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10 Jun 2010 Author blueGUNS

The world's biggest sporting extravagan­za, the World Cup has started brewing fever in the country.

Slated to begin from June 11, you can hear K'naan at top of his voice singing the World Cup version of his song 'Waving Flag' in the Bhutanese air.


Some of my friends already know the song while few lazy asses scrap for the lyrics because all of us want to sing together when world will come together in minds and thoughts.


Me , I am a English supporter. Actually I like wearing my team's jersey like Manchester United's in club times. Alas England or any world cup merchandise will reach our land when the world cup is over.


Wayne Rooney will be our man, who is branded 'Raging Bull and _____butterfly' will be terrorizing the defences.

There is always the hype of English tam doing well but all this time they never ever fared well since 1966.

I hope this is the year though firm favorites are Brazil and Spain. EEEEngland all the way then…I can hear Three Lions roaring from the South African shores…


Sing aloud the world song


'Waving Flag'


Ooooooh Wooooooh, Ooooooh Wooooooh

Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason, take me higher
See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud
In the streets our heads are lifting, as we lose our inhibition,
Celebration, it surround us, every nations, all around us

Singing forever young, singing songs underneath that sun
Lets rejoice in the beautiful game,
And together at the end of the day.
We all say

When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag
When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag
So wave your flag, now wave your flag, now wave your flag

Oooohhh, Oooooooooh wooooohh, Oooooooooh wooooohh

Give you freedom, give you fire, give you reason, take you higher
See the champions, take the field now, you define us, make us feel proud
In the streets our heads are lifting, as we lose our inhibition,
Celebration, its around us, every nations, all around us

Singing forever young, singing songs underneath that sun
Lets rejoice in the beautiful game,
And together at the end of the day.
We all say

When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag
When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag
So wave your flag, now wave your flag, now wave your flag
Now wave your flag (4x)

Oohhoooohh Woooh Ohohooooh Wooohoooh

We all say
When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag
When I get older I will be stronger
They'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag
So wave your flag, now wave your flag, now wave your flag
Now wave your flag (4x)

Oooooh woowoo ooh Wooo ooohh ooohoh
And everybody will be singing it
Oooooh woowoo ooh Wooo ooohh ooohoh
And we all will be singing it




My Friend

07 Jun 2010 Author blueGUNS


Stealthily…you took a step ahead

Silently you bade me farewell


You are in heaven…

But I still want you here…

I talk to you in the wind…

Scream at you when the night is wild…

 Of sound and storm…


 And I sing a soft song for you

Your beautiful face still hangs back

I close my eyes

I see our days

The time we were friends

And I call you my friend still…


The fragrant spring has past

Golden summer has gone…

The brown fall is here

With dead winter I will be with you

A poem…

27 May 2010 Author blueGUNS

Sometimes you were not there
And at times me
It was not less for love
The talking closed at the lips
Died a death
I would have given all in me…
Life is loaded heavy…
It seeps…leaks, and at times
it explodes…it flies…
Weave your dream…
when you sleep the day
and stare at night…
time will run the road…
In memories are inscribed names,
the moments… I am promised,
You will be remembered…

The Blank Man

13 May 2010 Author blueGUNS

I walk the whole day

From my window

Breathing fire feelings

Your fragrance in the air

As I walk the road

To my land…

My heart to the brim

The birds chirp and fly

Freedom in their breasts

I stood by the river

I touch the flowing river once

And never…

I drew a picture in the sand

Millions sands cling to me

I become silver and golden

I dip in the river

So I can drench and ooze

My heart

The darkness descends

I hop in my bed

I sleep…

My heart to brim

I dream you in the night



06 May 2010 Author blueGUNS

Maruti vans, Altos, Mahindra jeeps with occasional Wagon R, Santros with yellow roofs are all parked in numbers. The heat grows with ascending sun in the sky. Languid cab drivers doze while some engage in card games in almost no room for movement in the back seats of their utility vehicles.

Wind blows bringing in shower of dust and minutest gravels.

No sooner you reach the stand, you can hear the calling; almost all the places Thimphu can boast of. Zoom goes a joyful taxi to Semtokha while another takes his previous park place, another goes to Babesa with a hope he will get passengers on his way back too.  This routine continues the whole day and if some gigantic creature be watching the scene, he gets the ant scene as we do.

Passengers come in shapes and sizes; some who missed the bus land up there with some who prefer to avoid hassles of too many stops and thick strong diverse scent of one bus full people, some just feel the need of travelling in groups of friends and families, some are very huge that cab feels the grunt of reaching them and make them feel charge the fare in kilos instead of the distance, some are kind enough to spare them few changes and get in the luggage seat.

A girl runs in the stand, barges into the nearest parked taxi.''Take me wherever you want to,'' she says. 

A boy in me

21 Apr 2010 Author blueGUNS

Lying on aum Peeku's cool cemented verandah…  I would watch ants doing 'I am strong' labor. I wonder, man, how they could move all in a line. I would laugh when two ants from opposite direction rub their head and move on. What might have they said… hey chap there is enough food lying there… I see you roaming around… who cares, I just got 89 days more to live… choruses and victory cheers they would do upon a dead insect… and will those ants who lost their way make its way back home from their universe of lawn… and what if we were one of them…

I would then watch the far blue sky… what if I plus plus mountains, trees,  bamboos, houses… will I ever reach the sky. The trees on top of far flung mountain forming shadows at dusk equaling to Gandhian march on one of the Indian currencies. I would press my upper eyelid till it forms various shape colours in the sky and watch it disappear…and I still wonder why it is blue of all the colours…

I had a yearning to grow big and be free of my childhood hardships… freedom to do what I want to..escape bullies and revenge… get a girlfriend and be free of teasing and control…. i despise smell of petrol and cigarette… makes me puke… do my prayers with lord, country, people , all the sentient beings, kings, in my head when I don't even know what all those prayers meant…cry over a piece of chocolate… I wouldn't like to be bathed by others… fear of teachers… playing on lap of my father…. listening to his stories and songs…and millions more..

Now I hate  going back to those moments… it sure is best part of my life and it kicks me out whenever I think about…..

paradise lost

07 Jan 2010 Author blueGUNS

The first time I heard about people going to west to work as trash cleaner, babysitter and all I thought the place over there would really be amazing and enchantingsince they are giving up a better life here to become that thereI grew up with these talks about how much money you can earn and how you do not feel coming back once you are there..come back and become moneyed.

As an adult now I gave up all those ideas on my own take on life I don't have any more desires to be in those landsand it is very much tough to get visa thing

The other evening I was strolling around and visited Indian labors camp nearby to warm myself before the fire and I always get joy to be amongst themit is not that I had better life than them that I can boast ofthree of them were sitting close by the fire to beat the Thimphu's cold. I took a place unoccupied and they smiled a welcoming smileI pulled a cigarette and offered them..they refused. When asked, it is the money they fear of not the addiction. I asked for tea from the nearby stall and by then we have become little friendly after some talk. When they found out that I work for newspaper, one of them suggested to do me a story on themI said okay but I have to have permission from my boss. I asked and it didn't materialize.

The first they heard about our country was from fellow labor recruiters known as thikadars. He will say it is a place where peace prevails with compassionate people everywhere and that you can make quite a sum of money to help back home. They too nurtured the dream to come work in Bhutan one day. They want to come here to work far away from their home since it is necessitybattle to survivecompetitive labor market and work scarce in their land.

When in Bhutan they found it different. The pay they get is so less that there is hardly any left for to send homeprices of basic commodities are high and a cup of tea has become a luxury for them. They don't deny the fact that most of the Bhutanese are kind but they do own a bossy and commanding owner who will shout and threaten if they do not finish things on time. They can work they say but weather here is so cold that there are days when they get sick and unwell. And in town they face the mirth of of drunkards and young thugs who would abuse and even go to the extent of pushing and shoving with continuous spit of immoral words in publicit hurts their pridethey are men after all but they keep their head low and bear the humiliation as they try to walk and vanish from the crowd since there is nothing they can't dothey are in foreign land.

Time for them to go back is soon approaching and they dread the moment as their family would be eagerly waiting for them with much hope.but truth is otherwise

They felt cheated in the paradise. What would we do if we are in foreign land facing the same situation? It s not that I am against people going abroad to earn hard currency. It is their life. But for these innocent laborers who doesn't have any other choice than to come to the land of thunder dragon and face the grunt of life from every aspects.




the first snow fall

31 Dec 2009 Author blueGUNS

The first snow fall

Thimphu received the first snow fall in the wee hours in the morning of the last day in the 2oo9. My work was almost over for the week and I slept a good night. In the morning I woke very early and I knew something different is happened. I opened my window, I saw one beautiful enchanting white landscape and I wished the world was always pure like this morning. My heart buzzed different and I expect high even when I knew it is just the same every day except for the snow.

I could see peace and joy all around. Innocent kid's joy knew no bounds and they don't feel the cold. Even the adults engage in the snowman thing and the snow ball canon fights. As I walked down GNH measuring scale might have hit high since everyone were smiling; even the parking fee collector, road workers, sweepers and  I wished I was Robinhood, the prince of thieves. I know this morning is a wonderful day in people's lives and my own.

From the midst of white clouds sun rays, sun tries to penetrate and melt the beautiful thing and I know it will soon. But clouds and our prayers try to shield from it. I reached my office and the atmosphere is bit high but soon after it returned to normal. Hey sun won the battle and the snow is retreating. Thanks to heaven above for beautiful morning and I wish for more of this morning in my life and our lives even if it is for while…today had a beautiful morning…one of the best times in this dull life.And i wish for a beautiful year ahead for myself, family, friends and all the people…it signs it will be a better year…i is just a hope…a wish….a dream…i think it is a desire…haha…happy new year to all

ale is the stuff

18 Dec 2009 Author blueGUNS

I was struck in the hot air of sarbang for about 7 months. Those time spent in solitude was nice at the same agonizing. You feel alien and your near ones in another planet. The moment I heard about the trip to thimphu I was relishing the moment since I am going to have company accompanied by the suitable weather up there.

I called up my friends to pick me up. Paico and Pekila met me at Deki's bar. We started the ceremony with a dinner so that we won't have tough time later on. Then we switched on to drinks with beer and whisky continuously filled glass flowing deep down to fight with worms and sikam.

After an hour or two we were high and calling friends. Lillee and chencho came; we tossed another glass for them. Appy, kunza, dorji and pasang turned up late for which we clinked our glasses to cheer. We were laughing and singing our college memories with on and off dance. Time rolled on and it was around 12 am when one degenerate drinker of big time drinkers suggested the bar hopping. Who would refuse when one is full and high…we started with our crooked unstable legs to the nearest bar…. and the final destination was at a disco.

By that time one was sleeping upright, other with huge confidence was serenading ladies when he don't have idea of what he is saying…three of them still gulping made me think that poor bladder of theirs is real miserable. I thought was smart because I can say what is happening…so I joined them to fill my tank. It was around 3 in the morning when we left to retire but before that we did left our cocktail mess there.

When I open my eyes I…I was feeling cold. I couldn't see properly and dozed off while. I could hear engine rumble and the the early birds chirping. I found myself near memorial chorten and people jogging…I could see police on duty. Is my eyes playing trick on me or is it just a dream??? I pinched myself and I felt the pain. My head was rolling and I was like oh my god…how could this happen to me…how could my buddies leave me like this…I was angry…with my heavy head I got into taxi and reached my place at around seven in three in morning… I slept the whole day and met my friends in the evening…they told me we were walking back when I demonstrated how to walk cos I could still balance my steps…which I took seriously and kept on walking till I was far from sight and they couldn't catch me…..God knows what I been upto during my lost period…

Experience taught me so now I am controlling my gas tank…….yes like what Milton said ale is the stuff which can justify Gods way to men.


My thoughts on happiness

04 Dec 2009 Author blueGUNS

I want to clear my conscience…I asked what is democracy?  Pekila holding a mug of Ara from the corner answers,'' Sometimes in democracy…demons come and become crazy.''

With due respect, a true story…Aum Pema and her family takes their second meal and retires for the night. She sleeps with her eyes wide open for tomorrow is another hard day of survival. The next day her youngest son refuses to go to school because she couldn't afford nu 20 required for class donation…she is lost. She doesn't have choice…she couldn't force her son to go…but to the mercy of whom it may concern…life…………………………………is……………

This is all because she is a PWD laborer who earn Nu.3000 per month. I guess this will be voucher expenditure for some…no offence. There are about 4200 individual like her and their family. She has to feed three kids…schooling, luckily her aged sick husband died few months back for it's a living hell for him. …sick needs care and nutrition. The place is Sarbang and they live in a hut made up of tar tins…remember fan and cooler faces tough time with heat in summer…alas they don't even have electricity …well neighborhood is well lit with electric accessories…its not that they can bear heat..Plain truth is they can't afford.

Their pay weren't hiked unlike ministers, mps, top bureaucrats, and officers….etc.   And we know basic edible rates soared in the market…it's not possible to sustain even if they sweat for 24 hours without rest. Jane Austen says a fat salary is the recipe to happiness.  Happiness is much much more than money but in this case it works. Raise or give them money and you will see them smile….you can buy smiles with money…everyday is a nightmare… a struggle to survive…a worst day ever to meet.

I believe the country, government belongs to them as much as it belongs to anyone of us…but they are marginalized. I guess Bhutan is Buddhist country which only preaches about compassion, kindness, truth but no practice…Bhutan a democracy where equality, fraternity, and liberty are lost…GNH which is only in papers meant for endless discussion and in gaining a name at global stage.

And I wonder will we ever be able to achieve the goals of GNH. Or are we trying to achieve it by leaving out some section of Bhutanese in the process…I guess this will faster and easier way to achieve.

Where is it all going in the Shangrila land? Do we actually practice what we preach? Or are we become the epitome of hypocrisy. Let's be fair. Raise the poor and stop lengthy sessions on what mps and ministers will drive or wear? Let us breach the gap and clean Bhutan. Give them a reason and hope for smiles and certain tomorrow.

I wonder how people who made this decision (pay hike and so many unhappy decisions) could sleep sound and live happily ever. Or they don't have conscience because they don't have common sense. See you don't have to fly abroad or think hard and debate about it…GNH is simple…look just……Smiles…laughter…happiness…..guess u know what laughs and smiles are all about…

My friend

03 Dec 2009 Author blueGUNS

It was a bright sunny day. I and my friends were swimming when suddenly it all became dark. Then everyone was running upstream and I could see men coming after us. I was lost in confusion of shrieking and shouting. Well I couldn't venture into the deep water and hide, so I hid underwater at the shallowest point. They look fearsome through water. I couldn't hold my breath for long so I have to come out. Thought it was my end…excuses and reasoning went dead to save my life…I became numb.

I couldn't see all of them…one came upfront….shit my fears…he is my friend's grandpa. Now I could feel my feet touching the pebbles as I wade through water. ''son'' he said, ''I think Sangay is upstream…please go and lookout for me.''

Everyone was in a mood. They were singing, dancing…playing in the water. There he stood…charming…innocent…human as before. He opened his arms and I found myself running towards like a child. We hugged and I was crying on his shoulder…sobbing and laughing at same. He showed me scars…bandages…twisted limb….but we were happy that he is back.

On our way back home…he learnt how his mom has lost her warm and motherly charm…laughter…sits near his bed clutching his clothes trying to breath in life…Pa is no more a big guy…no vigor for life…no jokes of women  and life he used to crack…since you are back everything will be alright now.

 I don't remember whether he met his parents but we slept together that night. We played cards…little drinking…bit smoking…we were taking pictures….Sangay pulled blankets all over his head…after much persuasion we took his shot. We went to sleep.

It was still dark when I woke up to howling wind and series of dog barks…I could hear whispers of my friend being dead…spirit…being just a soul.  I went check my bed and he was not there. I went out…..

I was chasing the wind but he was long gone. I was cursing…screaming the promises we made to spend our lives together…of never marrying…standby by oaths…always being shadow to each…you left me alone…I hear P.Diddy singing '' I will be missing you''……that song is mine and everyone who has lost loved ones before time.

N.B: This is a dream I had. Now all I have is the memories. It's been 294 days since my friend left. He died in a foreign land and we never knew how and why he died…but government brandished it as a drug overdose…ain't that shit …I know my friend…this is how it works.


27 Nov 2009 Author blueGUNS

I want to accomplish and achieve whatever i want in my life. i want to win in life and always be successful. i want break stars and moon…and get it on earth. i even want to cast shadow all over the world…is this enough…satisfying…???  my friend…now you know my dreams and aspirations…what and what i want to become in life…you have any idea what i want to become…this doesn't mean that i am not bad or selfish…i am just a ignorant one…this is all i aspire and wish for…GOD please accept this humble wish of mine….i want to become greatest of all…you hold my hand from both sides and world wont dare to come….is this enough desires…???

Sun will shine to my whim…season too…people will aspire and dream about me..women too will go crazy. i want to live in the golden castle. there should be rain of pearls and diamond…so please O ALMIGHTY grant me my prayers…i think i am not asking much. i want to conquer all strength,power ,wealth world..should i ask for more..???

P.S. an irrelevant thought…stop this dreams and you will have chance to live your life…i mean you will experience true joy and truth

A face

23 Nov 2009 Author blueGUNS

I saw a face…
a vague face…
a beautiful face…
in midst of thousand faces…
I try to dig…but…
still I persist…and still you lay.
a glance…I steal a look…
I try not to…you see my eyes rolling…
I wish…..
so we may speak with our eyes…
silence…silent be the way…
I run…full blood…free…
I walk away…
your face in my head…