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Did I see her or Did I dream?

23 Jan 2011 Author kuenza

Now I would call that the nicest, nicest surprise I had in the whole life I can remember. ArrogantBuddha says, 'Bella and I will come.” Bella? That puts a question in my mind because I know she was in Samtse and by my calculation I thought she was still there attending some training. I expressed surprise and asked him if she is in Thimphu, to which he answered yes. But even if she is in Thimphu, why would she trouble herself – to come and visit me? Because, when people are in Thimphu, they have a busy, very busy schedule. They have definitely thousand and one things to do. But this left me perplexed, yet, totally happy. Now, I tell you, a heart of an unenlightened person like me gets elated over such news. I was happy she even thought of visiting me, let alone decide to do so.

For the one hour or so I had before they came, I was still trying to grasp the reality. I couldn't be at my door to receive them. I was in my bedroom with my daughter. Babies mean joy – but it also means you have no other priority but the baby – which of course you do it not dutifully, but out of joy. Coco was coming with them. They said there was another person coming with them but AB didn't want to tell me who it was; he said it was a surprise for me. I shouted from inside the bedroom, 'Stay in the sitting room, I'm coming there in a while.'

So instead of the bear hugs and shrill cry of excitement, they have already sat down. I did not even address Bella separately to thank her or welcome her; I thought maybe I should do that, but I didn't, because I was confused as to what to call her. I mean I didn't know how to address her. In my mind, I have always called her Bella and now, I found AB and Coco calling her Madam, which left me confused. I would sound hoax to address her that way. So I did not address her the whole time we were together. But I'm sure she got my message of how happy I was to have her at my house. The honor was totally mine. I told my daughter that she had come from SJ to see her.

And writing this note here is not only to express my joy but to thank her again for ever crossing her mind to visit me and my daughter. (Thank you Bella, I was happy beyond words to meet you.)

The person they had for a surprise was Observer. She had already visited me. I was glad to see her again of course. This incident made me think that isn't just a place to express ourselves, but it also brings together people – it lets you meet people you would want to count in your life and I think I have already begun to walk this mile.

5 responses to “Did I see her or Did I dream?”

  1. Arrogant Buddha says:

    Hi Kuenza,

    Thanks for putting it up here. We had a nice evening with you with sumptuous dinner as well. Indeed it was sad your husband had another important engagement in the office but got a chance to express how beautiful you look after becoming mother. I found your baby beautiful too.

    Well, I address to Bella as Madam in crowd and Coco was fast to learn my style. And I called Observer as Miss but sadly I don't remember what Coco had in his mind. He was simply glad he knows her place now ;D


  2. kuenza says:

    Funny as always.

    Looks like Bella is now drowned in her schedule.

  3. Bella says:

    Hey Kuenza
    It was a pleasure to know you guys in person. It felt like I was meeting my old friends. And muah to your pretty baby

    @ AB… thanks for arranging it.

  4. Tshering says:

    Hi Kuenza,

    Congratulation :-) Wishing you many many many beautiful moments with your daughter.

  5. kuenza says:

    Gypsy, thanks. The days I am spending with my daughter are the best I will ever have in my life.