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Democracy and its drawbacks

28 Dec 2007 Author dumbo

In democracy, there is always the fear of loosing your life. I am very sad to hear the news of the assasination of Ms. Benizer Bhoto. If people cannot win and think they cannot win by fair and proper means then they take to that last resort. I hope it does not happen in Bhutan here. Since we are just starting, we should take caution and hope the mean persons who do get by fair means don't think of resorting to such brutal actions. I keep my fingers crossed as already we can see some mudslinginggs in Bhutan. Let the local dieties protect such actions in the future of Bhutan. Like many nations codemn the brutal killing of Ms. Bhuto, let us nopkin members pray for her soul to rest in peace and attain nirvana.

One response to “Democracy and its drawbacks”

  1. sangay tenzin says:

    While our deepest condolences are felt for Ms. Bhuto, we pray that Bhutan's politics will be clean and healthy.