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In Your Name

04 Sep 2013 Author yeesi7

Your name is the reminder
I want to forget for life
It’s your name, that’s my enemy:

Your name fetches me love
Your name warms my heart
Your name gives me joy
Your name fills me with laughter
Your name completes me

No matter the pleasant life
I can never forgive myself
For I have lost the man I loved
And the wounds won’t go away
Until your name is off my chest

You are becoming the reason
I want to forget my worthiness
The fact that you are not mine
Is in the name I remember

Of a man I dearly loved
That I cannot love like this again
It’s in a blink of your name
I breathe my love for you

It’s in your name, that’s my enemy

Self-Discovered Guide to a Good Night Out!

25 Sep 2012 Author yeesi7


One or two drinks can make you feel relaxed and confident. But if you drink too much, it could be a different story. You could end up slumped on the floor, fighting, vomiting, miserable or just plain boring. I bet almost all of the people drinking alcohol has experience those symptoms. Frankly, I slipped on the floor because there were drinks splashed on the ground and no one has noticed it and no one has cleaned it.

Know your limits and you will have a much better time.

Many young people choose not to drink. They know they don’t have to drink to have a good night out, even though it may seem like that’s what everyone does.

If you drink alcohol, here are some remedies you can follow before you really go for drinking;

Have something to eat.
If you are on a drive, then have a non-drinker to drive.
Have a enough money for a cab fare home if in case you are left behind.
Set a limit on how many drinks you will have.

Drink water or soft drinks between alcoholic drinks.
Avoid straight spirit shots and cocktails.
Avoid rounds or shots.
Avoid mixing your drinks.
Watch your drink. It sometimes happens that you take two shots at a time.
Look after your friends and let them know where you are going and who with.
Never leave a drink mate on their own.

Never drive after your drink.
Never try to sober a person by feeding them with bread.
Never accept a ride from someone who has been drinking.
Drink plenty of water.
Hang out with people who will look after you if you get into trouble

P,S, All of the above tips I mentioned is real with the fact that I have experienced some of it and not all of it. But if you don’t realize your limit, some of it is going to happen.


Self-thought Interesting Facts

25 Jun 2012 Author yeesi7

There are moments that you experience daily and you value so little that you don't share with your friends. Here are some interesting facts that define us in every moment of our life.

Getting irritated when a person takes time to respond Hi when s/he is still appearing online and you click offline to him/her.

You walk bypass a girl or a boy and you don't miss looking at their butt.

You shy away and change your expression when a bus crosses you for few seconds.

You feel like a nerd when you hold bunch of books in the front and it feels awesome all the way.

You are caught up smiling at yourself and you are back to what-the-heck-don't-look-at-me expression.
We can't stop looking at the glasses of Vehicles and glass doors and make over yourself and feel beautiful again.

When you are walking alone. you become double conscious about your walking style and no body is actually watching at you. Funny!

You stare at a couple dating or kissing and say to yourself, “What the hell are they doing in the middle of the crowd? 'Animals!'. 

You laugh seeing your grand parents fall asleep in the middle of watching television and you have no words to say to them than continue staring at them
You are stupidly annoyed with the socket and the wires when you get an electric shock suddenly.

Your heart skips a beat when you see a thin, long and curled structure figure in middle of the road because you assume, it is a snake and panic for a second and realise it is a dried twig or an old rubber.

Most of us go back to sleep with a hope to continue the dream and when it doesn't, we are disappointed the next time we wake up.

 All of these little stupid incidents has now become part of us leaving a best impression of the funniest person alive living inside us.



25 Jun 2012 Author yeesi7

I saw you from the Distance
I saw you smiling at me
I figured you came to meet me
Like you would come everyday
I said, 'How are you?”
You replied, “I will be good when I hear you first.”
As girly as I was,
I hid behind the walls
Lowered my head against the wall
Closed my eyes and waited for you to go
But you waited like an armed soldier
To come out of the Den
And say, 'I love you too'
My heartbeat increased to the highest
I knew, it was a big step
A promise to trust, and a commitment to make,
I said, “I need another day”
You calmed me down
You hugged me and responded, “OK”
I thought, You are a gentleman
As I loosened myself from your arms
I can see in your eyes
The Vision of us
I am not waiting 
For the moment to come
Let it happen today
Because it is going to happen anyways…
Our Brand New Life!

Red Color Obsession

25 Jun 2012 Author yeesi7
The color, Red is one of woman's obsession. Especially me, I die for random red stuffs I see here and there and everywhere. When I say random, I mean the clothes,the bags, the coats and the beautiful Red heels. Everyone knows what Red stands for. Probably, all of you are starting to think about it. Here are some of RED things I know and I remember.

Red is Blood.
Red is religious. 
Red is a hospital sign.
Red is a Smoke Free Zone.

Don't you see, Red color is widely known and on adding into, it is a good sign. So, I proudly want to confess that I have been pretty much obsessed with Red colors since my high school days and till now. I don't know what made me go for Red: Red colour hairband, Red color slipper, Red color bag, Red color book cover, Red colour pen and Red colour purse. I always had a special bond with it.

Speaking of RED, I think I want to have money in red too. Then I will not spent on things I don't like because I would prefer my Red money to keep safely with me than buying yet another. It is quite an idea!

Red is a color.
Red is famous.
Red is love.

Nothing can stop me from buying reddy red things. I just discovered a new adjective for red, “Reddy Red”. It is amazing how red can falsely improve my vocabulary and share with you guys.SMILE! It works.

Lastly and more importantly,
Red is super bright.
Red is sexy.
Red is elegant.
Red is attractive.

No matter how much I like seeing female movie stars wearing Red lipstick, I hate it wearing on myself, probably because I have thick lips. Oooops but true. I hate Red colour at this point. I can't believe Red color is intensely and effectively strong to change my love for red to hating red. Oh, I love Red. I just love it. RED IS possessive. 

She made a memory out of him

20 Oct 2011 Author yeesi7

I was looking down the road from my porch
You were waiting near the traffic lights
You were carrying a bouquet of flowers
I saw your face bright and excited
I wonder if it was to impress anyone you know
As I gazed, your innocent exciting face disappeared
Then I knew, you're looking at a man that's almost gone
You found out he was loving double time
He was with another woman along the road
You saw her arms locked in his
Oh, what a disgrace! You were a great woman
You waited for him to surprise your presence in the town
Who knew he is going to turn you down like this
He moved you from his heart to the back of his mind
Just a vision of the past is all you see
Like a statue of stone a part of history
Yes! That woman made a memory out of him

You to Me

11 Oct 2011 Author yeesi7

With the weather so warm and gracious,
I was walking on the beach,
The waves were dancing and drenching my clothes
I could feel the cold running through me
I carefully lifted my flowing skirt
And continued walking aimlessly,
Then, in a distance not so far
Saw a man like you from the back,
I pursed my lips to the notice,
Felt the warmth of you,
And cursed the distance of your faraway presence
I then felt the difference—
With you and without you
I hugged the few little moments I had with you,
Smiled slyly and whispered to myself, “I love you”
You are beyond my happiness
I wish for the same a zillion times
And a chance to say the same for a life time

A Moment in the Morning

06 Oct 2011 Author yeesi7

I am on edge in home room. I am fast asleep, dreaming of my first day at Uni, when my alarm goes berserk. I hit the snooze button and slip into that deepest of sleeps, where your body sinks into your mattress and you know that nothing in the entire universe could offer the slightest temptation for you to get out of bed. And then after four minutes pass, and that sadistic shrilling device sounds off again. If that's not bad enough, my friends walk into the room and jumps on me and wakes me up with a friendly boxing over my body.

She would say, 'Come on ya, first day at Uni! Wake up!'
'Five more minutes', I groan.
'Yeshi! Come on! Hurry up!' In an act of severe friendly abuse, my bed quilt is mercilessly pulled off my body. 
'Aaah, dear! Leave me alone!' 

 'I have made pancake for breakfast. A good start for our first day!'

And then I smile and I eventually manage to fall out of bed and into the shower, where I have a panic attack of getting late in my first lecture. Then the shampoo gets into my eyes. So, my panic attack goes from 'What will they say if I am late from the start only?' to 'Is this soap going to blind me?' I then salvage my eyeballs, towel off, put on my dress and do my hair neatly. Then I sit on the edge of my bed and check my timetable again. Yep, no doubt about it, the majority of my classes are in the afternoon. That means, I have more time to relax in the morning. 

Me and my roomie fall over the tables eating and then laughing when all of a sudden, we notice the time running so fast that we get ready to go to our respective lecture hall. 
I look at the time again with my eyes so fixed, mouth opened, jaws dropped just to realize my classes is in the afternoon only. 'Aaah, I have time! I could have slept a little more'.

'What a spunk!' She says. 'You are so boring! Go to Uni, stay in the library, play with computer, you will have a quality time watching new students passing by you.' She grins again.
Then she looks at me in mortification. She couldn't believe she just said that to me. I look around the kitchen to wash away the dishes before leaving to Uni and ignore her embarrassment. 
Yet a part of me, a very teeny weeny part of me, is making a lot of noise in my head wondering about what it would be like to stare at those hot guys and beautiful ladies. Never mind about them looking back to us.

She would ask again.'You think I am funny at times?'

'Haha, very funny. Jeez, you give me butterflies every time I wake up in the morning. You are perfect. All the time'. I smile away. 
'After all, I get a readymade meal in the morning. And I get to hear those interesting hanky panky conversation from you'

Then we disperse from kitchen, fly to our room, carry our bag in hurry and then race walk to Uni as fast as we could. Life is that busy.

Monday welcomes us with uttermost laziness and then starts our tiring and busy weekdays. And with such wonderful friends, you move on with your life and make your own world to live in.

Note: The incidence in the story is a summed up moments of happenings at different time period.


The Best Days of My Life

06 Oct 2011 Author yeesi7

Those days, they came and went
The phone calls, the love, the fight
It has been always wonderful
And it still is
Long gone moments, happily spent
We are but instants of worthlessness 
Fragments of false life
And yet to come are days unseen
And holding surprises like never been
And anxious for untasted freshness
To silently savour the first kiss
From lips I do not recognize
Such is fate, not to minimise
Now, it's a new day
To live happily ever after, I presume
And with a new life to resume.

The phone- Yet another distraction

12 Sep 2011 Author yeesi7

The evening was cold and windy that the goose pumps started to appear on my arms and then my legs. In this cold weather, I was impatiently waiting for the bus to arrive but in vain. I don't know for how long I have been waiting but it seemed too long. Moreover, I was alone and felt bored. I had no one to talk to despite other people waiting like me.

 It is boring when you have the classes in the evening and you having to wait for the bus to arrive. So yeah, my class got over at 7:30pm and I started playing music in my ear and then I was playing game through my phone. Yes, I was winning and defeated my opponent, my phone. Since I was winning, I couldn't stop playing the game repeatedly. In between the game, I looked far way distance to see the bus coming but it never showed up. Ok! My concentration was too deep to respond the cold and the people around me. 
The bus is still not in the scene. I was quite tired playing so I rose by tiring neck just to see the bus closing the door. OMG! I thought this is the 3rd or 4th time the bus is leaving me again. I rushed to the bus with my hair flying in the air and with my cheeks so red. I gave a cheesy smile to the driver and said “Thank you” for opening the door for me. Sigh! I was so relieved I made into the bus and from within, I felt a little embarrassed because the people who was near me outside the bus stop were already into the bus.

This was my night waiting for bus to come and in the process of waiting, I got absorbed in the game and the bus almost left me. If not I might have been waiting for the next bus to reach the Uni Bus Stop. I am not promising I will not play the game again because the phone keep me accompanied and saves my time while I am on the wait. So, I love you my dear phone even if you are some source of distraction. 

Noise vs the Crazier Faces

14 Jun 2011 Author yeesi7

It was going to be dark and I was waiting for the bus to go home.  As the time passed by, there was a slight rainfall to which I had to standstill in the crowd without any umbrella.  Now, the rain acted harsh and I have increased the volume of my music a bit louder to balance the sound of the rain.  

I looked around the place thinking to take a seat near by but the bench was already occupied. No longer did the bus reached near the stop, students rushed towards the door. This is an everyday ritual at the Bus stop to take the seat in the first come first basis.  Today, I was lucky; I escaped myself from staying in the queue because the bus stopped right in front of me and got a place to sit while I watched the late comer standing with their subduing faces.

The girl sitting next to me was Asian wearing pink and black colour coat. Her hair was short and black. She had a speck on.  I have noticed too much of her and I looked at her again not because I adored her but she resembled to one of my International friend.  I gave another third look at her and she had a mole under her right eye. Moreover, she was a cute little girl and the one I use to know was a woman.  I felt little embarrassed and more stupid.  

Sometime later, she was looking at me with the “Who the hell are you?” face. I didn't make any move and continued listening to my favourite track by Bruno Mars, 'Just the way you are'. Whatsoever, I kept myself busy listening

 Bus was roaring the whole way, the rain was raining but the girl didn't stop giving me another frowning and a confusing look. I was like “What the hell?” and I felt uneasy to sit near her now. What was her problem anyway?

I don't know, somehow, I realized that the girl could hear my music. Without her notice, I lowered the highest volume till the middle way. But I lost the charm of listening to the music only and at  that moment I remembered how one my friend, Ugyen Tshomo  complaint about the volume i have been used to.

 But I already mentioned that the idea of listening to music with the highest volume was to balance the noise I heard from the bus and the rainfall.  The girl should have understood that the volume was favourable to me.  If she was that generous not to gaze me over and again, then I would have listened to the highest volume again.

Undesired Day!

20 Apr 2011 Author yeesi7

It's 7 O'clock in the morning. I thought I woke up too early today so I sleep back again with my alarm set to wake up again  after half an hour. If lucky, I get up on time and if not as usual, I miss my lectures.  But, this time, But I got to be active. I got a tutorial and I don't want to be marked absent.

So my alarm wakes me up.  With my eyes half open, I reach for my phone to check the weather forecast and then peep outside again. This is my every time habit that I don't fail to do. If only, I could do this with my books but in vain.

 I smile to myself and I was happy because today, it will be warm. I was sure of it now.  My books already set, the next thing I decide is what do I wear?

Hmm… I am running out of time. I need to have my breakfast too. Sigh!  I go looking for outfit anyway. I pick out a dress;   a shirt and skirt. Then I go to kitchen and eat whatever is there in the fridge. At the moment, a piece of bread sounds ideal because I am already running out of time. Phew!  

 Bidding goodbye to my dear mate still yawning, I rush out to attend my class. Without notice, I hurry for my class. I am on my half way to reach Uni and I feel the cold running from top to toe. The cloud gathers hiding the rays of sun. Oh! It is starting to be cold. Now this is upsetting and the weather disgusting.  How am I supposed to attend the class with the AC's ON. There is no time to go back home and change. The weather cheated me and all the more, it is disappointing.  

Let Me Come

10 Apr 2011 Author yeesi7

TodayThe Sky Is Happy

I Can See It,

 It Is Clear And Blue

But I Am Cold

Birds Are Flying

Leaves Are Whispering

Oceans Waving

I Am Lured With All

Render Me Your Fine Day

I Need You Now The Most

 Doubts And Suspense

Is What I Have Become Now

The Bygone Days Arrest Me

I Can't Hold The Memories

It is massive And Heavy

I Am Loaded

 I Can't Take It Anymore

Enough Is Enough

Lend Me this occasional Weather

Even if It's For A Day

I Will Come To You

A Moment To Forget Myself.

My Weekend

28 Jul 2010 Author yeesi7

Time is rushing forth and the time we spent is going to remain as memories that we will either cherish or weep over. The laughter and the sadness will still remain as a barrier in our present remembrance. But it's never too late to have fun while we are around good friends. Weekend has almost come and I am planning a lot which I suppose to go for shopping. Neither accessories nor fashionable clothes satisfy my shopping, so I go to buy the groceries. So weekend is my day.


I waited for the Bus to arrive in my thick fur clothes on and with the music in my ears, Kesha singing “TIK TOK” making me to give a quick smile to other passengers. Some appeared weird looking over my face while some rejoiced over reading a novel but I kept on going with Kesha. I took a seat near the window corner and stared at the foggy weather. At this time, it made me feel that I am not alone and reminded myself to forget the relations I use to think about and moved on with the tune I am listening to. Finally, I am at my destination near the mall station.


I got off with my cheeks red and I made sure that I behaved well in the cold walk out. I am in a wonder now with lots of glittering and a sensational dress. As usual, I stopped by gazing at an outfit of an old woman but I intended to buy though it was a fine-looking dress. I went on and I kept on searching for some new dress to fit in and I suddenly caught my eye on a beautiful and a stunning dress.  I was so excited just like a little kid gets excited seeing a beautiful toy. I decided to buy and tried the clothing but to no avail. It was torn and sadly I returned back home with the music still on.


I thought I had a horrible weekend but it was fun having a party out at our boys place. Well, it was our 1 year Anniversary and 2 year anniversary for our seniors.  Nothing is really special than being with our friends. It gives us all the joy we have never experienced though interruption comes in between. It is always better to ignore the bad situation and go for the best possible fun with friends around. My weekend was however a very fabulous and a fantastic one. I loved it.


After having gone through all the exhaustions of enjoyment and laughter, I realized that life is sometimes fun. It is solely us who could really interchange the meaning of life. Finally,  my weekend has been one of the wonderful weeks of all. Just like life is all made up of temporary thing, now is the time to get started with the academic studies. I will miss the fun I had and indeed is a memorable moment for me to keep.


24 Jul 2010 Author yeesi7

One of the most amazing things created in this world is “the relationship”. Everyone wonders for their loved ones. For the fortune people, they get their true love but somehow somewhere gets wrong unnoticed. While, on the other hand, some people strive to get a perfect partner. So in the process of waiting for someone special, they end up being either bachelor or spinster. I may be wrong in many ways explaining such relations; however, a difference in person's mentality has a great affect on every word. When I say this doesn't mean to offend anyone but it is a specialty in a relationship which is quite complicated to understand.


Similarly, striving for a good relation needs lots of commitments which I tried to keep at my best but failed as the time passed on.  All the temporal conditions around was a lavishing and a pleasure world. Still, I moved on with a fair and clean heart never to let in a wrong attitude in me. But the stillness of such feelings constantly strokes me and I being far away from him made me much weaker to fight for the unwanted stuffs near. Naturally, I became bounded with sadness which I can never explain just like the mystery untold, it remained as a secret for me. Sounds strange though but I can't help it.


Normally, I noticed people fighting, teasing, stupidity acts in the crowd and other childish smiley's to one another. I just smiled to them and my innocent thinking started by relating all of it to myself. I witnessing all these made me to learn the fall in relation. Just as some special words remain unsaid, the reason for the trouble in a relation can be any miseries or else happiness. People including me complain about every downfall but the truth is we are the foremost reason to be complained about everything.


Whatever the controversies may be over the relations, what I know is A TRUE HAND IN MARRIAGE deserves for all. So, the unfamiliar connection between relation and the troublesome could be the “self” only causing “the relationship” as untrustworthy. It's a message for all that “some people come into our lives and quickly goes without an unanswered reason for leaving and then we are never the same but a changed one”

I am home

19 Jul 2010 Author yeesi7

Oh! The days passed by with the love from friends and different places around me. These days I have been visiting almost all the unknown places. It refreshed my whole memory and made me feel more secured with many Bhutanese elders. I had a good vacation but the worst thing is I couldn't contribute any articles to Nopkin but I do read the notes written by you all. I love reading it.  Now I am home writing this piece of note to know I am also one of the old member in this I hope to write on my thoughts during this four months session at my University.

I love this site the most. It makes me feel at home with all the different articles. from different authors. I mourn and rejoice over what you all write. I know this is not a piece of article but it is also a thought I could share with you all. It is easier said than done so I really wish I could keep the promise to donate my piece of notes from now.

 I love you all the Nopkin members.

Let it Go!!!

16 May 2010 Author yeesi7

Draped in this cold weather, it's another world. The time is passing by and I am doing no right things but i am still in sweet dreams. I thought I will go for a walk. As I walked, I saw the ceiling and I looked myself worried and my thoughts were blur. So I am letting it go and flow because I never know what I will be thinking so it's best thing to” let it go.”

There is a thought that you care for but gradually it becomes weak. I would like to be in joy but there is a difference . I never liked to be fallen and there is so many people I meet who is so much like me but they end up to be fine. In contrary I am always the weak one.Then I feel up my chest with another deep breathe and it goes by to “let it go out of my mind.”

The hardest thing to take for me is when things don't move like I wished and the answered prayer is where I was before and not to the new place. I am tired over the thought in my mind. I am leaving everything behind and “letting it flow.”

“The hindering thoughts are still the worst. I try to retrace back but I can't forward it. I find everything around to be so distrustful because I am afraid so I am living in a dark. I can't cry. I am forced to live this way because my heart can possibly break it soon so “I am letting it go.”
P.S. I Am Always Yours


28 Apr 2010 Author yeesi7

In this daylight, every little flash of your memories are daunting my thoughts. It was the time when I couldn't keep my eyes off books but the thought of your presence dominated me. I brushed my brain trying hard not to think of anything.  For now I thought of the bad times we had which would make our relation just a worst thing.


I remembered the time when you tried hard explaining me about you not drinking at all and then you awaited at some unusual places but you agreed that you never go. I knew it was a lie. I am angry with you because you didn't even spare your time to tell me and now I hear all of it from my friends. They didn't tell me even, but I heard them when they were out of balance.


I am glad I heard it before any thing wrong turned up. But I was confused when you still denied the lie you told me. You never say a word about my evils but the good ones. I tried not to bother about anything and I too tried to moving on but the lies and the act you showed me indicates your hatred for me. But you never told me.



Were you trying to figure out whether I am a good girl or not? I think of myself as a simply girl who loved you once and I cared for you. Time passed away like a flowing, never waited for me. I expected your return but it was sad to know that you moved on so easily. Was my love so impure and harsh that you didn't even care to turn back?


Notice me. I was sheltered recollecting the days from where we met, took walks, the drives to a long way wishing our journey to be endless, the laughs, then the coffee and the list goes on and on. But I couldn't resist myself brooding over the past. I know it haunted me but you remember one thing that I loved you and till now and I remember you.




Random Habits

22 Apr 2010 Author yeesi7

The day was warm as usual with people buzzing in and around the University.

As I passed by, I noticed their faces were very gloomy despite the murmurs  and laughs I could hear.

But I couldn't forget the reality I am facing. I have been trying to trace the solution of my bad habits but in vain.

All these days, staying late at night has made me fall asleep in the lecture theatre. Moreover, I have been following irregular meal times.  God knows what will happen next.

Just an honest Pray: let me follow my own regular time to finish off my work on time without delay.


PS: This is the only the place where I could pour out  what I feel. My above notes aren't really interesting. They are just my silly thoughts.

Happiness that I don't trust

18 Apr 2010 Author yeesi7

Life itself is a mixture of all the strong emotions of happiness and sadness.  If we are ready to break free of limiting beliefs that disrupt our success and are ready to create and manifest our intentions, goals and dreams, then, now it becomes a time to grasp our chance to make happiness a worth one. It definitely changes the life and thereby it moves us in the direction of greater happiness and well-being and then inspire to the highest potential.

I know Happiness is what everyone desires for but the bad feeling that accompanies happiness comes at a hidden cost. It leads to a particular style of thinking that is suited for some types of situations. You may think any situation. In one way or the other, space is left to feel the sadness within. Once a girl or a boy meets their boy, they feel it happy but how far can they be true to each other could be the negative effect on their mind. I must say that feelings of life are really a contagious substance.

I knew not the friends around me. At one side, they were good but as the time goes by, a feeling develops that s/he is not that close to us because s/he already got another good friend. Why are people so weak to understand others feeling? Can they resist themselves leaving their old friends and join new? I don't say not to make new friends but it's a bad attitude in oneself showing their own bad behaviour thus keeping the old friends aside.

Because of such incidents, one or the other person is left completely isolated just to make them realize that Happiness is a temporary excitement. Yes, happiness can't be trusted as we always feel about it.