Make Someone's Day!

Driving far and wide, and safely…

03 Jun 2013 Author Kezwaa

I am driving home…
Drive I must for myself and my family.
I did not wish to become driver in life
But fate had its plans for me to become one.
Speeding is not my liking at all,
For safety is my priority.
Speed is thrill but slow is safety.
Reckless drive I am not
And I haven’t hurt a being on the road.
I have had mishaps
But was not all my fault.
I can teach others how to be a good driver,
The tips to stay safe and be safe.
No matter wherever I have to go drive
I always come home safe,
And seeing smiles on my family’s face
To see me coming home,
Gives me the greatest joy.
And because my family depends on me,
I always remind myself that I should
Always be safe, drive safe
And reach home safe.