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Could it be real?

31 Dec 2010 Author fragileheart

I had heard about reincarnations and i do believe in it. But i had thought that it was possible only with religious people. Not to ordinary person like me.

It so happened that i had gone for outing with my friends but when we reached that place, somehow i felt that i had been to that place before. The place seemed very familiar to me though i had never been to that place. It was a beautiful valley with green paddy fields and few houses spread across the paddy fields. When we came across a ruined house, i could somehow imagine how it used to be before and asked the villagers nearby about the house.

The man told us that many many years ago, there used to be a girl who used to live in that two-storeyed house which was now in ruins. She had a boy friend and they used to love each other very much. One day when she went to meet her boy friend who was also coming walking towards her, a bus came from the other side and though she tried to escape but since there was no place to give side, the bus ran over her crushing her legs.

While the man was narrating this i could feel that the bus had hit me and my legs were paining. I realized then that it was me who had gone through that horrible experience in my past life. I was crying out in pain even in this birth but when i opened my eyes i realized that it was all a dream and i was in my bed.

But to this day, i remember that dream clearly and sometimes wonder what had really happened in my past life. Is it connected in some way?

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  1. Pema Wangchuk says:

    Yeah sure!!!!!!!!!!