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A Forbidden land regains it’s peace

11 Sep 2014 Author Kezwaa

Birds are happy
That the summer has came
Diving the winter livery
Trees regain to shed it leaves
Germinate a new;
Orchid bloom its own fragrance
Sky lark sings thro’ gifted tong
Through the wood and vales;
When spring rain touch a new leaf
It’s time to sow the seed
Forgotten brook regain it’ peace
Gurgle across the green valley
Framers set for the cultivation
With spade and hoe;
Pair of oxen were heavily yoked
Plough deep under the earth
To bring a new cultivation
Dripping sweat to each other’s hair
Razed body under the sun
Forbidden land begin cultivations
Sweating under the hardest of toil
Cricket whistle thru’ their sharp voice.
Under the whispering wind
Sparkling sweat to each other’s face
Birds sing through various tunes
Beside very corner of the field
Farmer can’t wait in peace.
Until their crop being harvested.