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Low out-put short term trainings

31 Jul 2013 Author lotusflower

Bhutan is a donor assisting country except for spending on current expenditures and a few capital expenditures which are met from the nationally generated revenues in the form of taxes, fees, fines and penalties from the people of Bhutan. On other hand, majority of the capital developments and a few current expenditures were assisted by the donor agencies in the form of grants and loans on subsidized interest-rate. And this grants & aids, loans on subsidized interest-rate were availed and received in the fortune and name of all the people of Bhutan.

Almost 40 to 50% of the grants/aids of every project are using for Human Capacity Development of civil servants in ex-country as capital investments either long-term or short-term. The expenditures required to be met for such ex-country short-term trainings are; 1) Airfare which the fund partially remained within country; 2) Tuition fees which goes directly to the Institutes where one gets trained; 3)Daily Subsistence Allowances (DSA) for who attend the training partially remained in country; and 4) Other incidental expenses associated therewith.

A year or before, full DSA was entertained for 30 days and now, full DSA for training availed only up to 15 days. Along with, enforced halt of 2 days with full DSA is entertaining. While the enforced halt for 2 days was felt by the people as it is mandatory and compulsory, the period of training gets adjusted up-to the number of days of full DSA being paid (15 days).

It is noticing that, most of the trainings availed were mostly by the same person with no rationality of trainings required; some availed similar trainings again and again after maintaining the gap of six months period which brought no difference in Knowledge and output; Some attends the training of for example certificate level after graduating the Diploma or Degree on same subject; some availed training just for the sake of working for that project, etc.

It is expected that by 2020, all the donors for Bhutan will be withdrawn; what would be the pace of development of our country, Bhutan thereafter-in time of our children-future?

In my opinion, it could be wise and intelligent to utilize the grants for better and positive development of the country in the form of infrastructures when the donor countries graciously think of one people, one world rather than wasting the grant-money unnecessarily on unproductive activities like wasteful trainings for our future children who are offshoots of our own flesh and blood.

PDP has promised 20% house rent allowance for civil servants

16 Jul 2013 Author lotusflower

Congratulation People Democratic Party for winning the second Parliamentary Elections of 2013 with 32 seats from 47 constituencies. It was heartening to watched and listen to televisions and radio regarding the 20% house rent as well as salary allowances for the civil servants during the recently completed election campaign. On this regards, as a citizen of Bhutan who had exercised the franchise to vote (either to PDP or DPT) as to elect the better government and the wise opposition, I have few suggestions to be made, and I wish, my voice would be heard and will use during the parliamentary discussions on this matter.

Although the prices of goods and services and the other costs in economy should be balanced in accordance with purchasing power of the people, it has already been the costs of basic needs-house rent, food and clothing, etc. has been higher than what the consumer could afford.

Therefore, I earnestly suggest to put the measures in place as to control the inflation on house rents, food and clothing, etc. which will come with those allowances as I have experienced that increased in salary by uniform percentage on basic pay in past years resulted into total inflation of costs was doubled the amount of salary allowances for middle income people; tripled for lower income people and no affects for the high income people or may be surplus by few hundreds.

All above points are for those who will be eligible for house rent allowances and salary allowances.There are other pockets of people who equally worked for the Nation like- NGOs, Private employees, corporate employees, volunteers. When even those section of people who will be admissible for allowances are difficult to balanced with escalating prices may be due to repercussion of salary and house rent allowances, what could be the situation of people working in NGOs, Private sectors, Corporate employees especially who falls under middle and lower income group.

At last, I would like to request parliamentarians to consider above few points among many others while discussing for house rent and salary allowances for civil servants.

Tashi Delek La.

Is our country short of Army & Police personals?

08 Jan 2013 Author lotusflower

This question really struck my mind very recently when children were abducted in broad daylight from Sarpang, that too from the heart of the town where there should have been some policemen around.

How many police and army officers are there in Bhutan? And if each army and police officer deputes a servant each (popularly known as ARTALA) to do their domestic works, do you get some idea how many security personals and the government resources are being misused or wasted this way?

The wasted or misused resources of a single Artala could be calculated in terms of their salaries, free housing and other family costs like ration quotas, free electricity and water the costs of which are borne by government, government’s share of provident fund, retirement benefits, etc.

Besides the abduction cases, there are also rampant gang fights in the heart of many towns, vehicle accidents due to over speeding, social problems like domestic violence. Are these trends not something to worry about and find solutions?

Had all the constables been used properly and fully, don’t we think such problems could be solved, or be reduced at least?

Are RBP and RBA short of manpower? No single complaint has been heard from them regarding manpower shortage whereas other agencies in the country always scream of having not enough staff or human resource.

During school hours, students are being entrusted with police jobs at pedestrian areas with noble intentions to develop strong relationships between youth and police and to enhance better understanding of social problems faced by police, and also in the name of community service. But in my feeling, it only over burdens students. They have their normal duties to study, and with this policing work, they become tired, and also have to bear stress in dealing with public. As a result they fare poorly in their studies.

Way forward: It could be better if all the army and police constables are fully utilized in the interest and benefit of nation, and not be made as servant to their bosses; do away with students as community police during school days, instead police constables should assist the students at pedestrian roads; allocate proper and fair duties among the police and army constables, example, place some constables to distant places for a maximum number of days, which may help in reducing social problems like divorce and other social problems.

Are those not aware?

27 Nov 2012 Author lotusflower

Several circulars and notifications have been issued from time to time by the Ministry of Finance for the restriction of procurement and serving of foreign drinks (alcohols) during the official gathering like dinner and all as to cut down or minimize the cost of the government.

However, it is still seen that the most of the official dinners are accompanied by the foreign drinks without which some officers act wild against the coordinators. It not only leads to heavy expenditures but also it demoralizes the coordinators.

As to avoid unnecessary criticisms and misunderstandings from various angles and several areas, coordinators seldom had to head into unethical and unhealthy practices like adjustment of foreign alcohol bills to other food items, increasing the number of heads available during the dinner, etc.

Such circumstances not only result into unethical practices but the minds of coordinators are mentally disturbed and emotionally saddened. Occupying mind with such dirty environments also result into less productivity or poor output of the person thereby affecting the growth of national economy and happiness.

Who could be and can influence the coordinators?

In most cases officer level can be the coordinators. Officer in same level and the grade below the coordinator could not influence, advice and harass the coordinators. But the grade and level above that coordinator can.

Are those influential people unaware of the rules in force?

It’s do doubt that they are aware of rules and regulations but giving blind eyes and turning deaf ears as may be difficult to do away with legendary practices as always happened in Bhutan. And perhaps, they were also one of the committees in discussing and approving those circulars/notifications.

Writer’s note: It is just my personal opinion and perception. No intention to hurts anybody.

My vote for 2013 elections

13 Nov 2012 Author lotusflower

Although I am apolitical by my nature of job, however, as a concerned and responsible citizen of Bhutan, I would vote for those parties with manifestos of looking into welfare of urban people, mainly focusing on some of the following areas.

House rent: Those parties who could regulate and maintain the house rent without favoring either landlords or tenants. Current scenario and game between two parties are, despites having rules of signing the agreement between two parties and the tenant acts elaborates more on the agreement, it is always taken advantages by the landlord on outweigh demand of house. In short, the landlords are taking advantages of imbalance supply and demand for house in Thimphu, Phuntsholing, Wangdue Phodrang, and few other places.

As the tenant have no voices over landlords, some of the landlords really played dirty games as they increase the rent at anytime at any proportions and if tenant argued, they simply use the word, if u does not feel like to stay, you can leave the house and there are many who want to occupy within an hour ater you left. And the tenant difficult to find the house, the tenants are voiceless and if happened to complain to the concerned authority, I don’t think any solution will be provided in that hour/soon.

One very reason for the increase of rent by the landlords always surface is for the repayment of the loan for the house constructed. It is just my personal opinion that, the repayment of loan should not fall only on tenants and the landlords should also have other means to repay loans. It just felt like, once the loan being repaid, those tenants who occupied the spaces would be given the accommodation free of cost or at the very minimal rent.

Way forward: Whoever may be the forthcoming government may employ inspectors to look after whether the agreement has been signed or not between landlords and tenants and if not, impose penalty which is source of revenue to the Nation. Employment of inspectors enhances/create the job opportunities. The inspectors could also ask for the money receipt being issued to the tenants upon payment of rent and the money receipt being issued by the appropriate authority to curb the evasion of taxes. And if possible, the coming government should fixed a rate of house rent based on area of spaces occupied by the tenants of any category of houses keeping in mind that, from sweepers to prime minister working for the nation need to survive in town.

Proposals to shift at least two or more Ministry’s to other Dzongkhags from Thimphu: This would not only ease the over population in Thimphu. Over population in Thimphu brought so many problems: not able to provide the houses at reasonable rates, relatives of civil servants all gather in Thimphu, gang fights due to over population, so congested traffics-people or vehicles, theft cases, etc.

Way forward: The government needs to plan properly to shift few ministries to other places than Thimphu to solve so many problems. All the Ministries located in Thimphu causes uneven development of Nation and irregular opportunities to the citizens.

Opinion: I am not raising this issue as I am working in Thimphu but for the larger benefit of society as a nation. Today I am working in Thimphu, may be tomorrow I will be transferred to some remote/other places but those who remain or transfer to such costly towns will face and see same problems. Real opinion remains with big question marks; would the coming government could highlights on above two issues as majority of the elected government would be having house in Town?

My vote: If no parties has such an ideologies, it would be waste for me to vote as, “if I already have electricity and voting for the party who wants to provide electricity is a waste to me but it would be appropriate to vote by those people who does not have electricity. In my view, why to waste postal ballots or incur unnecessary expenditures by voting to wrong parties if those parties do not have ideologies suits for me; and not to affect those people who genuinely vote for the parties whose ideologies are in relevant to wants and needs of those people.”


Did I ashame Bhutan?

07 Nov 2012 Author lotusflower

It was in 2008 in Delhi airport when one foreigner who was about to fly to Bhutan as tourist asked me, “According to some information source, Bhutan has high per capita income as compared to some of the countries (he mentioned name of the few countries as an example but I don’t want to put here) but the payment of salary to civil servants is much less as compared to those countries. How is that link to GNH?”

Suddenly, it came into my mind that the per capita income of Bhutan could not be higher to those countries and perhaps, it could have been error made or intentionally provided to derive some benefits from other countries by Bhutan. However, I waste no time to answer his queries and it goes…

Mr. John, ours is not like other countries where poor people remain poor and the situation worsen day by day and the rich people remain rich wherein condition improves hourly. As a GNH country, Bhutan looks for equal distribution of wealth and happiness, and to bridge the gap between rich and poor. And it is the one of the ways of practicing GHN out of so many.

Coming back to your valuable enquiries, as Bhutan is developing country, there are thousands of people who could not even have basic need (under poverty line) as it could have been in so many countries when they are in developing stage. Civil servant in Bhutan is consider to have clean job and getting handsome salary as comparing to the private employees, farmers and to some extent business people.

Keeping this in mind, Bhutan provides free education and medicines, free schools and hospitals, free cost of save drinking water, smooth road, etc. to her people wherein good share of per capita income is equally divided. In this way, the high per capita income is share equally to the people of Bhutan not enjoying advantages being in hand for and by the civil servant of Bhutan. And, of course it is due to good system of government in place.

And the incomes are also spent for common purposes of the people of Bhutan as well as to the people of world by; planting trees and maintaining good coverage of forests, protecting and preserving endangered species, etc. If it succeeds in Bhutan, GNH may be renamed as GIH meaning Gross International Happiness.
As I thought of sharing more about GNH to him besides his enquiries but it was time for flight and fortunately or unfortunately we were then in different apartment wherein he was in business (wealthy) class and I was in economy (poor) class.

Who are responsible for solving the rupee crisis in Bhutan?

28 Oct 2012 Author lotusflower

It is just my opinions. All the people of Bhutan are responsible for solving the problems of rupee or financial crisis. All of us should know and understand the financial position of our country and how it should be utilized for developmental activities or for others given the limited resources for incomes and more of expenditures.

I really do appreciate those people who had completed the construction of buildings for tenants, for the benefit of themselves and for the future of their children. And equally, I love to see those whose constructions are under progress as, as long as their properties are within the Bhutan, these are properties are of the people of Bhutan, although the buildings are owned against the name of individual so called private buildings. And the same are for the other businesses.

But does our people think the problem of rupee crisis as the problems as a nation (for all the people of Bhutan) or as an individual problems? Although, there might be some sorts of lapses from royal monetary authority as the sole authority for looking into these matters, however, it could be equally important to understand whether the mistakes have been occurred knowingly but for the benefit of people or else the unavoidable circumstances forced towards it.

I read in newspapers as well as I experienced that the most of the people have disturbed their businesses by the so called rupee crisis. And I too felt sorry for it. They are frustrated, their incomes declined, some not able to pay wage for labors, some have to shut down their business like construction of private buildings; some could not import vehicles, etc. But do we think, is it good decisions to avail loan all those are in banks without taking any interim measures for improvement for the solely benefit of present, and not analyzing the future outlook of country and the future generations-our offshoots and bloods?

I do not think, even my parents would care me as I care myself. Same would be for our nation. Other nations may not care for other countries rather than they care and love their own country. So, at this juncture it could be better to think properly for the country as an independent nation, I guess.
Way forward. It would be better if all the people of Bhutan join hands and ideas, souls and bodies together at the earliest to solve the problems either rupee or financial crisis. Let us not point fingers to each other but solves the problem collectively. And, “WE CAN DO IT IF WE WORK TOGETHER.”

The value of houseflies

06 Oct 2012 Author lotusflower

Before I discovered the value of houseflies, I have killed so many of them. And today, I regret my unwholesome deed of killing them. I thought houseflies are dirty and they carry diseases from one corner to another. Moreover, I thought they only irritate me by dirtying food, jumping into tea, making noise and especially disturbing when I am in a peaceful sleep by hovering around my face.

But I could learn the value of houseflies only recently. I learned that they are not only irritants but I guess they are also messengers of God passing messages to designated places, persons, and animals.

I have been looking for job tirelessly for many years but I could not get one until very recently. This job could have been missed had the houseflies not hovered on my face making noises and irritating me despite my repeated waving of hands to drive away while I was in deep sleep.

The truth is, I was preparing for an interview in the afternoon at 2.30 pm that day. I was busy preparing for it and revising the past questions and answers the panel would ask. But I had fallen asleep in between.

In the dream, an unknown white person was disturbing me time and again saying that my body was burning and I should wake up. I was in great fear but I still could not get out of the sleep. The next thing was, the houseflies were on my face making noises and irritating me despite my repeated effort to drive them away. At last they made me wake up and by then it was 2.25 pm. Then I had to rush and luckily I got a taxi and managed to reach the interview venue when it was my turn. Thank God, I was short listed in the fifth rank and had I been in the fourth rank, I would have been jobless still.

The interview was attended successfully and two weeks later, I received a call from the agency that I have been selected for the job. I believe it was all with the help of houseflies.

Before I used to kill so many houseflies thinking that they are insignificant creatures. But today, I firmly believe that the existence of every creature, big or small, has a purpose to exist. We should not consider the negative side of things but look at the positive side.

Does our Bhutanese system respect the principle of gender equity?

01 Oct 2012 Author lotusflower

Gender equity should not be mistaken with physically strong and weak, masculine and feminine. Gender equity is all about equal opportunities and equal rights as an individual human being.

In Bhutan, I do not think there is gender equity. In fact, women are favored and supported by many systems. Our children used to celebrates mother’s day but it is sad to see nobody is caring about the father’s day. In similar line, my father would have been hurt to see celebrating mother’s day and no days are kept for celebrating as father’s day.

Among others, it is funny for me to see a couple fighting – husband & wife. Although, there could be mistakes in wife, she is protected by the Women Associations formed by the NGO’s and the Government but which institutes is there to support the husband? To whom he should seek help when he is being harassed?

I do not say women should not be favored and men should be favored. I just wonder why there are several institutions which help women and none for men.

Gambling with proper rules

28 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

It was very interesting to watch the live show on BBS on a very important topic, gambling. As every advantage has disadvantage, gambling also has two sides, both for the individual and for the society as a whole. And as such, one has to really see the pros and cons of gambling.

One of the panelists said that playing for luxury could be within the family with small bet, etc. But what could be the amount of bet when the game is played as a business?

It is my opinion that gambling should be differentiated as business and luxury. If it is illegal, it should be banned and if legal, it should be allowed to play by properly monitoring the amount of the stake used, and also there should not be any favoritism and misuse of power by the implementers of the rules.

The apparent example is the ban on importing and consuming tobacco which resulted in a lot of illegal transactions. Total ban could not be implemented successfully as tobacco is consumed at all levels of society and it was not clear whether the rules were enforced uniformly or not.

Same will be the case for gambling if the it is not properly categorized as gambling for luxury (legal) and business (illegal) and proper rules enforced.

Writer’s note: It is just my personal opinion.

It is heartless and stupid

20 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

In today’s scenario, it is seen and experienced that few bosses sometimes unnecessarily scold their subordinates without any reason whatsoever. But what to do, it has been a practice since long and it would take good amount of time to curb the legendary practice.

It made me feel that the spouse of these bosses should be very strict and disciplinarians at home, or in other words, they are more powerful than these bosses. Because what I feel is, these bosses do not get the chance to voice their frustrations and anger at home which are then brought to the work place in the form of unnecessary harassment and scolding. This really affect the morale and efficiency of the subordinates which result in poor output. In short, the personal problems should not be mixed with the official works.

This not only hampers the output of subordinates, it also leads to misunderstandings between subordinates and their spouses at home. When the subordinates cannot say anything to their bosses, they in turn take the frustrations to their home. This ultimately leads to social problems like divorces.

So I believe that it would be best if everyone drinks only when thirsty and eats only when hungry and not vice-versa, and play football in the football grounds and archery in the archery sites.

And ultimately I think there should be rules such that a person should have some basic required qualities to be a bass.

Writers note: I am not saying all the bosses are same. To be frank, it has not happened to me but I have definitely heard and seen many such cases.

Religious & Development.

18 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

Bhutan is a Buddhist country where majority of the people practise Buddhism except few practise who other religions. According to the Buddhist religion, rearing pigs for pork, poultry for eggs and chickens, bulls for beef, etc. are grave sins. It is believed that committing such sins will result in sufferings like you will be reborn into life of lower rank of species and the amount of suffering will depend on degree of sins accumulated in the present life. In other words, your next life depends on the merits or sins you accumulate during the present life.

Bhutan is a developing country. As such, the government is trying the best to help and encourage people to rear pigs for meat, poultry for eggs and meats, etc. for income generation. These are all aimed particularly for the maintaining self sufficiency.

Well, self sufficiency does not meant to say, one country does not have to depend on other country for trade. As pillars support the roofs to stand above the ground and roofs protect the pillars from rain and heat, the trade amongst the countries support each other.

The import of meat for consumption is also sin, I guess. Whether Bhutan produces meats or not, the end result is, people purchase meats from other countries for consumption.

So religion and development both have their merits and demerits and people have their own opinions about them. Similarly, the government, with the intention to help people, encourage development of pig breeding centre, poultry distribution outlets, training centre for fish raising, etc. On other side, religious body builds temples, monastery, lhakhangs, chortens, etc. and always discourage killings of any sort. Both are aimed to benefit the people.

The question is, which one, development or religion, should take more priority over the other? Or how can one unite religion and development in this modern day?

Whose money is it?

15 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

I am confident that every one of us is aware of whose money is our salary? However, as a matter of sharing and reminding, it is people’s money. In other words, it is hardships and sweats of people collected in the form of taxes. Farmers pay land tax, house tax, firewood tax, etc. Civil servants pay income tax. Business people pay business income tax. Corporation pays corporation income tax.

In short taxes are people’s money. But who are the people paying taxes? The answer is you and I. Then whose money is the taxes? The answer is “our” money.

Could we say government is paying us salary? And who is the government? We (you & I) are the government. Who are you and I? Answer would be the People of Bhutan. Who are the people of Bhutan? The answer is farmers, civil servants, parliamentarians, private and corporate employees, business people, etc. Infact, all the citizen of Bhutan are government and the people of Bhutan.

Having understood this complex system, are we justifying our salary? I have often seen and heard people saying why to care government’s money like one’s own money? It is important to understand whose money is our salary and how much each individual contributes for Nation and important to ask question to ourselves if are we justifying receiving our salary.
It is also necessary to ask ourselves, to whom we are working for as an employee? Is it for government or to fill the stomach of self?

Is it really true?

12 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

I had often heard speaking of more jobs in the job market than the available job seekers. It made me wonder and question myself, is it really true? If it is true, why the people are saying the government could bring down unemployment rate to 2.3 which was achieved more than targeted? Atleast to me, it sounds like, we have to struggle further to create more jobs.

And the other reason often spoken for the youth unemployment is mismatch between the available jobs and the tastes, irrelevant studies and trainings carried out by the youths. If it is so, why did not the authority have been put a system in place to pursue studies where the studies are relevant to the job available?

A farmer working in the field is a job. An uneducated person guarding a school campus as a caretaker is a job. But do we expect graduates to work in field of like farmers and consider it a job?

If this is a case, it would be like a person rearing cow for many years to serve the purpose of dog for barking and not for milking. Although educated farmers may be better than uneducated farmers, don’t we think that it is a waste?

I have seen and heard that some of the parliamentarians were rising the point in the parliament that, they are like a guest for the term of five years and if not selected in coming parliament, how they will find job as they are already resigned from the civil service and not allowed to work again in civil service by the rules once resigned.

The irony is that if they consider everything what one do is job, they are allowed to work in private sectors, they can also work in field like farmers and take that as their job. And these confuse me.

In conclusion, in my opinion it is better to convey the message to the youths correctly by saying “there are jobs but one should compete for it and better ones will be/are given preference which may lead to competition in studies by the students who are currently studying and it will lead to better citizen of the Nation.”

Who should be held Accountable?

10 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

“Yes for yes and no for no. Cat is cat and dog is dog.”

Suppose a contractor was favoured by the tender committee to win the contract, and later found out by the authority that power has been misused by the committee but only after the said construction has been completed. Now who would be accountable for corruption; contractor or tender committee?

It is my personal opinion with the limited knowledge in my domain of brain; the people involved in tender committee are accountable as they are paid to render services to the people with fairness and transparency, in accordance with the rules and regulations, etc. In short the tender committee should not favor anyone and should say yes for yes and no for no.

Although in many cases, our Bhutanese laws sometimes interpret an apple as a banana and vice versa, and sometimes that same apple is even interpreted as an orange by the same interpreter at the same time and situation, this is a pure case of conflict of interest and the tender committee should be held fully accountable.

In same line, going by my interpretation the allotment committee should be held accountable whatever case may be; allotment of land, allotment of houses, allotment of jobs, awarding of tender, etc. as the very purpose of having committee is to evaluate the things properly, correct it, provide justice and not to favor anyone, and to say yes for yes and no for no.

Could Bhutanese people curb Corruption?

06 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

“Are we optimistic to curb corruption and do we feel we can stop corruption in Bhutan?”

I have seen and listened to many people talking about zero tolerance on corruption. And I have seen lots of awareness programmes were being hosted on curbing corruption.

I did not see farmers talking about value of curbing corruption. But the leaders and civil servants were seen so many times giving lectures, guiding and giving advices on do’s and don’ts, good and bad, etc. about corruption.

In my opinion, farmers are not able to talk on corruption because they did not have any experiences on corruption and leaders talking so patiently and dedicatedly on corruption because one has seen some practicing corruptions and through their own experiences. As such I do feel, it could be better poorest farmer from Bhutan may be invited to give lecture on how to avoid corruption as they don’t practice corruption despites they are in need of many things; definitely rich people have comfortable life but why the poor farmers wont practice corruption to become rich?

I personally feel, there could be some truth in farmers not practicing corruption despites they don’t enjoy even basic needs sometimes and the rich and educated people hunt for so many unlimited wants leading to corruption.

In my feeling, I do not think Bhutan can stop corruption by giving lectures and awareness by the leaders and educated people on zero tolerance to corruption unless poor farmers may be invited to reveal the truth they practice to avoid corruption and inform the nation how he or she does not practice corruption despite the fact they do not even have basic need.

Writer’s note: It is just my personal expressions as every human has got their right for expressing what they feel, and no not of intention to hurt anyone, even the minute creatures existing in this world.

Whose responsibility?

05 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

It is just my personal opinions and I do not intend to hurt anybody.

Few months before I have read in newspapers regarding the so called prostitutes being caught by police officials and put under police custody and the case being forwarded to court for justice.

Well, I appreciate the duties carried out by police officials as they are mandated; but I just wonder who has studied the situation put into the shoes of these so called prostitutes. Were they compelled to do it or was it out of no other options?

In my opinion, firstly, it is against basic human rights. Secondly, they may have indulged in such activities not out of their own will but because they did not have any other options.

Few things we need to ask; do these so called prostitutes have other jobs? Do they get enough care from parents or relatives or the society at large. Do they have sufficient land to works on? So many questions pop in my mind…

I guess they engage in such activities because they have to have something to sustain their life. It is the mandate of police officials to arrest them but whose responsible it would be study more about them so that we solve such social problems?

It was too early but gone……

03 Apr 2012 Author lotusflower

As said, time tells the truth, I learnt of her true colors after five years of my married and devoted life with her. I met her ten years back in the year 2001; Spring season when it was time for every plants to flower. By then, her words were so sweet, pure and soft in my ears. 

Five years later, we got married. It was Summer season then; we had listened together to the singing of birds in the forests; taken the shower in rains holding each others; eyed the kissing of pigeons in our near parking, and so as was we too. As two souls united with true love, we prayed in the temple before the Buddha even for our unity as husband and wife in next generation.

After two years of marriage, she gave birth to a baby girl in the Autumn season. During this season, as the trees and plants begun to wither, her initial colors of white and pure turns into green and jealousy; sometimes sleeping separately, sometimes exchange of harsh words, sometimes even to the level of exchanging blows and even blows. As the Autumn season nearing for the winter (dry and cold season), our relations too.

Our baby was three months of age and the winter season arrived. The trees and plants are then separated from the leaves; few plants were dying and our relation too came to an end.

My dear, I am wondering today, if the true colors are to be shown later with the time and seasons, why can't our prayer for unity even for the next generation changed with generations while we could not complete the present life together?”   

Love is not blind

22 Nov 2011 Author lotusflower

I heard, majority of the people say, “Love is blind.” And I too believe in same for many years as famous people have said and quoted. As days bygone, may be my mind gets mature to understand in higher grade or enrich with experiences of love, love is not blind at least to me.

Five years before when I first came to Thimphu, I heard many people talking to the burst of my ears, it is easier to get wife (lover) than to get job and house to live in Thimphu. Moreover, also talking, ladies in Thimphu are endless and difficult to unseen even if catch and throw into Thimpchu, (River of Thimphu) five or six daily for many days.

As I was one of the victims of love during school days (school not in Thimphu) itself, I was quite pleased then. I was really relaxed. Tension of not getting lover was also freed. Reducing of wrinkles on my face was sensed.

Today, I feel, it is wrong to believe what the friends were talking. Easy to get lovers/wife are only for those who are equipped with wealth, good job and handsome. Perhaps, for those who have good amount of money.

With that, love is not blind. Love is blind only for those who are with good amount of money.



I am very sorry for my repeated calls.

19 Oct 2011 Author lotusflower

Well, “I did not intend to meet you but I met you. I did not intend to love you but I loved you.” So, I could not understand as to why and how I had fallen in love with you among thousands in that College.

As said, love is blind- maybe my love for you was (is) blind, dumb, and deaf to fallen in love with well equipped ladies like you.  My love was ignorance of gaps, distances and boundaries between you and me perhaps among the same human being: You are fair in complexions, born to wealthy family, intelligent in nature and all other good qualities were with you. However, on other hand, god was so unfair and cruel to create human like me-brown in complexions, born to poor family, dullness in nature and equipped with all other unwanted qualities.

As your phone was switch- off followed by not existences of your phone number a week after departed from college, I was left in pains longing for contacting you. However, after searching two long years for your number, I could get your number. The day was fine and normal then but with more excitement. Joyous overflowed from my heart and tears of happiness rolled on my cheeks. But that moment lasts only for a week. It was like morning dews facing the sun of very first hour.

Perhaps, I had called you too many times-at least ten times in a day. But I did not feel that I made too many calls. After a week for calling her and had good talked, I received a message from her and it read, “My SIM Card is changing as your repeated calls really irritated and disturbed me.” As soon as I read the SMS, I made called to request her not to change her SIM Card but only to hear that, “the number you are trying to call is switch- off” for few days and later to hear, “the number you are trying call is not exist.”

As for this reason, if you (she) are the member of nopkin or else if you are reader of nopkin, please kindly acknowledge my apologies, “I am very sorry for my repeated calls and all the inconvenience caused to you by unfit boy like me.” And, I am very sorry for my repeated calls.