Make Someone's Day!

Campus Opener

03 Mar 2011 Author Kezwaa

The day was perfect,

Unblemished blue,

the sun shone,

a shiny new coin;

my first day of a college:

the gate was partly open;

it swung on creaky hinges,

Which unnerved me no end.

My mind floated like cloud

as I walked behind the lab

accompanied by

the echo of my steps.

A blue denotes sadness

but my cherished college age

had memories to store against

the cold dark days of December.

It was a time abuzz with life,

with nobody to frown on you

And laughter under the stars.

And though there were no words,

Fear has a voice of many tongues;

that rang in my inner ear.

I heard walking steps

Without footprints;

I even heard their echo;

It was all in my mind, of course.


     Poem by, KEZANG DAWA (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd,

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan