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01 Sep 2012 Author tangbig

“…….yea I am smiling but inside I am dying.” Someone truly said and this is the pain that he has been going through for the past three years. His fate cheated him and he is led on an ironical path to his destiny. Every night he endured loneliness and wished he has a different journey to his destiny. He used to walk outside at the middle of the night and look up into the sky at the brightly shone moon and silently whisper “good night”. He would read love stories and found out that they have similar ending. He smiled and said “mmmh…my love story has a different ending.” He fell in love with a virtual friend three years ago. She appeared in his dream and before he could express how he felt, his friend woke him up. And he never got a chance to express and he never shared with anyone. The fact that his mind never gave up over that matter made his belief over karma and true love stronger. He had fallen truly for her but due to his own shortcomings he never proposed. He feared that she might reject him, she was just a virtual friend, and he thought that he may not be able to keep her happy. He hid the pain and never showed to anyone. But, one day while having conversation, she asked whether he loved someone. He blushed out and didn’t answer, she knew by his answer and asked “who is the girl?” He shook his head, but she insisted…..He said, ‘it is YOU’…Silence dominated the scene. He said, “I am sorry that I said this to you. I know you are happy with your boy. I a….mmm…sorry..” And he walked away his eyes filled with tears.

2 responses to “CATASTROPHE”

  1. Karma Gyeltshen says:

    short but very sweet love story..keep on writing

  2. Kezang Dawa says:

    seplendid article…..keep it up guys!!