Make Someone's Day!

Bigg Boss

01 Nov 2012 Author fragileheart

These days I am busy watching Bigg Boss on Colors. It comes everyday at 9.30 pm for one hour. It is a real live show and is quite interesting. A group of celebrities of mixed field are put together in a house for some months. In the house they have to follow certain rules and do tasks as required by the Big Boss. There is no TV, music system, mobiles, computer etc in the house. They are totally isolated from the outside world except on fridays when they talk to Salman Khan who is the host of the show. In order to get luxury items they have to successfully complete the given task every week. Every week a new captain is nominated who has got some privileges over others. Also every week each contestant has to nominate two people from the house. There is voting system for the same and the result is given every friday.

The reason why I like this show is that it shows your true personality, the way you deal with people, the way you handle the tasks etc.  It shows that no matter what background you come from, how rich you are, how famous you are, basically we are human beings first. Though it is a game and everyone wants to win it but still you cannot pretend not to be yourself for so long. It is good to see even the guys backbiting about other people like the girls. Among them they make their own groups and sometimes argue over small things like coffee or water. The fun is doing everything yourself since there is no maid in the house and they have to do all the cleaning and cooking by themselves. It shows how good you are at coordinating things and divinding the work amongst themselves. Some know each other from before and some are total stranger. Sometimes they say things which are misunderstood by others and then starts another heated argument. Most of the ladies in the house have already cried rivers and once even one guy cried for no reason in particular. It shows how considerate you are of others feelings, how much you can take it. Its all about human psychology and human behaviour.