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13 May 2012 Author Little_star

As I look back on my life..I find myself wondering…from where you got all those energy .to teach , dance ,sing and to play with us … and more over you became a nurse when we were sick , you became a cook when we wanted to eat somthing  good, you became a dishwasher ,counselor and a friend.. Mama you were a all rounder when it comes to us and our happiness ..


Now that I'm older…i have realized how special our relationship was ..And while i am thankful for this bond,somehow it makes me miss you more..Mom, I love you so very much.Mummy ,remember The example you set is still and will always be with me . You shared  the most wonderful love that knows no end  and the care you gave us till the time you were amongst us have enriched my life till date and will continuse to do so ..


And No matter how far you are from us .your motherly touch is always felt right inside our heart giving us the feeling that you are right next to us.. ,things will change.. situations will change as well … days will becomes week , weeks into months and months into year … but there is one thing that will never and ever chance .. I.e for us you will always be our number one SUPER HERO . 



Ending here with the message ..will continue to wish and pray for our reunion ..and till that time .please keeping watching us from above and showering  us with your blessings and love that you have for us ^^ 




   with much love,respect and appreciation                                                                      yours daughter                                                                                              (Yeshi choden)



P.s I Love You Big Big and you are still alive in our Heart


31 Dec 2011 Author Little_star

I sit here miles away from home ..
When i am suppose to be at home celebrating my new year ….

Walking in a place where i know no one ..
Sick people every where .. people having sickness worst than me …
When i happen to see them , i feel AH!! the sickness i am going through is nothing compare to them .. and it gives me hope  to be well soon and to be back home where i always belong  .. to that Home where all my love ones are waiting for me .. A home where all my memories are …. A home where all my secrets are kept .. A home where i am one of the most happiest person ..

It not the first time i am being away from home … but this time i feel strang being away from home … Hot air blowing every where … Dusty road and all i could see around me is people with different illness .. :(  I could do nothing to them but pray for their quickest recovery …

P.s Happy new year to all the folks here . Have a wonderful and successful life ahead   ^ ^



15 Dec 2011 Author Little_star

Yes .. I am a Girl 

I by mistake go at men's toilet at times 
I fall while i walk
I cry when i laugh so hard
I laugh harder when I try to explain why I am laughing

I get mad when ppl try to take advantage of my weakness

I walk into a kitchen and forgets why i am there 

I lie to hide  what i am going through

I get attached to ppl who care even a little bout me

When all they want to is ignore me when they don't need me 

I fall in love too hard too fast

And i always care more than i can .

I have a Hubby like every girl has .

Who loves me so much 



Yes.I am a Girl  and I am proud of it.


15 Dec 2011 Author Little_star

you lied to me..
saying you love me every time we had a conversation…
saying that you  wont go out with any other other girls
saying that you made mistake once and  wont repeat.

i loved you with every single beat of my heart. though i could not tell you but i am sure you knew what i felt for you  
and there you go, tearin it all apart.
going out wid other girls etc

i stand infront of you, just to be another joke.
is that what you want?
for me to fall? cuz im fallin now.

you made me so happy..
but now you just make me frown.
and this time, it cant be turned around.

i love you, why cant you see that?
i guess im just a another gal to you..
just another fling..
i guess i shouldnt have taken it seriously..
should have  flirted around..
like you did..

why do you hurt me so?
tonight, my heart dies for you..
in the morning, i will no longer think and even try to contact u.
second chances? no..
this is my final good bye to fake lover…i will think that i have never met you in my life.
thank you  for fooling around me.i owe you  a load for  doing that .

I did nothing wrong !!

12 Dec 2011 Author Little_star

I m sorry …
though You  know i did nothing wrong ..
I know and  everybody does..
that's FATE…if i have to say in one word..

Some steps of urs really make me mad n upset..
you tend to make me feel that..this my fault..
though i did nothing wrong…

I do believe in justice..
I do believe in fate s well…
I shall proclaim my innocence,
that i did nothing wrong …

I will hold my head up….
and keep thinking positively…
instead oft siting , sob and cry with
my head between my knees

I hope one day it will go away ..
We both forget n move on..
things will go back  to normal…

I Wrote this a night before my graduation day at College

12 Dec 2011 Author Little_star

Our life as student was challenging,
with lots of ups n downs …

i really had a crazy time with my mates ..
teasing teachers …
taking pics while clases r going on..

bunking classes alys …

going to canteen after every period ..

copying records n assignments …:P


But i know .i will be having crying moment too…esp this  graduation day ..


we all will be going in different direction after graduating from here ..

where our new life awaits ..


i won't say Farewell…

because because  thats not the right way to say..

for some day we will meet again..


My fellow friends …its not the end of our journey ..

But a new beginning of our life..


As our graduation day is approaching..

I can only think of two words..

happy and sad….

happy..cus i will be going back home…

sad …cus i will be missing u guys a lot…

for all the good times i had with u all..


I'll be taking all the memories that i have with u guys ..

will treasure it in my heart 4 ever …


p.s ..hey guys ..will be missing each and  every one of you..

Insanity !!

12 Nov 2011 Author Little_star

I feel so alone… isolated by my insanity..

So many questions unanswered …

So many thoughts that am unaware off….

So many things thats has to be done ..

So many problems am sick off ….

So many things i still regret …

So many pain i can hardly bear ..

So many tears i have shaded .

So many sleepless night..

So, i stay in a room like a prisoner remaining unknown ..


i have felt this way before….

i have felt and dealt it all now

i have even lied..

i have even cried..

i have even felt the fall…….


Nothing makes it better …

the guilt and pain i feel..

wish its was not real …

But its not the case …

its could never go away ..


am I cursed to live a life like this ?


08 Nov 2011 Author Little_star

How you and me became 'WE',

I Never Knew …

But i felt it right that you are my Mr Right



My love for you grows everyday in each and every way.

When you talk about our future together, 

And when u make promises that will be never broken

I Love you more and more 


I am not ashamed of saying i am Addicted .

Addicted in a very special way as in 

Addicted to your love ,care ,support and you as a whole ..


I Love You !! you wanna know when ??

Now and 1000 years after

I am gone !


             “BECAUSE “


You are my man… heart… and soul… And  without you I wouldn't be a whole. ^..^

It Hurts !!

06 Nov 2011 Author Little_star

It hurts when i hear bad thing bout me ..
And  it Hurts more when its not true ..
It hurts to think of a suicide ..
It hurts more when m not able to do it …

It hurts to see ppl making fool out of me …
And it hurts more when its someone i know ..
It hurts to hurt them … ….
its hurts more to think of hurting them ..

it hurts to see my life not being perfect ..
N it hurts more to see,myself making it worst 

It hurts to see ppl taking advantage of me..
It hurts more when m not being able to do anything .
It hurts to bust into tears ..
It hurts more for being so weak .

Oh God it Hurts a lot ……..

A life so great is now lost (I miss you dearly )

06 Nov 2011 Author Little_star

I wrote this when one of my best friends (Sonam Jamtsho) left this world :( during new year eve (2011) 

I tend to sit n wonder…. and  watch the time passes by.. I look at all the pictures, and ask, why did you have to leave? The  wound of letting you go hurts so bad. It always appears no matter how hard i try to hide it. My heart is the only place where this pain will stay forever. A life so great is now lost. The price came at a deadly cost.. I remember your smile like I have no choice. You are my hero day and night.  You are  the greatest being i have ever come across …. I miss you more and more every day                                                                                                                                                 p.s I never really got the chance to say it…. Love you a lot


04 Nov 2011 Author Little_star

If only ….

If only you cared for me half as much as I care for you

If only you thought about me half as much as I do about you

If only you  tried for me half as much as I try for you

If only you felt for me half as much as I feel for you

If only you wanted me half as much as I want you

If only you did all of this….then you would know

how much I am beside you….

much more than you expect!

much more than you think!

THen my life will be perfect with nothing missing!!

Is this pain a reward for loving someone truly ???

02 Nov 2011 Author Little_star

When ever i pick up my pen to jot down something . The only thing that come across my mind is the hardship and  the pain i went through in my previous relationship .
When i think of those day . The only thing i can do is to be mad at myself for letting myself be fooled by someone whom i  had faith and trust .

 The promises that he made ,the happiness he showered me with, above all the love and care he showed towards me which was indeed a fake one  just and just to fool me and to make me fall for him . 
Actually , i was just a toy he could play with when he got nothing to keep him occupied . Love was just a game for him. He not only played with my feelings but also with my emotions and my sentiments .He might have forgotten that i am also a human being .

when he got bored of his old toy(me) . ,and got a new one to play with .He threw me away like a rubbish . He ripped my heart into pieces,the pain was like as if someone have stabbed me right on my heart .

I know i can get over the tears i have cried but will the pain be erased which i didn't not deserve at all !!

Is the pain a reward for loving someone truly ??

Letter to Mom !!

01 Nov 2011 Author Little_star

dearest mummy.

you know what,my life have become a mess .i really can't live a day without you any more.mummy,why did you leave me all alone ? and why didn't you take me along with you when you left this world?i got lots of question to ask you.i wish ,if tears could build a stairway and memories a lane.i would walk right up to HEAVEN and get all the answers for those question which is in my mind.Sometimes ,i really do wish that i can talk with you through phone or something like that.I wonder why “GOD” didn't create a means of communication where we can communicate with those ppl who left this know mummy..if i can communicate with you.THAN i would always call or write letter to you every day n will b sharing every thing that's happening with me .i know mummy…now you might be thinking that your silly daughter is talking all nonsense.But what to do mom…don't have any alternative than to talk like that,s your silly daughter is longing to see you again.My eyes are dying to see you .

Mama ..i always pray to GOD that in next generation also i want you s my mummy.hope GOD wont disappoint me again as he did once by taking you away from me.mummy..MAMA…do you miss me?? bout me,i miss you 24 hours a day.Not a min more nor a min less.WE i.e apa,ashay,wangmo and all alys talk bout u wen we gather..we all miss you alot

mummy..guess what.i will be graduating this year.i wish you were still alive to see your daughter graduating.I am sure,if you were would come with a bunch of flowers your ur arm wide open to congratulate my wish will remain as wish only as GOD took you away from me. bt i know you will be right behind me though i cant see you .

mama we all love u still and you will b alys in our heart. 

with love from ur daughter

miss you mummy

01 Nov 2011 Author Little_star
If tears could build a stairway,
and memories were a lane,
I would walk right up to heaven
to bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken
no time to say goodbye
you were gone before I knew it,
and only God knows why.
My heart still aches in sadness
and secret tears still flow,
what it meant to lose you,
no one will ever know.
No matter how old we are, losing a mother
is one of the deepest sorrows a heart can
know, but her goodness, her caring and her
wisdom live on….. like a legacy of love that
will always be with you
Mom, Thank you for my life, I will always miss you and love you!!!
Till we meet again……Goodbye!
With love from your Daughter