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Far and Beyond the Agony you left

17 Mar 2015 Author cholden


Far and beyond the agony you left
Flapping lone in that top it waft
Be it zephyr or the wind
Thou dance for the beings gone and alive.

Shaded scribbles
From the bibles
With enormous devotion inscribed
I am subjected to subscribed
From the daunting samsara
Dangle with effort to transcend
To the safe haven of nirvana
So I shalt waft far and more…

The O my…

08 Dec 2014 Author cholden

Flying away far and beyond the boundary of my heart
Singing the rhythmic song in ecstasy
O my bird, my bird, pleasure frees to roam around.
Wafting the decorated wings in the air of yours
Blowing thy gentle mesmerism
O my bird, my bird,
Toddling to and fro beyond the boundary of your domicile
Chuckling the inner essence of yours
O my baby, my baby, innocent rules to learn more.
Showing the innocent smiles over again and over
Craving thy little heart
O my baby, my baby
Calling far and yet beyond the boundary of thine solitary
Thinking the aroma of intimacy
O my darling, my sweetheart, thine missing is my dying
In those wanton pictures among those sandalwood
It is pastime passing excellent
O my babe, my darling
O friend, my friend
Laughing happy is good time together
Crying together is hard time passing hard wherever
O friend, my friend
Far and away yet in the inner core of my heart
Breathe beyond the limit of essence embedded in you and me

A sense in One

08 Dec 2014 Author cholden

Not so long ago I spent my childhood with my brothers. It was indeed a great intimacy of brotherhood. As we move to manhood and lead the different path in life, we are miles apart. Miles apart that we rarely get to meet physically.

Mentally I ever love close in your heart
Physically wish remain ever in my heart
To be with you – my brothers!

It has become culture for all. A culture to meet back home for only on occasions like, new year celebration, annual rituals, Diwali etc.. It is indeed the education kick us apart miles away. We study for life. We work for life with different organizations and we spent life separately for lifetime.

All accumulations are bound for dwindling.
The dualism bounds to separatism.

But it is again a new culture that gone friends get to meet at the crematorium. Our new start of life shall weaken with the unloving death. And it is enliven for gone friends to meet again for the death at the crematorium.

For every birth’s gladness
I can’t defend to face death madness.

I was undeniably inspired by the pictures that I found in my PC to write this post. Not so long ago, I was in Mongar for the job training. It was good to see and relieving in me to know that they are happy together. A younger brother followed his big brother. Sometimes afterward, there is an end. And on the bridge of uncertainty they dwells.

Far and away on the uncertainty bridge
You and I dwell for the purpose of life.
Not many miles in an arena of life
Yet life shall be worth living for and fortify
For the moving death!

I am born and living. You were born and we are living a life. Let’s forget not to live a life that will bring us immense and unending happiness. Wish you happiness for all beings on this wonderful mother earth. Embrace you mother with dignity and die with the same.

Trashi Delek!!!

Come hither, young girl

24 Aug 2014 Author cholden

In her eyes of enjoyment, I see thousand rays of smile!
Only you in this town, I see love fill in your smile!
One that is all mix with zephyr, thousand wafts with thy aroma!
Thousands of love, in that wall of division!
Only you are standing, alone with mission!
One that is mix with gentleness, thousands follows thy way!
One alone with thee, with thy shape of marvelous!
In those eyes of joy, dwelling you and countless!
I get dissolve in love, the love of transform!
Still along on your journey, wafting like the feather!
Think about me; Think about my time with you!
Still I hold the breadth, the breadth of your hither!
Galloping sound of your coming, my heart throbs to hear!
Thy face shines far, yet covering the large arena!
Thee in that power may your love flourish, come hither, young girl!

I am there

16 Feb 2014 Author cholden

High up beneath the beautiful sky, down on the wonderful earth, careful on the lawn
I am there waiting!

Down at the base of the huge mountain, there near the wavy meander, next to the dried log
I am there walking!

Top on the rock feeling the zephyr, looking at the flying birds, feeling the rhythm of love
I am there smiling!

Near at the base of scented cypress, holding the little petal, reminiscing poignant melody
I am there navel-gazing!

Walking by the leading road, near the legendary bridge of truth, head held high
I am there coming!

Holding the mightiest pen with the thought, nearing to play to construe, joining each and every words
I am there writing!

Waiting near the garden of roses and daffodils, considering the beauty in it, folding my arms with poise
I am there enjoying!

Today in my room, tomorrow out in the air, yesterday in the past
I am there chanting!

Hidden in the mood of angst, fighting for the right, seeing the conflict
I am there wondering!

May not the world be ruled with injustice, may the peace prevail, and may someone lead to be good
I am there praying!

I hate not anyone, I love everyone, I care all and that is my potential
Yes I am one of a kind!

Who am I?

04 Oct 2013 Author cholden

No one is same. Each person on earth is unique. We have our own physical characteristics. Some of us have red hair, some have blue eyes and some tall and some are too short. We differ by personalities. Some are shy, stubborn and some fearless. There are characteristics that we were born with and some we inculcate through our experiences. And we are never conscious to notice such vivid stuffs which matters our daily lives.

When you don’t know who you are there are chances that the consequences will teach, who really you are. You will not remember how you have lived your past. You will not enjoy how you are going with present. And you will not see the future.

It is hard to die young. It is bad to make mistakes. It is burden to know the truth of how miserable will be if you don’t know the truth about your life. Under the influence of not knowing the best in you by the power of negligence and society, aroma of young will not continue far till the end.

Decision is very important in your life. If you want to drive your own life better be yourself a good driver. It is better to decide now of your own and live a life worth living. Decide to whom you want to spend rest of your life. There are many boys and girls without parents and brought up under the care and guidance of uncle and aunt. And there are millions who are lucky enough to live with dear parents. The day will come for everyone to live and lead life of your own. And the best motivation is to get marry.

Marry the choice of your heart. Burry and blend the suggestions and feedbacks with your love from your parents or someone whom you are dependent to. It is indeed curse for few to let burry their true inner essence of love in the fear of seem rejection that you are offering if you don’t go with their choice.

Once upon a time in a village called Bayyuel, there lived a beautiful girl. She was living with her aunt and uncle. When she was in class ten her parents got divorced and there was no destiny for her since then. Father went with stepmother and her mother couldn’t live long to see how her left out kids grow to face the challenging world. Only option left was to live with her aunt, the elder sister of her gone mom.

After class twelve she didn’t continue her study. She chose to work. She was employed in an organization. Almost everything was done to her by aunt and uncle. Her younger sisters and brothers were too looked after by them.

The biggest day came for her when she was asked by her aunt to marry a man of their choice. She has never known the man. She has not studied the man in depth. She was carried away in the fear of refusal and reaction from her aunt and uncle. Blindly she accepted the proposal and agreed that he was good and will be good throughout her life. Her life was decided by her aunt.

But her notion proved wrong after few months of her into marriage life. The real characters of her husband as wild is known and almost everything was a big bombshell for her. And she was busted into the wild with emotions and thus again the shadow appeared in her life.

Decide your own life no matter what others might say you to do, ultimately you are breathing independently.

The philosophical Random Debate on Life!

31 Jul 2013 Author cholden

A child will be born. He will be born out of duty or love. He’ll be born to diverse background with same trait of not to become a liar. Every child is not born a liar. The moment he is kick out from the womb, he is thrown into the world of partiality, hardhearted, hatred, bully …, Only few are thrown into the world of sympathy, adore, concern and empathy. The entire babies have the same mind, the mind that possesses courage, fear and mercy. Mind it! You are born for the purpose.

The moment he is born, he cries. He shed tears. He shed the tears of joyous, Joyous to see the world through the lens of divine dynasty of his times. And now he is a baby. He is a baby that will cry for another baby’s cry. He will show distinct preferences to adult who help rather than hinder others. He’ll offer unsolicited help to the adult who struggle to reach something.

Yet times will teach him to change accordingly. Times are good and times are bad. In the aroma of romance there is always the setback and prompt that has to be considered and move on though. The times of bad surrounding drive him to the hell as ever he may expect in his life time. The realm of hatred, denial, rejection, and the entire bad fortune will teach him to be the most terror person in the world. And that’s why you will see people giving life for vengeance. When he is driven into the society of compassion and sympathy he will be adorn with respect and prestige. This is where he will see the real human in him. And if possible he will change world for all times to come.

He has characters. The character to love and to see the world revolving for the cause, yet he won’t feel the revolution. By the time he will be into the real consciousness of what is within him, to be human, he will be too late. The repentances will not help to heal the past. His present and past will show not even a single hint for his future. And thus it is of utmost importance that he lives in the world of consciousness of present, past and the future.

This is my simple thought, the thought of how to be a good human at least to self and at the max to the world. I know not nothing except the jovial to enjoy as speaking lord, the luxury of possessing thinking power and the necessity of being good. I will use my privilege to request all human on earth to change world not for at your times only but for all times to come.

Human Being

28 May 2013 Author cholden

Human is a coexistence of self, I and the body. And self is the consciousness of polluted self and the true self. The Polluted self is the diluted true self. And we human being are driven by self. Every space is filled up with self provided it is not blended with body for we can’t see.

What is true self? True self is being oneself true. Every good acts and thoughts are the result of true self. It is nothing but the real human instinct. When a child is born he/she have nothing but a real true self.

The moment they started growing in the hand of polluted self of dear parents, they get polluted in the power of hatred, jealousy, and partiality. Mean the polluted self started growing on them. And ultimately they are mixture of true and polluted self. And this is what you are.

For instance, you are taking medicine for TB. Doctor told you that it will definitely cure your suffering. It is your true self knocking you to take the medicine. You never think about the drawbacks.

And at times your true self and polluted self contradict. If you are good human being, polluted self will not rule you. If not everything will be subsided and buried under polluted self and you will face difficulty in getting up. For example, you are going with your friend to smoke. You know that it is not good. Your true self is constantly knocking you that it is not good. Even then you land up smoking. It means you are driven by your polluted self.

Happiness comes from true self. Unhappiness comes from polluted self. You be good human knowing the values of thy survival. Understand the ultimate misery before you act. The result will be always something that you can cherish and smile. Human behaving like animals and ultimately result to misery, vengeance, bloodshed and massacre. Soon the world will be full of terrorist if everything in them is concreted with polluted self.

Dharma tells us to erase self. It is not telling and teaching us to erase true self. It only stresses to rub and make invisible, your polluted self. And try to build true self. Rebuild and correct all polluted to untainted which ultimately shows that we are living in as human consciousness.

You believe in the karmic connection of rebirth. It will be you who will be reborn if and only if you are bound by only true self. Survival of you now with it is intimately bound up with the reborn of you in the next life to human.

Lastly, you eat meat like hungry jackals gulping the flesh of half rotten carcass of buffalo. You keep on eating and it becomes your habit. And finally there will be stage where you will be born as carnivores like tigers, lions etc which they are fond of eating meat.

Be a simple coherent human being brim with true self.

Life for me!

26 Mar 2013 Author cholden

Life for me is something that I always question about. I need to question myself for where I am turning around. And still I get buried under the burden of my short sighted solutions. Short sighted for I am not perfect. I am not perfect for if I am I wouldn’t be here on the earth. So life, the whole realm gears around unfathomable sufferings and mistakes.

What more should and can I say about life? When I think back there are many incidences that make my eyes well up with tears. The tears of rejection, abandon, failure, and lists goes on. The journey isn’t good. It isn’t an adventurous. It was not what I might have expected. The agony of remembering someone’s face vividly, the failure of lone, grief of parents’ sickness, and the nervous of struggling to catch and hold of good professional verve.

I feel like I want to go away and run somewhere very fast. Run onto the top of the mountain where prayer flags waft lively and call for divinity. Run for to find where you are. Run to call the divine god to answer my agony of lone men. I want to swiftly get and catch one that always disturbs my peaceful state of mind. Run for to become what I am destined to. I will have to hold on for marathon for the small goals and the values that I have to inculcate to nullify my weakness.

There was time when I said, I am not always alone. There was time when I uttered I am not bad. Those were my best reminisce about how I was happy in your arms, the reminiscence of how I have grown. My past taught me to at least tackle something for my future but it hasn’t taught me enough to endure the present. The pain is only the word that always reckons me and tries to make me comfort but it exceeds the level of my warmth.

The pain when I am all alone. The pain when I visualize your face which I try hard not to. No choice but to except the mercy wagging of dogs’ tail and a cat slowly climbing on my lap to comfort and wish please for me. These two animals try so hard to console me.

I am all buried under your rejection, abandon and the agony is ruling my life, please help me!!!

Bureaucrats and Politician Versus Engineers!!

05 Mar 2013 Author cholden

“Hey man can u come up with an article which mainly beats around “how challenging it is to an engineer”; initially struggle with studies, once in service it’s even more challenging to face all sort of bureaucrats and politicians, where nobody appreciates the efforts engineers put in instead we bear the brunt of everyone…”

Firstly let me thank Mr. Phunthso Wangdi, Chota Don for having suggested the topic.  Because may be he is afraid of bureaucrats and politicians, maybe he finds engineering too difficult  and challenging while in study plus in field that’ll nullify his effort when bureaucrats and politicians get involved.

Engineering in Bhutan is associated with all hype and popularity. Only the top students from various high schools get admitted in the only engineering degree offering college in the country. Only few students are sent ex-country for various engineering courses to meet the market demand. Still the demand is so high and the benefits and satisfaction that the rank offers is excellent.

Students opt for engineering basically for two reasons. One reason is the parent’s insistence in greater choice of career.  No parent wants to see his/her son/daughter just living hand-to-mouth later. Number two reason is own interest. If someone has joined the engineering colleges because he/she loves engineering, he/she will be well informed about the future and the enormous effort he/she will have to empower to substantially contribute to the growth of the country.

Pursuing engineering isn’t easy as sometimes you may expect. There are loads of burden of analysis, research, project etc… you have to bear and sometimes you get buried under. Scoring highest possible in high school and expecting the same in the engineering college won’t suffice your survival in engineering studies. But definitely we should be good in maths but not necessarily genius. We should have logic for solving problems scientifically.

Since Bhutan is in the developing stage, maximum of the students choose for the traditional engineering – civil engineering. Everywhere we can see construction blooming in the country. The fresh green forest is revolutionizing to concrete jungle. A civil engineer is responsible for using their civil engineering background to plan and oversee various construction efforts in many different areas of this field. They will apply civil engineering principles to ensure that structures are constructed in the safest, sturdiest manner.

Daily basis Civil engineers engage in many general responsibilities. They analyze various factors concerning a construction job. They analyze the proposed construction site location as well as the entire construction job which is to be done and completed at the site. They will analyze the process for completing the construction job every step of the way.

The civil engineer must also plan the construction project that will be taking place in conjunction with the results they found due to their analysis of the proposed project. During the process and at the end, the civil engineer must inspect the product to ensure that all rules, regulations and guidelines have been explicitly followed.

When country develops, there are always conflict between bureaucrats, technocrats and politicians. The need of bureaucracy results primarily from modernization. Due to the progress of bureaucratization it encourages to democracy. And now we are democratically elected monarchy. It is well known fact that the government accomplishes its precision, speed, and consistency through well-trained staffs of bureaucracies.

In practice of civil engineering, government bureaucracies’ main function is to ensure fairness, procedure lapses and shield the negative externalities of development. However, in process to maintain fairness and equity through bureaucratic process, administrators end up processing a high amount of discretionary authority. Citizens too has the right to investigate alternatives and to participate in the decision making, how to go about the agenda which ultimately affect their environment, which is the democratic standard.

There are instances where the effort of the engineer is never appreciated and had to ‘bear burnt of everyone’. It may be because we don’t have the form of government in which experts in technology controls in decision making – technocracy. Engineers are tagged corrupt. People say engineers are corrupt because they get more money and are well-off comparing to other professions. Their incentives are good. Their work other then office works paid them well. They use more energy, time and skills to get work done. What is there when someone use more effort for the benefits of others?

In the eye of Bureaucrat whatever visual inspection possible will not be technically feasible. Their visual possibility of judging may prove wrong technically and scientifically. The technical possibilities and stability for the safety and welfare of people is must for the engineering works and in fact politicians and bureaucracies shouldn’t blame for the work done by technocrats. Administrators should not at least wish to get engineering work done according to their lame excuse of authority they possess.

Yes, everyone has the right and responsibility if the structures or anything that is the result of engineering fail before stipulated time and cause nuisance instead of mitigate. Whatever burnt and consequences there will be, engineers should be responsible and questioned for. And we all should have the fact intact that, through mutual cooperation we can move ahead for the betterment of our promising tomorrows.

So, we should never forget that Civil engineers work hard. Hours can be long, government funding cuts can destroy a project, deadlines are firm, and weather can throw projects off schedule. If the timetable degenerates, an engineer has to overcome scheduling obstacles with ingenuity. Most of the engineers who are employed under government sector must be ready for bureaucratic delays, political stalls, and lots and lots of paperwork. Satisfaction is strong; most wouldn’t trade their occupation for any other.

Politics in Democracy

10 Feb 2013 Author cholden

Globe in front of you has to revolve a lot to locate Bhutan on it. Country that’s hard to find on the map revolved through times to transit from so called the land-locked. It was unlocked from Monarchy to Democratic Monarchy first ever in 2008 and we are democratically elected monarchic government. It is almost five years old.

We had only two political parties, Druk Phuntshum Tshogpa (DPT) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the current government election. The motto of DPT is “Equity and Justice” while to “Walk the Talk” is PDP’s.

Now the time is approaching for Bhutanese to be extra careful with their thumb for which they shall vote for. There are five political parties in total. Recently three new political parties joined the election market vying for better quantity of votes. They are Druk Ngyamrub Tshogpa, Druk Chirwang Tshogpa, and Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam Party.

In democracy the quality of votes doesn’t counts. The quantity matters a lot. For this you have to be careful to choose the right candidate from your constituency. The better choice you make the better enlighten citizen you are. Even the vagabond has the right to vote for. And can you call him the better enlighten citizen? The better choice for the better promising tomorrows will decide the strength of our nation.

You have the fallacy of calling politics a dirty game and you don’t want to get involve. Sorry if you don’t have. There is no dirty game at all. There are only dirty players. That is it! The choice is yours whether to vote for dirty player or not. In near future everything will be result of politics. The air you breathe will be the result politics. The water you will drink the education that your children will get and the medicine you’ll take will be the result of politics. By not getting involved you are already involved.

With more than seventy percent of population living in rural area, more vulnerable are we that the Politian triumphs over creating the reality of docile population. Because politicians tries to pick words and use words to shape reality and control reality. But the fact is more often reality changes words far more than words can ever change reality. Words are at center of politics and all politicians know they have to try and control language.

Moreover the diplomacy of the educated middle class will stir the gear and topple the biggest game of election.

There are many questions that one has to ask before voting for the party which you may think shall be ruling. Can you afford to send your children to college when financial institutions stop lending loans and when Royal University of Bhutan has become autonomous, when your son/daughter has to pay tuition fees which are not at all worth comparing the quality of tutors? And moreover the modules are credited depending on the degree of importance and have to pay equally.

What if you have to pay for the medical facilities when the hospitals are not well equipped with the basic necessities and when the check up is not up to the standard of what we desire to be! And what if you have to wait for a day or half to get checkup with the simple sickness like headache, cough and cold…Etc.

I must not to be judgmental about the political parties and rather I’ll vote for the right party that’ll serve for the betterment of our nation. Let’s stop playing one against another. Let’s all be responsible and make our country a hub for happiness.

Why I Write?

14 Nov 2012 Author cholden

I began blogging three years ago while I was in first year. The purpose was not defined. After a year of blogging I realize the rationale of my amateur interest. I write for the purpose. I have something to say. I have something to say to someone. I have some purpose for saying it. Information is constantly available – from other people, television, radio, newspapers, books, world wide web and many other sources and why not from my blog?

I like to work with words, using them to reconstruct my past, foresee blind alley future and bastardize current.

The journey is tough, tough and blank most of the time. It is a difficult path strewn with slippery wet leaves. I write about anything I want and the assigned topics. These are two opposite instructions for me and the common reaction to both – a big blank. I don’t have enough past experiences that I’ll pour in black and white. I don’t have gift to get mesmerize by the mesmeric beauty of nature and forecast the futile future.

I tried to remain faithful to my past experiences. Whenever I spark with my past experiences it drags my hands on the keyboard. And whenever I think to create something that is nonexistent and rhythmic it turns into poetry. And moreover writing about those and feelings helps me to learn more about me, whether or not I share with anyone else.

There are always charms and pride of writing. Just as you take one final look in the mirror to fix whatever isn’t just right before going out, I take a look at my writing to face readers. And it is finally publish to share with audiences. Reactions from audiences are diverse. They criticize weaknesses and give positive comments for improvement. A criticism of weakness without any ideas for fixing it is a negative.

Some readers which happen to be friend certainly call me to say, how nice my articles are. May be I provoked and astonished them though I feel my writing are as bland as oatmeal. It is more surprising and proud to see and grin to read few of my articles being published in few national news papers. And the biggest encouragement is when the page -views is never constant on my bl

Therefore Writing – blogging is a journey maintain through fine diary of our thoughts.

Look There!

05 Nov 2012 Author cholden

Look there in the evergreen forest.
Can you see the blooming dandelion foretaste?
Visualize the invisible singing bees from here.
Can you feel the rhythm of their dance without dare?
Look there in the mightiest ocean
Can you see the beautiful bright lotus blazing?
Seems the petals on august lotus are in motion.
What, if you and me dance their? Will it be amazing?
Look high up in the sky of widest memories.
Can you count how much you cry for my tricks?
Those were to distinguish your beautiful cheek adorn with tears.
Will you now cry for this joke too?
Look here in the mirror near the window.
Can you see you are in floods of tears?
I discern these tears are your tears of the afterglow.
Can we begin to hear wedding bells and cheers?

Black and White

01 Nov 2012 Author cholden

On the black and white of my feelings I wrote your name.
I heard that life is transient even then I am thy fame.
Before the flowers around me fade to fatality,
We’ll see the way to our opportunity.
Don’t shun me for my heart will melt off
Don’t devastate my dreams for which I am fearful of.
I heard that our life is like water and ice cube.
We face concurrent living and breakdown for we’ll wipe.
High on the mountain of promising sun rays I see your face.
Downhill through the thick jungle I find loads of burly base,
That it’ll clutch our strong assurance so tight.
And let the mountain full of promise be our divine delight.
Down the plain of winding river of our existence,
I see the evaporating happiness of thy sweet fragrance.
Along the crisscrossing bank ablaze with beautiful Daffodils,
I see the different coexistence making deals,
Many things that go wrong are fixable,
Like our yellow teeth are brushable.
Like crushed flowers our beauty will lost forever!
Like dress rehearsal we believe grand concert is yet to appear!
We think and gossip most about the success of Bill Gate,
And we rarely do the success of Gandhi for I bet.

On her untimely Death

28 Oct 2012 Author cholden

Gone were the days of memories and regret. There are numerous days that I’ll count on my fingers to cast my mind back to joys and fun we had. All those abiding memories and hereupon your absence are imprinted on my mind. The tear that rolls down my cheek is sign and misery of your absence.  Such is the uncertainty and desolation of our life and it is now my endurance.

I remember the place where we first met. It was dusty and noisy yet surprising to see you through the haze of dust in the sun with cute smile on your chubby cheeks. And right away I followed you to your office and thank you for your syrupy cup of tea. I still feel ashamed to talk to you boldly and I can’t forget your simple complain for my quietness and reticent.

The petals that you touched are still beautiful and lively, the signs that you scribbled are still inscribed with no distortion, dews that were on the leaves are still fresh and sparkling in the rays of beautiful bulb behind the bench and the throne that you got pricked is still strong on the sturdy branch.

In the busy Zangdopelri compound of elderly circumambulating and chanting mani and youngster snapping the beautiful scene of fountain, at the side of compound, in the small canopy, I met you for the second time of your choice. Your angst on my touch on your back and cheeks and my tricks to check your temper was all my mischief for you. Sorry Tashi if you still mind for.

You wanted to kick my ass for keeping in touch with your friend Pema and you assumed us. And I still have the guilt of compromising our relation. And I know you implicit that I cheated you and the belief is still carrying with you for you might not find the right path. And I pray for to forget all those mischief of mine and may you go straight to heaven. Go to the eternal place where we met for the second time and wait for your friends who will be soon coming and the day isn’t certain but be patient my dear.

The pain of your disease and the pain of my sickness to hear your voice was all that struggled a lot. The greatest pain was when you were unable to answer my call and I couldn’t hear your final voice. May be you thought it was worth not hearing my voice but for me it was worth anything and I didn’t anticipated you to leave this wonderful earth so soon.

I didn’t believe your friend Pema when she said you are no more in this world. How can I and how’ll I react to such threatening and thundering news? The moment I end our conversation I was totally numb. It was the moment of utmost regret and pain, the regret of not letting you to know the truth of my silence and mischief. Seemed knowingly I concealed my feelings. Alone in the corner of my room I tried to endure the pain and tried to smile myself with our memories but you always disturb me by your sweet grin on your chubby cheeks.

We have seen hundreds of butter lamps being lit in the small chamber beside Zangdopelri. Today I am going to that chamber to light for you to clear thy darkness and lead a way to heavenly abode. I will climb on top of the mountain and hoist prayer flags to call you and inform you to wait for me in the heaven. I am coming soon and let’s reunite in the afterlife!

 Om Mani Padmee Hung hre 

Plant’s Trauma

01 Sep 2012 Author cholden

I rejoice greatly in the environment, for having them encircle us and make us have a wonderful passage about new life. Their suffering and death for the benefits of mankind are incredible.

It is wonderful to see how the plants grow. From the little cute heart shaped seed to germinating serene plant to see sun and make environment that’ll let people romance. Romance for the benefit of our own and that we’ll not care whether they are stepped and crushed. And as I see the plants being not cared, I think of them speaking, trying to tell us what we must know:

I am helpless. I can’t speak to defend you. I bloom to beautify thy surrounding. I don’t care what I look like but you choose me to be here. You watered me when I was young and energetic. You touched me when I was fresh. You sniffed my leaves when it was able to dance to the rhythm of wind that was not frequent. I was overwhelmed when you were happy for me to see me come into buds. And I was over excited when your little son was smiling when I was decorated with little beautiful five red flowers.

It was my fifth day after I came into flowering plant. I was lonely from the beginning. I did not have friends to share my smile and wave at to share my happiness when you treated me like yours as ever. But what happened now?

Your little son gives fewer smiles. You never touch and sniff me, instead you have started giving me less water. I am suffering. I don’t have strength to hold my own leaves. My barks are darkening day by day. My head can’t hold its position. It is under compulsion to bend to see how dry my soil is. Please help me my lord. Let me live more and have dignity to be old and taken care of.

The day is uncertain for me when I’ll bear the greatest trauma of no soil to support my roots and no water to support my old leaves and I’ll be abandoned forever.

Let me face the dignity to return where I was grown. Let me give my body parts to future coming plants so that they can grow easily to benefit you as I have done. To let you keep me touching and sniffing. To let your little son constantly smile.

History that I'll remember – I

08 Jul 2012 Author cholden
The land of thunder Dragon, Bhutan is best described and known as a land of happiness where development strategy is driven with Gross National Happiness (GNH). The story that I am going to narrate is when I was too young and when the philosophy of GNH was not into action.
I was not definite when it first begun but I clearly remember when it ended. It was misery for the already admitted monks and to the locality as a whole. When I knew already big building for monks were constructed and used as an accommodation in Yarphu Shaedra. A new building which was twenty to thirty meter was under construction at Shugung Shaedra. With full support and hard work of the villagers it was successfully accomplished and ready for to use as an accommodation for monks.
I enjoyed the well preparation and honor for the first time in my life for the Rinpochhe, Chabjay Drodrup Rinpochhe who is currently as Gantey Goenpa, Sikkim. As a kid it's bother less for me to know about religion and politics but I was there with my parents to receive blessings form the Rinpochhe. The celebration for the visit and blessing was immense and all the people were so incalculably happy. From then children were started to admit in the Shaedra.
It was in 1993 or 1994 when I was in class two. I can't clearly state here the reasons why and how it happened? But it happened! It may be because our main state religion is Drukpa Kajue. We consider it as our main Buddhist religion in our country which has loads of historic significance and validity to live it as our religion specifically.
Dodrup Rinpochhe is an Ngyingma master. When every masters/Rinpochhe in religious discourse admit-it doesn't subject what religion you follow but the master of our body-mind matters irrespective of Ngingma, Kajue, Tersar you follow etc…  But why this big discrimination happened? May be it was national issue but I am still waiting for the right answer for otherwise in their wish of irrespective religion. Yes the history told me the civil war in the country was mainly due to different religions and due to the fact of every masters wish to flourish their own religion in the region.
Let me come back to my story! It was one fine afternoon when I saw a bald man with three policemen. From my grandmother I knew that he was Dzongrab. I didn't know the reason for his sudden visit! We need to prepare a lot for officials' visit otherwise. After an hour I saw few monks loitering around Yarphu primary School with their robe tight on thigh nonsensically. And I saw few police walking to and fro in front the monastery. Still the reason wasn't clear for me as a little kid who doesn't know how to dress properly.
Both Sheadras were closed forever. Days passed with all monks were left in respective home as farmer. The new building that was build was in vain. All most everything seemed was blank for them and villagers too. They could not go against the will of government but left only option to follow their great master to Gantey Goenpa, Sikkim. All most all of them went there to pursue and fulfill their dreams to cram religion in life.

From then what followed beyond my village and school were not known until yet except that the Rinpochhe went permanently to Sikkim.
From then Lhakhangs were taken care by the locality with directive from the government but not the buildings that was built for the monks. It was so sad to see the building collapsing bit by bit. And elders used to shed tears looking at the collapsing and uncared building. The very atypical observation was the building collapsed bit by bit only on the auspicious occasions. It was a wonder for the entire locality. It is the power of religion, still they use to say and it is I believe.
From then Bhutanese followed Rinpochhe and every year thousands of Bhutanese visit Gangtey Goenpa.
Still the stigma of forbidden and derelict building is in the mind of old people in the village of Yarphu and Pangthang.

Thimphu to Gelephu

29 Jun 2012 Author cholden

The purpose was not defined! Yet it started from Thimphu bus terminal till Gelephu bus terminal. Everything was fresh and fine early in the morning. The crowd was busy and rushing. All buses were getting ready to move to their destiny. When it was 7:00 am in my mobile driver calmingly pressed the accelerator hard signaling we are ready to move. Soon the wheels started rolling and my journey started from the capital city, Thimphu.

Majority of the passengers were Nepali, may be because our destiny is to the south. And sadly all were mothers of one or two – little cute baby in their arms holding tight and diligent fathers – face proved that they are sturdy. I was with my classmate friend Phuntsho Wangdi.

A Nepali grandfather sold Churkam (dried cheese) with his admired Dzongkha dialect mixed with humors and our journey was set worthwhile with Churkam in everyone's mouth. 

Soon with a sharp horn near Lungtenphu army camp we reached Semtokha. From there it was up – to the chilly serene scene of Dochula. A lady passenger requested driver to play music. She was rejected till Dochula.  Everything was beautiful and quit. The rising seat and tip of Chorten (stupa) and monastery were overwhelming. The awesomeness soon disappeared to the tune of Sem gawi Ngyem (happy day of beautiful sun) of Jangchub Choden and Tshering Dorji.  We were heading down then.

Everyone was quit. The road was snaky through the dense huge grand trees with long and beautiful mosses decorating them. The wind was chilly. And I was fallen asleep. The music was so sharp and it was Nepali song when I was awakened at Thinleygang.

A lady was beside road with cucumbers and maize corn. Driver stopped to ask the price of cucumber while I bought maize corn and enjoyed its allure between my teeth till Wangdue.

Muddy and noisy was the Wangdue town. There were trucks moving one after another. Seemed the town is kept busy by the ongoing Punatshachu Hydropower Project. Splashing muddy water to the roadside few cameras flashed to the burned Dzong (fortress).  All the conversations were sympathetic. The sympathy of helpless headless Dzong, the unavailability of fund to rebuild and more emotional strikes with the continuing smoke from the Dzong were what they murmured each other.  Everyone felt sorry for the unfortunate misery.

A huge jerk and bumpy ride made our way along hydropower construction. Many were amazed to see big holes dug on the difficult rocky terrain. They were counting the holes on their fingers tip till the motel where we had lunch. With chicken curry and rice, Bhutan has developed was their conclusion with their counts of number of tunnels on their fingers.

With full tummy we continued our journey along the turbid river. The sight of huge machineries and grouted mountain continues till we cross the river through beautifully designed bridge.  The breeze of the dashing river was cool and fresh.

The song girl you are my angel frenzied the curves to Tsirang Dzongkhag.  Up through the green chirpine with dark trunk and fearing hills, negotiating all those curves, we were greeted profoundly – welcome to Tsirang Dzongkhang on flamboyant board with red background.

Through the sloping valleys and bungalows, little goat craving to stand for the green fresh bunch of grass, bulbul singing and dancing to the tune and rhythm of wind, sun shining to wedge its rays on my forehead we reached Damphu town. An angelic look with tika on their forehead, ostensibly smiling heart throbbing and greeting with Dzongkha in Nepali dialect I was overwhelmed for their courtesy and mannerism of Damphu shopkeeper.

Sloping down through thick and foggy weather, negotiating the bumpy road we were finally at the deserted Sarpang check post. I was taken back to Garage town at S/Jongkhar. I wasn't sure how far Gelephu is? My friend explicated me the names of the passing places. Vegetation starting from Tsirang valley till Sarpang check post is similar to my village.

Students' with ash colored dress, lean umbrella, shops with no guarantee of when to collapse, barbers tackling their scissors through the rough hair of Nepali looks men best decorated the so called Sarpang Bazaar.

Simple sharchokpa girl standing with sweet smile to travelers, Nepali Kanchi with goats and cows playing in a fresh dew rain drops, and future airport waving its ring colured blue and white strips made our journey gratifying to reach our destiny.

Road from Sarpang to Gelephu is least fortunate. Small streams defined their ways to make it bumpier and it was remarkable when we were tuned to the rhythm of Ata Youngba with every thrust.

Little not far from among the huge trees, the raising tip of the yellow building, few taxis, sharp turn to the round concreted blacktopped space, thrice hard sound of accelerator being pressed hard connoted finally we were to destiny.

The crowd was again busy. And I was finally on the sofa. Gelephu is hot like hell.  

Love vs. Romance

07 Jun 2012 Author cholden

Today I made up my mind to share what I have written long time ago. Sorry if it is not worth to post here. 

Love vs. Romance. Know the difference before it's too late!
There IS a difference! 

Romance – a manipulation technique designed to make someone open to Sex. The source of Romance is LUST.

Love – when someone's happiness means more than our own. The source of Love is CARING.

To many people, Romance means 'showing love'. That's not true. We show love by protecting the ones we care for with the intent to ensure their lasting happiness. That doesn't necessarily mean that we're nice to them.

Lust's motive is ORGASM.

Love's motive is CARING.

When we want to show how much we care, we stroke them, cuddle them, and play with them. We do all of these things to keep them happy and healthy. We do these things to keep them from suffering in any way.

We do the SAME THING with people we love whether they are our parents, our friends, or our children – we hug them, play with them, joke around with them, make sure they've eaten, make sure their colds are taken care of, we make sure they are not suffering in any way –- physically or emotionally. We also bitch them out when they've done something that could harm them or result in misery.

The difference between these people and a Lover is that when we are showing that we care for a lover, we use sex to bring them the greatest physical pleasure we can.

LUST is a physical urge, like eating when we're hungry, seeking warmth in the cold, or needing to pee. It is an urge that seeks relief just like all our other physical urges.

Love doesn't use, it GIVES.

Love gives affection to make the one loved happy. 
Lust takes affection to make them happy. 

Lust Takes pleasure. 
Love Gives it. 

Jealousy is NOT a sign of LOVE. 

Jealousy a sign of possession, of ownership; of FEAR that their object will be taken from them and no longer be theirs to USE.

When one is in love and their lover sleeps with someone else, that one does not feel jealousy they feel FAILURE.

She is not fair to Outward View

03 Jun 2012 Author cholden

She is not fair to outward view

As Many ladies be;

Her loveliness I never knew
Until she smiled on me.
O then I saw her eye was bright,
A well of love, a spring of light.

But now her looks are coy and cold,
To mine they never reply
And yet I cease not to behold
The love-light in her eyes;
Her very frowns are fairer far
Then smiles of other ladies are.