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Absurdity of human life

14 Aug 2012 Author 89kg

Life is uncertain but death is, yet we human beings wittingly fritter away our transient life carelessly and thoughtlessly. Are humans aware that our lives are numbered right from the birth? As each day passes and each season changes to another, we are heading one step closer to abyss of death. Death is waiting silently and it is attached with every human being like a shadow, counting down the number of their host.

We are afraid of death, yet we don’t realize until our last moment until when faces are wrinkled, hairs turned white, all the youthful energy drained out, and enthusiasm or zeal for the life is completely exhausted. As we walks steadily towards the abyss of death, we are gripped by the fear till we breathe our last. It’s too late at the last moment to retrospect over our lives and feel remorseful over our deeds and actions. Death keeps on pressing us with its ineluctable force; we are left helpless and powerless.

Hence, we should be aware of death and always welcome it without fear and anxiety. We should embolden and armor our souls with bravery and fortitude. But how do we do that? Is the poser that everyone should ask and quest for? It’s not simple and easy way to face and accept death fearlessly and willingly. It takes hearts and souls that have transcended beyond the realm of death, which has fortified and hardened them with layer and layer of spiritual deeds and actions. Contrarily, who cares about being devoted spiritually and religiously, when our souls are young and energetic? Hardly finite number of people, but infinite portion of the humanity still prefers to remain in darker sides blinded by veils of ignorance, anger, greed, jealousy and attachment. We are deeply engrossed in unrealistic materialistic quest, nobody seem to be aware that materialism is meaningless and govern by nature of impermanence. We are born alone in this world and we shall egress this world alone, leaving our endearing bodies. When death comes, we are not entitled to even take our own bodies. Those wealth, fame and glory, garnered and horded with much toil, sweat, blood and handwork are to be renounced, because we have no power and authority to take those things with us, when death separate our souls and bodies.

Our ephemeral lives are running like a flowing river, waning like a crescent moon, disappearing like illusive clouds and receding like melting snow, yet humanity greedily and longingly keeps on amassing the wealth, fame and glory. So, let us denounce our quest for materialistic wealth and embrace spirituality as our true companions for the present and future.

3 responses to “Absurdity of human life”

  1. Phub Jigme Dorji says:

    knowing about the live and death…:)

  2. sonam says:

    wonderful writing…..hats off!!

  3. sambava says:

    Great expression on the subject of impermanence.