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21 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

It took me by surprise when I received a call from my friend Lungten saying our friend Sherab was diagnosed with liver failure. It could be me I thought to myself since I also drink with them when we get together. The stuck of the pain entered in my mind when I saw another Rock beer standing in front of my table. Actually the size of the bottle does not matter but how much it is left to fill another glass. Before I could finish another bottle Lungten again called me with anticipation. He told me that Shreab was going to be admitted to the Thimphu hospital. The doctor had arranged ambulance to carry him to Thimphu the next day. He asked me to escort him to Thimphu because he himself was not very well as we was also suffering from some sort of chest pain. I agreed.

The next day we processed to Thimphu in the ambulance. Our journey began from the very early morning. The ambulance was well equipped with oxygen. The driver was so kind and helpful to reach us Thimphu very safely. The road was nice but several blocks made us reach Thimphu bit late in the evening. The time was exactly 5.30 pm when we reached the hospital. I saw the several ambulances in queue in front of the hospital to get off the patients who were all diagnosed with liver problem. I was bit afraid when I came to hear of another similar patient as my friend Sherab. I heard some doctor murmuring to me aside that the jobs for doctors have drastically increased. Most of the patients were because of liver failure.

Hours later another doctor came near me and asked what happen to my patient. He asked me time and again. Is he a chronic drinker, asked the doctor. I don’t know doctor I replied. Do you drink? Yes I do sometimes I replied. This word broke me into eerie silence in front of the nurse. You will become like him if you drink. These words brought me into terrible realization. The doctor asked the nurse to take my patient into emergency ward and get the result as soon as possible. After the CT scan was done he was found that his kidney was about to fail. The doctor rushed immediately to the emergency room and asked him to put injection. Hours hours later we were asked to take him to the medical ward for treatment. Without any further delay we took him to the medical ward. I looked at him and he was still senseless lying beside me and he looked all yellow all over the body. He was suffering from jaundice too, I was told. He was then admitted to the ICU ward.

The next day his pulse raised beyond limit. I asked the doctor what would be the solution to bring back him normal life. Again doctor nodded his head to him and told me that it was too late treating him. He said he was sorry and took the last breathe and went to attend another patient. They drove him again to the ICU ward without any delay and placed an oxygen musk on his face. After week in the ICU my friend Sherab died.

Thus I say drinking is bad for health and it puts your whole life into great risk.


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