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13 Sep 2012 Author 89kg

The firmament clad in the thickest clouds,
Foretell bleak ambience tonight.
Anon, dusk ushers in unannounced,
And bid cheerio to the fading twilight.
The darkness gallops on its stallion,
It exorcizes last remnant of the sunlight.
Then, the gentle breeze mournfully weeps,
For the unwelcome intrusion of the darkness.
Unwillingly, people retire behind their closed doors,
Fleeing defeated by darkness invasion.
Plethora of tiny creatures endeavour their escapade,
Against dark icy hands and dead sentence.
Outside, dogs bark nonsensically,
Grumbling against darkness despondency.
Inside, nocturnal mice begin their foray,
Wisely shielded by darkness as blessing in disguise.
Suddenly, torrential rain escapes from the firmament bondage,
Drenching everything as it touches, unsparingly.
Wicked and gusty wind accompanies the firmament fugitives,
Exacerbating nightly punitive manifold.

One response to “Darkness”

  1. Kezang Dawa says:

    you always bring a splendid poem……i like the way you express the theme of passion….great !!!