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Dear Nopkin's Members

30 Dec 2008 Author rabsel

One more day to go and we step into the New Year…….. It is this time of the year when many of us frantically look for resolutions or similar causes to stand up against or limit ourselves from or 'take on'…….But you know what (?)….research done in a few universities in States have shown that the last minute resolutions are rarely kept (only about 3%)…… the researchers also found that only those resolutions which have been thought for a longer period (and not the last minute) have greater chances of being fulfilled. 

The researchers also report that the smoking and alcohol are no more on the top of resolution list (they used to be before)….in their place, according to these researchers, are good diet and keeping oneself fit (exercise)….sounds plausible to anyone of you?

Well as for me, i got no resolutions….reasons are many, but one that is quite important is that living life on day to day basis seems quite interesting…….planning and making resolutions at the start of every new day seems to be more rewarding as then we know how much we can shoulder for the day and what resources (if any) are needed to live up to those plans and 'resolutions' of the day……

Anyways, let me take this opportunity to wish all the Nopkin’s  family members a better health and a fulfilling year ahead. 

One response to “Dear Nopkin's Members”

  1. Luzee says:

    Thank you rabsel.

    I was one nut to set so many resolutions some years back but realized they are better off without laying an effort. Now – now, I just say "Let me face one day at a time" and that is it.

    Anyways, wish everyone a very lovely New Year.

    Happy New Year.