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My vegetable…Your Market

21 Jul 2012 Author yeedeen

Vegetable market is one place where you clash with different kind of personality either with basket or bags in hand. It is a common place and definitely a common man is seen to get some vegetables back home. Well due to rainy season nothing is found so cheap. All vegetable prices has hit the 100 busk mark and this makes difficult for a low income people. Some buys at what ever the price is fixed and some settles after bargaining for few minutes. Market is one place if observed carefully you can experience humours, jokes and other true facts of farmer and layman’s life.

The beans cost around Nu.100/kg and a man reacted, “yalama…guess it is more expensive than a non veg, eat it as a meat 2-3 peace a day” lol…i couldn’t stop laughing myself from this. On the other side a man was shocked hearing the price of chilies but still he was buying with lots of complain, “i am buying it with my eyes closed” ha-ha…

It was pity some people were still roaming with empty basket and guess some couldn’t effort to buy. Poor, shopkeeper are also helpless and they have their own needs and wants to be fulfilled. This is reality and one have to deal with it…

Oh! you are here to buy vegetables?….confusing whether this phrase is a question or rectification… if you are in a vegetable market than for sure you are here to buy vegetables not shoes. But i guess this is a way of greeting here in Bhutan…

In the end everyone returns home with basket full of vegetables for we have no other choice but to buy and live happily filling your tummy’s order…

unanswered thoughts

20 Jul 2012 Author yeedeen

Its been a long time i haven't logged into I dearly missed it but i am back again with my thought over few days back and the thoughts that still continuous like a stream that goes on and on and it is tough for me to stop it. 
here it goes>>>>>
i don't know what i am here for but i believe everyone is here for a reason or because of reason which still remains unanswered. I think one have to lead a life not just because you have to live it but it is your duty to live wisely and let live. The karmic action i.e. cause and effect, i believe should be ones noble principals that would guide your day to day actions. Cultivating good actions and generating compassion from within will not only let you live peacefully but also have a life without any regret. How?? Benefiting to the needy ones doesn't only mean with the material that you have but also the good thoughts, hence inculcating positive energy and environment….that indeed help our self. We are all dependent to one another and no one is independent as said by H.E. Sogyal Rimpochhe. i believe it is true, therefore benefiting others benefits you actually.” We have to be wisely selfish”sometime as quoted by His Eminence. 

my crush on stranger at one go…

03 Jun 2012 Author yeedeen

Was he really staring at me? We have always passed through each other and my eyes never missed his eyes. Each time i see him, …Will i meet him again in future. He is a complete stanger to me and usualy srangers dont fall in love, though it haapens in movies. i am surely but slowly falling for him.
The way he way he walked drived me crazy……..i get positive vibes from other end. Even he stared at me and after crossing each other, he turns back as i do, but we act serious. I know i am going no where and i am wasting time but let me feel the vibe of love or simply admiration.
To be honest i have been attracted to many guys and those guys arent normal one. They are the star of world, BIG NAMES…..But he is the first guy that have tuned into my six sense..  Eventually will i ever meet him….Guess strangers strange love will be undiscovered and locked for it has no future that is valid within materialistic world. its just a fancy fairy dream……..

Love that was never meant for being together….

02 Jun 2012 Author yeedeen

You are the moon that shine at night..
I am the sun that shines in the morning
My love for you is so overwhelming that 
You are force to disappear as i come into existence

My Love in the form rays try to hold you 
But you vanish like a cloud and it is impossible to hold you.
you are never going to come back 
like a flowing stream which knows only the path downwards.

Wish sun and moon could shine together
And flowing stream could come back to its source…….BLISS


22 May 2012 Author yeedeen

I know regret comes after action…But what if the dirty action is always repeated and you feel sorry again…I am sorry again…I am really SORRY again….I know i speak harsh words and my voice is loud…cant help it…i was born this way and i am trying my best to bring the change… I have hurt you many a times and now it is difficult for me to beg for forgiveness…First mistake, you beg sorry and you are forgiven…second mistake, you are given a last chance and third, fourth, fifth… are doing it knowingly and it also means you are really annoying…I accept the truth that i didn't really deserved you.. may be i did some good work in my past life that i have met you today…

You are gentle, soft spoken and kind hearted girl. i need to learn from you and i have the opportunity but i am wasting it for i am more busy with shit stuff..
Anyways i am sorry again and i want my days to be like one i had before…Happy and smiles on face..:(…i am posting this piece so to let my heart go out and welcome it with positive motives…:)..

She became a nun

19 May 2012 Author yeedeen
I am a Buddhist and a strong follower of Buddha and his Dharma. I try my best to bring what he preached into live but sometimes i end up with wrong things and i regret later. I as a child always use to say that i want go join Anim but in later parts of my life i was and i am still busy with the materialistic environment. I have lost my path but i believe my heart is still with me that will guide me to right path and as HH Dalai Lama said, to awaken your buddha nature you don't need to compulsorily join monk or nun and do good. It depends solely with our heart and mind that need to be kept pure and alert always.

Very recently i heard about my friend who qualified for CST and was amongst the best students. She was very good in study and had great opportunity ahead of her. But what she did was giving up the future success, her family, enjoyment and all the worldly things. She just gave up and went to practice Dharma and committed herself to leave for the sake of all beings and help them. I envy her and i do appreciate her sacrifices. My tears rolled from my heart and i just couldn't stop myself for she has taken a step forward in awakening ones mind and i am still left with the life having unseen destiny….

I pray to Buddha Dharma and Sangha that like her, may all other sentient beings awaken Boddhichitta mind and fill the world with endless love and compassion….May i be able to accomplish my dream of practicing Dharma at some point of my life and may i along with other beings in six realms be free from this suffering samsara….

Ken Chog Sum La Kheno….KARMAPA KHENO…..

Prom Night

11 May 2012 Author yeedeen

RTC campus is on full swing with the buzz of first Prom night that is going to be held on June 2Nd 2012. It is organized for the first batch of Royal Thimphu College who were enrolled three years back 2009 20Th July and now its time for us to graduate….

Girls are excited about the whole thing called Prom Night..”THE NIGHT OF ALL NIGHTS”..i can hear girls talking about their dresses and choosing colors that will make them look more attractive….pair of sandals that will held them high and of coarse their partners…people are talking about who is going to be crowned the first ever Prom King And Queen of RTC that will go down as a history…..

It is not only girls who are excited about it…even boys are changing the gear to rock the night… When all this is happening I find myself boring and isolated. But it is my choice not to attend the Prom as i am not interested into such party kind of thing. Friends say…this is the night that every individual as graduate wish to attend and make it memorable and it is the most important night for it happens only ones in your life….yet i believe that there are hundreds of nights which i consider to be important for me and i don't think Prom night is very very important for a person like me. i have never been to a party but at the least, i know that people shake and move their body and dance to the tune that is played. People say one day we will regret…but i don't think i will regret over missing out this night. I am rather happy not going and moreover you should do what you like not what society compels you to do…..

Well i am not against the concept of Prom Night. This are just my thoughts. i do agree that Prom night is a night which every individuals gonna cherish it for rest of his life time. This night is going to be a get together for those first batch who took a journey on a same path with a same motive. Alas it marks the end of college life….:(….”RoCk ThE FlOoR aNd HaPpY GeT ToGeThEr to all the Graduates  and yes Enjoy the PERMO NIGHT”…………..:)…and for those who are not interested in it…not a big deal…enjoy every night as if it is a night of all night…eat healthily and sleep peacefully…at the end of the day if you are content and happy with what you are doing than you are on right track…;)..Best wishes to all….

RTC experience!!

08 May 2012 Author yeedeen

First day at RTC (20 July 09) was overwhelming with all new faces minding their own business. i tried my best to keep wearing smile throughout my enrollment procedure so that i dont look serious. Tensed and not knowing what to do as always made me more nervous and pressure raised. turned my head and there i found my old mate, Wangden, who was holding a responsibility of guiding the first batch of RTC…Thank you Wangden, you realy made me feel easy.

2nd day was total opposite of what i thought (going to ones class and introducing my self), instd we wear divided into various group and to my surprise the group was mixture of students from different program. What the……. Everyone did their introduction and i remained quietly and Mr. John asked, “Anyone left”. “No Sir”, i joined the mass. haha.. when intro was over, we were taken to play some games so that we interact each other. to my surprise group of boys murmured, “ani bum introduce mabey si” hahaha…i smiled and followed my co-coordinator. during the game we were again divided into mini groups. At first i didnt had any idea about the in-service people. one of them i.e. Mr. Dophu and i were in same group and i thought he was a Dzongkha teacher here and respected him too, to my surprise he was taking B.Com…OH Oh………..but i respected his interest to continue studying.

3rd….Orientation thing was over. it was time to get to know ones class mate and tutor. Guess what i was late on my very first day. I couldn't find my class and asked help from my friend Yangchen and she was the one who took me all the way to room No A27. Thanks to her. i peeped through the door and tried looking for empty seats. Right in the middle, seated Millan Subba with oen chair empty. i walked in  and gently asked her whether i can seat next to her. I found her so serious and PATASHISHI but she accepted me with grace. thanks to her. Soon after we were settled our adviser Aum Sonam Deki steped in and again the boring introduction began and this time it was even more harder because i had to recognize all the student who did their intro earlier. i could remember most but when time came to pronounce Mr.Yan Kumar, i got blank out and proudly Said, Yan Badhur……lol….everyone laughed hahahaha… was so embarrassing…Since Millan was very talkative and out spoken, i had this in mind that i cannot be friend with her, so started looking out for another friend. Here comes Yuzer Peldon who looked more simple and quite. slowly we got along quite well and i think i found friends (yangchen millan yeshi yuzer) of my life.

First Year just passed by and not getting to know many of my class mates and with some i didnt had a single conversation. fully regretted. But 2nd, 3rd and 4th 5th semester…i was blessed and i am happy to be part of BBA Rockers….into 6th sem…”no more nervousness and raising pressures…..same old faces to face and i know where and how to go….”

Just When I thought!!

08 May 2012 Author yeedeen

Being friendly and playing around is what i always do when i think i know that person well. This time i chose wrong person and i am sory for myself…..when you joke and play around one should take care of the ego and attitude of urself and the person in the other end….uhm..everyday is a learning experience and i am learning it with full gratitude towards my enemy and friends….as in Dharma…ur enemy is ur Guru…i vow infront of you today….it is time for everyone to realise that your enemy is indeed your best friend…..i learned that 

  • everyone is not same
  • ego and attitude is kakcha to ones own growing +ve attitude
  • greed cuts of ur healthy life
  • spending is worthless
  • laughing is medicine 
  • thinking of  what you did today is wastage of ur productive time
  • impermanence is worth realizing   ….thank you for the lesson…                                                                                                “never should i have become so friendly with friends…never should i have gone easy on strangers…never should i have change my nature…never should i have taken things so lightly”….                                                                                                                                                          Amen…Peace is what i need…._()_……

Facing Death

08 May 2012 Author yeedeen

When we hear about the death of someone at somewhere….we tend to ignore it with a word ayeeee… is easy to let go, but when death takes place with your close ones… than you realize how tough it is to let go. seeing dead body of your loved one… right in front of you….you expect him/her to wake up and speak to your eager ears, you wish for them to act like before…normal….and you still see her laying on the stretchers without a movement. i wondered….if this is what is called death….your soul leaves ur body…body dies but soul dont….yes it will be hard to think that you are not going to see this person again in future and you will be left only with the memories from past….so it is indeed realy tough to LET GO………..

i know little of dharma and i tried consoling myself… everything is doomed to perish…everyone must die and the question is all about when???  i certainly felt well when i realized a statement that goes ” when you are born…you go through a suffering that is bigger than the death…but stilll everyone rejoice and celebrate….and when you die…you are freed from sufferings….and everyone mourns….cries…” so i think we should not mourn the death instead pray fo the deceased….mourning wont help but certainly prayers will...

Death certainly is uncertain…we cant ask death to come tomorrow or day after tomorrow… one must be prepared for it. Preparation doenst mean waiting for death to happen…it means awakening oneself with the exisitence of death and realization that it is certain. little knowledge is dangerous…i thought i know what is death and i am ready to face it..but for past few days i have been realy thinking if i am really prepared for it…the answer is NO…i fear death… the fear is because of my actions…actions driven by negative karmas…..hence i have to start thinking about it ones again and start preparing for death before it gets too late…………...

sacrifices and her love

07 May 2012 Author yeedeen

Though you come from east,  

you still proof to world with your action

that you are daughter of all directions.

your love and compassion enriches 

every single beings irrespective of 

their own kind


you are still hidden from the world

no one realises who you are,

what you have done to safe


your sacrifices that torned your heart into pieces

but you still move on asif nothing happened

hiding all your pain……


I want to shout to the world,

i am alive because of you,

i am breathing only because of you and 

i am grateful for what you have done

to keep me protected.


I am amongst those few lucky beings,

fortunate one and blessed one.

i see in your eyes….The pain and love 

When you sleep…..i fear you will leave me 

When you wake up..i fear your pain


I wish if it was me who was going through those…

i wish i could share your pain

how much i wished to tell world about your presense 

and about your good and wise actions


you are mother of my universe, 

who knows only how to love and sacrifice 

for her sleeping child…

A child who is ignorant and dont have any idea 

what her mother just did to let her sleep peacefully…


Thank you for being by my side……



07 May 2012 Author yeedeen

Basically i have little idea about what really is Karma. it is the cause and effect as per some books i have read. Most of the people, the new generation don't believe in such thing, even if they do,  it has been ignored most of the time due to present enjoyment and happiness. Remember, today you are enjoying because of your past deed and if you chooses a wrong path today the consequences of tomorrow will be worst and bitter that you could have ever imagined.

In order to lead a good life (next and present life) you don”t necessarily need to wear a red robe and get yourself locked in a small cave in mountains or in forest. It totally depends on your thinking i.e. the MIND. If you are able to control your mind and stopping it from thinking about whats next(greed) you are half done with goodness. Just think good about yourself and all other beings that share same air and water. Try and remove the negativity from your soul than only you will realize……………………..

I am posting this piece of article in order to change the way of thinking of some people but not because i have mastered in it. That is really far and in order to achieve it, i and you got to work hard. i know it is tough to not to think about NEXT, actually that's what we leave for. When i wake up i think of having a day without any hurdles that i have to go through and wants only good things to happen. So in that way its tough to stop oneself from thinking about next. But we can still try to find the solution. My solution would be Leave the moment in such a way that you don't need to think about next.