Make Someone's Day!

Black and White

01 Nov 2012 Author cholden

On the black and white of my feelings I wrote your name.
I heard that life is transient even then I am thy fame.
Before the flowers around me fade to fatality,
We’ll see the way to our opportunity.
Don’t shun me for my heart will melt off
Don’t devastate my dreams for which I am fearful of.
I heard that our life is like water and ice cube.
We face concurrent living and breakdown for we’ll wipe.
High on the mountain of promising sun rays I see your face.
Downhill through the thick jungle I find loads of burly base,
That it’ll clutch our strong assurance so tight.
And let the mountain full of promise be our divine delight.
Down the plain of winding river of our existence,
I see the evaporating happiness of thy sweet fragrance.
Along the crisscrossing bank ablaze with beautiful Daffodils,
I see the different coexistence making deals,
Many things that go wrong are fixable,
Like our yellow teeth are brushable.
Like crushed flowers our beauty will lost forever!
Like dress rehearsal we believe grand concert is yet to appear!
We think and gossip most about the success of Bill Gate,
And we rarely do the success of Gandhi for I bet.