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Brief History of Rangjoen Kharsapani

29 Dec 2008 Author Neydha
The Zhung Dratshang displayed the most sacred relic, Rangjoen Kharsapani for public viewing for three days from 27/12/2008 – 29/12/2008 at the Punakha Dzong. Thousands of people visited during the three day display to receive the Wang. Reproduced below is the history of Rangjoen Kharsapani written by the Zhung Dratshang.
The Supreme noble, Avalokiteswara (Chenreyzig) is the compassionate embodiment of all Buddha’s residing in ten bhumis (10 stages). Avalokiteswara pledged to free all sentient beings, manifesting himself in the form of teachers, Kings, Ministers, Ordinary human beings and many other manifestations.
Thus, in 1161 AD, Dharma King, the protector of all sentient beings named Tsangpa Gyarey was born as a human manifestation form of Avalokiteswara. Having done much work/benefit for the flourishment of the Buddha Dharma and other sentient beings, he passed away ion 1211 AD. As a sign of true reincarnation of Avalokiteswara, and also to benefit/help the future generation, he left many miraculous relics in his ashes. His 21 vertebrate columns were left behind in ashes which naturally turned into 21 self arisen Avalokiteswara statues.
Generally Avalokiteshwara has many different manifestations viz. Eleven faced Avalokiteshwara, One faced four armed Avalokiteshwara, and Kharsapani etc. The one that is displayed today is one faced two armed Avalokiteshwara, holding lotus stalks in the left hand and right hand in mudra of giving protection.
Just having a glimpse or seeing the Rangjoen Kharsapani is equivalent of seeing the Avalokiteshwara in personal/real. If one prays with utmost faith and devotion, it is believed to bring forth many merits/good fortune for oneself and other, and purify all the wrong deeds and dispel of all the bad obscuration we have accumulated in the past lives. Moreover it clears away all the malevolent spirits and protects us from outer, inner and the most inner obstacles of this lifetime and brings forth longevity, free of all diseases, good fortune etc. And fulfills our dreams and attains the heavenly paradise and finally nirvana.

2 responses to “Brief History of Rangjoen Kharsapani”

  1. Luzee says:

    Thank you Neydha. For those of us who couldn't make to recieve the blessing, your update gave us a moment of visualization.

  2. sangay tenzin says:

    I was there in Punakha on Sunday (28 Dec) to get the blessing from the relic. The number of devotees gathered there in Punakha Dzong was simply amazing. There was a long queue which stretched from inside the dzong till the road outside the Dzong and the queue was not straight but zig-zag. It was a well managed croud. Taking photographs was prohibited.

    I think I saw Mr. Neydha, but was not sure whether it was really him. So didn't dare talk to him. Anyway, thank you for bringing this story of Rangjung Kharsapani.