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Gone with the rage of fire

25 Jun 2012 Author Dreamy

The Third Dzong of Bhutan,Wangdiphodrang
Above the confluence of Dangchu and PunaTshangchu
On the ridge of sleeping elephant
Was a Magnificent architectural splendor
Conceived and bequeathed four centuries back

By divine father of United Bhutan

Lam Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal

As per revelation of Yeshi Gonpo

The guardian deity of Bhutan

For consolidating the central power

So was the fate destined for future generation

The unification happened and dream fulfilled

It served the seat of most powerful Dzongpoens

Became associated with many historical anecdote

Of historical personality during political instability

Was symbol of immortality and identity till date

More than being central of tourist attraction

I grew up learning and yearning to view it

Once and last did I chance a visit in last winter

To reminisce, it was like Alice in wonderland

The beauty touched my heart

And I know nowhere else in world

Would give me pleasure I had from it

Numb did I feel to hear about the tragedy

That it had gone with the rage of fire

We have lost the priceless gift that

Blessed Drukyul for times immemorial

Time and disaster has tested our faith

Awakening our sense to be precautious

Lest we lose connection to our past

As tragedy calls nation to mourn

Let's unite to rethink of its restoration

And pray that misfortune never happens.


Story of Odd Friends

22 Jun 2012 Author Dreamy

Dema and Choden were odd pair of friends
Their friendship blossomed from schooling days
They did come from a contrast background
All they had was their own share of stories to tell
Dema came from a well to do family

But was a victim of parental divorce

This made her emotional many a times

thus making her mentally very matured at tender age

Physically she was but a tiny being

Very ambitious and gifted with strong determination

Choden the other part of the odd pair

Came from a humble family

Being brought up by widowed mother

She was deprived of fatherly love

Thus she strived ever since young

Under the situation of hardship

She became more sensible, responsible and loyal.

The twosome made a perfect odd friend

They grew up together, went to the same school

From elementary to the high school

They had the first time boarding experience

Where they were exposed to wide array of friends

All they preferred was to stick themselves

For they were the classmate, seatmate and bedmate

They didn't gain a single new friend joining them

Just as the beautiful rose bears the thorn

So was their friendship at times

We would notice them being mute

Yet moving,sitting,dinning and sleeping together

Choden relied on her intelligence

While Dema relied on her hard work

Initially Choden excelled in her studies

But situation changed as they went to higher classes

Being determined and focused on her goal

Dema worked consistently leaving Choden far behind

The twosome then drifted oceans apart

As Dema left for the studies abroad

Choden tried to keep in touch with her friend

But to no avail, the bond of friendship weakened

And so she lost the faith in friendship

Choden did get into humble profession

Today twosome are both independent

Yet they don't have time to mingle

Leave aside the possibility of saying 'Hi'

Gone are the golden periods of their time

And strange has they become

Their friendship remain as odd as it began

Perhaps prejudice overshadowed the loyalty

Or time tested their friendship

Or it was destiny that paved their way

Whatsoever oddness it turns out

Today Choden cherish over the friendship

That lost its charm being loyal and positive

That it made her happy even for a while.

Alarming encounter with living spirit

16 Jun 2012 Author Dreamy

The night was still, everybody slept, the dogs were calm and there was air of silence everywhere. Everything seemed so serene for short while and I wasn't alone as two of my childhood friends who I haven't seen for long were at my house. All of a sudden, the sound of broom brush up outside platform in the ground floor grasped my attention. The sound came closer each time I listened; this made me more nervous with goose bumps all over. I started trembling yet couldn't stop myself from the curiosity to find the fact behind the sound. Deep inside my conscience assured me that it couldn't be anybody but something really strange as I have overheard people talk about strange scary haunting experience. I did very much want my friends to company during such odd feeling but I couldn't dare to disturb their peace of mind. Then, I headed towards the window to sneak a quick look. There I discover the spirit taking the shapes of fierce monster, the appearance nevertheless resembled like that of a distant relative of mine whom I haven't heard so far whether alive or dead. She looked more like ferocious ghost. In that very instant, I saw the spirit being chased and finally surrounded by my brother and Tshampa (lay monk) from my village. What followed after this incident was whipping of the ghost for our defense. I was the first to take the chance and as I extend my arm to thrash it with stick it could hardly hit the spirit. Then next in line Tshampa flogged her followed by my brother so mercilessly making her crouch down with pain. At that point of time I trembled more seeing the horrifying spirit groan with pain and it made me more fearful with the thought that the evil spirit might retaliate against the act of those two people. The two of them then deserted the area leaving me alone at the mercy of a fierce spirit. I became numb for fraction of minute and stood there watching helplessly every moves of spirit with fear while waiting to escape this dreadful scene. All I could do was to escape through the window unaware of the risk of mishap; somehow I managed to safely land the ground floor incredibly. Then I started running as first as my feet could carry but I heard somebody running after me in a distant pak..pak…pak… Finally I managed to reach near somebody's house and there I banged the door to get help. The owner of the house opened the door and without wasting my time I told them the whole story and begged to help me seek refuge in their home from this horror. I started searching every nook corner that could provide me the best hiding place but it didn't help either as I see the owner of the house panicking too. Suddenly there was a heap of sounds heard over the roof as if gallons of water spilt all over that shook me almost to senses. I opened my eyes with all consciousness to only uncover that actually all those was a nightmare. Of course, the sound that woke me was the sudden heavy down pour that was heard from my roof. As the dream vividly retained in my mind, I wasn't able to forget even if I wanted to or recede to sleep either. Instead I began to visualize of all the people who died in the midst of scary mood. Consequently the aftermath of the incident with crystal clear recollection of terrified dream and the silence started haunting me. The wall clock time indicated 2a.m and there was yet another 3hours to break the dawn. In that helpless situation, the only alternative I found to forget the nightmare was to browse the net. Soon I signed in to one of the chat room and I was shocked to see many nocturnal so lively at odd hours. My only motif was to seek company of good and decent chat mate to help calm my nerves but majority intended to only go for filthy chat. I didn't lose hope by rejecting all those to find one finally by far and away much better. I gathered courage to question about the ghost and shared about my dreadful dream. It was after 1hour that I regained my composure to normalcy. Usually I don't fear about the ghost unless for this dream that almost scared me. However something was clear that it was just a dream and I am happy too as this gave me inspiration to share about the incident. Not to forget I saw the two of my childhood friends whom I have lost contact ever since the schooling days. Indeed this was one of the most dreadful nightmares I have ever experienced. This was obviously not the first time and I am sure this won't be last as well. I suspect that no matter what and wherever I go this experience will follow me around. So, needless to say, it was a spooky coincidence that kept me wondering about the dream meeting with many people I know yet seldom in contact. Perhaps this breathtaking glimpse of nightmare wanted to warn me about upcoming misfortune or possibly it's just anxiety stimulation of daytime dealing. In reality to awake with the day time mind with all consciousness, the ghost is not as fearful as human in today's world. Once we come to senses we know things like ghost is just an illusion where as the humans are the real ghost to be apprehensive as many lack the humane quality. There are more cases of war, crime like cold blood murder, cheat, robbery, hooligans, etc happening where country and society like ours are no exception thus making us more vulnerable. The world is becoming no longer a safer place for us to live and enjoy the glory. Time has come for us to be scared about human the living spirit and not the ghost.

Premature loss

27 May 2012 Author Dreamy

Which is worse: To see the one you love battle between life and death or to lose a loved one to death prematurely? I have thought a lot about that question since my generation have been threatened with continuous chain of life in last four years. The departures of all these people have wounded me over and over again never to heal with consistent bleeding. I comprehend the reality that death is nature's cruel and ultimate recycler of life, where every mortal cannot skip it irrespective of what we are, who we are, how we are and where we come from.


In either of the ways the poor frail one is a loser. Though it would be at least a source of inspiration to have the physical presence of loved ones no matter whatever the situation would be. It is equally disheartening to see them fight the end battle hoping for a second chance in life. In such juncture the death seems so worthy than to see them live with torment for nevertheless one can escape the hardship of adult life.


However the very moment when death steals the life of a person; I am disposed to feel that it's greater injustice to lose someone prematurely. The experience is agonizing to bear the untimely loss.  Nothing feels good but horrifying as we become numb unable to balance with the nuances of emotions that keep on haunting with reminiscence.

The unfortunate loss of my niece very recently after a chronic bronchitis took toll on her life was a difficult emotional passage for me. I haven't yet revived from this emotional shock. I really felt the loss of a maternal bond as I nurtured her from the birth to the time she grew into elegant young girl. She had been diagnosed with the disease ever since from infancy. Most of her life she remained hospitalized and lived with medicines.  This was all short term resolution to retain her life for a while as her health gradually began to decline. Today I don't want to belief that she has left eternally for the heavenly abode as her memories remain etched deep in my heart. I live by the memory of this cheerful niece each and every day of life.

The events of any pleasant family gathering aren't same for we feel the absence of the soul. I am touched to learn the impression and impact she left behind as her legacy. Even in the midst of difficult times with declined health physically she would insist to attend school and activities as she really took pleasure in learning. Her spirits was whole and healthy mentally even in the last hours as she lay in her bed in intensive care to the moment she was inside the ambulance to be referred to higher hospital in India. In this entire traumatic situation she convinced us instead not to worry.  The time seemed interminable to see her suffer and become more restless with pain.

It was painful as she wished to read, write, and draw even in this complexity. Perhaps it was her unfulfilled wish which she always desired otherwise and this made the matter worst. If ever blessed with an opportunity to lead normal life she dreamt to be a model fine day. But the fate had it all as it anguished her. Believing it would be her last wish I convinced her father who resisted initially thinking it might exhaust her energy, to provide her the stationeries (note book,pencil,crayon and eraser) as she demanded it time and again in the ICU. 

There she drew the pictures of her family, wrote story and marked the caption on her picture with oxygen mask made by her father. Her father kept engrossed in writing poem about the daughter and read to her. It was intolerable experience to witness all these and startling the way she sensed her last hours. We recovered the sketch she made for her adopted sister with the caption ' I love you dear sister' bearing the name to be presented as gift which she completed but couldn't present. Another picture she drew was picture of the family including the new member of family expected with the caption 'baby brother or sister, whichever I am going to be happy'. She didn't live long to see and spend time with her little sibling as her day was numbered.

The other little siblings just saw her fraction of second without the slightest conversation in the last hour in ambulance on her way to the long journey to hospital. She simply gazed at everyone who came by to see her off for wishing quick recovery with tears flooding in her eyes and saying nothing. The rest of siblings were shocked to see her dumb, the sea change induced by her illness contrary to her usual bubbly character. I was glad that she communicated with me at least when I asked her who the newly born resembled where she responded to me that she resembled like one of the twin in the family. That was the last conversation I had with her and it was just a matter of a day when the unhappy confirmation of her death came. The chill of shiver ran deep down our spines that stirred the apprehension on the futility of human life.


We were shattered with the news and the reality that she was beyond human touch. I felt helpless to console her mourning mother who sobbed incessantly. My pains were nothing compared to her and deep down I understood that she was torn apart. When the corpse arrived, being immature and innocent her sibling believed the deceased to be in deep slumber. With her death those living were united together to offer condolence during funeral and during all the ceremonial rites. It was while we returned after cremation that the little brother of the deceased insisted on going back to cremation ground to bring back his sister home. This reaction of my nephew was touching and harder to convince him about the reality.  Indeed the tragic experience such as this has left me with lingering question of words and actions. I correspondingly felt greater sorrow, regret and bitterness deep within to cope with premature loss. In such a time practically it doesn't help as we fail to accept the idea of non-attachment. What so ever I will have to let her go but she will remain with me in my heart. I know this is the only way to acknowledge her and to gain comfort for the same from her presence there eternally.    

Being Howry

27 May 2012 Author Dreamy

A young little boy rushed to the mother complaining that passer by tourist called him 'Howry'(stupid). The annoyed mother couldn't resist and then hurried to question the tourist for verbally abusing the child only to find out from the people nearby that the actual question asked was  'How are you?'

Love across hot water

27 May 2012 Author Dreamy

A group of bold and notorious boys were on their night out across the girls' hostel to cause trouble, irritate and scare them to death as usual by hitting stones in the middle of night, banging on windows etc…

One night the same group loitered oblivious of the fact that few girls in upper floor were still awake studying while all others were asleep. Suddenly the boys began to pass beneath the ground floor when it coincided with jug of hot water being thrown down the window of upper floor. The hot water splashed it over their head and faces.

The group rushed back very consciously without being able to utter a word with the fear of causing commotion. The next day the the others who knew about the pranks made fun of the group by writing on the board 'Love across hot water'.


11 Dec 2011 Author Dreamy

It was during Board Exam and the atmosphere was full of exam fever everywhere. On that day when this incident happened it was English paper II.  So there was brief revision happening among the friends about the poem and poet. Abruptly one of them asked the title of the poem and somebody answered 'A Doctor's Journal entry into August 6th 1945' etc… thus time was up for everyone to enter the exam hall.

After few hours the exam was over and the same group of friends gathered again to discuss the answers. To everyone's surprise the above titled poem appeared and the one who answered correctly earlier was excited to utter…She said 'I answered it correctly' as Doctor Jonathan's entry into Aug 6th 1945. Everyone laughed out very piercingly at her answer and said it's not Jonathan friend, You had the confusion with the Gynecologist ( Dr.Jonathan) who briefed on school heath talk earlier.


11 Dec 2011 Author Dreamy

In a small social gathering that happened in the neighborhood, everyone was busy in conversation served with local drinks, juice and grand feast. A woman server kept on being hospitable making the guest comfortable with offering of all those available stuff. She kept so busy that she carried the sprites in her hands and just walked away not serving one corner. The guest in the corner called out' Aunty you didn't serve me the sprite though I asked for it(Nangi jang ga sprite ma gan chi ko aunty) '. She answered loudly there is no question of serving spy here( tha ga spy(wine) sho bile loju rang mala ani).

Dreadful yet something to cherish……….

11 Dec 2011 Author Dreamy

I was suddenly shaken up from deep slumber by my friend ' charo , I have stomach disorder…diarrhea problem, please lets go to toilet'. It was middle of the night that I couldn't stop staring at my watch to check the time, it was exactly 12 midnight.  The idea of accompanying her at odd hours immediately haunted my mind with the ghost stories as the midnight time is considered inauspicious superstitiously often linked with ghostly hour. I was scared and stammered ' azai don ophay yekcha na' but couldn't deny my friend's urgency. So I pitied her problem and escorted my friend towards the toilet. It was just the two of us with nobody around for sure and she followed me. On our way to toilet from the room, we had to pass by the passage that had transparent CGI sheet beyond as its roof.

When we happen to reach the area, a large scattering sound was heard all of a sudden on the roof like somebody threw a handful of sand on top of it. We were numbed for a fraction of second and 'Azai was the only word I could utter out of panic……as I could feel my body trembling and terrified, I didn't stop to look at any one and ran first as my feet could carry back to room and the moment I came to sense I was already in the nook corner of the room. There was no body to be seen not even my friend. I called out 'Tenzin' my friend and I tried to wake up everyone in the room to accompany us  but to my dismay no body just listened,  even if they were awake they just pretended to be in deep sleep  and murmured piercingly as they were terrified too.

I still kept shrieking 'woi charo bak please help' and there near the door 'Sherub' one of the roommate rose from lower bunker bed and that was a sigh of relief for a moment for I thought she was coming to my rescue. However she just rose, stretched her hand, grabbed her blanket and ascended the upper bunker bed to join with friend there.  My heart sank to sense the coldness in their reaction in times of needy situation.  Then I didn't have any other alternative than to wake up the two of my juniors who were kind enough to listen to my grievances.

So they agreed to accompany me in search of my friend. There she was seated so helplessly on the floor behind the main door of the room trying to hobble back inside. I felt so sorry for her as I thought she could have been the first to run as she was ahead of me while we ran back. I asked her what happened but she was still trembling and whimpered ' I tried to run but couldn't as I  felt like my feet were glued to floor out of fear'.  Fortunately there was no such injury and she was sound and safe.

We were still very scared yet my friend was not done with her stomach disorder so we had to accompany her back to toilet. The only thing that gave us the vigor was the chanting of prayer mantras and nothing as such happened for a second time.  We returned ,slept together and prayed for the day to break out faster. In the morning the unpleasant incident seemed far flung and dreamlike but as a matter of fact, a little hilarious too.

This memory is engraved deep in my mind that today cherishing it fills my mind with the feeling of nostalgia. Even though, the share of experience we had was bit awful still it isn't easy to forget such adventurous cum amusing event that was once a part of our golden life.  Several years later, I came across Sherub , the heartless friend in whom I found the ray of hope which turned out to be false hope.  I couldn't stop from revealing as to how her reaction did hurt us at that time.  She confessed that she too was scared that night and felt sorry for Tenzin. We laughed a lot too talking about the incident at the same time. Deep inside I feel sorry for Tenzin even to this day, maybe she still remembers it.

I begged for pardon during that very event itself but do not know whether she still remembers the incident and if so how she might be taking it because we haven't met till date.  Wherever she is, I hope she would forgive and remember me always.  However the mystery behind the strange incident still remained unsolved as we didn't figure out as to who caused the sound on that roofing in the middle of night. Today shiver runs throughout my body having under gone the unpleasant incident but on the other hand I can't help from giggling while I recall the aftermath of the incident about the reaction of the people.


11 Dec 2011 Author Dreamy

The natural curves
That set things fine
On countless face
Has gone astray for a while
On my own face
It once added radiance
Stirring every sense
It faded with time
And the twist of fate
Depriving the very essence
Of natural magnificence


09 Dec 2011 Author Dreamy

A Dzongkha language teacher was there who took keen interest in learning English. So he was confronted wearing standard wrist watch one fine day by his student. The student then greeted and asked ' Lopen, Is your watch BST(Bhutan standard time)  or IST(Indian standard time) ? Lopen answerd ' it's HMT.


Brokpa Yidthpa

09 Dec 2011 Author Dreamy

Once the highlander from Merak Sakten as we popularly call them 'Brokpa' was in the town to trade his Fermented cheese ( Brokpa Yidthpa as people call it) which every Bhutanese is fond of for making Jaju (soup) and Ezay (salad). He moved door to door looking for customer and reached our next neighbor. Our next door neighbor (lady) yelled to broadcast everyone in the neighborhood about it.

Next door lady– 'Woi naiba Brokpa Yidpa shekpa la, ma ngola mo yek la na'. There is a fermented cheese otherwise, the rotten cheese (direct translation) here for sale, aren't you going to buy?

She yelled very loudly that suddenly it offended the Brokpa who said

Brokpa Nepo- Woi Nai…mo  Brok…pa Yidpa… mangi na… chur yidpa gila (It's not that Brokpa(man himself)  is rotten but the cheese)


09 Dec 2011 Author Dreamy

Nothing turns back the time
Like the dreams do for some time
When such dreams do appear
It brings the crystal clear
Vivid reminiscences
Of the past memories
Everything seem very usual
Even when much becomes unusual
To awaken from such delusion
Even if for momentary
Ease the mind from anxiety


09 Dec 2011 Author Dreamy

Nopkin in real world is idle
Nokin here are all ideal
Nopkin in real world are laidback
Nopkin here are rigorous
Nopkin in real world lack passion
Nopkin here are full of passion
Nokin in real world look very dull
Nopkin here seem motivating
Nopkin in real world believes in silence
Nopkin here believes in communication
Nopkin in real world waste time for nothing
Nopkin here exploit time for creative thought
Nopkin in real world keep secret
Nopkins here reveal the secret

Encounter with Past

27 Nov 2011 Author Dreamy

No matter how hard you try
To forget and ignore the past
It keeps haunting one's mind
No matter how hard you try
Never to relive in it
Moments and events return
Bringing two departed soul so close
It's helpless, devoid of choice
As both pretend to be strangers
No matter how hard you try
The unanswered question arise
In one's mind so often
No matter how hard you try
Eyes keep tracking the
Shadow that was once familiar
Ears keep hearing the voice
Heart keeps beating with pain
No matter how hard you try
Deep down one break into pieces
With heart bleeding in depth
Losing faith in almighty
No matter how hard you try
Things cannot be undone
Fate cannot be altered
No matter how hard you try
We can't escape from having
An encounter with our pas

My Niece and Nephews

27 Nov 2011 Author Dreamy

Chechey  the eldest among all
Lovingly named after being the first one
Like Barbie doll ever beautiful
Often aspiring to be top model one day
But bit frail with sickness from birth

Tuku as she is called, the second one
Tiny as she was and named
Is the hope of the family
Burdened with task to
Fulfill parent's desire

Denks the third among them
With bulging belly at birth
Today bit shrivel, smart and handsome

Karma Gyalley Wangchuk
the next one
Born on the occasion of  Gyalyong Dichen
December 17th , The National of Bhutan
And so named by my granny
With first sharing father's name
And the remaining deriving from
The significance of the day

Muku  is fifth in line
As the name bears it
Born with lovely thick black hair
Today more elegant than anyone

Nima and Dawa the twince
The next and only one very unique pair
One ever bright like sun
Other one glowing like moon

Drolo as I named her is one more
With attractive black eyes
Resembling Guru Dorji Drolo

TinTin the little boy
With Korean looks
Is my dandy nephew

Full Moon as I call my
Another little ngawang Eden
With face round as moon
And silent like night sky

Baby Tara the youngest of all
Is what am fond of all
Very naive and delightful
Are the apples of everyone's eye
And a centre of attraction
Blessed with the virtue
As wise as goddess Tara
To fill the emptiness
And to gain all the remnants
Of all the Love and warmth

Technological advance for good or bad

26 Nov 2011 Author Dreamy

I keep wondering with the thought of technological advancement and its effect on the human life style.  The way people communicated in olden time and the interaction today are something incredible. Today the distance, time and looks are not longer the barriers for the interaction with a better communication network.

I fancy the world in future could either be more beautiful place to live in with everyone becoming friendlier or the other way round with many learning to just flirt online and through the calls. The value such as faithfulness, trust, love, respect etc would be running down the drain.

Many become infatuated with the person they just haven't seen known and have talked for a while through the lucky calls as they popularly put it. There lies the danger of getting drawn to unpredictable future that may simply ruin your life or take you to the world of adventure.  Now the advancement of technology does really test the spirit of a person. While it proves to be a blessing in disguise for those who talk less due to timid nature to communicate with candid talk more through call and online. It proves to be dangerous for innocent mind who get victimized with lots of false promises made. For some case the hunter become hunted as they lose life with just one night stand as was the case recently reported in news.

Shameless have some people become that they take it as a prospect to expose themselves without any care of human dignity in lust for pleasure. Whereas for some it act as a forum to abuse others for no reason or for your hatred. This all prove that human has become so wild over the ages. The society is no safer any longer as it is becoming so vulnerable. The only thing that can safe any generation to live safely is by being cautious with any new steps taken.


Pata Nahi……

26 Nov 2011 Author Dreamy

Once a typical Bhutanese man was on his first ever trip to India. There he was simply wonderstruck to see many things in his lifetime that his mind was filled with lots of inquisitive thought. So he couldn't stop from finding answers to all until he came across a passerby. So he happened to ask him in his local dialect.

(As he passed by crowded city with tall buildings)

A typical Bhutanese man – Q) Zai phai katang ebiga gisa? ( Whose building are those?)

Passerby– Pata Nahi( Don't know or no idea from Hindi)

A typical Bhutanese man – Pata Nahi ga ani mo( oh it belongs to Patanahi )…..

 (Then came across saw large flat lands)

A typical Bhutanese man  Q) Zai ebi ga sa gisa?(Whose lands are those?)

Passerby-  Pata Nahi

A typical Bhutanese man– Zai ro namey samey beding gisa ko.(oh! He seems to be a rich man.)

( He caught sight of Industrial estate and the answer from the passerby was again Pata Nahin. So he was amazed about the prosperity of a person until he came across a group of people leading towards the cremation ground with a dead body)

A typical Bhutanese man – Q) Ai ebi shiwa gisa ne? ( Who could have died?)

Passerby– Pata Nahi

A typical Bhutanese man – ya………Pat Nahin shiwa ani mo, ju nor optur loose than. ( so sad he died leaving lots of wealth behind)

Press any Key

26 Nov 2011 Author Dreamy

In a computer class the learners were practically tested to check their understanding. Everyone was following as instructed in competitive spirit with active engagement. Then in the middle of session the instructor said 'Press any Key ', everyone did as expected but one was deeply engaged in search  for it. The instructor asked the learners if they completed the task. One raised the hand and said ' Sir I couldn't find any key.

I stay on the top building

24 Nov 2011 Author Dreamy

An EVS (in dzongkha) Exam was once conducted for class III children. One question was asked (write the name of any five vegetables that you grow in your kitchen garden?) , to which  among many students one answered I don't have kitchen garden at home. The teacher was intrigued with student's answer, so the student was summoned and asked.

Teacher– Why didn't you list down the vegetables as per the question?

Student– it's because I don't have kitchen garden at home.

Teacher But why? You should have at least listed the name of vegetables

Student– Teacher, the fact is I stay on the top building where there is no question of having a garden.