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Drinking… a killer in disguise

18 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

People say that they start drinking for a reason but I beg to differ here. I have my reasons to support that. They say that they started drinking because somebody ditched them and they drink to forget them. There are others who have been ditched but they have not taken to drinking to forget or overcome the feeling. Some say that they started drinking since they were facing a lot of tensions or personal problems.

But is drinking the solution to your problems? Will drinking make all your problems go away? I think its just an excuse to drink and nothing else. Once they are habituated they don’t even need any reason to drink.

In Bhutan drinking has become a habit and is increasing day by day. In the name of socialising, people start drinking and even women are not far behind. They look down on people who don’t drink labeling them as backward and conservative. In fact they should be respected since they are not under the control of alcohol. If it is a bottle of beer or two, a glass of wine or a peg or two of whisky occasionally then by all means it is within the limit. But some people don’t stop at that and drink till they are completely out and that too almost all days of the week, because of which there is an ever rising cases of divorce, affairs, fights, arguments, accidents etc nowadays. There is hardly any family time together since people prefer to be out of the house most of the time. People have become too selfish that they think only of themselves and their enjoyment and do not think of their wives, children, old parents at home who are dependent on them.

Drinking is also one of the main causes for liver cirrhosis and early death. When people are drunk they become violent and beat their wives and children mercilessly for no apparent reason. They spend most of their savings in drinking and thus become difficult to run the house. In spite of knowing the consequences, people still become addicted to it and continue doing so.

In Bhutan, in the name of tradition and culture, people tend to drink but I don’t think any religion or tradition in the world will teach you to drink till you are out of your senses or drink day in and day out. Everything done in moderation is good for health but people tend to forget that and drink as if there is no tomorrow.

I personally think that there would be more happiness everywhere if people would drink less and in moderation. Drinking is a slow poison and we don’t have any right to kill ourselves before our time comes.

8 responses to “Drinking… a killer in disguise”

  1. Karma Gyeltshen says:

    hi friend……i totally agree with your article…..not only our people but GOB also boost alcohol distillery factory, instead of curbing this age old disease that’s plaguing all the Bhutanese…..

  2. kelly says:

    Thanks for the comment… it is indeed a sad truth of our life. It would be great if Govt could look into the problem seriously and come out with a solution.

  3. Kezang Dawa says:

    no body can stop us from drinking…..since it the social stigma….

  4. kelly says:

    nobody is asking you to stop drinking.. it is for those who drinks too much and cannot control and the consequences thereafter… please don’t take it otherwise…

  5. Kezang Dawa says:

    Actually your article is very worth to understand by me you all….. but what you mean by this words.. “please don’t take it otherwise”….???? you want to sue me or what???

  6. kelly says:

    he he no kezang i dont want to sue u.. i just meant not to take it personally… those were just my views based on whats happening around… not to hurt anyone…

  7. Kezang Dawa says:

    All the very best … are one of a enthusiastic and prolific writer in this website…. you deserve salute from bringing this provoking article….keep on writing laa.

    enjoy the happy bless rainy day!!!!

  8. kelly says:

    thanks a lot kezang and same to you too… I was just wondering what happened to all the other writers who used to write regularly in old website. I don’t see any new articles from them.