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23 Apr 2011 Author youNme

if i want you all 4 me
if i need you all 4 me
if i miss you all day long
if i lvoe you all life long
am i SELFISH ?

if i am
i would happily be
if i am not
i would better be..

your TEARS

01 Mar 2011 Author youNme
I try to find
Dreams in your eyes
But your dreams
Are too void, null
And I see it just an illusion

I try to seek
Dreams in your eyes

But your dreams
Are all callous
And completely bleak
I try to find
Dreams in your eyes
But your dreams
Are immaculately emptied
By your tears
Tears after tears

In memories

24 Jan 2011 Author youNme

Filling my heart with your nostalgic thoughts changes my views, transforms the way I think about myself and the life around me.  Above all it reduces the level of cynicism about what is possible in the field of a human relationship. 

For all these years the other person inside me, taught me that there was no such thing as unconditional love.  I kept on believing till I met you and you cleared me from the fallacy.  

Without you, I could never have materialized such a beautiful thing in a human relationship.  I was a better person with you and I am a better person even without you now.

Years has gone. Months has lapsed. Weeks and days has passed. Many suns has set without you with me and as I sit here all alone and all by me – I can still clearly remember the words you said  “Death does not sweep away the history and the memory of two lives lived together“.  How true you were and the things that you taught me. Even though you are gone for all these moments long, you are still with me. 

I can find you in the warmth of the morning rays. In the smell of the first summer rains and even in the vivid spring bloosoms. You are every where, not just as a memory but as a palpable presence. 

I miss you and the way I feel about you will never go away. NEVER…


31 Dec 2010 Author youNme

On this New Year
I wish you all
The life
The love
The care
The hopes
The dreams
The happiness

The smiles

The laughters

The beauties

The bounties

The prayers

The lucks

The fortunes

The peace

The pacifics

The trust

The faith

The ecstasy

The excitements

The achievements

The promises


I wish you all

The dawns

The mornings

The afternoons

The evenings

The nights


I wish you all

The breakfasts

The elevenses

The brunches

The lunches

The lunners

The dinners

The suppers


I wish you all

The moon

The sun

The stars

The sky

The space

The air

The world

The galaxies

The milky ways

The solar system

The universe


I wish you all

The gods

The angels

The heavens

The rains

The rainbows

The waves

The breezes

The snows


I wish you all

The Earth

The Mars

The Venues

The Jupiter

The Saturn

The Neptune

The Uranus

The Mercury


I wish you all

The Tuesday

The Friday

The Monday

The Wednesday

The Sunday

The Thursday

The Saturday


I wish you all

The January

The November

The August

The April

The March

The May

The July

The September

The February

The June

The October

The December


I wish you all

The blue

The yellow

The white

The red

The black

The orange

The green

The indigo

The violet

The pink

The purple


I wish you all

The nine

The eight

The seven

The six

The five

The four

The three

The two

The one

The zero


I wish you all

The baby

The kid

The toddler

The child

The boy

The girl

The man

The woman


I wish you all

The sons

The daughters

The fathers

The mothers

The aunties

The uncles

The sisters

The brothers


I wish you all

The Jazz
The Blues
The Opera
The Rap
The Classical

The Folk

The country
The metal

The pop

I wish you all

The water

The spring

The streams

The lakes

The seas

The oceans


I wish you

The seconds

The minutes

The hours

The days

The weeks

The months

The years

The decades

And the eternity




13 Aug 2010 Author youNme

I thought of her

In the morning

With the dawn

In the afternoon

With the sun

In the evening

With the rains

In the night

With the stars


I thought of her

In the spring

With the flowers

In the summer

With the rainbows

In the autumn

With the leaves

In the winter

With the flakes


I thought of her

In the school

With the colors

In the college

With the books

In the office

With the works


I thought of her

In the bed

With the pillows

In the lawn

With the willows


I cant wait any longer

So come home now

And hold me

Touch me

Kiss me

Hug me

Feel me

Make me smile

Make me laugh

Make me sigh

Make me cry

Make me shy

Make me happy

Make me sad

Make me bad

Make me mad

But never leave me alone

For I would better accept death

Than the loneliness without you!



09 Mar 2010 Author youNme

I would ask for still more,
If I had the galaxy with all its stars
I would ask for still more,
If I had the sky with all its endless space
I would ask for still more,
If I had the world with all its richness
I would ask for still more,
If I had the rainbows with its vivid beauties

I would ask for still more,

If I had the flowers with its sweetest perfumes

I would ask for still more,

If I had the time with its eternity

I would ask for still more,

If I had the desert with its ceaseless dunes

I would ask for still more,

If I had the ocean with its splendid views

I would ask for still more,

If I had the sun with its perpetual warmth

I would ask for still more,

If I had the moon with its perfect shape

I would ask for still more,

If I had the spring with its blooming lushness

I would ask for still more,

If I had the summer with its countless rains

I would ask for still more,

If I had the autumn with its whispering leaves

I would ask for still more,

If I had the winter with its charming flakes


But I would be content with the tiniest of this earth

If only and only if she was mine

The equalizer

04 Mar 2010 Author youNme


When perfection becomes boredom

When beauty becomes a negotiation of ugliness

When serenity becomes pandemonium

I smell the equalizer


When there is no warmth in the blazing sun

When the full moon's beauty becomes nonsense

When the evening starts stops mesmerizing you

I smell the equalizer


When there is no truth in love

When tears are more than what you can cry

When music becomes a complete noise

When there is no charm in miracles

I smell the equalizer


The ultimate one – THE DEATH





03 Mar 2010 Author youNme

Can't remember for how long

Can't remember in how many ways

But it keeps on multiplying

I try

And I try hard

Yet nothing works

The more I try

The worst it gets


Don't know for how long this will take

Don't know where it's going to lead

Don't know why, when and what?

It moves on

Without an end

Without a reason

Without a word

Without a touch


It keeps on creeping

Day and night

To and fro

On and off

In and out

High or low

Big or small

Good or bad

Up or down

Front or back

On or off

And goes on and on and on…



Thinking is one thing

The missing part is the hardest

It hurts

It kills

It breaks

It pricks

It pains

And feels cold, abandoned and dead


Yet in hope I spend

The long summers

The cold winters


Yet in hope I spend

Drying my tears

Comforting my heart

Greasing my souls

Ageing my life


Yet in hope I spend

The sleepless nights

The endless days

Wishing for some magics

Wishing for some miracles 

Wishing every little bit of wishes


The truth

12 Feb 2010 Author youNme

It is not always easy to tell a secret. Yet every life has its own secrets to be unfold one or the other day.

The first time he met her was when he opened his door to an unexpected evening visitor. There she was – wet to her bones with the very first winter snow that flared lavishly over the entire place after so many years.

Her pale face gleamed in the dark evening light like a waxy magnolia bloom. She was strong and elegant.

Without a word, she gently made into the room and sat near the fire. He could not figure out what he was thinking about for a whisker of moment – for there was too much uniqueness about her beauty which glued him towards her.

She was not merely pretty like the girls people would regularly ogled at the streets. She had the eyes that spoke thousand of words. And most preciously she had a smile so bright it could light up the world if ever the moon lost its beam. It felt as if she was the masterpiece among all of her kinds.

That entire night – silence was only the word that went between them. No words were needed. A look from the eye sufficed what a thousand words could not.

A smooth touch at first and a kiss thereafter finally shifted the focus of love to their skins. They entangled in each other's body and were lost in a world that felt as though it had been created just for two of them.

Slowly droplet of sweats began to conquer on their foreheads. They silently said that it was due to the heat from the fire. But the truth was they both were completely exhausted and reached their limit and to its culmination. Everything around them seemed disappearing- even the fire that was near to them. Everything gradually changed and vanished, to be replaced by a kind of surreal state where they found the very immaculate happiness.

For that few moments – they met love and love met them. They found love and love found them. They made love and love united them for ever after.

The Rain

09 Sep 2009 Author youNme

I open my windows and the warm sweet air of late summer evening gushes into my room. At the far horizons the hazy-mazy – lazy sun melting down its golden rays beyond the colossal mountains.

Suddenly the azure sky is inundated with dark clouds and I hear the pitter-patter of rain drops quickly pounding like bullets on my roof. Its sounds make me too nostalgic of a day where life seemed all right and perfect.

I wonder what the rain has meant to you all these years. Have you thought of anything at all as the clouds gathered and the day darken all of a sudden under the few willow trees near you house? When the rain drips slowly from roof tops to your bed room window glasses and then wets your door steps and the different flowers on your veranda looked lush and beautiful as ever.

Where few school children played on road side in the muddy water stretching their hands and their eyes looking up in the sky to feel every drop of the rain that fell on their innocent faces. When water rose as the rain drops pricked its surface. And the traffic piled up and people drove slowly and warning went out on the radio.

Did you think then, as I often do, of all those endless showers of our only monsoon together, the long walk which we called it rain-walk along the road side, hand in hand. We talked but most of the time just let the rains do its purpose. When our heart spoke the same language. When we sighed, smiled and fell in love?


03 Aug 2009 Author youNme

I miss you
Through the sleepless nights
Through endless days
But I will never let you see 
My sorrow and pain
Growing inside me 
Burning like hell
Killing me with each moment

That goes by without you

Breaking me into endless pieces

Never to mend


At times…

Wish I could be free

Like a bird in the sky

Wish I could know how it feels

To be free of you


But alas!

I know and I know it for sure

That I can’t be free of you

For you are already a part of me


Heaven may forget his making of you

But I can’t

– For you are the sweetest thing

Thant ever happened to me


I just wish

If you could feel the way I do

I just wish

If you could miss me too (sometimes) 

Free me

28 Jul 2009 Author youNme

There are no days
Neither nights
Where I didn’t think of you
Where I didn’t dreamt of you
Where I didn’t love you
Where I didn’t miss you

I miss you in every possible ways

I miss you even when missing you is hard to do

And I still do


When I think of you

I forget to do

The little ordinary things

That everyone ought to do


The very thought of you

Not only makes me safe, warm and happy

But like a bird

Like a wind

You free me

From others

And from myself

You make me…

27 Jul 2009 Author youNme

You make me:
Laugh a little bit
Cry a little bit

You make me:
Sigh a little bit
Smile a little bit

You make me:

Loose a little bit

Gain a little bit


You make me:

Love a little bit

Miss a little bit


This is you

And this is how you do…



more than…

22 Jul 2009 Author youNme
I miss you

More than the autumn leaves
More than the flowers and its bees
More than anyone could ever see
More than all the oceans and seas

I miss you
More than the roses those grow
More than my heart can ever show
More than you could ever know
More than the river that can flow
More than the wind that can blow
More than the sun that can glow
More than the colors of a rainbow
I love you
More than I could ever say
More than every song can play
And I will love you everyday
And I will love you in every ways

A day ends..

21 Jul 2009 Author youNme
Yet another beautiful day has ended
I can see people maneuvering out of offices
Happy and smiling
Some cars flashing on the road
And few slowing down
The sun has done its work too
Sinking its majestic rays beyond far horizons
I could feel the evening faint winds
And its winsome sweet sounds
Flushing through my office window
I could see the lush tress
Subtly dancing with the wind tunes
 Perfecting the start of
Yet another beautiful evening
As clear and chiseled as marvels

And all these things –
Makes me feel serene and nostalgic
And makes me miss someone so much
May be someone I always think about
May be someone I always dream about
May be someone I always want to be with
May be someone I know better than myself
May be someone I like , love and care
I miss that someone so much
And if missing that someone was wrong
I would prefer not to be right.
For I find tranquility in that – wrongness
For I find beauty in that – not being right
For I find my smiles, my laughs, my songs
And my entire life in that someone – I MISS.
Oh! A beautiful day has ended
As beautiful as that someone
But I do not repent
For every ending
Is just yet another beginning
For I have the entire evening
A complete night
To miss
To think

And to love that someone – I MISS!!


21 Jul 2009 Author youNme
I saw you
And you are beautiful too
A face I have always dreamt for
The more I see the more I want for
I love your hair – silky and long
Too smooth like a love song
I love your eyes – calm and dark
And I know it’s going to break my heart
I love your lips
And wishes to kiss
My mind says this won’t be
But my heart wants to see
The touch of your lips
The feel of your kiss
Someday I wish to steal a kiss
And hold you
Feel you
Touch you
Love you
Until the end of time
Until I could make you mine

I thought…

11 Jul 2009 Author youNme

Walking along the road side

I thought I saw your face


In the blazing rays

In the perfect woods

In the blooming flowers

In the dancing flags

In a pool of water

In the fading clouds

In the lonesome sky

How I wished it was really you


I thought I heard your voice

In the songs of birds

In the laughs of kids

In the whistling winds

In the gush of river

How I wished it was really you


P.S.  I miss you 

There are times

30 Jun 2009 Author youNme

When things go completely wrong

When you hate to sing your favorite song

When the world seems cruel and weak

When everything feels dead and bleak

When believed friends care not about our mounting troubles

When life seems inconsequential and floats like some bubbles


At times life will make you sad

At times life will make you bad

At times life will make you mad

And will sigh though you want to be glad


Yet I believe that you can grow and blow

Like the beautiful evening stars that glow

Though life will at times seem slow

Though people may make you feel low

But you will shine like the summer rainbow

And remember- one will wither and another will grow

She choose

25 Jun 2009 Author youNme

His heart missed a few beats as he saw the familiar handwriting on a loose page which read:

Dear Kuenden,

I am sorry. I could not keep my promise. I can never be yours now and…

He could not read the note further but it was the truth. He had to accept it willy-nilly for he could not change the truth that was. He wept and wept, until the weeping drained him to a shiver.

Kuenden and Yeshil met through some prank calls. First it was for fun. Slowly they missed each other and with passing of time, it became sort of an obsession. There were hardly any days were their phones did not receive calls from one another.

Finally after few months, they decided to meet.

It was a beautiful spring day with flowers blooming among the sea of lush trees. The sun was at its brightest color with its rays falling all over the land making everything around more lovable and romantic.
They were too excited with umpteenth butterflies fluttering inside. They dressed to their best with touch of some sweet perfumes. No words were equivalent to their happiness and the feeling they felt at that moment. The cupid arrow did work smoothly too. They met on that beautiful day and they fall in love.
Their love grew like a strong and healthy tree. They knew how beautiful it was to be in love. Love was not only the feeling of heaven but they saw heaven in itself. As they sat holding hands, lost in their own worlds, they would wonder whether there was any greater pleasure in life. The world seemed not only right but was actually impeccable.
It is now about a year after she left him – broken into ceaseless of pieces. He is alone and all that was left with him are some bundle of memories and an image of her face that became more and more vague each day. He knew that the great philosopher who claimed that time heals all wounds neglected to impart how much time. He missed her. And whenever he missed her – it ripped his heart, wet his eyes and made him cold as a tomb.  
There was nothing he could do. The only thing he did was – wished so many wishes. He wished if she could come back to him. At times he wished if she understood what she meant to him. At times he wished it was just a dream. At times he wished he never knew her and many times wished – that he was a business man with lot of cash at least more than him if she was after all those things…


04 Jun 2009 Author youNme
This morning I was chatting with an unknown person. I was not sure what gender the person was. The interesting thing is the answer that the person wrote to me.  
I said:  “Hi, how do u do?”  From the other end the answer was “Hi, I do it from both the sides”. I thought myself – What a excellent answer !! (hee…heee..)