohmlotey

Places become home after sometime, only to realize at some point that your soul has been sucked from the core.

Unable to make it work with the people around. With the selfish ones, you try to make it up but for how long. After sometime you will just want to leave them alone saying let them be blessed. With the good ones, I was not good enough to take in their good nature.  And to the ones I was nice, the kindness in me was welcomed but as a weakness. Nothing at all I gained, except abuses, not that I wanted to earn something. Some never did understand me; perhaps, I never tried understanding those souls.
In the end, no one is right and no one is wrong. Every one of us is but just a victim of the every other person. He may be right, you may be right and she may be right, but at some point we realise, whatsoever and whosoever may be right, it wouldn't make any good, any bad or any difference in your life.
There is nothing to be afraid of the ones who bring it out, but I am a little careful to the ones playing from behind. There is always something wrong in the person who plays everything around so perfectly.
I was so good and I was so bad, in the end, anything hardly matters. All you need to be is yourself. We try our best, only to fall, and we fall so badly, to a point so low, there wouldn't be a way down any further. Any move you make, will but only rise you up once again.
Let the good ones rise and the selfish lots be blessed

True words of me to my love

13 Jul 2010 Author ohmlotey

Because of love and care we have lived. Out of love and care there comes a tear. Out of attraction there comes a fear and with the fear there brings a confusion. Most of all, it is the humanity in us that creates misunderstanding. Out of affection we feel sorry, for, the fragrance of a true love will never let the soul die, no matter what.


A reason of a forever wonder, bigger than the universe has those smiles in meaning. These are the undying words of the language unborn, and in those unspoken promises of an unrevealed soul lay the essence of a true love.


Cried a little and smiled a little more. Every tear drop that fell from my eye, just an expression of appreciation for the care you showed. Even when the days are hard, I'm holding onto today so as to reach tomorrow and when tomorrow comes, I'll still need you by my side. A day and forever, you will only be the one :) just to let you know I miss you all the time.


Someday in future we will be together, until then we have to bear the distance. Sometimes I may have led you down and sometimes I may have hurt you unknowingly but my definition of love is just you.

If anything make sense

05 Jul 2010 Author ohmlotey

Time goes by, life move on and we get dragged. Because it is a cycle, every phase is unavoidable. Sometimes we don't want to open our arms, if only that will make any difference. Some moments of the past, I wish I had it still but the reality, even the stillness is on move. Whatever it takes and where it might, I still keep this hope in me but when the lights are down in the middle of the night, truth never lies in saying your vision is still clear. Yet, the candle at the side says not everything is lost, just need to find a way to light it. If death was ever the end, how many of us would have already chosen this damn end?


Sometimes I don't know and at times when I know, I just run short of time. Life does suck once in a while, and this while goes on and on. It feels like it's going to go on forever ūüėź Sometimes, I just want to run away to a very faraway place and never come back. This is where I stand, completely out of words. May be for just one moment I take a look. Along with the world I spin, yet I lag behind at times but because the journey will always be on, I hope to catch up someday soon :)


In the middle of all these happenings, I am made to come into terms that nothing is perfect on this planet. Wonder not why the earth herself is in imperfect shape. Imperfect spherical, make sense! Every being is a saint, I believe, if only we let them be who they are. The world is guilty if someone is wrong today. Other side of the life: Thank you to one of my friend who showed me in real that the undying esteem within oneself never goes unrewarded. Yes, my friend! You inspire me, taking the best out of worst. You have proven, the best of things at times have an unkind approach.


..And I say life is still beautiful. Life's biggest irony and the delusion in which every being is soaked into without clear reasoning, and so now I make no sense ūüėõ

look up in the sky

01 May 2010 Author ohmlotey

You are too less important a figure in my world to even think I'll get offended by your comments. The very reason why I do not really care what is being said around. Evil and anger is in everyone. Some choose not to show for they understand nothing good but only evil will be reciprocated.
Sometimes people need to think what good you have in thinking the other person is watching every step of yours.  I do not like it when I am considered following not because of anything but because you are just another breathing creature and no extraordinary.  I have bigger things to worry, respected figures to idol and many special ones to care about.
When you think the world is rotating around you and you are the central catch, do look up in the sky and broaden your mind. Only when you understand you are just a little one among the many brighter stars, you'll find peace for then you'll realize you are too small to be noticed.
Living is so much about compassion and love.  I am an object of sympathy and compassion for the wise ones and so does similarly I feel sorry for many such us. 
PS; easy expressing as a first person, otherwise nothing personal

Dream a dream

28 Apr 2010 Author ohmlotey

I'm now with the truth

to be frank,i do not know

i see nothing in front

looking back i hear only silence

where do i turn? i'm lost

emptiness all around

might even fall, loneliness inside

tougher it seems then ever

never been the feet so cold

close my eye and i hear u call

so then m blown away

in a faraway land i land

and so i dream a dream

Before you leave

28 Apr 2010 Author ohmlotey

it is the heart so fragile..when you say;

its someone else..i feel left out

baby please dont leave me here

this place is so dark and i am scared

there's still few more words i wanna say

may be i'm lost but you are the one

may be i'm unfit but baby u should know

you are the one i love..yes you are 

sing it one more time, you see me in the blue sky

that you aren't sad even when the sky is clouded

i'll be exactly at the place you left me

if you decide ever to turn back..i'll wait

cuz baby..

you are the one i miss..yes you are! the only one i love


18 Mar 2010 Author ohmlotey

Until this day, it was difficult breathing
Today i found the place and it's so peaceful here
I'm away, leaving everything behind
The world in front is only of peace
The one abandoned, mixture of moments
And turning back i smile cuz all you friends
I still see loving as ever! Forgotten fortunes 
I still cherish. Seeking comfort for the lost
I never did loose. Singing for the one i love
Innocence drifts away, leaving behind only smile.

Of fate

14 Mar 2010 Author ohmlotey

The one adored turned away, saying;

' you a good friend of mine, I'm sorry'

Trouble it was, to force a smile and the fate so bitter

Yet, only the ones destined to meet get together

The ones who were not are yet to find theirs

For there is something true in this untrue living

And it doesn't matter how true our love is

Nothing ever happens beyond what's by fate

Fate we blame, still, living itself is just another fate

Along the country road at sun set

08 Mar 2010 Author ohmlotey

Year of 2010, on the evening of 7th March
A lonely walk along the lonely road
Few people were on the street
Lovers hand in hand, joggers sweating
And a lonely girl lost in her thoughts|

Quite evening it seemed and the trees waved
She smiled for she understood nature's talk
A girl child dancing among the fallen leaves
A true smile she wore and a real happiness
For she doesn't know the world yet

The sun set with a promise so certain
To come up again in the morning
Cheerful as ever and with rays of hope
To bestow on all races with no fondness
Secret to its beautiful setting time

A car went north and a car left north
Alongside the road, few looked impatient
As they wait, to cut the road short
Some towards east and some towards west
How different each of our destinies is?

..and you'll know there is a soul in you

05 Mar 2010 Author ohmlotey

An angel at the beach tells her story; saw a star falling down. Unable to believe the beauty created, almost lost her breathe. Just a blink and the star already plunged into the salty ocean. All she got was a drop of water thrown back. Sad for not being able to catch before it disappeared but looking at the sky she was happy to see many stars looking down at her. So she sits, waiting for the next star to fall. People live on, for there is still hope.

Don't be afraid of waking up from your dream, after all it is worth more than never have dreamt. It is worth the risk of loving for it is not the satisfaction you get from being loved but the happiness you feel from being able to love which is worth. It is like a flower, however beautiful it might have looked as a bud and charming as it bloomed, when the time comes it has to wither, where after it is not even remembered. It is the fear of rejection that few never take chances and the fear of losing some never own.

Life is a long journey; there isn't an end, unless you choose to. May be, it's all about something we don't see. Something everyone is unable unfold. Few wants to say, hold on a little more, there's an edge from where you might see a beautiful beginning. At the edge of the earth, do enjoy the beauty of the ocean which leads you to yet another voyage, be it of living or seeking solace. But never let it be like the cloud, afraid of falling which might eventually disappear

A mistake made

03 Mar 2010 Author ohmlotey

For it is a lover's heart you broke

And a friend's trust you betrayed


So now, it's a woman's heart that's answering

And a mother's heart you are dealing with.


 Also, a lover's revenge cruel than an enemy's

And a friend's challenge tougher than a rival's


Cuz for some, a mistake is a mistake forever

And, any suffering, never enough a punishment


The world indeed, is unfair by itself

And in every sense, at some point in life, we realize!

Nothing unusual; my day

01 Mar 2010 Author ohmlotey

Thursday the 25th Feb 2010

Who could be calling me at this early hour in the morning? Disgusted and with eyes still closed I reach out for the phone. Unfortunately it is the alarm ring. Damn it! Its college time and I have class at nine o'clock. Wish I could sleep at least one more hour but no, this time I want to be good to myself and so a sincere student.
Well, now my first class is over. Heading for my next class, five minutes early? Ok, it isn't so bad. Surprising! No one is in the hall. Why didn't anyone get earlier than me? May be others are as lazy as me. No one is better than the other anyways. 10 minutes passed and still no one. Something must be wrong; got to check the timetable again. I run to the computer lap only to see my fellow mates doing their practical. Whoa! Its practical session I thought it's a lecture. Thank god I did my prac the previous day.  That's it for the day then.
Should I go home? Hmm the cafeteria, love the free coffee in there. It isn't a very good one but where in Australia do we get free food anyways. So considering that, why would I not go? Walking towards the cafeteria, I feel a little lost. Many thoughts running inside my head. Sigh! Got more work this semester and the units seem to be looking harder. Wanted to do better this time but am I getting any better? And more over none of my mates are doing the units which I'm doing, this make all the more tough.  Sometimes I wish if I were still doing those electromagnetic properties. Understanding quantum efficiency seemed easier than the idea of methane having C2 axis perpendicular to C4 axis.
There they are, my Bhutanese group, they are already here. This is good; we are going to have some fun chat. Oh a sms! Caving on Sunday? Well this sounds fun but wait; I remember the movie 'the descent' haha may be not a good idea. Nothing like in the movie is going to happen. I'm just being stupid. But still should I go? Cuz I'm not so well these days. Just hope my father is not so ill. I try not to think but I keep remembering. He sounded ok over the phone yesterday, so hoping the best. Hope things get better soon. Living does require a lot of strength, hope and courage at times.
Yeah of course our lecturers, some of them are quite funny. This is the theme for our chat today.
Want to go home now, bit hungry also. Wow! It's a beautiful evening, no sun and the sky looks just so amazing, may be a down pour soon. I don't mind walking home, it feels so refreshing. Opps! A sms again :) it's him. At the end of the day I do always have a reason to smile.

Whats blue got to do with me?

06 Feb 2010 Author ohmlotey

blue and green are my color with reasons not known.

blue is amazing when in the form of tides.

comfort at times of disappointment,

a gifted miracle in the ocean herself!

though the currents can be harsh at times,

blue are waves that link sky to the ocean.

and when the blue fades, thunder roars,

so as to drive away the clouds,

giving the sky a crystal blue look.

out of the blue you came,

willing to take in all my blues.

saw you in blue today..waoo!

incredible how you look in blue,

something just more than a coincidence.

blue suits you well, you looked cute,

handsome sa :) lolz all the more reason,

so as to why blue? out of many!

Not in the prize!

05 Feb 2010 Author ohmlotey

The worth to a gift is not in the prize it hold but in the message and the symbol that comes with it. Action and words, whatever it may be, with time loses its charm, if not, forgotten..but the gift remains unless you decide you don't want to keep them anymore. And every time you see it, you are reminded of the person who gifted, bringing back the history.
You pass a gift shop and you know you can afford the most expensive gift stored inside. Just then you realize, what charm and beauty would it be in to buy it for yourself when there isn't a man who would gift you even a rose thats blooming in the wild.
..and what tale this sea gul is keeping all to itself, is preffered a mystery, the gift that was :)

It wasn't real

02 Feb 2010 Author ohmlotey

( A song I once wrote, some 12 months back..not yet sang to the world)

I know..yes i do baby at least now that i have come this far
It was all just a hallucination in me..
When i thought u missed me, it wasn't real..yes i know
i realized the disorder in me and this stupid dj reminds it all

But baby..
i cry not for the things that didn't happen
I long for the days we shared..
Words i spoke, i don't regret
Even now when i know it was all stupid
Baby no, its not the regret..its the destiny that haunts

You never loved me..oh how i wish you cared
its the faith i am blaming cuz never will i want to blame you
even the lord knows, it ain't my fault either
with days passing, i only see the distance increasing between us

oh yeah..yeah..ummmm the distance
and i know you wouldn't care the least
ummm ohhh u'mm

But baby..
i cry not for the things that didn't happen
I long for the days we shared..
Words i spoke, i don't regret
Even when now i know it was all stupid
Baby no, its not the regret..its the destiny that haunts

Night and the rain!

01 Feb 2010 Author ohmlotey

I knew something was unusual. It was already pass midnight when me and kezang left our friends' home. They were all drunk but trust me we didnt, not a sip. They insisted on dropping us but our denial :p Half way on the way it rained. She suggested we sit under that big tree until the rain subsided but I told we keep walking cuz the street sounded so damn silent. Few steps and more rain drops started hitting us.

Woaa what a walk that was.. those gentle blows of the cool breeze over my face was just too refreshing. Afterall, i have always loved rain or better this way, i always enjoy taking walks in the rain. Just the satisfaction i get, i just love it. getting my hair wet and water dripping down my eyebrows and the cold..hehe it is just so fulfilling.
Anyway, 1:30 am and here, we are back to our room, safe and sound! That was a wonderful walk with my sweety aum kez. Thanks kez, for all those romantic talks. Ohh i got to make one thing clear, we are both straight, by the way. those ronamtic verses just made me wish someone was near you know lolz :)

Words that are; for you

31 Jan 2010 Author ohmlotey

Silence was what all my life became after I was heart broken one time. Out of the blue you came bringing all those forgotten meanings of living back to me. Playing music was what I used to do but with your coming, made me to hear those songs, and I can feel that those musics which I played thousand times did actually have a lot more to tell, more then what came up in the lyrics.
You say that your happiness is me being by your side, so then I assure you to be happy for all times to come. I may not follow you like the shadow but I do promise to be the breath you take. Sometimes I wonder if I can give you the happiness you deserve. If sometimes my limitations are into question then other times I am afraid of my humanly nature. Everyone of us is but just another human, so I hope if I am ever to let you down , do forgive me.

If the world was in my control I would hold you till your last breath, but tomorrow is never certain, the one pray i have this moment is that let our love last forever. While this is certain, hereafter don't forget that you being happy is my peace and a reason to live.

Having all time to myself was the best I used to have. I was happy for not having to divert my time to anyone important. And I thought life was pretty cool and relaxing that way. But now, thinking of you has become a part of my life, and I am happy to feel the happiness that proved much more greater then the smooth flowing life I once had. 

Thinking of you and smiling at your thoughts seem to be more beautiful then having all the world's time to myself. May be I never felt the essence of the living itself but/and, today I thank you for showering all these meanings in me. Never did I think I would love someone or for the word lets say fall in love.  Today I can feel I am not loving you but I have once again fallen in love in a true sense and I am only glad that it is you.

PS: this is an old one. Directly from my blog :)

To those friends..night of 19th Jan 2010

20 Jan 2010 Author ohmlotey

(Dedicated to Kezang, Ngajay, Kencho and Kinzang )
You have such wonderful friends and of course mine like always the best. Those singing sessions were awesome. Learn to live each moment, we proved it, tomorrow is never certain. It is not the place or the time that counts but the company and moments we make out if it that makes all the difference.
Considering the saying, it is not the voice or tune that should matter but the lyrics which tells it all, those songs were awesome. Jokes apart, you guys were great. Thank you all for the wonderful time, those songs. It was embarrassing I didn't sing. Knowing the fact that I once sang 'My heart will go on' for a friend of one of my Arabian friend. No web cam. That was easy and moreover hadn't had the idea who the hell was at the other end. The compliment I got, I was flattered. Anyway no big deal, ' believe none that you hear'. But I am sure you all figured it out why I didn't sing yesterday night.
Life is seen in the moments we live and not to the age we conquered. This sounds a old phrase but many times we forget to live, living in the past when we can do so much better in the future. Celebration shouldn't be limited to only occasions when we know, just being alive in itself is a fortune.
Thanks to the technology, oceans apart yet our loved ones are accommodated near. Nothing special but I am glad we made it a memorable one, at least to me.
I saw the sun rising already when eventually I decided to sleep. It was 7 am and I was still wake in the bed. Realized I was hungry. Finally had to take some food to get myself into sleep. Call me crazy, maybe I am, or better a vampire. This change in the biological cycle is going to put me in real trouble once my semester resume. Well, that is not what am worried about right now, I am glad yesterday night was a night to remember.