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Articles by: lovinghearts

The secret lovers

17 Mar 2015 Author lovinghearts

Behold! the secret lovers  folly….
Crawls by mid night, creeps out by twilight
Joyful and forth coming midnight
Painful and forlorn twig light

lovers nestled in each others arms,
He Brushes unshaved bristle beards on her cheek
She snuggled her nose under his arms
Embracing the blazing heat ……

Unison as a natural game
The soul immersed in bliss
Glory of life and the rest
Happy are they in their nest

The melting Hearts

28 Apr 2013 Author lovinghearts

I met my childhood friend,
After thirty five years on this Earth,
So gentle in conduct and so honest with feelings,
shy in nature yet handsomely built,
The perfect gentleman he became.

He took me for a ride in the wood,
We shared the same experiences,
and saw the same surprises,
And underwent same joy and pleasure
The gift of childhood treasure.

The moon at its fullest coating the sky silvery
The Nightingale thrusting melodies
Inviting long lost lover eagerly
The cool breeze brushing  the cheeks gently,
Extending symbolic welcome

We listened to the melodies of the Birds,
The duet note  of joy for lovers
The male Nightingale sang with the base,
The female with the pitch
They exchanged greetings and vanished for eternity.

We remained dumb and still,
Envying the feathery bondage,
With Romance in Air and pleasure at heart,
Feeling nostalgic and dazed,
Until my friend blurred out……
WOW ! What a perfect romantic night!