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A New Homecoming…

22 Apr 2014 Author bhutansherig

It was the time when Nopkin use to be the main recreational site for most of the first-timer budding bloggers like myself. It was the day when one used to scribble the day’s happening and post and in return, showers of comments from the readers alike encourages one to scribbles more…… the attachment use to garner among the Nopkin hitters. Line of new members happened to see aligned and branching-out the fraternity of the Nopkin. Light-hearted moment used to be shared by every races of people and some heart-throbbing scenes penned-down for easing the momentum. The moment one gets bored, this was one den that one usually submit for full synergies in the momentum of lives. One would say, that was the happy moment of all………. at least I positively used to believe! It was the time, when I use to be known to the nopkins as ‘TheDogService’ avatar.

Today, as I once again reminisce those moments as I passby this very tag, its kinda nostalgic experiences…..but the sad thing is, the look of Nopkin has drastically taken another shift where, the charm is quite hard to express with little words as I see my account deactivated and articles that I shared being erased. To add more, the complexity of the app has little attraction. This clearly depicts through many of the accounts being left without much concerns. The boast of having about 4000 members is quite a contrary with hundreds still remain a ghost account. And, its not a happy hearing of the most-liked sites of all ages.

Nevertheless, still the loyal and ardent fans can be seen fully attached and the vernal expression still showering in. But, many of our expressionist Nopkins seems to have disappeared compared to those days. Hope the days will reel back with  same kinds of joyousness and full of live-awakening moments…….


Tashi Delek!!!!!