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29 Dec 2009 Author MyFEeLiNgs

Life's regret of life within,

Bound to so many ups & downs

Never to end somewhere on the edge

As expected to cease than thought.


To linger around the wall of death,

Showing identity for a while on the land

To endure the virtue of being live

And to enjoy pansy is a wish.


No creature seem safe from it

Nor can save one by prestige or power

From routing them out of the way

As its hand long enough to engulf.


A lord whose power one submits to his foot,

One whom all count on head of his presence

Often taking refuge in them although

Never be saved than to drag feet.


One's after-life be save on paradise

That we surrender our soul before

And never against but taking refuge

To whom always we accord at first.

One response to “A GLIMPSE OF LIFE”

  1. Kin D says:

    Nice poem :)
    you indeed got great feelings…
    some more please.