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The reincarnation

12 Sep 2012 Author sambava

Lam Karpo was a great yogi and saint in 8th century. After he passed away, finding of his reincarnation was very difficult to his followers.

Two years passed away and there was no sign of his reincarnation. After three years, many parents from different district came to prove their child for the great Lama’s incarnation. Lam karpo’s followers had a set of strict questions to be answered and many observations to be made to prove that the child is real reincarnation.

At the mean time, the man who lived nearby Lam’s temple had a plan. He was very humorous man. He was very great fan of Late Lama’s spiritual wife.
Coincidentally the man had  a boy who was around 2 and half years old. The man wanted to create some jokes with them.

He told that his boy was showing some sign of sipiritual interest. The Lama’s followers made an appointment to meet the child. The man had seen all sort of questions asked to identify the reincarnation.

Before taking his kid to the temple, the man had told all answers to his son. The man also told how to identify the items, and all sorts of questions.

After reaching the temple, the boy was asked many questions, but he answered. He also identified all items. Actually that was how his father told him to do.

The followers ask last question. “where is your wooden cup that you use daily?” The boy replied “My father didn’t tell me that answer” ….all laughed.. hahhahha

Riding in the womb

06 Sep 2012 Author sambava

Once there lived a wonderful son, and a mighty father.
They had a horse which was used to carry their luggage’s.
And they also used it for their amusement in horse-riding.
One day the horse got pregnant, and a day came when finally she was about to give birth.
When father was feeding fodder to the horse, the little son came and insisted
“I want to ride that pony (little horse), when it is born”
The father was so angry and replied “You will break the little pony’s back”
And the father gave a nice blow to his son, and he almost fainted out of pain.

The anecdote was that, the little pony was not ye born”…hehehe