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Are those not aware?

27 Nov 2012 Author lotusflower

Several circulars and notifications have been issued from time to time by the Ministry of Finance for the restriction of procurement and serving of foreign drinks (alcohols) during the official gathering like dinner and all as to cut down or minimize the cost of the government.

However, it is still seen that the most of the official dinners are accompanied by the foreign drinks without which some officers act wild against the coordinators. It not only leads to heavy expenditures but also it demoralizes the coordinators.

As to avoid unnecessary criticisms and misunderstandings from various angles and several areas, coordinators seldom had to head into unethical and unhealthy practices like adjustment of foreign alcohol bills to other food items, increasing the number of heads available during the dinner, etc.

Such circumstances not only result into unethical practices but the minds of coordinators are mentally disturbed and emotionally saddened. Occupying mind with such dirty environments also result into less productivity or poor output of the person thereby affecting the growth of national economy and happiness.

Who could be and can influence the coordinators?

In most cases officer level can be the coordinators. Officer in same level and the grade below the coordinator could not influence, advice and harass the coordinators. But the grade and level above that coordinator can.

Are those influential people unaware of the rules in force?

It’s do doubt that they are aware of rules and regulations but giving blind eyes and turning deaf ears as may be difficult to do away with legendary practices as always happened in Bhutan. And perhaps, they were also one of the committees in discussing and approving those circulars/notifications.

Writer’s note: It is just my personal opinion and perception. No intention to hurts anybody.