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Are we Really Guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 Dec 2007 Author tchhodentobden

Naked did we come to this world, so shall we return. Greed seeps into the very brain of individuals and wheels the whole mechanism of their existence. What use is there for You and I shall die.

Ashes to ashes, the fire gulfed the little hut. The whole Thimphu valley must have been busy enjoying the beauty of life when those two children, who were gnawed by the blaze, must have fought for their survival.

'You and I' are the privileged Bhutanese citizens for we get access not only to the basic necessities of life but also the comforts and luxuries but they were not only deprived but also socially disabled. They were the children of menial labourers who are the most deprived class in the Bhutanese society.

But we are caught up in the web of worldly greed. The inner void within us empty our soul no matter how much we have. The need to pile wealth like monsoon grass fills our soul. And we tend to forget the human in us.

We warm ourselves with electric heater in winter and cool with fan in summer besides the necessary electricity usage but those were the children who became the victim of our greed. Their parent's couldn't pay the electricity bill and the children paid the price of their parent's poverty.

The world today is entangled in physical and intellectual rule over the other. People wrestle over the subjugation of the other, widening the bridge between human beings than ever. But these two children died hugging each other. Was it god's message of love to fill the void of the contemporary world?

The incident happened around 8:30 pm, when the whole Thimphu town was totally awake. The urban reality is projected at its height as the city moved on peacefully when these two 'god's own creation' died of suffocation. Where went the neighbor's? Did they also go to work like the parent's of the victims? Where went the human in us?

We are all guilty for we breathe the fresh death aroma of these two children? Can anything on earth bring back these two children? NO but let's all join in prayer for the soul of them to rest in peace.

In thought, word and deed, let's all make a sincere wish for the almighty above to save more children who are caught in this web of poverty.