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Against the Face of Facts – An Evening Thought

29 Dec 2008 Author luzee

I was waiting in the car when my boyfriend went out for a rush; the town was buzzing with the weekend mood and then there was this boy – say a teen who caught the very focus of my evening mood [last evening]. He was just a boy, mark my word.


Wearing some kind of a ‘weird’ dressing [the way I saw it] – some tapering hazy jeans down his body, hanging on the verge of falling off and a pair of nice-looking boots, yes, it was orange in color, his hair held by a hair-band, longer than normal boys’ length – nothing about him seemed like a cool-dude. And he had a gang of friends with him.


He was stopped by a friend, just a breath’s distance away from my sight. No, I wasn’t meaning to eavesdrop and I didn’t even pull down the window. Whilst I remained looking at him, he and his friend exchanged some laugh, some smiles.


With a jerk at the back pocket, his friend handed this ‘weirdly-dressed-guy’ a five-rupee note. And he clasped it with indignant grin, something the way he looked hapless. Was it pity that I felt at that moment? Maybe.


I wanted to come out and ask about him, but the way he presented himself looked little less than welcome. He looked like an addict – from the way of his clothes and his hair, and his circle of friends around. As I wrote, he had a band of boys following him.


I watched him disappear into the crowd, apparently crossing the road to the other side. I stood wondering where his next meal would be or if his home would possibly accept him.


I know many of our youngsters are lost in search of freedom, the way they want their lives to be. It is indeed a pity to see them loiter off their days doing almost nothing productive.


It would have paid me to know about more about this guy. His innocence  upon fetching the 5-rupee note from his friend is still lingering and haunting me, but I am hapless as he seemed to be.