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Student’s expertise in appearing exam…

28 Oct 2012 Author hart

Once in a primary school the students appeared an annual exam. Two of the friends from the same class appeared an exam in same exam hall. One friend’s name is Dako and other is Depo. They have finished writing the exam. Dako came out of the exam hall and Depo, the next.

Dako asked Depo, ” How is the paper?.”

Depo replied,” I wasn’t able to answer the questions. It is tough. I have left the answer sheet empty.”

“Boo Boo Boo……” a cry.

” Dako, What happened? Whats the matter?.” said Depo.

” Depo, Now I am sure that our teacher will punish two of us.”

” Why?”

” I too have left the answer sheet empty and it is of sure our teacher will doubt that we have copied from each other?


Human Values

28 Oct 2012 Author hart
Human desire grows even if they were given chance to shortchange the whole world’s benefit for individual wellness. It is alike drinking a sip of ocean water which continues to increase the amount to a cup, a bucket than a tank and an ocean. Similarly, emptying the ocean too will not be able to quench the thirst of the person. Hence, humans are the conduct less among the living beings. We utilize the major percent from the shared earth but we never give a second thought to our selfishness nor does we feel guilty for our own deed.While going through the newsletters, listening to views and speeches on shared responsibility, we can point out strong supportive words expressed on sustainability. But seeing the words and saying it isn’t enough, seeking the reality with analysis is vital. For example, we people, in order to find outer happiness, we distract the global environment at large, use this raw to manufacture toxin- synthetic goods where billions of tons of toxins were used to manufacture it into smooth slippery shows. At the same time produces billions of tons of toxin pollution, we then distribute half of the toxin input goods to ourselves. What is our next preference? ¬† We consume all the self distracting goods.

Are we satisfied with what we have consumed or brought so far? No, it wasn’t enough and will never be, even if the present available resources runs out. Because of our attached defilement, we look forward for new branded goods, exchanges the system within a snap of our finger to drive in a spacious center being a ” latest fashionable consumer.” Even to fix a simple electronic we ignore to mandate rather go for a suitable technology.

Have you ever asked yourself, where does this exchanged wraps or scraps go? I never asked this question to myself . All the stuffs were dumped as an unwanted wastes, they were burned down to an ashes producing trillion tons, thousand times powerful than the toxin called dioxin.

Now, what is your response if our sustainability remains as an idea or concept? If the earth turns to a handful of dusty sands? If we haven’t thought of then it is high time for us to ensure greater thinking ability to answer these questions. Everyone believed the world as a beautiful place after evolution of education.Did you know, from the early evolution of education till date those questions weren’t answered explicitly. Education’s benefit is though enormous I would say it stepped on to distractions and decentralization of the naturally existed¬† nature into an artificiality appearance. It has done more harm than a good.¬† What do you think?

Our knowledge that we have acquired so far from the education is implicit. The knowledge we get to know were innate within us but we are unaware of it’s existence. We are only aware of tip of an iceberg of the knowledge remaining submerged.From the Buddhism views basic human needs are roof over a head, cloth on our back and plateful rice for each meal. However, our humans today flows in the line where more than what we want is unnecessary, less than what we have is incomplete with our wants as immense.Therefore, analyze and check out for the fact. Individually try to know your own natural conduct. Question oneself, Am I being greedy to research the submerged iceberg or is it enough studying only the tip of an iceberg so our younger generations can have their say and discovery of the submerged berg.

Take in account,we have not inherited this earth from our heritage, but we have borrowed it from our children…