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Different colors of friends…

20 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

Anyone can be there for you in your good times but a real friend will be there for you in your bad times. A true friend is the one who will stand by you even if the whole world is against you without any need of explanation. True friendship is hard to find these days. People have become selfish in choosing their friends nowadays. They want to be around people who can boost their career or business or who are influential. It is truely said that we know who our friends are in times of adversity since it is the time people run away from you or make you stand alone to face the world.

There are two kinds of friends – real and fake. The real one talks good about you behind your back and stands by you against all odds. The fake one talks good only infront of you but talks badly about you behind your back and is the first one to run away from you the moment you are in some trouble or going through some rough phase.

I have many friends and I must say I had the opportunity of having both real and fake friends. I knew my fake friends in my bad times when I really needed a friend. One of them tried to ruin my career and my character by spreading false rumours just because that person was jealous of me and I had no idea that there was so much hatred for me. My life was hell at that time but thanks to my family who stood by me through all those times and I could bounce back to life after sometime.

In another case I was going through a difficult phase in my life when I had no one to share my problems. I really needed a friend that time who would stand by me and give me moral support but the friends whom I counted as my best friends were the ones who talked badly behind my back and were not there when I needed them. But after everything was over, they came back to me as if nothing happened. It is hurting to know that your friends change colors within no time. I am happy that at least my bad times showed me who my true friends are and whom to trust henceforth.

Now you must be thinking whether I stand by my friends when they are in need. Then I must say that I have always stood by them no matter what and I have never talked bad about them behind their back. For me friendship means for ever. You know what hurts more? The truth what your friend did behind your back to you since you did not expect that then what your enemy does to you in front of you? That’s why there’s a saying that it is better to have a known enemy than an unknown friend.