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A Moon

04 Feb 2010 Author KarmaCW

 A calm moon sings through the rustling leaves                                                                                            Blanketing the young night in its silvery light                                                                                                                  It creeps through open windows like thieves                                                                                                            And visits my sleeping angel in a serene night

It gently touches her face with a lovely tune,
Singing about her face, your face is the moon

It plays with the silky length of her wavy hair
Which sway in shy movements in cool air

It mildly swoon as it caresses her soft skin
Which glows in utter beauty from deep within

It fondly plants, on her lips, a tender kiss
A heavenly pair of glossy lips: a source of bliss

It stealthily slides down her slender neck,
Feeling its topography without a slight brake!

It skids up her firm breasts; fondles the nipples
And excites like a silent water with new ripples

It travels further down, down the heavenly plain
Kindling a new heat in love's ultimate domain!

It playfully rests on her smooth and soft thighs
Smiling coyly and releasing contended sighs!

Her voluptuous body is draped in silver beauty
Her physiognomy is immortalised in totality!
I kept on gazing at my angel throughout the night
And knew how a moon sleeps in the moonlight! 

(Posted on Kuzuzangpo dot com on 23 July 2007)


19 Jan 2010 Author KarmaCW

Summer had long gone with the rain

Flushing away all sorrows and pain

Autumn had bade goodbye to gold

And have prepared to escort the cold

Spring wants to snuggle with You

And come back with colours of hue

The occasion is yours, please come

And make this chilly time your home


Come winter

Comfort me with your wooly feet

As I write an ode under a fluffy sheet


Come winter

Warm me with your chilly touch

As I snuggle in a lonely couch


Come winter

Help me with your sensual breath 

As I sip on hot suja in pure mirth


Come winter

I want to talk beer with my friends

Where debate and laughter blends


Come winter

Give me a full moon on a dark night

And set this soul on a happy flight


Come winter

Play your enthralling music of snow

With the dancing flakes' grand show


Oh! Winter had come, a cold mistress

“Alone & lonely”, my present address! 

Paeldrup and Nangsael

12 Jan 2010 Author KarmaCW

Yaa Choehe would giggle after smacking a soft snowball on his sister's back. But he never failed to lovingly remove sleets from her fleece jacket. He loved playing snowball fight with his sweet azhim.

Paeldrup was a cute boy. A chubby round face and a glossy pair of smiling eyes made him a perfect little sweetheart in the family. He was eight, three years younger than his beloved sister, Nangsael. They were the best friends and would be seen together almost all the time. Their happiness and joy was a canvas on which an intrinsic mural of an enraptured family was painted in gleeful strokes of a mellow brush! A well-to-do family felt complete and contended with their life, thanks to their angels!

It is late April, and wild flowers would paint the pasture behind their sweet home into varied hues of perfection, a nature's art to welcome the beautiful spring season. Paeldrup and Nangsael would walk to a nearby school, and Paeldrup would occasionally pluck and tuck some wild road-side flowers behind his sister's ears and remark with a smile: “A flower for my flower”.

Not before long, they would find themselves singing joyously to the rhythm of the summer's dancing rain. Paeldrup would build paper boats  the art that he learned in the class  and tell his sister that if she finds herself in the turmoil of life's tempest, he would captain a strong boat to rescue her. Saying thus, he would set the boat afloat on the rushing drain water.

Shortly, it is late autumn, and after school, the little sweethearts would rush home, gulp their meal and while away time in their apple orchard, enjoying its rich aroma. Paeldrup would climb and pluck the best apple and offer it to Nangsael who in return shares it with his beloved nochu. Bit by bit, turn-wise, and bite by bite the fruit would disappear. Meanwhile, they would wait excitedly for the harvest season to bid goodbye to its golden rice fields, and along with it, their examinations!

Generally in Bhutan, winter is a happy season, a festive one as well. Farmers would find time to relax sitting around a bukhari and chatting over hot cups of suja. Students are the happiest for the fact that schools are closed. And we would find them everywhere in cackles and mirth! But Paeldrup and Nangsael would not venture beyond their own cozy haven: a self-created heaven. They would play and laugh their time together and would make short wintry days shorter and warm! Playing in snow was Paeldrup's favourite game. And by night they would feast on jokes and chats late into the silent of the night until tired bodies win over juvenile hearts.

“We were lost in the mirth of childhood, I used to live in heaven…” and she trails with a lump in her throat trying to catch words while her frail hands perfunctorily wiped her bleary eyes. While many of us cared little to admire wonders of nature, Nangsael cannot miss anything that Nature bestows her. Every profound art of Nature made her reminisce the sweet past which she believes will live for ad infinitum. She relives every moment, for her 70 years appear like yesterday. Snow is one fine art which she endearingly holds close to her heart.

And as I finally prepared to take leave of this wonderful angel, I took her hands into mine to comfort her. A tear drop fell onto our embraced hands!

When you miss me

30 Dec 2009 Author KarmaCW

When you miss me

Look at morning's singing sun

Its rays, soft and warm will touch your face

It is me with a warm greeting, welcoming you to a new day


When you miss me

Look at day's swimming clouds

The white foam will float over you

It is me assuring myself that you are well


When you miss me

Look at afternoon's dancing rain

Its showery drops will tease you wet

It's me cleansing your sorrows, you must be happy


When you miss me

Look at evening's swaying breeze

It'll fondle your hair, mix with your breath with a kiss

It is me breathing each hopeful moment away for you


When you miss me

Look at twilight's relaxing stars

They will ensure love upon you thru endless twinkles

It is me with manifestations, being on your guard


When you miss me

Look at night's playful moon

It will light your heart with sensual look

It is me seeing you off for the day, to a peaceful sleep


I missed you throughout the day;

I miss you today,

I miss you every day

I miss you Now!


And if you miss me too

Please come to me

You will find me in sleep

Dreaming about you

(This article was posted in Kuzuzangpo dot com on 3 May 2007)

Aurora, the goddess of mystery

23 Dec 2009 Author KarmaCW

I have heard and had been in here  whenever I could – as a guest. In here, I have laughed, I have grinned, I have chuckled and I have giggled more often than not. I have feasted on luscious songs of heart, I was enthralled by smooth language and sympathised on sad outcries. Wholly, I had ambrosia served with delectable varieties of spices.  But somehow I have never thought of registering as a member. While I am sure that Nopkin did make my days whenever I came in, I was not sure that I would be able to make anybody's day(s) by being a member. So, I stayed as a selfish guest visiting whenever I could, but not caring much if I can be a family member until

I met Aurora one fine dawn! I have always loved literature; Roman and Greek mythologies have amused me like Tom and Jerry. So, it is by this intentional coincidence that I clicked on The Goddess. We talked and bantered but we hardly conversed. Instantly, she caroused me like a rich cocktail and I was often left bemused at the end of a chat. And she never changed, may be she couldn't! That is why I would rather call Aurora of Nopkin, “a goddess of mystery”.

I know Aurora had like other members of Nopkin- shared her happiness and doubled it and halved her hard times. I know she had, at times, laughed her lungs out while some other times had her mellow heart caressed fondly with a touch of a shy feather! I know she had lived all emotions in its pure essence. But above all I am sure that the kindred spirits of Nopkin family have been consistently enthralled and bemused by 'The Goddess of Mystery'. Few of the following from her “AURORA: MY IDENTITY” is enough for me to scratch my head till it go bald:

Now, it isn't that I can be like her or I think of brightening anyone's day,.”

 'Aurora' isn't bound to the law of nature..”

“As 'Aurora' I am a whole different person, I assume a different identity than me as a real person in life.

“Am I losing my identity and really becoming Aurora? 

Whether the goddess renews herself every morning and flies across the sky of Nopkin to promise us another bright day, or whether She will continue artistically to amuse us for ad infinitum is a big factor which keeps me trying all shampoos to fight alopecia! But one thing is for sure that She made me a 'nopkin'! And for that I would love to dedicate this from Virgil's Aeneid:

 “Aurora now had left her saffron bed,                                                                                            And beams of early light the heav'ns o'erspread,                                                                          When, from a tow'r, the queen, with wakeful eyes,                                                                    Saw day point upward from the rosy skies.”

Now that I have joined Nopkin and would love to be around comes with an obligation that I have to try and justify my membership. I am sure that many of you won't agree on 'obligation' but I would say that it is an obligation born from the heart, a heart which would feast on the happiness of being able to 'make someone's day'. I will try.

Dear friends, presently, I am living a phase where I am not able to write anything, but I am hopeful that this phase will pass soon. However, I will reproduce the articles that I have written in Kuzuzangpo dot com because I think that many of you might have not read it in there, but for those who already had, please bear with me and support me in the name of those who haven't.