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An Excerpt from a Young Girls diary for her “First ever Love”

17 Sep 2012 Author nanooo

Hi, Sonam (name changed)

Well today I could not stop myself from writing this to you. Do you know, at some phases of my life I loved u so much to the extent of betting my own life for you? I really feel foolish now because I loved you so much that it bored you to hell. You were the pioneer of those three golden words which I felt for only you.

Now after this big heartache, I am doing better in rectifying myself and I have quite progressed in this assignment of forgetting you. Whatever happened to my heart, whatever happened to my eyes from weeping for you and whatever happened to my life from falling in love with you is solely my fault.

Hope you will soon meet your perfect match and I will be always hoping on a hope that you will be always happy.


“When you are Young and Stupid you stumble on your first love….then he breaks your heart and it takes you to grow Old and Wise to realize that It was just a mere infatuation”