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“People with higher post dream big”

27 Dec 2010 Author rabten

It was a century ago when there when our country was less developed. During that time, Indian Govt. promised to issue a vehicle to a man who held a high post. So the Indian Govt. asked what sort of duty vehicle he wanted and he answered that he wanted a truck because he said that being a man with 'big' posy, he wanted a bigh vehicle.

“unfortunate things happening in Bhutan, the Land of thunder dragon”.

23 Dec 2010 Author rabten

I am very much worried as day by day we are experiencing more calamities and accidents which causes more deaths which we never had before. Although, every one of us have to go through the path of death but now many unusual deaths and unusual calamities are occurring in our Land of thunder dragon.May be i am wrong but i felt such things started only few years back. i would like to quote some of views or feelings of the reasons why such things are happening  as follows:

1. May be due to establishment of Democracy(after 100 years of monarchy)
2. May be due to collecting all ancient monuments from various lhakhangs and goenpas and  showing to the public( in some goenpas and lhakhangs, women are not allowed to get inside but this year many ancient monuments have been displayed to public)
3. May be now a days people do unusual things which  are not supposed to do( women playing khuru etc).
4. May be due to development( more pollution causes natural disaster or people purchased more vehicle leads to more accidents)
5. May be showing sign to end the world very soon( 2012 or 2013).

These all are my personal views and concern as many people lost life untimely and for that actually Govt should organize mast rimdo to overcome such calamities.
I know some of my nopkin friendss may against my views and some may agree but I don't mean to hurt or alleged any one here. I welcome your views.

“a reality joke”

19 Nov 2010 Author rabten

It was in india, where one of indian guy missed called a bhutanes college girl. Since she received many miss calls from that particular no. she told her boy friend(kinley) about it. Then kinley(boy friend) dialed the no  and the other guy picked up the phone.

“hi, who is this”?.

 “hi I am kinley and who are you”?

 The answer came “I am blesleri here” and ended the phone. 

 I hope most of you guys are aware of so called blesleri and if not then blesleri is also one of company who manufactures drinking water.

“Love is complicated”

09 Nov 2010 Author rabten

“LOVE IS COMPLICATED”, the very word i heard from one of my friend urged me to ask that question back to him of how love is complicated. He was uneasy to disclose his facts of complication of his love but being a good friend of mine, he couldn't deny disclosing his complicated love story.

i was much eager to know how love is complicated as myself never had experience before. Here goes his story: 

Till 12th grade, he did came over many girls during his schools days but his priorities were always given to his studies. In 12th, he scored very good marks and qualified for further studies. He was placed in one of the Colleges in India with few mates. They being first time away from home, felt bored and homesick. Their only time pass was going to college and then after college, just visiting cafe and chating with friends. Every day he used to spend 1 or 2 hours in cafe after college and that last for sometime. But one day he met with a girl in chat and exchanged their profiles each other and became a friend.

They have been meeting every day in chat and after very few days unknowingly they felt for each other and started sharing their love quotes. he being first time entering in affair world, felt something different and was so excited to be her sweety for ever. Although they were unknown and unseen to each other but they both felt so deeply to each other. Both of them blindly love each other and became inseparable but their destine obstructed them as they could meet only once in a year and that is when he come for vacation. Although, they have been staying away from each other most of the time but they never give chance to lost their track of love.

They have been exchanging lots of commitments to each other and the biggest is they promised to get married right after his completion of his studies. Finally, he completed his studies and back to Bhutan so proud and much excited to see his girl and eager to wed his long awaited love. But what happened……. the next day, he did called up his Girl and went to her place so excited with worthy gifts and she did welcome her lover boy back home with congratulation words.

He was much eager to go with their commitments but  then as his girl never spoke of that words, he couldn't open up for many days. One day, he proposed her to get married but she replied that “i am not interested to get married”, the very word distracted his mind and he felt as if a dream as he never heard such words from her before. Still then he never lost hope and keep on visiting her place for many days and months. Every time when he visit her place, he used to propose for marriage but she was not ready and her answer was same( not interested).

She was not interested to get married but at the same time she seems not wanna him to leave her. He was in dilemma and never know what to do and finally he started giving up her. He stopped visiting her place and stopped calling but she used to call up sometimes. Meanwhile, he met with a girl who they were known each other before and he got attached with her as she helped him when his heart is wounded. He never had intention to paired with the later girl but he love to be a good friend of her. Suddenly, things got changed and they crossed the limit of friendship. Now, he is in dilemma again as he don't love his present girl but she loves him so much and if he leave her then again the same wound which he suffered will be transferred to her. That becomes complicated love for him.

i would end up by saying, what ever we do have to go with fate and fate is the strongest of everything. Believe in fate and something good will happen.


08 Nov 2010 Author rabten

A Sardarji said to  his friend, “I will never get married in my life and I will also advise my children not to get married”.

Things seems getting worst

06 Nov 2010 Author rabten

May be I am thinking too narrowly or may be due to my maturity at this stage, i feel our policy framers seemed getting worst and more dissatisfaction arises among the general public. Its not only me what i feel but i have been hearing and seen so many fellow Bhutanese blaming the policies.

Our His Majisty the 4th king  with his noble  intention to provide freedom to the  people of Bhutan, Majisty sacrificed his rule as absolute power and given the power to the people of bhutan. But in between, some of the stakeholders seemed so active and frames policies which is favouring few and affecting at large. Actually democratic power should be utilised by the people of Bhutan but some stake holders are making use of the democratic power arbitrarily.

Most of the time i have seen many people are been blaming RCSC and their  policies then comes to Health Ministry and many other Government departments and then comes to Corporations and Private business. As our beloved king has gifted us the precious right of democracy, we the people of Bhutan should not miss the chance to fight against corruption and fight for our right.
At this time, our democracy being young and people don't know the facts, so i hope and pray that after few years people will raise their voice and fight for right and hence the system will be purified.

i brought up this article here because i have seen many people are affected by the disheartening policies framed by the Govt. and as a citizen of Bhutan, i am concerned by such acts  and moreover  i am making use of my freedom of expression with the bonafied intention but not to provoke against our Govt.  What do you feel all my nopkin ferns…..